Thursday, May 28, 2009

P90X Week 4 Day 4 - Stretch

Week 4 Day 4 P90X Stretch

I also did my official weigh in stats this morning because I won't be on line the rest of the week. Tomorrow I have ear surgery at 7am, and may be back on line on Sunday??? Not sure. All my numbers are down that's a good thing, and I have been on more carbs this week since I did not food shop I have had PB sandwich for lunch all 3days with the short week. I was not sure how that would effect my numbers this week.

I am ok with this doctor, he did the surgery on my other ear. I feel good about that but I hate being put out, even if its just out-patient. I have to be there at the un-earthly hour of 6.15am which means a 5am wake up call. Sheesh, that's early even for T.

No run last night, I was hoping for some extra cardio since I won't be working out a few days. Rain and more rain in STL its been hammered, driving home was a real mission! I had a good chiropractor visit and had them do the stem on my neck as well it feels much better today too. I figured laying in bed I will be stiff and bored out of my mind, I best get a book to read too.

Here is my workout:
Workout - P90X Stretch
Mood - Relaxed
Wt -119
BF% - 22.7%
BMI% - 20.4%
Time of workout = 40 Mins Cals burned = ?
Time = 40 Mins

Static Stretches:

Neck Back up the car Head rolls Chest, back and shoulder stretch combo Topas Wrist, forearm Back wrist Dreya forearm stretch Arm circles Shoulder tris

Ballistic stretches:

Shake outs Hug yourself high-low

Static Stretches:

Reaches Back/front stroke Side stretch Roller Seated spinal stretch Cat stretch Glute stretch - I did this hand behind hamstring not knee Wide feet forward bend - I did this arms closed Triangle

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

P90X Week 4 Day 3 - Kenpo

P90X -Kempo

Week 4 Day 3

Last night our weather was wonderful so I took in an extra run. Nothing big, I did 4 miles in about 45 minutes the sky was awesome!

It was one of the nights where its perfect for a run, low humidity and clean sky's and cool about 67 degrees out. I did not even feel myself sweat until I got done, sheesh then I was dripping.
I reflected on how much I got done on my scrapbook to see what pages I needed to work on or what pictures I wanted to add before I consider it completed. I still need to add the song words to "Its all about you" but I can get those when pastor Stephanie gets back from the 4 Square Church convention.

Here are my workouts:
30 min incline walk at lunch
45 min 4 mile run

5/27 Workout - P90X Kenpo (3rd time for this workout)
Mood - Ready to go
Wt - 119.5
Time of workout = 40
Min's Cals burned = ?

I wonder how many calories these P90X workouts burn, anyone know?

I did 40 minutes and I only did 10 minutes of the stretch. This is the boxing kicking workout.
25 of each move unless specified 1 set per leg.
Jab twists Jab upper cuts
Jab, cross hooks, uppercut
Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks, jump X jacks
Step drag punch, punch
Jab, cross, switch
Hook, uppercut, switch
Knee kicks - 20 slow - 10 doubles fast
Ball kicks - 30 single doubles
Side kicks - 30
Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks, jump X jacks
Back kicks - 25
3 direction kicks - 24
Sword hammer - 15
Claw punch - 25
Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks, jump X jacks
I like the Jump X jacks the best, its like a plyo jack.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

P90X Week 4 Day 2 - Core Synergistics

P90X - Core Synergistics

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and got to spend time with family and friends. We went to a bbq on Sunday, and it was very nice lots of food, Diane is a very good cook. I got to see my girlfriends twin sister Carol in from Kansas, which I have not seen in about 2 years and her husband Rex. They are twins but not identical, so they don't really look a like. Very productive on the home front, got the kitchen spring cleaned, the grass cut and laundry done. I have decided with the short week for me only being 3 work days that I would skip food shopping this week. I will be having ear surgery on Friday I have enough chicken and oats to last the week. Today I added some honey in my oats, since I did not buy any fruit. That means I will only get in 1 veggie each day, and sandwiches this week...higher carbs.
Going to the chiropractor on Wednesday, and that will make laying in bed for recovery much nicer on Friday. I worked on my bible study story scrapbook last night and when I get that completed tonight, I will post some pictures by next week on that. Took a trip to Sports Authority and got a new Nike workout top, and a white skort. I did not find the yoga pants or block I wanted, I went near closing time so I will go back maybe this week for that toy. All in all, I had some great workouts over the weekend. I did not complete that darn yoga workout for the full time, I can't get passed an hour but I will keep trying.
Has anyone completed that fully?
I keep wondering how many calories in the average these workouts burn. I guess I need to contact BeachBody to find out. I had to modify the boat rolls too, I am not that strong.
This week I am on "recovery" week.
Here is my workout:
P90X Week 4 day 2- Core Synergistics
Wt - 120.5
Mood - Bring it!
Time of workout = 40 mins
Cals = ?
Stacked foot pushups - 15
Banana Roll Boats - 24
Leaning Crescent Lunge - 24
Squat run w/3lb DB 1 Min
Sphinx pushups - 10
Boats - 15
Low lateral skaters - 30
Lunge reach w/3lb DB - 30
Prison pushups to max - 8
Side hip raise - 12
Squat X Press w/3lb DB - 30
Plank tatarunga runs - 10 sec switch 1 min
Walking pushups - 20
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Saturday, May 23, 2009

P90X Week 3 Day 6 Kempo

Im going to spring clean today!

Burn the cals as if Kempo was not enough today!

P90X Week 3 Day 6 DONE!

Ok I had this all written and it got eaten so I am just going to post my workouts now. I am going to clean the cabnets today, I must be crazy but thats the plan of the day. Spring cleaning late ....... and I will be productive.

Here are my workouts:

5/22 30 min incline walk at lunch

5/23 Workout - Cardio, Pilates and Kempo

Mood - Killer Rockstar!

Wt - 121

Cals = 315 + 66 + Kempo

Time of workout - 1 hr 40 mins

Stair climber 30 mins

Cals = 315

20 min level 12 resistance 4

10 min level15 resistance 4

5 mins level 20 resistance 4

1- 1 min sprint

4 Over head jogs

Pilates 30 mins

Cals = 66

P90X Kempo 40 mins

40 mins Cals = ?

I did 40 minutes and did better this time then last. This is the boxing one, and I like it very much. The stretch serious is very good and intense. 25 of each move unless specified 1 set per leg.

Jab twists

Jab upper cuts

Jab, cross hooks, uppercut

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks, jump X jacks

Step drag punch, punch

Jab, cross, switch

Hook, uppercut, switch

Knee kicks - 20 slow - 10 doubles fast

Ball kicks - 30 single doubles

Side kicks - 30

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks, jump X jacks

Back kicks - 25

3 direction kicks - 24

Sword hammer - 15

Claw punch - 25

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks, jump X jacks

Off to get the Rockstar Body............

Friday, May 22, 2009

P90X Week 3 Day 5 - Legs & Back

P90X Week 3 Day 5 - Legs & Back
Gymnast & aerialist Dreya Weber spirals down from a great height to work with Tony on some really useful and powerful moves for P90X

Obesity in kids 1963 4% today 20% Time to be pro-active about wellness for kids! My foundation will change these numbers and I am very passionate about this happening. I will keep everyone posted.
Discipline = Proverb: Poverty and failure come to those that are not disciplined.
I really believe this statement and feel that YOU can make a difference in your lifestyle by just being disciplined and doing something everyday towards your goal or your health. All the baby steps and commitment pay off! So don't beat yourself up over it, just be consistant and keep plugging away and you will find yourself in a better place, and A BETTER ME!
It was a nice night out last night and I did get my run in, I could have kept on running however I knew today was leg day and I already have a love/hate relationship with Tony Horton so why push it right? I did feel the strain in my knees but thats ok, I still got in a GREAT workout.
P90X tips: One thing to remember on the squat calve raise move that when you do the squat you have to come up on your heals. If you are doing this program I would say to remember that. On the wall squats, be sure to keep your abs tight against the wall, or you risk straining the back.
Here are my workouts:
4 Mile run = 40 minutes
Official weigh in:
WT - 120
BF% 22.9
BMI% 20.6
Week 3 Day 5
P90X Lean: Back and Legs
I did 30 minutes - *note I did pushups instead of pullups
15 Balance lunge
25 - 5lb Calve raise squats
15 Reg pushups
25 Skaters
90 Sec wall squats
20 Wide pushups
15 Step back lunges
24 Alt side lunges
20 Close arm pushups
1 Min single leg wall squats - switch per 10 sec
20 - 5lb Dead lift squats
Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Thursday, May 21, 2009

P90X Week 3 Day 4 - Yoga & Ab Ripper

T's next toy = Yoga block
Today's Workout P90X Yoga & Ab Ripper.
Now I think after looking at my blog pic yesterday that is Draya's back, and I have a LONG way to go to look like that......but I am steady at it.

Today's workout 2 parts, making up for yesterdays Ab Ripper I did not get in last night because of a nice surprise by D. I was going to come home and do it which it takes 20 minutes then eat and head to bible study.

I will do a run tonight since I plan on errands at lunch, its time for my car licence plates to be renewed. That way I will have some cardio today, but I will miss my walk at lunch. I like it because I sit all day at the office and like to get up and move, instead I will be standing in line.

Last night was the last night of bible study, and I will miss the girls. It will pick up again in the fall but it was a nice 7 weeks of fellowship that I will charish. I have only been going to this church for about 3-4 months so it gave me a chance to really know some of the elders. I gave Pastor Stephanie a thank you card and it brought tears to her eyes. I wanted her to know how much I really enjoyed all of us sharing our stories about our lives, and the bond we formed.


Today's workout- P90X Yoga & Ab Ripper

Mood - focused

Wt - 121

Time of workout = 50 minutes

Cals burned = ?

Yoga - 30 minutes

Downward dog

Warrior 1 & 2

Runners lunge




Sun Salutation


Ab Ripper - 20 minutes

11 moves x 25 each = 349 moves

Last move I only did 20 = 309

This counts on each side, and its the oblique knuckles to floor and my back was bothering me so I stopped.

I think I am getting better at this program, however I am going to get a yoga block. It is the one piece I don't have and I think it would help me since I am not that flexible at all.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

P90X Week 3 Day 3 - Shoulders & Arms

Ok...I just wanted to post the difference in this shot so maybe after 90 days I can see if I am any closer to the Rockstar status of the models picture.

Week 3 day 3 P90X

So far I have done this workout with 5lb & 10lb dumbells, keeping it light with high reps. My shoulder feels good but I can tell it is still not healed so rather then do nothing I am doing this light. This program is long and hard, its very tough and that is why you get the results with it.
If you are doing this program, you know its intense. It can be modified hower they really don't show that and with all the "warnings" on under taking this workout they should. I think many people may give up on it, and its a great program. Today on wowy there were 313 on line doing a workout while I was so thats good.

On this workout of 58 minutes you are to do the 20 minute Ab ripper right afterwards, thats almost 80 minutes. Well I will do Ab Ripper after work tonight, and before bible study at 6.30pm. I can't devote that much time in the mornings, right now I am devoting 45 minutes plus stretch time. I usually get in almost an hour in the morning, 30 minutes at lunch and who knows after work. Last night it was a 45 minute walk after dinner as a bonus and it was very nice out.

Which by the way I had the JennieO turkey burgers for dinner and I just don't care for them. I put relish on it and still, I don't know if its the forman grill or what they taste like cardboard to me. NO more, I will stick with my Boca burgers or Morning Star.

Which non-fat burgers or turkey burgers do you like?

Here is my workout 5/20
Workout - P90X Lean Shoulders & Arms
Mood - GREAT
Wt - 121
Time of workout- 45 mins (still needed to do ab ripper, that will be tonight)

2 sets each:
2x15 5lb - Alt shoulder press
2x15 5lb set 1 then 10lb set 2 - In & out bicep curls
2x25 5lb - 2 Arm kick back
2x15 5lb Deep swimmer press
2x15 5lb Supination curls
2x25 Chair dips bent knee
2x20 - 5lb Upright rows
2x16 - 10lb Static arm curls
2x15 - 5lb Flip grip twist back tris - these ROCK!

Walk at the park at lunch and Ab ripper tonight.

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

P90X Week 3 Day 2 - Cardio X

This is another tough workout, but I have done most of the moves in the other dvd. I am now on the "Lean program", before I was doing the Classic for the last 2 weeks. I think this will be better for me and my knees. I will hit the inclines at the park at lunch today. Its going to be near 80 and very nice out and since today is cardio day I will make the most of it.

Food Feedback:
As I listen to my Success cd on the way to work today, I heard this fitness trainer say it is good to keep a food diary about how certain foods make you feel after you eat them. Focus on how you feel before and after eating certain foods. How do you feel in 1/2hour to an 1 hour, stronger? If not then maybe you need to re-think about foods that are not energizing you.
Once you start to eat cleaner this is very easy to do, you will notice how un-clean high fat foods make you feel sick. 5 is fine, and 9 is divine on fruits and veggies since the average american only gets 3.5 we really need to step that up. Teenagers get 1.3 so you can tell there is much work to be done on getting in our fruits and vegetables. I know I can do better, I get in usually 4 and try for 5.

I think a food feedback diary is a great idea, you can just use a tablet nothing expensive with what you ate and your mood from it. Simple and effective, try it if you think you may need to know whats zapping your energy.

Here is my workout today:
Workout - P90X Cardio X
Mood - Bring it
Wt - 121.5
Time of workout = 40 Min's

Yoga warm up - 15 minutes
Warrior, runner lunges, downward dog, plank to pushup.

25 minutes:
Hook upper side kicks
Kick front & Back
Jab, cross, hooks, uppercut
3 Direction kicks
Airborne heisman
Swing kicks
Jump shots
Wide tires - love these
Wacky jacks- fav

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Monday, May 18, 2009

5K Bulldog Dash T. Places 3rd

T. wins 3rd Place Class 5K Bulldog Dash

This race was for a school located in Germantown Illinois, its all about the kids. The metal is really cute it has the schools mascot of a bulldog on it and its on a white ribbon, I was shocked to get a win on my first official 5k race. Out of the 3 of us that ran, I was the only one to place and I was the slowest too. My time was 28.3 class 44-49 however I am not a fast runner, I am more a long distance and a basic cardio queen so to speak. It was a nice day for the run, and a very good cause. The champ was from Jamacia and ran a 5.2 mile. WOW!

Today I started Week 3 day 1 of P90X and am doing the Lean Program.

It was Core Synergistics, and just as tough as the others. I liked most of the moves on this especially the squat runs and prison pushups. Those prison pushups are like a burpe, so you get a full core body workout sweet! Also did regular pushups, not modified today.

Here are my workouts:
5/16 P90X Ab Ripper
5K run - T. won 3rd place in class nice suprise!

45 Min walk

5/18 P90X Core synergistics - I started the Lean Version
Mood - Sleepy
Wt - 122
Time of workout - 30 mins

Today I did 30 minutes of this 60 minute workout. Its tough, and I was still sore so the lunges were a KILLER!

2x7 Stacked pushups
1 Min -Banana curls - I did Superman's instead
24 - Crescent reach lunge
1 Min - Squat run w/3lb DB - love these
5 - Sphinx pushups
15 Bow to boats
24 Low Lateral skaters
24 Lunge & reach
5 Prison Pushups - these are like a mountain climber in between
30 - Side hip raises

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Friday, May 15, 2009

P90X Week 2 Day 5 - Legs & Back

P90X Week 2 day 5 - Legs & Back
Kicking my workout up a notch! I have a 3K run tomorrow morning for charity. Today I felt pretty good getting into the workout, staying positive. However it does not take long for this intense leg workout to effect my knees. So being mindful of form I had to ease back a bit. I was supposed to do the Ab Ripper (20 Min's + 58 min Back &Legs = 78 Min's) after this workout and did not have time. Most of the workouts for this Classic program are 1 1/2 hours long which is hard for me to devote during the week in the mornings. I have been managing anywhere from 35-50 minutes and feel like I am getting a good workout in. I am sure I will NOT be getting the results on the cover box without devoting that much time, and eating correctly. I also wonder if next week I should switch to the Lean version. It would be nice to look like that in 90 days, but truefully all my goals are is 19% body fat and look like a Rockstar not Tony Horton by my birthday.
For weeks now I have been wanting 2 others programs, yes I am a program fanatic. Two workouts T. Wants:
One my friend just got and started with Billy's program I can't wait to hear about it. Maybe you have seen the info commercials, it is NOT a Beach body program. Then there is ChaLEAN, which is by Beach body that I also want to try that my Beach body coach Jen is doing. Here is my Beach body page:
If anyone is doing either of these programs, please let me know your progress and how you like it.
Here is my workout today:
Workout - P90X Classic Back & Legs (Week 2 Day 5)
Mood - Focused and mindful
Wt - 121.5
Time of workout - 35 Min's
I did only 1 set of each of these since I did 1/2 the workout. These are the reps.
10 Balance Chair lunge - first set with toes up, second toes down
20 Calve raise squats - 5lbs
10 Wide pull up w/band (then I did 10 push ups I was not feeling the band today so for all pull ups I did modified push ups instead)
25 Super Skaters - I did w/toe touching
1 Min Wall squats
15 Modified push ups
15 Back lunges - 5lbs
25 Alt Side Lunge
15 modified push ups
15 Balance chair lunges
1 Min Single leg wall squats - switch leg per 10 secs
20 Dead lift squats
My Stats: Wt - 121.5
BF% - 22.5
BMI% 20.8
I will take the lower body fat over the higher scale number any day. I was happy to be staying in the 22's and the lower end even better after last weeks numbers. Lets hope this means I am increasing my lean body fat percent. I will check that at the end of the month.
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Thursday, May 14, 2009

P90X Week 2 Day 4 - Yoga

Lisa Whelchel - The bible study program of hers is what I am doing. Here is her site:
Thank you all for your support on my ranch, it means so much to me for this vision to come to life. I also shared this with my bible study last night, it was well received. I had to rush home from work and go to the dentist, which I have a cavity YIKES! It's a small one, but still I have to have a filling in June. I had just enough time after the dentist to eat a peanut butter sandwich (Smart Balance is the brand I used) and head out the door for bible study. Too many carbs yesterday!
Next Wednesday will be our last bible study and I will miss it. This 6 week course is called "My Story" and if you ever watched the 80's show "The facts of life" and knew the character "Blair" the blond girl, she is the one that teaches and co-wrote this program. She has been a Christian for many years, which I did not know about her. Also that she played that role because it was a good Christian role, and now will be speaking at the Woman of Faith convention I will be attending and can't wait. This program is a scrapbook of your own life and your relationship with Jesus, its very self exploring and has helped me grow tremendously.
Today was the yoga training day, P90X week 2 day 4. It is an hour and a half long I completed 30 minutes and may go back to that after work. I like yoga but have to admit this is a very long plan, and kinda would bore me to go that long. I think 1 hour is the most I have ever done! The plan is cardio at lunch, or the licence plate renewal...tough choice! I will let the weather decide, or my mood today. I like a walk at lunch to clear my head and re-energize and motivate me, and I miss it when I don't get to.
Do you do something to energize yourself in the middle of the day?
I reccommend it, it helps your mindset so much.
Here is my workout:
P90X Week 2 Day 4 Phase 1
P90X - Yoga
Mood - Focused
Wt - 120
Time of workout - 35 Min's
I feel really good after doing this, reach out and do something different you may like the challenge too. Each move was about 3 or 4 sets going back to chatarunga and downward facing dog. I did not do a push up coming out of plank, but my shoulder did not bother me at all which is a good thing! Maybe it is getting stronger now, lets hope.
Warrior 1&2
Chair & Chair twist
Triangle & Triangle twist - Triangle is my fav and I may add this pose to my photos.
Runners lunge
Downward facing dog
Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trainer T. Foundation Is Born

Trainer T. Foundation Is Born

I may FINALLY may be getting used to plain oats with apples after all this time. I still like to put in bananas once in a while, or some honey... but for the most part I am getting better with enjoying it. If I chop the apples really small and add extra water to the oats I can get flavor in every bite.

Today I celebrate that I am one month ahead on my wealth building plan and am so happy and blessed about that. As I get older I have to reflect on what my legacy will be and I have decided it will be a foundation for wellness and fitness of kids. For months now I have been thinking that I want to build a foundation based on helping kids get a start in the right direction of fitness, so that is the goal. I have written the mission, goals and vision now I will find a location to start building the horse, fitness and boxing ring ranch on. I will scout the next 2 years on vacations for a place to build on. I am thinking in Arizona or Nevada, it needs to be warm, T. hates the cold. Prices are very good right now, perfect for buying.

I will open an account in July for the "Trainer T. Foundation LLC" with Trainer T. It is going to be a great journey and legacy that I want to complete to open by the year 2012, for my 50th birthday. I loved having my gym for 2 years, but now I want something bigger. It will mean 2 long years of cut backs to reach this, and hard workouts to prove myself but I am on my way to do so. I will outsource a nutritionist and ranch hands for the horses. It will also mean I must become financially free, its going to take hard work! Getting sponsors and the community involved but I am sure I can do this, it is something I want.

I did 5 more of each move on my workout today then I did last week, and I feel good but still mindful of my shoulder. I only did 5lb on the over head for that reason. Still hitting it hard! Here is my workout today. Week 2 day 3 of P90X Classic and its still a tough workout.

5/13 Workout - P90X Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper
Mood - Bring it!
Wt - 120
Time of workout 55 Min's

20 each of these at 10lb first set 5lb second set with 2 sets total:
Alt shoulder press
Bicep in an out curls
2 Arm tricep kick backs

2 sets 20 first set 25 second set:
Deep swimmer bicep
Concentration bicep curls
Chair dips - I did these bent knee

Ab Ripper - 339 moves - 11 moves x 25 each 20 Min's long
V-sit up
V sits with grabs
Crunchy frogs
Wide leg sit ups
Fifer scissors (straight leg scissors)
Hip rock raise
Heals to heaven (stop the ceiling)
Oblique V
Leg climbs
Mason twists (careful these can strain the back)

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strength Training vs Cardio %

Dr. Kenneth Cooper featured in Success Magazine June issue.

Today, Cooper serves as chairman of nine health companies under the Cooper Aerobics umbrella, which includes The Cooper Institute, a nonprofit research and education center, 700 employees and revenue totaling $65 million.
The preventive medicine specialist and author of 19 books has long held that changing people’s lifestyles first requires evaluating them and identifying the problems. He has done the same with his business, evaluating the needs of patients and filling what was once a huge, gaping hole in modern medicine.

“We’ve proven that it is cheaper and more effective to maintain good health than to regain it once it’s lost.… If you provide a service that gives people the results they want, they will make it successful for you,” he says.

I have been listening to his approach on the June issue of Success Magazines dvd. One of the things he mentioned that I found interesting about this is that if you, anyone, exercises 30 minutes each day that you will increase your life span by 6 yrs.
He also uses this chart as a ratio of strength training vs cardio per year after age 30. 20yrs and younger would be 90% vs 10%.

30yrs = 80% cardio and 20% strength training

40yrs = 70% cardio and 30% strength training

50yrs = 60% cardio and 40% strength training

I found this interesting because I never really thought about how your muscle mass changes vs how you should adjust your cardio as well. I only taught that you would increase your strength training because it will help with osteoporosis and bone density. Anyway I thought I would share this with you all in light of how I am always saying strength training is good for you, not just for bones but also for calorie burning longer.

Here are my workouts:
5/11 - part 2

30 min incline walk at the park

5/12 P90X - Week 2 Day 2

Workout - Plyo

Mood - Get it done!

Wt - 121

Time of workout - 45 minutes

30 seconds to 1 min each move.

Walking lunges

Jump squats

Air Heismans - my fav

Swing kicks - love these

Turn squats

2 tire heismans - my other fav

Circle runs - I could live without

Squat reach jump - love these

Squat switch pick ups

Jump knee tucks

Mary Katherns

Leap frog squats

Twist combo

Skis - right, center, left, center

All around jumps

Rocks star hops

Gap Jumps

Squat Jumps

Military Marches - these work!

Its a tough one, especially on my knees. I did have my wraps on and did modify most of the moves by not going as deep or jumping as high.

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 2 Day 1 P90X

So much cake, so bad T.
I hope everyone had a great workout weekend and Mothers day, I did and I am still tired are you? I travel 140 miles each way, and that trip seems to get longer each time I take it. I went over cals at mom's on Saturday darn cake.... but I stayed in range on Sunday. I came in at 1779 cals which was 479 over (OMG) and 75g of fat, 30g over and 190 carbs, 40g over. So you can see, I made a counter productive week out of a bad weekend. I did pack my protein and tried to get my meals in every 2 hours. What I am going to focus on is that I got in my workouts all weekends. My session at the gym on Saturday and a run on Sunday with some plyo jumps.
This morning I got up and did my P90X and went up 5lb on my dumbbells and I felt it. This program is tough! I plan on a walk of inclines at the park today.
Here is my workouts:
5/9 Workout - Cardio and Core
Mood - GREAT
Wt - 119
Cals burned = 315
Time in gym - 1 hour
30 Minutes stair climber straight cardio
3x1 Minute over head jogs
3 cross jab sessions
15 Min's incline 15 level 4
10 Min's incline 12 level 4
5 Min's incline 20 level 4
15 minutes pilates
30 Min run - 3 miles
50 Jumping jacks
3x20 Plyo Jumps
30 Min vacuuming moms house
P90x Week 2 Day 1
30 Min's P90X Back and chest
20 Min Ab ripper
10lb Dumb bells used 20 push ups per set 25 pull ups resistance band per set I really need to have good choices this week.
Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Friday, May 8, 2009

P90X Day 6 Kempo (Boxing Workout)

P90X Day 6 Kempo (Boxing workout)

This morning I only did 30 minutes of the Kempo workout, it is tough just to get past the yoga stretches.
Most of the stretches I had to modify since I am not that flexible but you can still do these. The easy ones for me were frog, downward facing dog and the runners lunge. I can tell that as I do this program not only will I be in better shape it will FORCE me to be more flexible which I need.

When I was younger it was easy to skip out on stretching, but now as I get older I have come to enjoy the feelings that stretch give you. Some of this I learned the hard way, from physical therapy and chiropractic sessions but I did learn its very important to the body.
Today I did most of the upper body moves, and will try to finish this when I get home. Its really a cardio burn session so don't be fooled by the name its tough.

One thing I did notice today was that you are not to do this program if you have neck, back or knee problems......hummm T. has all these. I have a steal cage in my neck, a curved spine and torn knees from 20 plus years of running on pavement. So what's my point, modify! You can still challenge yourself, don't give in just do the best that YOU can do.
You can bring yourself to the next level if you listen to your body, be mindful of form and modify the moves to make it less intense that's what I am doing to complete this program. However I am not going to lie, its tough and everything on my body hurts! Actually D. (I am in a challenge with) who is 5 years younger, 2 time golden gloves winner is hurting too, so how does that make Trainer T. feel?

HUGE ego boost! *giggles (as if its not big enough)

I love to push myself but when they say EXTREME they do mean it. Have you seen Tony Horton's legs? That says it all, I mean I have seen some ripped up back, abs and arms but this guy has the legs down bar none! Even Tom Platts who was a huge body builder in the 80's known for his legs could not compare to the lean mass Tony has, seriously its insane!

Here are my workouts and stats:
30 Minute incline walk
Cals burned - 120

Workout - P90X Kempo Day 6 (its like boxing)
Mood - Wanted to sleep in
Time of workout - 30 minutes
25 Jumping jacks
10 X-Jumping jacks - plyo jumps
1 Minute jump rope
Jabs, upper cuts, twists and crosses all good stuff.

Friday Stats:
WT - 120
BF% 23.4
BMI% 20.6

Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Single Leg Wall Squats Day 5 P90X

I could not even tell you how tough this is to hold for 10 seconds...feel the burn! Actually the leg is kept straight out on this move, not bend under so its even tougher! I wanted to find a girl picture doing this, however they were all using a ball and I did these without one just as this photo is. Dang that 1 minute was LONG! If you have not tried these, give it a whirl and challenge yourself.
Today was day 5 of P90X and I got in 1 full set, I will finish it tonight. This is tough on my knees so the break in the workout will be good. Hopefully by next time around I will be able to complete these all in one session. My other tough move was the chair lunges, that takes good balance and to be far enough away from the chair that your knee does not go over the foot and strain the knee, so form is crucial on this move. Next move I would like to say I really enjoyed doing was the single leg dead lifts.
I did that move with 5lb weights and since I have been doing this one with my trainer I really got into it. Again, I don't have a pull up bar so I am doing resistance bands and so far my shoulder is feeling good. I did notice some discomfort on the close grip ones so I did not do those as "tight" as I would have normally.
5/7 Workout - P90X Day 5
Back & Legs
Mood - Bring it! Wt - 121 (carbs last night!)
Time of workout - 40 min (1 full set)
This workout is tough, and I used 5lb weights on all and a resistance band not a pull up bar for the pull up sets.
1 set of each as reps listed: 15 (each leg)
Chair lunge 20
Squat with a calve lift 20
Pull up 20
Skater lunges 1 min
Wall squats 20
Wide pull ups 15 (each leg)
Step back lunges 24
Side lunges 20
Close grip pull up 1 min (10 sec each leg)
Single leg wall squats 20
Single leg dead lifts (I did 5lbs with these since I have been doing this with my trainer Karen Finch
I did not go back and finish Yoga, I am going to move that to the weekend where I can devote the hour and a half length that it is. Yesterday at the park I did 20 minute incline walk, it was very nice out cool and cloudy.
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

P90X Day 4 - YOGA

This morning P90X Day 4 - YOGA
I only did 15 minutes this morning, I should have got up earlier. Since I went to dinner right after work, I did not get home till 8.30 then I was on a conference call and I was not able to do my yoga for the day 4. I put the DVD in and to my surprise it is 1hr and 30 minutes long, so I am going to finish it tonight.
I got all the workout sheets downloaded so now I can enter in all the data and do the workout according to the program, thanks to friend Su!

Park workout - Cardio inclines 30 Min's
3x30 walking incline lunges
3x30 18" step ups
3x30 18" step off lunges
100 obliques side bent knees

5/6Day 4 P90X - Yoga
15 Min's - this is 1hr 30 Min's I will have to finish it tonight, and move this to a weekend workout due to the length.
Wt - 119
Mood - Sluggish
Time - 15 minutes that felt GREAT!

I got in side bends, and saluation to downward facing dog. That is one of my favorite moves, it awakens the whole body. I am looking forward to finishing it. I can't really give my kudos on this yet but will tomorrow.
Here is a link that I use for yoga that you may find useful.
Not sure what lunch will hold today due to the weather.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

P90X Arms & Shoulders Day 3

Before I get into my workouts I have to vent on the clothes you choose to wear, sorta like the fashion police on "what not to wear". Not trying to hate, or be negative...I'm just saying. I am so sick of everyone NOT taking pride in themselves by how they dress. How can you feel good about yourself America, look at what our fashion is like now. Do you see Asians, Europeans or even the UK dressing like us?


Yet we have poor people in our country that are obese (yes in all other countries poor people are so skinny you can count ribs) and dressing like they don't care about themselves, and young people with all body parts hanging out. Guys with pants so low underwear hang out, cracks showing even tangling up our laws over this petty stuff. What has happened to our dress code in America, the land of opportunity and one of the richest countries?

What's dress go to do with it?

Its your confidence, and like it or NOT its the first chance that someone has to make an impression about you, what your about and who you are. What are you wanting to convey?
You don't have to spend a lot of money to dress nice now with Goodwill and thrift shops, its your confidence that suffers if you don't present yourself well. It sets the tone for the day. How can you feel good or make a good impression of what you are all about if you don't take time to care about yourself? do you think others will respond in a positive manor?
Who doesn't like a sharp dressed man? A man in a uniform? A woman dressed nice?
I see people with kids dressed to the hill, yet they look so un-pulled together. I hear moms say, my kid is a reflection on me...yet look at the mom. Why?

Why America? I'm just are worth the time to do the best with what you have, even if its not much you can still feel better by putting on something that makes you feel good about yourself, feel worthy and loved by your creator. YOU have a choice everyday that you wake up alive, what will you do with it, how will you dress?
Dress for success!

This move was a two part move for shoulders, first part bent over and second movement part in an upright sit position.
At first glance you may think this is a back movement, however if you are keeping your form correct it your hitting the back deltoids. I did these with 10lb weights.
I completed day 3 P90X Arms & Shoulders and even completed the bonus round. Much better then I did with the plyometric on day 2, I could only only did that 40 minutes WOW. I used only 5lb on the triceps moves and on the lateral moves I only went 1/2 way up. That seems to be the area that hurts my injury the most. Better safe then sorry.


Workout - P90X arms and shoulders (day3)

Mood - Bring it! (ok that's the motto of this program I did not make that one up some cleaver marketing person did)

Wt - I forgot to weigh in - DAH!

Time - 60 Min's

This is 3 sets of each move I did sets of 10-12 then the last move is 16.I forgot to write this all down so here is my recall of it.
I even did the BONUS round! GO T.
5lb weights on all tris:

3x12 Tri-reverse kickbacks

3x10 chair tri dips

3x12 laying tri- overheads

10lb on all bicep & shoulder moves:

3x12 Bicep curl twists

3x12 twisted bi-with hammer curls

3x12 concentrated bi

3x12 crouching dragon - these are while being bent down between your knees

3x10 over head shoulder press

3x10 T-laterals - I only went 1/2 on the sides because of my injury3x10 bent over dual shoulder flys

Today will be cardio at lunch in the park, feeling GREAT.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.............

Monday, May 4, 2009

P90X PLYO Workout


I only did the first 40 minutes of this Plyo workout, its TOUGH!

This workout will have you sweating your tail off! My favorite moves are the double hymans, frog jumps and ski moves. Anyway you count this, its all jumps and balance all for 30 seconds each, except for the last move is 1 minute. Oh you will feel this burn, no JOKE! I can use a massage now SERIOUSLY!

I sure missed my laptop over the weekend, but I got it this morning and lets hope its going to run better now. It does not have a virus or anything like that just some small annoying problems. I will test it with the wi-fi tonight and hope its running much faster now. It took me a bit to log all my food and I really had a nice productive yard weekend. I got all my hostas moved, mulch in and my yuccas removed. Also Jeff from church is going to haul away the dead tree that I have been dreading getting rid of. Today I am grateful. I was able to bless someone a church with a ticket to the Women of Faith convention, she will be so happy. She and her family did not have the money and I know she really wanted to go and I can't wait for her to be there with all of us in June. Instead of spending the $40 on a pedicure I gave myself a cotton candy french pedicure and put that part of the money towards the ticket. Of course I don't do as good of a job, but the giving was so worth it.

We got many household things done, so I did not do my videos I had planned and will try to do those this week. One is a desk workout the other a band workout. I am doing P90X for the next 90 days.......

Here are my workouts:

5/2 Workout - Cardio & Pilates

Mood - Happy Wt - 118

Time in Gym - 1hr 15 Min's

Cals burned - 315

30 Min's on stair climber straight cardio session

20 Min's Level 15 resistance 4

10 Min's Level 12 resistance 4

45 min pilates

5/3 Workout - P90X Plyo

Mood - Ready Wt - 119

Time of workout - 40 Min's

Cals burned - I have no idea but thought I would DIE!

Ok this one was tough on the knees, and I did not complete the full workout. I am not sure if next time I do it I will be able to complete it but I will is the mother of all workouts like they say. I modified most of the moves, where they touched the ground I touched only my knees. I even had on my knee braces but felt if I did this, it may put me out of commission so I stopped. Thank goodness tonight is arms & shoulders.

5/4 Off day

However I am going to do P90X tonight after work as my saturday workout, this will be day 3.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Friday, May 1, 2009

P90X Day 1 Body Fat% 22.2


My body fat percent is 22.2 the lowest I have ever had since starting my training it is down 1.1% from last weeks stats. Doing the happy dance! GO T.

WT- 119

BF% 22.2

BMI% 20.4

This is the machine I use, and I measure the same every week, naked and at the same time after my Friday morning workout. If you stay consistent you can compare you stats more accurate. You know like apples to apples so to speak.

I have always been at a healthy range but I am going for Rockstar Body now at age 46! I used this picture because all the others had such low numbers on the picture its not very realistic, its tough to get at 19% body fat where I want to be at. I even had the last of my angel food cake last night, so buh bye sugar! I do love sugar but its evil on the body if your training, so try to avoid it at all possible ways. Try fruit or yogurt instead, thank goodness spring is here and fruit is looking much better.

P90X Day 1

Today's workout was Chest and Back, not going to lie very tough.

On the first set I completed 77 push ups and 85 rows & 75 banded pull ups. I did only about 50% on set 2. 10 diamonds this set.

38 push ups, 40 rows and 90banded pull ups. 3 diamonds this set.

I don't have a pull up bar and I am still injured so I am easing into this workout like a real beginner. I am using a resistance band like the one guy does, so don't worry if you don't have a bar you can improvise like I did. I also did all push ups on my knees girly style. Its ok, I am still tough but not stupid! Hey its taken me 12 weeks to recover with my shoulder and I miss my workouts on my upper body FIERCE!

I am feeling really good after yesterdays 3 mile run at lunch, I did that in 30 minutes and my knees feel good. I plan on doing this P90X for the next 90 days plus other workouts so I should get some awsome results.

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........