Tuesday, July 27, 2010

P90X Round 3 Lean Day 4 Core Synergistics

Hello Tony Horton......I'm back! and fully committed for another round of extreme fitness with you .

I was going to start Insanity August first, but have decided not do to this program due to my knees. I have only did 1 full week of Insanity, and its a great program if you can do a lot of jumping.

Since my surgery I had to take almost 3-4 weeks off extreme workouts and packed back on my body fat that I lost *sigh and feel I lost strength. Yup, back on my meal plan (my meal plan is written by a nutritionist/trainer in NY) which also should show major improvements.

I was rowing 75lb easily and doing glute press of 55lb now I have scaled back to 55lb and 45lbs until I can build back up to do 8-10 reps. For my home workouts I will be using 15lb - 25lb dumbbells.

So the good news is......that my arm feels much better and I am able to do pullups and pushups again. I have not done any heavy lateral lifts and will continue light until I have progressed enough being mindful of that injury.

What is the program I am going to do?

P90X Round 3 Lean. (First round was P90X Lean, then P90X Classic now P90X Lean)

I started last week and here is how my workouts will be for the next phase.

Monday - Off day (yoga, stretch, hula hooping, walking)
Tuesday through Friday - P90X Round 3 Lean
Saturday at the gym
Sunday at the gym

I'm super happy about this plan, and ready for big changes since I have 2 weeks till my reunion.

YIKES send support daily to me PLEASE.......

Today's workout:
P90X Round 3 Week 1 Day 4

Workout - Core Synergistics
Mood - Refreshed
Time of workout = 40 min
Cals burned = ?

Stacked staggered pushups 2x5
Banana rolls 2 min
Leaning crescent lunge 24 w/3lb db
Squat run 1 min w/3lb db
Sphinx pushups 12 (girly)
Bow to boat 10
Low lateral skaters w/leg lift 25
Lunge and reach 25 w/3lb db



  1. Looking good...Rocking that bikini
    I too want to go go go from August as 3 months to my holiday back in South Africa.

  2. Whoop Whoop...........NICE bikini shot girl....do I see a Bikini Competitor? hmmmmmmmmmmmm how about you meet me in Charleston SC October 23, I will do figure you do bikini! www.getphatonline.com!!!

    NO joke girl...............I have two of my dearest friends competing in Jen's show something BOTH said they would NEVER do but DEEP down always wanted to........we have to BELIEVE in ourselves girlfriend or how in the world are we going to HELP anyone else right!

    Keep rocking it chica! Looking AMAZING!


  3. Thank you both for the wonderful comments. I am still a work in progress, getting my head in the game.

    Compete again.......still thinking about that one but thanks so much Mary for believing in me your the BEST ;-)