Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Continental Restaurant

This was the place we used to stop at as a 1/2 point to my Grandmas house
The Continental Restaurant
8658 Highway 67, Fredericktown, MO 63645
It has a gas station and a really cool vintage sign which someone must have taken. 

This is the restaurant part

It is sad to see that no one wants to save it. 

I love the vintage look

Some wild flowers growing up around it 

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Birthday Time!

I had a great Birthday!
Celebrating on the new back patio with the new fire pit, 
made it all special and worth the work I put into it!

New deck box!

I got the deck box and Home Depot for just $59.00!

The new crepe myrtle in front has already bloomed too. 

I re-did the side bed, with adding grass plants

I just can't get enough of this space now!!!

Me and my sister went to our favorite places.......
and had a great time!

Some cards and gifts I got it was another great year to reflect on. 

Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Garage Before and After

The garage at The Barbie House is coming along....
Here is the before and after......
It has a higher opening now too, yay!

Added a side door with a window and 2 more windows for light

It has electric and still needs the walls and floor. 

I am happy with the construction!
Thanks for reading :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

NEW: Bottom Line & A Core Defined - Patricia Friberg

New Maximum Booty Lifting & Core Activation Workout!
Who doesn't want a tighter booty?

Patricia Friberg does is again with another amazing workout DVD, that will have you looking good in no time!

According to PatriciaFriberg.com "The Bottom Line & A Core Defined is a Pilates and Strength based workout.  This step-wise program will help you learn to activate the core including the gluteal and adominal muscles.  Then the workout advances to provide the necessary challenges for a strong core and lifted bottom.  This program will help improve your posture and overall athletic performance."

Type of Workout: Toning 
Fitness Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: Resistance Loop, Small Inflatable Ball
Total Running Time: 72 Minutes

Available on her website for $19.95 less shipping/handling and taxes you will love this workout. Everything is broken down for you it is easy to follow and gets results. 

About Patricia Friberg:
All around Health and Fitness expert, Patricia Friberg is the creator of the award winning Belly Beautiful Workout series and has been motivation students in her private and group fitness classes for over 20 years.  She teaches a variety of formats including: Pilates, Spinning, Kickboxing, Step, BOSU, Body Pump, Circuit, Outdoor Boot Camp, and Yoga.  Patricia is fully certified by Stott Pilates and holds certifications in GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS, Yoga, Barre, Schwinn Cycling as well as the American Council on Exercise.  She teaches in premier clubs and studios across the country including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, including Harpo Studios, Yoga Works and Equinox.  She trains professional athletes including players in NBA, and NFL and is a regular contributor on Fitness Glow.  Patricia is ACE certified and a member of IDEA.