Friday, August 30, 2013

Ready For The Disco!

This weekend I get to go to a 70's Disco costume party,
and this is my make up. I was deciding how dark to go.
The left eye won!
My girlfriend did it now I have to recreate it!
Here is us afterward it was fun playing with make up!
She is so sweet!!!

Yesterday at the office, I did my workout and then got a hydro massage at lunch.
Love. it.

My salad, to fit into my costume.......
Chicken, strawberries, peacans and some cheese.

I am not sure what these are but they smell amazing!

And will be trimmed back when I get ready to do the landscaping.

It starts here on the left by the varigated bush.
I am up for the challenge now that I sold my sportscar I have space for the brush.

Have  a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!
Chow :-)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Is Ending...sigh

As I end this week, I know I have to put away some of my bright color sweaters......
Summer is ending :-(
Of course I will keep some things with blacks and greys out for the transitional time.
Today will be near 100 degrees!

My workout:
ZCut Month 3 week 3 day 4 - Workout #11

High knees with in/out pushup
Side lunge w/single leg up
Side to side lunge
Pike jumps 
                            1/2 burpees               
Thanks for reading I am nearing the end of this program..........chow!            

The Art of Fitness Cardio Core New DVD!

Just introduced is Dr. Levi: The Art of Fitness cardio core, full body workout DVD for all fitness levels.
Oh.........I loved his book!

You will need to provide weights, mat and a water bottle is recommended. Dr. Levi is not only a marathon runner; he offers a wide variety of customized weight loss and training programs to assist patients in attaining their fitness goals and reaching their full potential.

Your going to love this workout :-)

Find out more here:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Modern Pilates New DVD

Lisa Johnson Fitness does it again....
with a fabulous easy to follow Modern Pilates DVD!

New from Lisa Johnson fitness professional and Pilates studio owner is her latest DVD Modern Pilates. This energizing sculpting workout will get you the results you are looking for while helping keep your core strong and tummy tight. Plus she is so good at form it helps you get the results you are looking for.
Rating = 10

Find out more here:

Something Fun Came in The Mail

This weekend was a fabulous night on the porch!
I even lit my lights, so cozy :-)

And Gracie joined me......she loves this old green bone I gave her, she never stops trying to eat the entire thing!
Determination. In. A. Spitz.

I went to a new restaurant with my groupon.
Guido's on The Hill it was very good.
The night was beautiful, I even walked about 4 blocks after dinner in these heels.
I had the muscles, house salad and  2 pieces of pizza with
2 glasses of red wine
See why I walked?

Then I kicked butt with Scrabble, used all my tiles and got bonus.
93 points, BAM!

Something fun came in the mail....
Toilet paper!
How funny is this marketing???

Anyway it came with a coupon and this it feels like regular toilet paper.

I loved it, so of course I had to try it.
Scott new toilet paper rating = 10
My knees hurt on Sunday so I had to take the day off. Did lots of walking and cleaning though.
ZCut Month 3 week 3 day 2 - Workout #9

Squat w/leg lifts
Knee tucks
Plank 3 way jumps
Jump switch lunge w/straight leg kick 
Just 18 days to go........thanks for reading Chow!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No Nonsense Socks Rock!!!

I just got some new socks and I love'm!!!
Not only do they breathe well, they feel amazing for walking and running.
I didn't run a bunch just 2 miles but they were so much better then my old ones.
I rate these = 10
This morning getting up for my workout, the sun was'nt even up yet

Just as it was getting daylight I got a shot of my new wind chime.
It sounds really nice but it has to be super windy ;-)

I also noticed some leaves changing......
Hearts huh?

Yesterday at the office I wore my fabulous white pants, it was almost 90 degrees out.

And today after my workout at the office.......

ZCut Month 3 Week 2 Day 4 Workout #5 & #7 
Double workout day!
Workout #5 (am)
4 rounds:
Long jump burpees
High knees chair touches

Workout #7 (lunch)
Reg squat to sumo
Side jumps
Burpee to roll over knee in
Mountain climbers
Plank up downs 
Cals burned = 120
Weight - 127
BMI - 21.0
Tonight, client training - 1 hr
Thanks for reading...........

Monday, August 19, 2013

Body Physica INTENSE New DVD!

I love short workouts that deliver!
and this one does!
Body Physica INTENSE is four 10 minute workouts by Lisa Johnson Fitness.

She ques this perfect, and I really like all the workouts for variety.
You can find out more here:
This is me just before I did this workout......
I was to sweaty to take the after photo!
I rate this workout - 10
Cost $19.99 not counting SH & taxes, you will get a great workout with Lisa!
Thanks for reading.......chow.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Barbie House Gets a Fan!

I'm super duper happy, I got a ceiling light fan installed at The Barbie House!!!
It has 3 speeds so I can keep the bugs away on a low setting or blast it up to keep cool.
Temps here are low, in the 60's this morning.
Todays workout RAWKED!
It was chilly but I pushed through............

Then recovery shake.
Protein shake with, spinach, nanner, pb and whey.......Yummo!

ZCut Month 3 Week 1 Day 5 - Workout #3 & #4
Workout #3
Hop overs to burpee jump
Donkey kick ups
Crab toe touches
Ab splitters
Workout #4
Sit ups
Sumo Jump squats
Thanks for reading..........chow!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting Organized!

Saturday my girlfriend came over on the porch and we had a fabulous time!
It was a perfect night for wine and to light up my little green lights on the banister.
You have to look really close ;-)

She arrived in her new car!!!
Fabulous :-)

We opened the wine, and espresso beans and she brought me some homemade body scrub wrapped with a green ribbon.

Our eats were, sushi, cheese, crackers and olives complete yummo of the senses!!!
The wine was a sweet red so this paired perfect.
We finished the night with the espresso beans in:
Mixed, Amaretto, and Dark chocolate.

Gracie chilling she got a hair cut!

Her cute close up.............

The view from the porch of my flowers in bloom.

The next morning I got up and had coffee on the porch and decided to get productive. Organizing for the fall, cleaning the closet and getting rid of and organizing my jewelry too.

Here is how it started.......

I used snack packs for my stuff, its perfect!

Then you just pull out what you need and bam...

This was my Saturday oufit, I love this blue.

Gracie wants a treat ;-)

I took the day off, well not because I was hung over but because it was my day off lol.
Thanks for reading, chow!

My 1985 Mazda RX7 Moves to Florida!

I sold my sports car I had since I was 23, it was just so sad!
I took a few shots to say bye-bye.
I thought it would stay in the family with my nephew but he got a truck and since I wasn't driving her I thought it was time to go to someone that would love her like I did. (do)
She's so cute!!!

They came with a HUGE tractor trailer, at the end of my driveway.
I had to coast her down.

And then they loaded her up on the bottom row!

I had to sit in the car, it was super scary seeing those cars go up and down on the hydraulics toward me....OMG!

I was sweating bullets :-(

But he got her loaded up in about an hour.

And still looking cute..........

Off she heads to a new home.

It was a stressful time, but I didn't really need to keep her and I got a great price for her.
The guy was from Miami that came for her, his truck had the Florida plates.
My car made it to the beach before me :-)

A casual outfit my new top I love by Ann Taylor of course!

ZCut Month 3 Week 1 Day 2 Workout #8:
Jump squat w/ side leg lift
Knee hug crunches
Jump lunge w/ front leg lift
Plank 3 way jumps
I'm on the last few weeks of this program.
Thanks for reading....................