Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weights RAWK!

I must admit I have been doing so many programs in a row that I have missed using my weights.

Today's workout RAWKED!

I did a single power set of each, I learned this from a blog and I like it but it is to only be used no more then 2 times a week.

Total workout - 20 minutes if only I could get up earlier....sigh

5 Minute warm up:
Cardio floor aerobics
Jumping jacks
Front Kicks

30 reps each move of the following
15lb Rows
15lb Kettle bell swings
15lb Kettle bell lifts
10lb Bicep curl to overhead press
15lb Back Flys

This may seem a bit short and sweet but I know my body and this was a killer on my back, complete burn.

I will do safe workouts as I build back up again so that I avoid any possible injuries.

Plan B is in full motion...Tomorrow Yoga.


1 comment:

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