Monday, January 31, 2011

Rachel Mac Pic Challenge Week 8

Rachel Mac Picture Challenge week 8
No real changes, I have not really felt it with all the snow. Next few weeks should be much better we are starting to see some sun and temps in the 30-40 range.

My weekend workouts:

Workout - Yoga and Zumba
Time of workout = 1 hr 30 min
Cals burned = 266

1 hour Hatha Yoga Class
30 min Zumba basic moves

20 min Zumba mix
20 min TRX
Workout = Zumba & TRX
Time of workout = 40 min
Cals burned = 125

Zumba cardio mock fitness class
Double steps
Power arms

TRX Workout
Forward bend
Lateral stretches
Plank to v-scissor to mountain climbers
(I may do a video on this)

BF% 24.3
Wt 125

Week 0

Week 8


Random Picture Blog

For JoAnne, You always ask me about the treats I serve this is pretty much how I try to do it with 2 items plus coffee and cocoa or water.

Me getting ready for Bible study in my warm up I always wear

The treats this week (the new carmel flavor taste like Girlscout Samoas REALLY ADDICTIVE)

Cut up

Cookies iced oatmeal just look festive and go well with coffee

Then some food I made and the ingredients for my dinner.

Dinner chicken fried rice


Heading out to my girlfriends for movie night Mr. Squirrel wanted to join me!

My outfit for dinner and a movie, ALWAYS about the fashion ;-)

Short patent boots dark socks, with '80s leggings and my new wide belt and Red handbag that I got for Christmas was a great weekend

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rachel Mac Pic Challenge

OPPS! I forgot to take my Rachel Mac Pic Challenge pictures since I had a 6pm client. I will take them Saturday Morning and post. Promise Rach :-)
(it is a 12 week challenge to take a pic per week as she is competing in the Arnold this year)

There are no big changes as I did my stats today and they are the same, weight today 125. I had carbs last night for dinner always brings my body fat high. I also will have carbs tonight for girls movie night we are having Chinese rice.

I still missed every morning workout this week, even my Zumba 20 min practice. But I am ok with that because this week and weekend we have much warmer weather and it will be buh bye F-U-N-K-Y winter blahh.

Used my higher heal Zumba shoes last night to train since we did some boxing and I am totally loving them. Best $10 ever spent! No shin problems or anything who knew a cheap shoe would be so good? Lucky T for finding them.

Plus my sweet client said I look adorable, I will take some pics in my Cami pants and Zumba shoes this weekend. I am really behind on that stuff.

Ever wonder why the work week goes so slllllllow and the weekends fly?

Me too!

This mornings blueberry nanner D-lish smoothie:
1 banana
20 blue berries fresh
3/4 cup water
2 scoops vanilla whey protein

Workout = Circuit w/client
Time of workout = 45 mins
Cals burned = 302

45 Minute Circuit:
1 min intervals - its tough!

Kettlbells used 12lb, 20lb, 25lb all jumps had lateral moves as well.

Warm up:
Side to side w/reach ups and reach overs
Sumo squat w/toe heal raises
Standing hamstring stretch
Shoulder triceps stretch

Jumping jacks w/side to side
Kettlebell swings
Tricep dips
Jump twists
Dead lifts w/kettlebell 25lb
Med ball throws 6lb
Step up w/5lb bicep curl and lateral lifts (I did 15lb curls)
Kettle bell switching swings
Med ball pass twists 6lb
TRX Plank to v leg to crunch in
15lb db bench press
TRX squats
Boxing rounds 1-2 high lows
Boxing round 1-2 bob and weave

Cool down:
Side lunge
Standing back curls and shoulder press to knees
Reach ups and across
Shoulder stretch and tricep w/side bend bonus
Wide leg standing stretch head down arms folded rocking
TRX standing back stretch


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Practice Makes "Perfect" Zumba

Thats what friends are for, practice! This is me and Diane over the summer, I train her for free. She is my girl Wednesday, and adorable.

Last nights workout was great, and I really had fun. Diane did great on all the moves, she just has to get the hands with the feet now, its tricky.

I decided to do the training dvd Cardio party so she could rate me compared to the pros. She said I was doing really good and everything right.

That made me feel good, and thanks Kelly for keeping me in practice. I love those black shoes I got make a huge difference. All for $9.99.
Practice will make me much better, don't know about "perfect" but I will be as perfect as T can be! (have you seen those Zumba dancers?)

Tonight client = Circuit

Last nights dinner:
2 eggs
1 toast w/jam

Today's smoothie:
Peach juice
2 scoops vanilla whey
1 banana
dash of water

Workout = Zumba cardio party
Time of workout = 60 min
Cals burned = 300

Its supposed to be warm today so I will wash the car and walk a bit.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Bowl Eats

I decided to make Tuesday my day off, since I did not get anything in before Bible study. The sad thing about that is they were late and I may have had time for 30 minutes *sigh

Ok, nuff about that.

With Super Bowl only a few weeks away I decided to find some really great snack ideas that would not be super duper fattening.

Super Bowl Eats

I bought an adorable pair of blue shoes on sale for $12 and so I guess I blew my goal of NO shoes in January. Actually I did that with my new Zumba shoes but since those are "work" shoes that make me money it doesn't really count right?

Tonight it is Zumba, lets hope Diane gives me another rating of 9!
In my Zumba shoes of course..............


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boxing Fitness Workout

Good news, I got 2 more clients......Praise God! No contract yet but coming back next week for sure. They love that I am older and know my stuff......woot woot!

Workout this morning = NONE
Tonight = Zumba
when I get home before Bible study, no worries I had a great workout last night and I am sore. Good news my oblique is on the mend so I think I will be ok this week to train the rest of my clients on Wednesday and Thursday.

I was off work on Monday, and did not go to the gym I did my workout at home just so that I would not aggravate my oblique injury. Yeah, I get aggressive with the heavy weights at the gym ;-)

Monday workout:
Workout - Yoga & Boxing (with 2 new clients)
Time of workout = 30 mins + 1 hr
Cals burned = 133 + 227 = 360

Did workout Hatha Yoga love this FREE workout!
The trainer is very good at direction and to modify as needed.

Trained clients boxing one on one 1 hour Fitness Boxing Session here is how it goes:

30 min hitting the bag opposite sides
Jumping rope 5 min on jump pad

1 min interval shadow boxing in mirror w/1 lb wt
-upper cuts

Back to bag:
Bob and weave w/jabs
Higher lower 1 - 2's
Hooks with alt side stands

Cool down stretch on the TRX system. This system is GREAT for stretch and flexibility not to mention everything you can do with it. (worth the money)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Legs. How to work'em

Legs, one of my best features if you think so I have listed some moves to get them.

Legs, one of the hardest for me to work!

I decided that since I hate to work legs I would post some ways that I do work them, even with bad knees.

1. Step ups - any step ups, step class or stair climbers. Plus it works your butt too = better

2. Sumo squats - I like these with a band at the thigh to make them harder but by far easier on the knees

Just check the video I have on knees and you can see them here

3. Ball against the wall squat rolls. Make it more fun by holding then rolling like a pulse they work all areas = bonus

4. Side lunges or back lunges. Most of the time I train walking lunges w/weights because they work great. But can be hard on the knees. So doing a side lunge, then a back lunge you really do a double move with a push off from the side lunge.

5. Plyo - any type, or jumping, jump rope or leap frogs any side to side jumps you name it just be creative all of them work.

6. Ball twists at ankles or knees on your back. Lay down use any size stability ball and rotate in a twist or half clock to the right then left. This uses the inner and outer abductors.

7. Any single leg movement - leaving the one leg up or bent like dead lifts, or dips all wonderful for the legs + tush

If you have a favorite let me know.........

ps: It saddens me that the one and only fitness original icon Jack La Lane has passed, may he RIP

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day Picture Blog

There was no way my MINI Cooper would make it to work today so here are a few pictures of the snow.........enjoy!

We had about 6-7 inches and I think it was all at my house. Yoga for the night class was cancled so my workout was ZERO.

I pulled my left oblique doing plank twists so I need the rest and I worked it hard on Wednesday night Zumba with Diane. I got another 9 rating!

Here are the pictures and I will have the Rachel Mac pic challenge posted by the weekend. Rachel, I have not forgot I am just behind I know its Thursday.

my driveway is between the trees here, can you find it? MINI can't

Flavored coffee for Cindy :-) Marine Mama
Starting my day:

Fresh eggs from a farm, look at the lovely colors of brown

French toast with white chocolate pb and honey topped with a nanner and cinnamon ;-)

My new Jammies I told you about that I got on Wednesday on sale plus with my gift card my cost = $3.21

Me in them :-) cuddly and warm. I love matching jammies for the winter, I know I am a dork!

Dinner was salad and chicken noodle soup. I hope everyone was safe, its back to the office in the morning for 2 hours then vacation.

What was your day like?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

30 Day Shred Level 3

I need to go back and do this workout again, I am doing Bob's and love it so much MORE.

I only got to see the weigh in last nights on BL because of Bible Study (+2 cookies 1 tbs Almond Butter) I could tell the trainers were tough on them. (puke on the treadmill guy and JM yelling always a plus)

Saw a few clips of other trainers, all you Biggest Loser fans out there...who will they choose?

Tonight Zumba in new Zumba shoes
, will try to get pics and details. Since we have snow on the way, who knows what will happen its due for 5pm right at rush hour. YIKES!

Today's smoothie:
1 banana
1 cup water
2 scoops chocolate Amp

Workout (what I remember)
Workout - 30 Day Shred Level 3
Time of workout = 20 Mins (skipped cool down)
Cals burned = 134

Cross arms
Arms over head greaser
Standing toe touches

Plank up downs
Alt lunges
Jump lunges
Mountain climbers
Jump sumo squats
Core scissors
Core pikes

I added:
Seated back rows 15lb x 15
Lateral lifts 2 way hammers 5lb x 20
Hamstring curls

What I like about the short blasting workouts like this is, if you give it YOUR ALL you will really work up a sweat big time. Also on level 2 not as many plank moves.

Focus on form on any of the plank style moves, and ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CORE IN. Keeps strain off the back and helps you do the movements better. (means suck in belly and keep butt down lol)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shoes and Shred Level 2

The Zumba shoes I bought yesterday look very much like this.

Yesterday I went to Kmart to look for a broil pan since I had this gift card from Christmas. I don't really shop Kmart but I thought I would look around since they did not have the pan I wanted *sigh.

I found some black low profile tennis shoes I think will be perfect for Zumba and they have arches with enough cush in them I believe to work good. I was actually getting laughed at by a little girl, as she walked by and I was doing some salsa down the shoe aisle. She passed me 3 times, I think she wanted to join me or just thought I was crazy not sure.

They look like almost this, same brand only they are thicker on the soles, and a bit higher in profile

The shoes I want to go back and get:

So for $9.99 I bought them and took them home. They have a second pair (see link above) very much like them, only even lower profile.

I may go back and get them and see which I like best. Hum. Still less investment then the $50 dance ones I was looking at.

Any Zumba lovers let me know your thoughts.......

This morning I decided to mix up my workout today since my energy has been zapped from this gloomy wet muggy weather we have been having. It is turning me into the Cookie Monster!

SNOW ALREADY! Enough of this moisture that is killing my breathing just snow and get it over with. Then spring will come and the sun will shine and flowers will bloom and T will be happy!

What I like about this workout is you really can work up a sweat in a short amount of time. I don't go really deep on the lunges and the squats but here is what I remember from the workout.

Tonight is bible study, I will try to get in some 15-20 Zumba with Beto before we start.

Today's smoothie:
1/2 banana
2 scoops Amp Whey chocolate
1 c water

Workout - 30 Day shred Level 2
Time of workout = 25 min
Cals burned = 134

J-jacks = 50 x 2
High knees = 30 sec x 2
Skaters 30 sec x 2
Twists 30 sec x 2

Lunge w/back row - 2 x12 15lb db
Squats w/bicep curls - 12 x2 15lb db
Lunges w/hammer curls - 12 x 2 15lb db
Chair w/lateral forwards - 12 x 2 5lb db

Walking pushups = 12 x 2
Double crunches = 2x 20
Leg lift crunch w/5lb set db overhead = 2 x 20


Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Workouts


I got in lots of Zumba practice and TRX training, feeling much better about all of that. This week I will practice every single day, Demo is Jan 22nd. I never made it to the gym to do some cardio *sigh.

Did anyone get Tony's Book?
Here is my take on it

My weekend workouts:

Workout - Kettlebell, TRX and Zumba
Time of workout - 1 hr 30 min
Cals burned = 350

Swings 20lb progression to 25lb
Switch grips

Plank mountain climbers
Plank pikes
Pull ups
Back flies
Squats pliea
Single leg squats
Side lunges

3 Youtube songs
Basic Zumba steps
15 Min cardio mix Zumba

Workout - Vinyasa Yoga w/Yoga Ball
Time of workout - 1 hour
Cals burned = 266

10 am Yoga class w/balls

15 min Zumba practice
Workout with Client = ST followed by Cardio
Workout time = 1 hr + 15
Cals burned = 217

Skull crushers 15lb 2x10
Lunges side 2x10
Banded side leg raise 2x10
Banded squats w/toe lifts 20

15 min cardio kickboxing

Weekly Nutrition:
Cals: 1,410 - 1,760: 1,687 1,569 1,650 1,492 1,394 1,456 1,351
Fat: 37 - 65: 46 52 54 40 46 46 26
Carbs: 187 - 270: 156 111 129 139 148 153 110
Protein: 60 - 145: 164 158 153 141 102 118 168
Fiber: 15 - 30 18 18 17 17 10 7 17


Friday, January 14, 2011

Hatha Yoga

Today I did not workout, I was going to Zumba but I was actually sore from yoga last night.

Most of you know I started the OMY team, one minute yoga to get myself to do more yoga and it has made me love it. I think if you do something a little and stay consistant like losing weight and working out you can get big results.

Lunch was phone calls getting a girls night out for the 21st and I can't wait. Also talk to an engineer about a design idea I have, I pray all goes well with that and will know in a week or so.

I will do the Rachel Mac pictures after my client leaves tonight, lets see if there are any changes. My body stats are the same this week as last. I think the cold temps just sucked the life out of my morning workouts.

The weekend is in the 30's so no worries.......T. is baaaack hitting it like a Rockstar!

Thursdays workout:
Workout - Hatha Yoga
Time of workout = 1 hr
Cals burned = 266

Sub teacher did some new moves:

1 arm straight arm bent knee push ups (nose to mat)
Turtle which is a great stretch
Knee tucks from plank
Big toe pose - hard not to fall over lol

Saturdays class is also a sub so I will let you know how that goes in my next blog.
Happy Friday!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zumba Rating 9

Last night I got home and started immediately my practice for my Zumba girl Diane. I did not want to bonk out during my bootie circles so I decide on a liquid dinner.

Dinner =
2 scoops vanilla whey
1 cup water
1/2 cup cold coffee

(Hey I needed the energy boost from the coffee.)

I got on a few youtube sites I have saved and really been enjoying to get some new moves down. Then I took notes on a 8x10 piece of paper of some of the moves so I would remember them. Of course I taped them to my HUGE mirrors.

The problem is its hard to remember them when its to a TOTALLY DIFFERENT SONG. Or for me anyway.

I used the original Zumba sound track which is a full hour workout, the other cd is only 45 mins and much easier since the tracks are slower.

My last rating for last class Diane gave me = 8
(I think she was being nice, because I felt it was a 7)
Last nights rating = 9

I was happy because again I felt that was an 8, however we were both sweating up a storm. I added more fitness moves, which is more me and some kicks, lunges, squats and bicep curls.

Much of the challenge of this is MEMORIZING the music. If you don't know where the change over is, you can look really sloppy and lost. She did not feel that I was lost at all, she was busy trying to keep up and said my class will be the same way.

That made me feel so much better.

Workout = Zumba
Time of workout = 1hr + 30 min practice (not counting those cals)
Cals burned = 300

Tonight is Yoga core, sub teacher we had once before. She has a very strong flow so I will go unless I get way to cold again....burr its 11 degrees here!

If you have taken a Zumba class how would you rate it in rank?

Music choice
Fitness moves
Dance moves
Arm moves

If you have taken Zumba with more then one trainer, what makes the trainer you liked better?

Zumba love

Here is Ashley Zumba, and what I like about her besides her energy, she has a "real" person with her which is how most look in classes I have taken.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Motivation in the cold

I wish I had some fantastic thing to blog about, like my workout today but I don't. My new RED hair color is pretty fantastic I think.

Its cold and everything is snow covered and you can see some of the "greenery" popping out. I think its Gods way of cleansing the earth, throw down some snow then appreciate the contrast from white to green and brown, the colors in the winter months.

Tonight is Zumba, one on one. Yay :-)

I have been practicing some moves Kelly gave me and some others that I have got from the dvd and youtube. My date is Saturday Jan 22nd to do a preview class. Thanks Kelly for the support!

Here is a link I got from a sparkler I wanted to share with you about what to eat after a workout

During the winter it seems so easy to just knock off a workout in the morning when its only like 17 degrees, but to get results you have to stay consistent so I have been doing that with my meal plan instead.

1/6 1/7 1/8 1/9 1/10 1/11 TODAY

Calories: 1,410 - 1,760
1,448 1,427 1,721 1,760 1,521 1,687 1,379

Fat: 37 - 65
50 41 41 57 42 46 42

Carbohydrates: 187 - 270
134 121 206 198 156 156 100

Protein: 60 - 145
123 154 148 120 127 164 149

Fiber, total dietary: 15 - 30
14 16 27 30 17 18 15

1/9 was my worst day of the week and not by much. (OH and I had doughnut at bible study last night with coffee)

How do you stay motivated working out in the cold?

Sleep in your workout clothes
Have great tunes
Warm up your car
Get a super cute workout jacket (Mine is green from LL Bean)
Look at your "fat" picture
Look at your "skinny" jeans

Any ideas please add to the list..............


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Motivational Blog

Snow Glistening..........

Today I had to leave for work super early so I did not get in a workout. Had I watched TV I may have workout yesterday and made today my off day.

After work I plan to make some snow angels, and we won't know if anyone will be coming to bible study or not.

We plan on yes praise God.

I took a bunch of misc. pictures last night and will load them up if we don't have bible study.

I will leave you with some motivation today:

" Walking your talk is a great way to motivate yourself. No one likes to live a lie. Be honest with yourself, and you will find the motivation to do what you advise others to do."
Vince Poscente

" Keep surging forward even when struggle pushes you back for every trial is like a wind; it will try to push you back or make you quit. You have to stay strong for struggles don’t last; they come strongly and pass swiftly and only the ones who hold onto their grounds strongly and fight to go forward will emerge victorious."
Written in 2010 by Kiplimo Chemirmir

" I bowed at failure and it granted me success."
Written in 2011 by Felix Opaleye

" To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong."
Joseph Chilton Pearce

" Just as our eyes need light to see, our minds need ideals in order to conceive."
Napoleon Hill

" If you're truly determined to succeed you will! Those that NEVER give up transform dreams into realities!"
Written in 2010 by Aaron Forsyth

" Failure is nothing but tasting a fruit while climbing the tree of success."
Written in 2010 by Dr. Pravin Dhikale

" Ideas can be life changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea."
Jim Rohn

" True greatness is not achieved with a quarter-mile lead and no rival in sight; it is grasped in the last hundred feet when one displays pure valiancy and conquers those more capable than himself."
Written in 2010 by Maxwell Schwam


Monday, January 10, 2011

White Castles = Belly Bombers!

This weekend I did a trip to White Castles and got so sick from it. I had 2 burgers and 1 chicken. Ugh! (Now I know why they call them belly bombers)

This is why I don't eat this stuff. I was out running errands and it was getting late in the day so I popped right in the drive through. I would normally have got 1 fish and 1 chicken but I thought I would be cheap. You know its the new year budget, boy did I pay for that just to save a few bucks.

I got to use my TRX system and workout some of the moves. They have created TRX TV that is going to launch this month, and I used some of the moves from the "sneak preview" and from my new handy dandy posters from TRX.

Looooove it!

Here are my workouts from the weekend, it was cold and I decided to stay in all day on Sunday. Burr and we may get snow tonight.

Off day - rest and re-build

Saturday workout:
Workout - Yoga & Zumba
Time of workout = 1 hr 30 min
Cals burned = 316

Zumba 30 min with Coco
1 hour Hatha Yoga class

Sunday workout:
Workout - Zumba & TRX Suspension
Time of workout = 1hr 15 mins
Cals burned = 250

Basic Steps review
Coco Fitness - 4 workouts

Plank crunches
Leg squats - single and double
Standing twists
Pull ups


Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 6 Pic Challenge

Rachel Mac Picture Challenge, no real changes coming off holiday I did not expect any. My last weeks pictures were really showing progress, then sugar and cookies from Santa kicked in. *sigh but I am back on track.

NOTE: I have red hair now :-)

Week 1

Week 5

and my pretty new purple toenails

The nails are purple duno why they look blue but they look like Barney lol.

My body stats show the changes:

Wt - 124
BF% 24.6
BMI 21.3

Wt - 124.5
BF% 24.7
BMI 21.4

Workout Yesterday:
1 Hour Core Yoga
300 pushups

Back feels better today, tonight strength training AMPD!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kettlebell and Zumba Workout

Here are my workouts from yesterday. Tonight is Yoga class and so I slept in today and watched the story on the homeless man that is now going to be working at Kraft Foods as an announcer. God is great!

Workout - Bob Harper Kettlebell & Zumba Practice Class (My girlfriend rated me a 7)
Time of workout = 30 min
Cals burned = 75 + 150 = 225

30 minute Kettlebell Basics Body Shred Workout
With 25lb Kettlebell

Warm up stretches:
Downward Dog
Side twist
Shoulder stretch with hands on knees
10 regular squats facing a wall - to teach you form

The workout:
10 squats
15 swings
10 row up with squat
6 single arm swings
10 upward row
10 swings
30 sec jumping jacks
10 -1 arm swings R & L
5 - single arm x 2
20 alt swings
10 pop ups
5 halos x 2 direction
5 twist pop up cleans x 2
3 clean press x 2
10 swings

5 single leg rows x 2

Round out back
Open chest with hands on hips

7 Balance row single leg x 2

Forward bend
Open chest stretch hands on hips

5 overhead triangle x 2 (I had to use a 15lb db this was too hard)
5 low hand triangle x 2 (again 15lb db modify)

10 upward rows
20 front swings

Cool down stretches
Hands on leg forward hamstring stretch
Back clasp stretch

45 min Zumba practice class W/ girlfriend


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kettlebell Workout

This is NOT my new hair color (old pic), that will be later this week it is now a lovely RED.

I had a wonderful after workout smoothie:
1/2 banana
2 scoops Apd Whey Vanilla - since it was on sale buy one get one 1/2
1 cup water

Breakfast today 2 hrs later
1/2 c rolled oats
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 c low fat cottage cheese

I feel like a Million bucks being back on my normal track and hope you do too!

Workout - Bob Harper Kettlebell
Time of workout = 30 min
Cals burned = 75

30 minute Kettlebell Basics Body Shred Workout
With 25lb Kettlebell

Warm up stretches:
Downward Dog
Side twist
Shoulder stretch with hands on knees
10 regular squats facing a wall - to teach you form

The workout:
10 squats
15 swings
10 row up with squat
6 single arm swings
10 upward row
10 swings
30 sec jumping jacks
10 -1 arm swings R & L
5 - single arm x 2
20 alt swings
10 pop ups
5 halos x 2 direction
5 twist pop up cleans x 2
3 clean press x 2
10 swings

5 single leg rows x 2

Round out back
Open chest with hands on hips

7 Balance row single leg x 2

Forward bend
Open chest stretch hands on hips

5 overhead triangle x 2 (I had to use a 15lb db this was too hard)
5 low hand triangle x 2 (again 15lb db modify)

10 upward rows
20 front swings

Cool down stretches
Hands on leg forward hamstring stretch
Back clasp stretch

FYI.....Down 2lbs


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to make change "easy peasy"

Change is so hard, but its something that after you do it you feel like a MILLION BUCKS! I am still working on my 2011 goal setting and will post when completed.

Went to GNC and got my protein for the month, buy one get one half so I got the really good stuff and a free protein bar I had a coupon for. Sweet I love FREE!

I wrote this for the A Better Me team, and I got lots of great responses so I thought I would share.........

We hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoy a very healthy, happy New Year.

2011 is YOUR year to change, face your fears dead on and know that you can do what you set your mind to.

Just make the plan.
Write it out.
Look at it daily.
Speak it out loud daily.
Make mini milestones.
Reward when you reach a time line goal.

Don't just sort do it, as Tony Horton would say........decide what you want and commit to it and watch what happens.

You didn't learn to walk in one day, it takes time to learn how to be healthy but you have to be dedicated to be successful.

Baby steps = big changes over time.

1 less soda
1 less sweet
1 less meal out
1 more veggie
1 more fruit
1 more meal at home

This is your successful year........lets become A Better Me in 2011!

Yesterdays workout:
30 Min Mall walking = 75 cals

Today's workout:
30 Min Mall walking = 75 cals

Bible study group hosting tonight, NO treats for T!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacation Workouts 3854 Cals Blasted!

I had a nice vacation with my family, gifts and stockings were exchanged

There was a bad snow storm when leaving look at all the cars in the ditches, I saw about 20 total and a tractor trailer sideways. SCARY!

My mom and my sisters at my moms house in the country

It has been crazy busy at work today, but I had a productive and fun vacation and holiday.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2011 ;-)

The scoop:
I did not do any workouts on vacation during leaving early due to the snow storm I left without my Kettlebell. *sigh

Of course I ate all kinds of things that were not on my meal plan, like chocolate and heavy foods in small amounts. I did bring my whey protein and had that every day, just to ward off some of the over carb consumption.

Hit it hard since I have been back, and here are my workouts since I have been back at home and at the gym.

WEEKLY TOTALS / WEEKLY GOAL: 360 / 360 1852 / 1440

Sunday 1/2
Workout = at the gym cardio
Time of workout = 45 min
Cals burned - 425

4 miles

Saturday 1/1
Off day

DAILY TOTALS / DAILY GOAL: 0 / 60 0 / 240
WEEKLY TOTALS / WEEKLY GOAL: 420 / 360 2002 / 1440

Friday 12/31
At the gym = drills to make you sweat & Yoga class
Time of workout = 2 hrs
Cals burned = 416

1 hr misc floor moves, pushups w/walk downs planks, squats overhead press lunges = 5lb db

1 hr Yoga class

Thursday 12/30
Workout = At the gym ST & Cardio
Time of workout = 2 hrs
Cals burned = 450

1 hour ST Full body
1 hour Zumba class

Custom Workout - Full Body
Abs Pulses 1 50
Assisted Pull Up 3 12
Back Extension 3 10
Back Fly Press 3 10
Back Row Seated 3 12
Bench Press 3 10
Bicep Curls 3 10
Chest Pec Flys 3 10
Dead Lifts 3 10
Lat Cable Pull Down 3 10
Leg Lifts Stability Chair 3 10
Glute Lift (Standing) 3 10
Glute Press (Lying) 3 10
Squats 3 10
Stretch After Strength Training

Wednesday 12/29
Workout = At the gym Body sculp, Yoga, Kickboxing & Zumba (split workout Am & Pm)
Time of workout = 4 hours
Cals burned = 1136

Am workout:
9am - 1 hr Body sculpting class = squats, lunges, abs, bicep/tricep

10am - 1 hr Yoga

1pm trained client = lunge squats, med ball passes, med ball core twists, versa loop jacks and squats, kettlebell rows, swings and lunge passes.

Pm workout:
5pm - 1 hr cardio kickboxing

6pm - 1 hr Zumba

Tuesday 12/28
Traveling back from vacation

Vacation 12/23-12/28 No workouts
I have not bothered to log my food, but I am sure it was high in carbs and fat and low in protein as it always is when I visit my mom.
This week its crack the whip, I make it happen!