Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Treats and Snow!

Today was treat day at the office!
I made these little caramel apples out of grapes I found the idea on pintrest

I think they turned out cute and tasty too!

The Barbie House Christmas Decor.........
I added to the tree again ;-)

The top white sprigs

I think I like them they have beads that glisten.
Just have to adjust to it, since its really different.

WE got snow Saturday!
It was so pretty to wake up too.....

Big flakes and I love how wet it was so it stuck to all the trees.

Gracie loved it, she just couldn't figure out why it was coming from the sky ha ha!
Too cute Gracie ;-)

We also had the coolest full moon last night.
Monday the 16th, and I saw 3 accidents on the way home........hummmm
Its so pretty!

Wish I had more on the workouts but its been pretty lame.
With study and the holiday prep, its just been pure laziness :-)
2014 Fitness Trends:
Thanks for reading,
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 13, 2013


The Barbie House is ready for Santa!!!!
And I got myself a new Christmas sweater!
I just couldn't wait to wear it though :-)

I also got my New Years top, that I will wear on the day of the work Christmas party. It's lovely jeweled and sleeveless, I love it.

I tried it on with a jacket and belt, just to see how I liked it.
Love. It.

This was the pink plaid scarf I got last year, decided I like it with the color rust......am I crazy or what?

Good news! I got a new stop watch for my Yoga Teacher Training!
Bam, $15 bucks at Walmart.

I don't like shopping there but I found it online and they had just ONE left in the store.
All Mine.
What I like is that it is not super duper big, and that it got 31 pretty good reviews.
I read reviews, do you?
What I have to practice is timing per second my poses just to be sure I don't run over a 1 hour and that I get them all in.
As for workouts this week.
It has not been pretty with my study time and trying to finish Christmas shopping.
Sounds like an excuse huh?
OK here it is.....after my 3 day weekend Yogahour teacher training.
Monday - Off Day
Tuesday - Zcut Power workout 8
ZCut Power workout #8
(I only had time for 1 set and 50 jumping jacks)

Single leg db squats w/bench 5lb db
Single leg dead lifts 10lb db
Bent over rows 12lb db          
Wednesday - 30 min power walk
Thursday - 30 min power walk      
Tonight I will do my 1hr Yogahour script 3 practice.
That's all I got, thanks for reading chow :-)            

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Foggy Drive!

This morning it was super foggy, going over the river was kinda scary!
But I made it to the office just fine, thankfully :-)

The office is starting to look like Christmas, check out this HUGE poinsettia one of the VP's brought in.....GORGEOUS!

Yesterday's workout - 2miles
Today's workout:
ZCut Power #7

Wood chops - 8lb - 10lbs
Burpee w/knee ins
Walking push up with jump-ins
Bridge leg lifts w/2 8lb db                           
Thanks for reading, chow!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

U.F.I.T. New ultra focused interval training

New UFIT workout DVD's you might want to put on your Christmas list!
Image: www.Cindywhitmarshfitness.com

Recently released from fitness and sports nutrition expert Cindy Whitmarsh are three new U.F.I.T. DVD’s to get you fit in six weeks. Why wait till after the New Year to have that body you always wanted, when start now?

Cindy has trained everyone from professional athletes to new moms and she knows how to get results, with the right workout and meal plan. One minute at a time, you will get results that last a lifetime!

The three Ultra Focused Interval Training (U.F.I.T.) DVD’s each include:
  • Two 20-minute workouts
  • Each has one, two or three minute intervals
  • Alternates cardio and toning
  • Moves that are athletic and uncomplicated
So far I love these workouts, you can find my take on it here:

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Picture Blog!

Gracie playing scrabble!!!

It was so much fun, having a 4 day weekend.

She was so tired after watching me do the Christmas decorations.......
cutie :-)

The new tree!
At the Barbie House :-)

And the wreath my sister gave me, in the new leopard motif.

Someone wants a treat.......

Then I went to see Jerusalem and the Garden Glow, lights at the Botanical Gardens.....
So pretty I wish I had my camera.

Back at the office.

Today's workout - 2miles.