Monday, February 25, 2013

Charity Gala!

Love my Ann Taylor Boots and any reason to wear them...I am so in!!!
I decided to wear my JoLo dress to the Gala Charity event.

I pulled my hair up and back. I don't think this picture does the justice of how adorable it came out.

Anyway I tried to get a close up.
The apps were great, I love all the types of cheese.

Just look at the display wow! Nuts and cranberries and lots of crackers it was so tasty.

The event had 2 comedians and a silent and live auction. I didn't get the spa package or the horse back ridding lessons I was out bided.
My Charity is Feed my People and it was one of the recipients. The headliner comedian did Ozzy Osborne to a tee, I laughed so hard.
Here are the auction baskets.

So yesterday I get up and look who wants to play after 4 glasses of Merlot?
Gracie :-)

Today's sunrise, its back to work at the office.

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Kale Chips and Spaghetti Squash!

I love getting my fresh eggs from someone local look how pretty!
I decided to try a few new recipes. This is my Kale ready to go for Kale chips

All you do is drizzle olive oil in a bowl fill with small sections of kale, swish all around then lay them out on parchment paper sprinkle with salt and cook about 10-15 min at 350 degrees. YUM!

I added a dash of Parm :-)

On to my Salmon patties, just top with butter and bake. 22 grams of protein and totally delish!

I made broccoli small chunks to put with my spaghetti squash just to add a green. You could use pees too if you like them.

Micro the squash with holes in it, and in about 20 minutes it is ready to cool for 5 minutes then scrape into spaghetti.

Here I added a sprinkle of shredded Cheddar cheese, after I added olive oil and garlic.

The finished plated meal, amazing!!!
I topped the salmon with sweet and sour sauce it was just the right flavor with the smokey salmon and garlic cheesy spaghetti mix.

Dessert was baked apples with cinnamon!

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Snow Day!

Just a few random pictures of Gracie in the snow!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

16th Birthday Party! (Photos)

My nephew turned 16 on Valentines Day.
I went to the country to celebrate at my aunts house. She has this great fireplace, I loved it!
He is almost 6' tall now! I am 5'4" and he towers over me.

But he is still a kid at heart so here is the cake I got him with a purple car on it because this kid can't get enough purple! Sometimes I wonder if it is because that was my moms favorite color and it helps him pay honor to him.
Kids. Can't. Figure. Them. Out.

Gifts....yes that's a big smile!
He loved all his gifts even the Imos Pizza and White Castles.

My aunt and her dog Shadow.

Me and my Aunt Mavis, she looks more and more like my mom each day. I can see how I will look as I age from the genetics. Yep, no make up.

You can get this waffle sweater at Old Navy on clearance right now if you like it.
My workouts were:
Saturday - 1 hr 15 min Power Yoga
Taught 1 hr Hatha Yoga after that.
= 135 minutes of Yoga!
This is a part of the lake that was flooded last year, well a road. Now they call it "Little Grand Canyon" pretty huh? 
Gacie was zonked after playing with Shadow and went right to bed!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

NEW 2013 Sculpt Express new Boston Body Barre !


Want to reshape your body in half the time? Zayna Gold Pilates expert known for her ability to connect with her students recently released her new 2013 workout Sculpt Express. This Boston Body Barr workout will have you in shape faster and leaner in less time.
I love this workout, fast and effective!!!

Done two to three times a week, you will not only have fun you will get stronger, sculpted and toned with a cardio, stretch and lifting workout that targets all body areas.

Sculpt Express a 50 minute workout, plus the Bonus 10 minute Butt Blaster workout you will need only an exercise mat and a sturdy chair or furniture for the standing moves in Butt Blaster. You can do both workouts together or focus on just the body parts you want to work.

With moves like:

Forward runners lunge pulses

Genie sit backs

Tabletop push ups


Bridge with open/close thigh movements

Cobra and Childs pose

Butt Blaster will have you doing lean backs, kickbacks, single leg sit backs lifting and shaping the waist and buttocks.  

Modifications are shown for all levels, so even if you’re just starting out with a workout program or are an experienced workout enthusiast you’re going to have fun as you shed the unwanted calories. For just $20.00 not including SH & taxes you can get this latest workout from Zayna at her website

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yoga One on One!

I'm super happy to report my one on one private lesson with Connie RYT was fabulous!
I know look sweaty and large next to her but she is like 100 pounds of muscle :-)
I just went to the 8am class, had coffee with my girlfriend then Connie came over.
We worked my form on Sun Salutation and then Wheel pose and wow!
OK, I was so sore I took off Sunday and Monday.
Good news she comes for second session tonight woo woo at 7.30pm.
I colored my hair from Red to Black.
It doesn't look that Black here but I will take another shot today, its way darker.I enjoy mixing up my hair, its kinda like an accessory.
Me at the office today......

Today's sunrise

colorful, and lovely

My workout:
Pilates reformer
Walk - Run inclines Lunch
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guest Post: Pole Dancing- A Great Way To Stay Fit And Have Fun

Suprise! I have a guest blog................You might find this one really fun!

Pole Dancing- A Great Way To Stay Fit And Have Fun

Get fit and have fun! Cripes, enough already. Is there any physical activity around that doesn’t claim to be both great for your health and fun! fun! fun! Newsflash: beach volleyball isn’t fun. You get hot, sweaty, and after the fact find grains of sand in body parts you didn’t even know existed. Boot camp isn’t fun. Think about it. Boot camp. Ditto for workouts on the rowing machine, cross trainer, and treadmill. And hot yoga, gimme a break. All the better to smell all the accidental farts slipping out of your fellow attendees.

I will however, vouch for the fun aspect of one physical activity. Pole dancing provides both an incredible, total body workout, and a surefire recipe for fun. Put a bunch of girls in a room with shiny silver poles, feather boas, and loud music and you’re guaranteed a half hour of hilarity. Just ask the experts at Pole Fetish.

Pole dancing, maligned for many years as a sleazy activity best reserved for starving uni students and drug afflicted urchins, has shaken off it’s old reputation and is now widely regarded as a legitimate form of exercise. The skill required to perform a routine on the pole is breathtaking, yet well within the reach of the enthusiastic novice. Running really fast is not an impressive party trick. Knowing how to slide up and down a pole to Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’- now that, friends, is some party trick!

Pole dancing is particularly ideal for women wishing to improve their core fitness. Any personal trainer will tell you that core fitness is the key. By getting your core in tip top, you’ll improve your posture, lung function, day to day energy levels. And don’t be put off by our chirping about party tricks- you can do pole dancing in your daggiest get up, and there’s no need to ever engage in a public demonstration (cue the male population aiming a large dart at my head)

For more information on the fantastic health benefits- and yes, fun,- to be had from pole dancing, visit

 Ivy Delfin

Monday, February 4, 2013

Set Starter Intervals RAWKS!

I love interval training with my Kim
It burns so much fat, along with multi-muscle workouts.
I like doing this because not only do you build endurance, and a better body you sweat more and blast calories!

So insert this little jewel!!!!
Set Starter created by Eric, and an amazing worlds smallest timer.
I have a Gymboss timer, I like that it clips on and does basically the same thing. However I like this is small and I can see it while working out and you can make it repeat.

So tonight during my interval training I will be using my new fabulous timer.....thanks Eric for sending it out so quick!!!
Mountain climbers
Scissor crunches

Super Bowl Snow!

 This was Super Bowl Sunday's sunrise, woke up to snow!                                    Wow Gracie loved it :-)
Burring her nose and hoping like a donkey it was hilarious!

Could not get her to come it, it was only about 2" of snow, but she was in heaven.

Finally she came in and decided to den down in her bed with her favorite toy.

It was a great game, and I was under on protein but will make up for that today.
I finished my taxes, yay!!!!