Friday, July 30, 2010

P90X Vs Insanity Extreme Workouts

If you ever wondered what the difference in these two programs are, here it is broken down:

P90X is dumbbell weight training/strength training. Personally if you like variety, P90X may be the one you want. Plus you can really modify it very easily. There is only 2 plyo (jumping) workouts, Cardio X and Plyometics.

Insanity is body weight training. It has more of the same moves over and over, (think jumping jacks and high knees) with each workout and very much harder on the knees and back. More bending over and jumping, and not much difference in each of the style of workouts.

Hey, I don't consider myself a whimp either....
... at 119lbs I:

Bench 70lbs
Cable row 70lb
Asst Pullup 65-70lb
Curl 25lb
Squat 60lb
Leg Press 120-140lb
Clean press 50-60lb

But both workouts are effective and will get you results like any workout if you stick with them. So check it out and let me know your thoughts.......

I am on round 3 of P90X and did Insanity for 1 week and stopped because of my knees.


  1. THe difference I found is that p90x is a well balance total workout, its less intense, longer breaks

    Insanity is exactly what the title says it is. Your HR spikes and stays up for the whole time, the 30 second break doesnt let it come down, your at HR threshold the hold workout. Very intense, I do tris and tours, Insanity has left me me sprawled out on the floor begging for mercy more then once

  2. Big Daddy Diesel, thanks for the comment.

    I felt the same way. Shaun T. does a killer workout at a very fast pace.