Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Kashi Layered Bars


I just tried these bars and love them. I cut them in 1/3 pieces and am going to serve these at my Yoga Workshop.

Have you tried them?

Of course I also got the pecan pumpkin ones and will try those this weekend. I know they are a little different with the layer texture but no different then some power/protein bars I have had.

Still my favorite bars are:
Quest - Vanilla Almond Crunch
Oh Yeah - Chocolate peanut butter

Whats your favorite bar?

My workouts have been running this week, and tomorrow I am trying a new program a studio by my house is launching.
Ellipse Fitness Rock my Jeans challenge, I can't wait to see what it is all about they say you will drop 2 pant or belt notches in 8 week.

Squats = 50

Tonight client training will be all about circuit.....then the Cardinals play for the world series!
Go Cards!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

How To Fix Bad Knees or ITB


Do you run marathons? Have knee issues? Even if you’re the casual runner, or someone that puts strain your knees this latest DVD release by Jill Miller can help you. (you don't have to like or do Yoga for this workout)

Get happy knees!

I did get this video sent to me, but am NOT being paid to endorse it. I just can't say enough good things about it, if you suffer from hip pain or ITB this can help you more then useing a roller.

This workout was one of the best I have ever done as far as therapy on knees. Most of you know I also work with a chiropractor and have learned many ways to help eliminate painful knee or even back/neck issues.

I have them, bad knees from years of running, heavy squats and step classes.

However this workout was great since it has several parts to it, 4 total and all are worth your time to view. Then a bonus that teaches you what the knees look like using a skeleton. This education is valuable as knowledge is power to the first step of getting better.

Watch that part!

Jill is very good at showing you the moves, you only need a chair or a phone book and you can order the massage type balls from her website but YOU don't need to have them to do this workout and feel the amazing results.

One move I really liked is the pigeon on a chair, since it not only stretches the front leg doing this on a chair it stretches both at the same time. I love duel movements because they save you time.

You can't get time back.

I love this workout here is more about it and how to order:

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Train2Cheer Workout Delivers!


I looove this new workout and you will too. Think P90X meets super MOTIVATOR! I really can't say enough about how I felt drenched in sweat from this workout.

Heres the scoop:

The workout not only comes with a super motivational workout DVD but includes a bonus lower body track to rock your legs and glues. You will be pumped up during the workout with artists such as Jordin Sparks, Miley Cyrus and The Black Eyed Peas this workout does not disappoint.

Workout includes a warm up cool down and 8 sessions plus a bonus:
Low Impact Cardio – Marching and easy arm movements
High Intensity Cardio – Fast pace changing movements
Mixed Interval – Fun and includes knee lifts
Upper Body – Push ups with pulses and Planks
Extreme Cardio – Brings your heart rate up blasting calories with shuffles
Explosive Reflex – Keeping the intensity high
Jump Cardio – Plyo-metrics but with exciting leg movements and Spread Eagle Jacks
Core – This core focus workout works upper and lower
Stretch and Flexibility – Cool down and stretch
Bonus session: Lower Body – Lunges and squats giving you dream legs

Check it out here for more info, or to order its on sale for $17.49!

Monday, October 10, 2011

NEW Skinny Cow Candy

Image: O.M.G. Have you ever tried these? I am a chocoholic willing to admit it, dark is my favorite and these come in dark too :-)

I just got these yesterday at the food store, and I can't wait to try them and if they would have had the dark chocolate I would have got those too. I love Skinny Cow ice cream, when I deserve to have a treat of sugar that is, so I imagine these are just as good.

Lately with our weather being so hot, I have been wanting some ice cream more then usual. I try to be sure to eat sugar early, that way my body has a chance to get rid of it as opposed to storing it as cellulite in my abs *sigh.

I am up 3lbs because I have not been at my workouts as hard as usual, no excuse just not in the mood. Weird.

Instead I was super productive in the yard since it was so nice and needed some attention. I cut down low branches, trimmed the shrubs and put out my new landscape lighting its so cool!

Here is the WORKOUT plan of the week:

Lunch - Walk inclines + SQUATS
After work - JM level 1 Killer buns and thighs (KB&T)
Client off

Am workout JM level 2 KB&T
Lunch - walk inclines/run
Client 6-7pm

Am workout - Yoga
Lunch ? they say rain
After work - MASSAGE

Am workout JM level 3 KB&T
Lunch ? they say rain
Client 6-7pm

Am workout - Yoga
Lunch again rain in the forecast
Client 5.45-6.45

Am workout - Cardio
Teaching Yoga 10-12.15am

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beginner Boxing Workout

Boxing is fun, builds stamina, blast calories and removes toxins from all the sweat......whats not to love?

This is a great beginner boxing workout, it really burns a lot of calories and you can be very creative with the workouts. I use a heavy bag only, and I work from the back side as my client works from the front.

If you have any questions about it just let me know.

Workout - Walk & Client workout TRX/Boxing
Time of workout - 45 min
Cals = 111

Warm up:
7 min (always include lots arm circles for boxing)

TRX Forward lunge/side lunge
TRX Squat
TRX Back lunge/curtsy lunge

Jacks - 1 min

Boxing - Jabs R & L
Boxing - 2 hits 2 knee ins
Boxing - 2 hits Oblique side to sides

Jacks - 1 min

Bench chest press
Bench dips w/ circle band
Bench straight leg lift w/circle band

Cool down:
5 min w/2 min stretch and 2 min neck/shoulder massage

Squats = 60