Monday, September 30, 2013

Yes, You Can!!!! Fitness after 40 Book

Oh, finally a book that works by a trainer thats fabulous!!!
176 pages...........

easy to follow..........

Order here:

Its Fall!!!

Gracie loves Fall!
I got 2 new mums for the front, I love the colors next to the house.

Dug up my pumpkin guy and put him in too.....
Everything is all matchy now :-)

Then I decided time for a throw pillow re-mix!
I brought out my teal blue pillows that will go great with the new Christmas tree.
I will be doing more of an animal theme with burgundy, red and brown.
Fun and contemporary!

Went to dinner on Saturday........
Had a good hair day ;-)

My fun leggings...........

Went to Soulard restaurant it was very good, I had a groupon for $25 off. It was still $75 bucks, with 2 glasses of wine.
The patio there is amazing!
Then Sunday I went to the cemetery, I made these purple for mom and the blue for dad.
 Pretty huh?

8 min warm up

Burpee combo down dog to plank
Decline ball in and outs
V up with ball w/twist

Sandbag cleans in sumo squat
Burpee plank to knee in R and Left jump up to standing
Reverse crunch with overhead stability leg lifts

Med ball wood chop to core twist 8lb
Laying 15lb db press
Skull crushers 15lb db

Yoga cool down     

Cals burned = 211
Wt 125
BMI - 20.5

Thanks for reading...............                     

St. Louis Cardinals Win!!!

St. Louis is a Baseball town!!!
There were 3 games over the weekend, and we won our division and have home field advantage!
Mike Matheny the coach said some great words about the big players that were injured, and how others were able to be the "Next man up!"

Baseball is like fitness......they stuggle just like the rest of us.

You can read more here on how it relates to fitness:

Friday, September 27, 2013

Fish and Rice Recipe

Last night I made an easy meal that was very healthy........
Fish and rice.
All I did was cook the brown rice set aside, then I browned onion and small sweet bell peppers.
I added the rice in the skillet and added a dash of low sodium soy sauce.
Placed the baked fish (Pollock) on top, and DELISH!

Side salad was the rest of my peppers and low fat sesame salad dressing at 35 cals per tablespoon.
High protein and low fat.

Today I will make more time to study.......and study!!!

I did my class last night took 40 minutes to do almost the entire hour.

At the office............

On my way I saw 2 Red Corvettes side by side......
wish I was in one lol

40 Minutes Yogahour

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Home Stuff

I got a new rug for The Barbie House!
I like how it looks, and it is great because Gracie won't slide off the bed anymore when she jumps down.
I have been worried she would hurt herself with the new SLICK refinished floors.

So this is how it looks with the white pillows, cute no?

I also got a table and art for the back entrance.
The round rug is on order, then it should be pulled all together and a super
HELLO come on in look!
Me with eyebrows painted on......

ready to go out to the country.

With my bestest........

So we hit the winery and look who is trying to get people motivated to DANCE AND BURN CALORIES?
Yeah that's me in front of the stage with hand up lol

And I am wearing these funny rockstar sunglasses that belonged to Jenna......

Here we are having fun in the sun.

What I wore, my mothers pearls as a way to have her with me.
Thankfully they played Proud Mary!!!
RIP mom love you!

Yeah so here is my eyebrows, I learned from my girlfriend on how to put my eye make up on......
Not too bad I kinda thought I looked younger ;-)

Oh and I decided to get some fall place mats!!
$4 bucks to cuteness :-)

I came out of the bathroom look who has made herself comfy on the new rug???
Grace ;-)

My homework last night, for my 200hr RYT and Yogahour teacher training........

ZCut Power Workout Bonus

Side lunge to overhead press 7lb db
Plank row to burpee 7lb db
Side hops

Cool down - 8 min workout     
Thanks for reading..........chow!                      

St. Jordan Creek Winery Reveiw

If your looking for a great little winery, St. Jordan's Creek is it!
Located at
2829 U.S. 50 Beaufort, MO 63013
(636) 584-8001

Cute little country road.....

Yep we are headed for a good time!

The entrance of the winery and they have handicap paved parking spaces too.
The rest is just rock parking.

Wow, look at the inside of the jewel!

Friendly and clean

Known for the Sangria, they sell it by the pitcher......

.......and dark chocolate kisses, you know your in the right place!

The band was great!
Night Owls of Rhythm

You find out about them here:
The lead singer even danced a few with everyone ;-)

What a great crowd of dancers!

Plenty of seating and nice shade umbrellas too.

Who knew in the middle of a small town this great winery sits?

I rate this place a 10+
Great service
Wine in a wine glass $5 bucks
Super clean restrooms
3 restrooms one handicap/family
If I am ever in the mood for a good time again, I will be back to St. Jordan Creek Winery.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Practical Tips for Mindful Eating

Eating clean can be hard!
Even for trainers.........
I try to feed Gracie the best food and treats I can, I want her healthy and around for a long time.
She is 1yr 2 months old.
Today rain.
Paw prints :-)

With me Gracie's mommy foot prints :-)

OK,here are some great tips on eating..............
Practical Tips for Mindful Eating:
Wait Till Your Stomach is Empty or Almost Empty
  • The first step to mindful eating is to eat only when your stomach is (almost) empty, or when you have a slight sense of hunger. This tends to be about 2-3 hours after the last time you eat something.
Mind Your Environment
When mealtime arrives, it’s important to dedicate all your attention to the food. So:
  • Sit down, preferably at a table with a nice arrangement that appeals to you visually.
  • Remove external distractions: no television, phone, tablet or computer.
Appreciate Your Food
  • Breathe in and out a couple of times to calm you mind and body.
  • Begin with a moderate portion and focus on appreciating your food. Think about where it came from and whether it’s in its natural state or processed/manufactured.
  • Be grateful in light of the many people around the world who have no food on their plates.
  • Smell your food and take time to taste as you chew. Distinguish the different flavors, experience the texture, acknowledge the temperature of the food.
  • Stay focused on the food.
Remember, it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your body is being fed. So, slow down. Wait until the food enters your stomach before you take the next bite; this will slow the pace of your eating and can prevent heartburn, acid reflux, stomachaches and some intestinal issues. More tips:
  • Really chew “ about 15-30 times per mouthful. It may be easier if you put your fork down between bites. Taking the time to chew your food will help you appreciate all the flavors and textures.
  • Stop eating when you feel about two-thirds full. This will help you tune in to your body’s satiety signals. Because you’ve been enjoying your food, you’ll start feeling full more quickly.
  • Ask yourself why before you eat that second helping: Is it hunger or habit?
Remember, mindful eating takes practice. Your mind will start to wander so you constantly need to pause and refocus.
The practice of mindful eating will help reinforce and remind us how powerful the mind/body connection really is, and that the practice of mindful eating can improve your physical and mental health and overall well-being.

For the latest research, statistics, sample classes, and more, "Like" IDEA on Facebook here.

Thanks for reading............