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Guest Post: What’s Their Background? Check Your Trainer’s Credentials

I just love a post about trainers, and today I have a guest post from Jane Smith on the subject. I think you will find this post very interesting, as I give it a thumbs up!

What’s Their Background? Check Your Trainer’s Credentials

With the hectic lives we live these days, there’s no denying that staying fit can be quite the chore. To help stay focused and motivated, many people opt to hire a personal trainer, which is a great option. However, make sure you do your homework before hiring anyone, as many people are trying to jump on the fitness bandwagon to make a quick buck without having the proper credentials or necessary training.

Sure, if you go through a gym and use their trainers chances are they will be properly certified and possess the appropriate qualifications. But, if you’re going to go it alone and hire someone yourself, be sure to screen them thoroughly to ensure you will be working with a qualified professional.

So, if you’re in the market for a personal trainer, keep a look out for the following things to make sure you’re picking a winner.

Professional Certification

Now, I know plenty of former athletes and fitness enthusiasts offer amateur workout classes that are generally cheaper than those offered by a certified professional. And, while these sessions might deliver results, they lack a certain accountability and professionalism. You run the risk of them breaking their contract, not living up to their promises or worse, endangering your health and well-being.

To prevent this from happening, do you homework and research your potential trainer’s history. From formal education to past employment experience, it helps to know it all so you get an idea of what you’re getting into. Look for professional certifications such as one from the National Athletic Trainer's Association or National Academy of Sports Medicine. These are just a couple of the well-known certifications they can obtain, so if you see another that’s OK, just double check that it’s not bogus.

Good References

Part of your screening process should be checking around to see  what sort of reviews your potential trainer-to-be has received from other clients—both past and present. Granted this could vary from person to person, because as they say “different strokes for different folks” but if overall they receive a thumbs up, you should be good to go.

Short of getting an actual background check done on this guy or gal (which I do recommend in certain situations) this is a great way to get a feel for what you’re getting yourself into. You might even get a glimpse at the sort of results you’ll enjoy if you join up with them.


Good Personal Fitness


I’m not saying that your trainer has to look like George Clooney or any other gorgeous person, but they should have a healthy, fit physique. After all, if they are the ones in charge of getting you into shape, shouldn’t they be themselves.


It’s also helpful to find out why they are doing what they’re doing. A general passion for the area? Personal fitness accomplishment? Ask questions, odds are your trainer will love to share the details, unless of course they have something to hide.


So before you “sign on the dotted line” or shake the hand of this person in question, make sure you know the whole story—or as much as you can. This will help ensure you don’t get taken advantage of, especially during this time when you’re trying to make a positive change in your life. And remember, if you ever feel you can’t get all the facts on your own, there is always the option of going the professional route—hey it never hurts to be thorough.

Well said, thanks Jane!  

Jane Smith is a freelance blogger. She welcomes you to email her any questions or comments and can be reached at



Maui sunset, ahhh. Last night I had a double back to back client training. Here are my numbers from yesterday. I calculated this on the low end as usual. Tonight I will have the same back to back, with legs and core.

Workout - Lunch walk + 2 Clients back to backTime of workout -  1hr 30 min
Cals burned = 240

Client 1:
Step up w/db 8 min
Chest press decline - 10lb db
Hammer curls - 10lb db
Skull crushers - 10lb db
Back row - 25lb db
Push ups to down dog
Bosu jumps w/twist
Bosu plyo

Sit w/db lift and press then stand up - 12lb db
Plyo jumps 20
Ball crunch + stomp the ceiling w/cross leg

Client 2:
Step up w/db 8 min
Chest press - 12lb db
Hammer curls - 12lb db
Skull crushers - 12lb db
Back rows - 25lb db
Plank w/row + Walk down planks
Mountain climber to plank jack to jump ins
Push up - Military

Raised leg sumo squat w/10lb db
Dips w/toe touches
Kettlebell swings - 20lb

Can you do one of these 50 min workouts?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guest Post: How To Use Slideboards To Increase The Benefits Of Your Workout

Well I have another guest post for Ken Campbell
You might find this  post very interesting I sure did, I like using different workout equipment just to mix things up. Enjoy!
How To Use Slideboards To Increase The Benefits Of Your Workout


Whether you're a professional boxer on your way to a title match, a tennis player amping up for Wimbledon, or a wide receiver warming up for a new season, slide-boards are a fantastic cross-training tool for working multiple muscle groups and fitness aspects.


Originally created as a tool for training cyclists, the slideboard quickly drew the attention of other athletes with its ability to incorporate lateral movement into an athlete's training. As most exercises are about pushing and pulling to or away from the body, the slideboard presents an entirely difference range of motion, used so often in sport performance, but so rarely found in the gym or other personal training routines.


The primary exercises used with the slideboard the back and forth "skating" motion targets quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes first and foremost, but is also a fantastic exercise for developing fine muscles and is great for joint and other connective tissue health. The slideboard also requires a fair amount of core control, thereby strengthening abdominals, obliques and lower lumbar muscles muscles used in everything from sitting down in a chair to juking a linebacker. The latter of these options is why so many professional football players have incorporated the slideboard into their workout regimes. The lateral movement translates very effectively to the field and the practice on the slippery surface gives athletes refined muscle coordination, making the same movements on the field that much easier.


Try a modified squat with the slideboard by having the athlete keep one foot on the slideboard and the other on solid ground, sliding laterally into the squat. Mike Green of the Washington Capitals uses this technique to train his muscles for the same movement on the ice. The reverse lunge is the slideboard cousin of the squat, positioning the athlete at the side of the slideboard with his or her chest facing away and gliding the leg backwards along the board. The range of motion with this exercise is great for football players and mimics the muscles used in tackling.


The fine lateral muscle stabilization has made the slideboard a great tool for rehabilitation for many professional athletes. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints have taken it one step further and use the slideboard as a pre rehab exercise using the exercises as a means of conditioning the muscles to prevent injury. The quarterback slides back and forth on the slideboard while his trainer tosses balls for him to catch, doing sets of 44 tosses.


Slideboards can also be used for training the upper body with exercises such as wide-flys, staggered push-ups, or shoulder rotations accomplished by performing a series of small circles one shoulder at a time. You can also target the core directly with side-to-side extensions or controlled push-up piking.


About the author: Ken Campbell has covered the fitness industry as a freelance writer for many years. When he’s not writing, you can find him reviewing exercise slide boards or training for his upcoming triathlon.
He may be reached at

Monday, August 27, 2012

Girls Night Bissell Mansion Murder Mystery

I remember the night this picture was taken, it was girls night out and we had a blast! Of course this was in 2010 when my hair was blonde, and now I wonder if I want to add some of this color back in???

This weekends girls night was at the Bissell Mansion Resturant and Murder Mystery dinner house. It was amazing!

Both of my  girlfriends had parts and it was so funny to see! Here are some of the pictures........
Before we left with my bestest girl Lisa :-)
First we went to the gun range, and played Charlies Angels

This was after the shoot, posing. We were too scared to take any photos with a loaded gun!!!
Then we headed to the mansion, and for the reviews that said it was in the HOOD and scary...they had a cop outside the entire time and its just a few blocks from the interstate.

 At the entrance with my girl Kathy
 And with Lisa
Its a lovely place!
 Inside the mansion at the fireplace, it was built in the 1800's.
 Kathy as Daisy Duke, in a beauty contest
 Lisa doing her part, explaining what was going on
 And us with the cast after the show, they both were so funny and we had a blast! Oh and dinner was d-lish steak cooked perfect and the dessert was just the right touch of chocolate YUM!

Murder in Mayberry it was well worth the money, if your ever in STL you should look it up.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guest Post: My 4 Essential Gym Accessories

After my little weekend get-a-way I have been PuMpEd up about my workouts. Yes I actually got in 2 miles at lunch and a 2 mile run last night after my client training!

Again.....I have a guest blog for you by Karen Smith!

My 4 Essential Gym Accessories

If you’re like me, morning workouts are nothing short of sacrilegious. If I were to exercise in the early hours of the day, I would have to wake up no less than two hours before my regular waking hour; which means I would have to roll out of bed at 4:30 in the morning (no, thanks).

Instead, I prefer to fit exercise into my schedule in the evening. In fact, I work out at a gym that is only about ten blocks from my office, so I usually go right after work every day. Of course, this requires me to bring along a few items, since I can’t exercise in my suit pants and pumps.

Aside from the obvious t-shirt, shorts and sneakers, there are four other accessories that have become must-haves for my evening workout, because they make it a lot easier for me to go straight from work to the gym with no excuses.

POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes

These pre-packaged wet towelettes allow me to effortlessly wipe away all makeup before hitting the gym. Textured and with just the right amount of cleaning solution, this product is neatly packaged in a small plastic bag-like container that can be stowed away in even the smallest of gym bags. Infused with vitamin E and an antioxidant solution, these towelettes are also hypoallergenic and safe for contact lens wearers.

A Bag that Holds Everything

I like to switch things up quite frequently at the gym, which means I need a gym bag that can carry all the necessary accessories, all the time. I found this bag at a local store, but you can also purchase it at My gym offers a yoga class every day, so I like to bring my yoga mat with me every time; just in case I feel like joining the class on a whim. This bag allows me to strap my mat to the bottom, and gives me more than enough space inside for everything else (like my makeup bag and hairbrush). I also love the ventilated outside compartment for sweaty sneakers, and the side pocket that is perfect for my water bottle.

Fold-Away Laundry Bag

On those days that I must shower in the locker room after my workout, I like to separate my sweaty workout clothes from everything else in my gym bag by using this travel laundry bag. I found this at The Container Store for only $5.00! It’s a small polyester bag that is storied in tiny case that can be clipped onto another bag for easy toting. This neat creation has inspired several other ladies at my gym to do the same, because who wants to stink up their gym bag with dirty clothes?

Smartphone or MP3 Player Armband

My workout is fueled by a soundtrack of inspiring tunes, and all of my songs are stored on my iPhone. It’s not exactly easy to carry your smartphone or MP3 player while you exercise, so an armband is almost necessary. I found my armband at an Apple Retail Store for around $40; pretty pricey, I know, but it protects my iPhone from sweat and keeps it secured to my arm. Most armbands are sold where you purchase smartphones and MP3 players; just make sure it was designed to fit your particular electronic device.

With these cool accessories, I not only have no excuses to not go exercise, I actually get excited about my workout, because I know that the process will be effortless and streamlined. What accessories make your workout more enjoyable?

Karen Smith is a versatile freelance writer who also maintains her own business degree blog at While most of her writing focuses on trends in small business, she also enjoys writing about the challenges of parenting, continuing education, health and more. Karen welcomes your comments below!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Metabolic Workout

This weekend was so fun!I spent the night at a hotel, and just relaxed to keep myself upbeat about the one year anniversary of my mother passing.
I got to swim, get in a hot tub, have happy hour and all FREE food. I loved that part, keeping my finances in check.

I wanted to post some of the pictures, but my laptop was running so slow I gave up. Maybe next blog?

Here are the Weekend Workouts:

Saturday with client 8am -8.30am
30 minute metabolic workout -
Downdog Updog
High knees
Mountain climbers

1 hour taught Yoga 11.15am - 12.15pm
Basic poses plus I added moves with toys
Modified plank twist
Ball bridge
Ball goddess
Block bridge w/leg lift
Strap side stretches

Swimming - 30 minutes

Sunday - Rest

Thursday, August 16, 2012

High Intensity Workout

Last nights workout was INTENSE.
I did get my new Trainer T Fitness workout tank, how cute is this? I may have her add a few more of BLING on the "T" just not sure. She wanted me to see it first and then decide if it would be comfy for teaching Yoga since the rhinestones can kinda hurt. Love. It.

So back to posting promised.
Workout - Lunch walk & Client training
Time of workout = 1 hr 25 min
Cals = 467

Another high intensity workout!

10 - 1 minute drills without rest. After 10 exercises, 90 second rest, then repeat 10 exercises again x 2 sets with rest between.

Warm Up
Jump Rope

Start standing, bend over and walk hands out to push up position. Walk feet to hands and then walk hands back out to push up position. This is a dynamic warm up for your hamstrings and core. Perform 10 reps with legs straight as possible. 

Workout  Prepare your equipment prior to workout!

Transition as quick as possible between exercises....NO REST until the 10th exercise is complete. Rest then repeat x 2 more sets....

Dumbbell Potato Sack Squat

The Squat is the most important weight training exercise because it works your whole body, not just your legs. This is a lower body exercise where you hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in front of you with your arms straight down holding the weight, then squat down deep with the weight dropping down between the knees, then return to the starting position.


Speed Skater 


time 60 sec

Sit Up

The Sit Up is a very simple basic abdominal exercise that is done by laying on your back with your knees bent 90 degrees and feet flat on the floor. Slowly curl your head and shoulders up while pressing the small of your back into the floor then sit up as far as you can, pause and contract your abdominal muscles before returning to starting position. a very beginner version you have your arms straight and your arms reaching over your knees as you sit up. an intermediate version, your arms are crossed over your chest. advanced your hands are back behind your head lightly holding the sides of your head. If you are having too much difficulty doing these you can anchor your feet under a sofa or something sturdy.


time 60 sec

Jump Squat

The Jump Squat is a great exercise to build explosive strength in your lower body and improve your jumping ability. It primarily works your hips and thighs, but don't be surprised if you feel the effects in your lungs as well. Start with small jumps and as your confidence grows try jumping higher and higher. Stand tall, chest up, hands on hips, feet about shoulder width apart, toes slightly out. Just like a Superhero. As you squat send your butt back and down as if you are sitting in a chair, your hands will swing down and back behind you slightly. Squat down until your thighs are just above parallel then jump up and simultaneously swinging your arms up in front reaching for the ceiling, try to land soft and drop back down on the same path. Keep your weight on your heels as you squat and come up on the toes as you jump. Work up to getting your upper thighs almost to parallel and keep your head and chest up. Try to jump higher and higher with each rep. The higher you try to jump the harder these will be. For an even greater challenge you can do these holding two dumbbells at your sides.


Dumbbell Shoulder T's

Start with your arms at your side, thumbs up. Lift arms in front to a 90 degree angle, then out in a T position, back in, then down to start position. Retract shoulders blade for good posture. Perform as heavy as possible without pain.


5# each

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers get their name because they resemble someone climbing up a mountain, only with this version you do not need a mountain. This exercise will build good functional strength in your chest, arms, but primarily your midsection and legs. From a kneeling position walk your hands out until they are under your shoulders, and get into a push-up position with your hips slightly higher than your shoulders. While keeping your hands on the floor, lift your right foot and run it straight forward until your knee is well under your chest and your right foot under your hips touching the mat. Without missing a beat, reverse legs. That’s one rep. Continue without stopping for required number of reps, jumping from one foot to the other. Breathe naturally as you jump back and forth.


Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing is a good total body exercise that will really get your heart pumping. It primarily works your hips, thighs, and lungs, but you might also feel the shoulders working as they help control the weight as you swing it overhead. Start light until you feel like you understand the movement. Carefully pick up the kettlebell with both hands on the bar. Stand tall, chest up, shoulders back and down, arms straight holding the kettlebell in front of you, feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, toes slightly out. Squat down sending your butt back and down as if you are sitting in a chair, your arms will swing down with the weight between your legs and behind you slightly. When your thighs are just above parallel come back up explosively and simultaneously swinging the dumbbell up in front reaching towards the ceiling, then drop back down on the same path. Keep your weight on your heels as you squat and come up on the toes as you swing the weight up. Keep your head and chest up, your back arched and tight; don’t let your lower back round out at all. Try to swing the weight higher each rep, aiming for eye level. Focus on using your hip drive to swing the weight up, not your arms.



Flutter kicks

On your back, lift upper body into crunch position, hands under low back. Raise straight legs off floor at 45 degree angle and flutter legs.


2 x 60 sec

Add a ROW at mid point of deadlift, then return to start position. Deadlift, Row, Stand back up to start position.

Dumbbell Deadlift

A great basic exercise that works all the muscles down your backside. 1) Start by standing tall with chest up and upper back tight with shoulders pulled back 2) Keep a slight bend in the knees 3) Hold the ab’s in tight and keep the back arched 4) Gradually let the weights stretch down farther each time 5) As you come up squeeze your butt and push your heels into the floor 6) Stick the butt out as you lower the weight as if trying to split your shorts and keep weight close to you




25# each


The burpee is a full body exercise used in strength training and as aerobic exercise. It is performed in five steps: Begin in a standing position. Drop into a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back, while simultaneously lowering yourself into a pushup Immediately return your feet to the squat position, while simultaneously pushing up with your arms. Leap up as high as possible from the squat position with your arms overhead (you may also clap your hands above your head at the peak of your jump).


60 sec.

Cool Down
Bird Dog Kick and Reach

This exercise helps strengthen the whole back side of your body, from the back of your knees to your elbows. Start on your hands and knees extending one arm and opposite leg out till straight, now tuck your leg into your chest and simultaneously pull your extended arm into your abs and chest, touch your knee to the opposite elbow, then extend back out to straight arm and leg position, continue for required reps before switching sides and repeating.




10 each side

Spine Stretch

The Spine Stretch is an important stretch for the often overworked lower back. Sit tall, legs slightly bent and about 2 feet apart, feet flexed, hands are behind you on the mat. Inhale; exhale rounding your torso forward, inhale, sitting back up. On this repetition bring your hands out in front of you between your legs and reach as far forward as you can, exhaling as you reach. You can modify the stretch by straightening your legs a little more.






30 sec

Up Dog/Down Dog

This exercise will strengthen and tone the upper body along with building endurance, while also increasing the flexibility of the spine hips and shoulders. Start with your hands on the floor, shoulder width apart. Your feet are on the floor and your legs are shoulder-width or wider, depending on your flexibility. Starting position is butt in the air, head looking back to your heels. Start off doing the straight arm version…push off the legs keeping the arms straight and drop your hips towards the ground and look towards the ceiling. Then push back to the starting position.





Anterior pec/biceps stretch

Find a wall and put palm of hand against it with shoulder at a 90 degree angle. With a straight arm, turn body opposite direction of hand to feel the anterior shoulder/pec insertion stretch. Always breath and relax into position to feel a better stretch.






30 sec

Totally. Drenched. In. Sweat.      

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Guest Post: 3 Social Networking Sites for New Fitness Buffs

Can you believe fall is almost here and we have to say bye to summer dresses? Sigh.....I have really enjoyed this summer, going to Maui and spending time in the sun. Today I have a guest blog for you from Mariana Ashley........woo woo and I think you are really going to like this one!

3 Social Networking Sites for New Fitness Buffs

I consider myself an extremely health conscious person. I go the gym four days out of week. I make sure only nutritional, non-greasy foods enter my body. I even take vitamins every day. But for some strange reason, I get highly annoyed every time a fellow fitness buff proceeds to announce to the world about their health regimes on Facebook or Twitter. Whether they're updating their status about running six miles outdoors, eating a salad for lunch, or "checking-in" at their local gym I just find the behavior obnoxious—I can't help but think, "You work out, I get it."  But in retrospect, most of my "friends" and "followers" that write these kinds of statues and updates are" newbies"—those that just started transforming their bodies. Thus it's natural that they crave support and affirmation about their new diet and fitness goals. However, there are social media sites that are specifically designed to put you in contact with similar fitness-minded people that can give you all of the support you need—that way you don't risk annoying friends and family members on your Facebook.  To see what some of them are, continue reading below.

Founded in 2010, this social media networking site is exclusively tailored to fit all of your fitness needs in the model of a "game." There is a variety of activities and "challenges" that are worth a set of points. Ideally you're competing with your "friends" to see who can earn the most fitness points. Aside from the exercise log and tracker, the social media site works very similar to Facebook in the sense that you can chat with your "friends" and write comments. You can also send your friends "props" which works very similar to Facebook's "like" button.

This social media networking site is technically still in the beta stage, but it can really help guide you to a fitness-orientated community. How it works: there is a list fitness and healthy-eating challenges. Some are private some are public. Private challenges cost $10 to participate in. The idea is to get a group of friends or co-workers to simultaneously take the challenge with you to see who comes out on top—think of it as an in-office Biggest Loser. You can keep track of your results in a "motivational" chart so you can see your progression more easily. The site also lets you integrate with Facebook, although we don't really suggest it.

Last but not least is College Fitness, which is a social media networking site offered by the University of Oregon. This site (which is free to use and open to non-students as well) can really come in handy and help you get the most out of your fitness regimes. Not only can you discuss your fitness goals with friends, but the social networking site offers tons of cool features like instructional workout videos, nutritional guides, and even a section where you can upload photos of your newly transformed body. It truly is an innovative and fun way to keep you motivated and get you in better in touch with the workout community.

This guest post comes courtesy of Mariana Ashley, a freelance writer who offers online collegesadvice throughout the interwebs. She also enjoys writing about health and sustainable living.
She welcomes your comments or questions at

Monday, August 13, 2012

FREE Workout DVD Giveaways!

Got my NEW Trainer T Headband on Saturday, and Shirtabulous did a super cute! You can't really tell but it is in silver type and its so pretty I love it.
Spent the weekend adding my new Pilates are to my Fitness Studio.......check it out!

I love how it turned out and the total cost was $195.00. Reformer $80 + Chair $100 + Motivational banner $15 = $195.00 isn't so lovely???
 Look how you can tell this reformer gets you toned, check out my arms :-)
 Also today starts my FREE totally FREE workout DVD give-a-ways! I pay shipping too, these are workouts I have pre-view to do an article on and now am passing them on to help YOU get fit.
All you have to do is hit my Fan page, on the right side bar and message or comment me on why you want this workout. Easy, Free, and you can even tell your friends.
This is the first workout.........released this year 2012!

Hope to see you on my fan page.............lets get fit!


Friday, August 10, 2012


I did my very first Shutterfly photo book!

This is my first attempt at a book on Shutterfly! I spent hours loading some of the photos from my Birthday trip to Maui, when my computer shut down and ate them all! So on attempt number 2 I decide to only load about 40 and work with it. So there you have it a few pages from the 20 page book.
What I liked about it was being creative, what I didn't like was how long it took for me to load the pictures then add them. But there is a shortcut.
Pick out all the photos you want to use, and put them in a SEPARATE file on your desktop. Then it is soooo much faster.

Now I can reflect on my trip and will do this again on my mother and my nephew. I give Shutterfly a rating of 10 once you understand how to use it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Workout Ramblings

Hey this morning I decided to sleep in a bit since I did not sleep well last night. Ever have a night like that?

On another note this was my delish strawberry protein shake! Nummy......and refreshing too! Here is yesterdays workout........told you I would be back to posting them!

Workout - Walk at lunch + Client training
Time of workout - 1hr
Cals = 154

Step up 10 min
Bosu plank w/yoga blocks
Laying rows
Chest press

Plyo jumps on Bosu - 2 min
Skull crushers
Decline push ups

Kettlebell swing sit squats - 2 min
DB bent over back rows
TRX pull ups
TRX push ups


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mother of 5 loses 80 pounds!

I'm so happy to share with you a SUCCESS story about a mother of 5 that shed 80 pounds!!!

Her name is Nancy Reinhardt, and you can find her on Facebook where you can get lots of FREE tips of fitness.

She has been featured in many articles, and she also helps others lose weight too. If your looking for motivation or inspiration this girl is the REAL thing!

Seriously just check out her body!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Best Lotion

How scary is this face mask????

I was given this mask as part of my birthday basket of body and skin care. Wow is it creepy! I had to take a photo since I have never seen anything so odd looking in skin care. I guess I felt relaxed afterwards since it had this minty feel about it, but I really did not see much difference in my skin.

This is my new FAVORITE lotion in the world!

Not only does it smell good, I am really seeing my skin look better. I used to have dry heels and elbows but not anymore!
Plus it smells devine!

So I went to the zoo and saw the new sea lions it was so fun. They are so cute, my favorite!

I decided to get some flowers for the house, aren't they fabulous???
and the sunflowers :-)

Happy Monday!