Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ramp up your workout using wearable technology

I love this timer, as you know I have one of these it RAWKS!!! I recently did an article on this that Eric sent me here it is.........
Keeping track of time without an interval timer is not always the easiest thing in the world. Staying focused with a good workout or with a set of exercises it’s easy to keep going longer than expected.

However you might find that you’re taking breaks that are longer than they should be. And this affects not only the intensity of your workout, but also your long-term results.

According to Eric DeRosa inventor of Set Starter Interval Timer “this is where wearable technology comes in. Sure, you could simply wear a watch, but there are many benefits to sticking to an actual timer. For example, interval training, where you mix ups and downs of cardio activity, requires careful timing. This is important because otherwise, you might make your periods too long or too short, and that in turn can affect how effective they are at improving your fitness level.”

While the word “interval” often brings to mind sets done on the treadmill or the elliptical trainer, you can also do interval workouts:

·        Jumping rope

·        Lifting weights

·        Kettlebell training

·        Interval running outdoors

·        Tabata intervals

Although interval trainings can vary in intensity, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is one of the most popular options. HIIT requires constant switching between periods of high intensity and low intensity or rest. Those periods can be anywhere from one minute to 3-5 minutes each. This is perfect for a wearable technology device.

With an interval timer you can concentrate on the actual activity until the alarm (beep, vibration or light) goes off.  In the end, an interval timer will ramp up your workout!

 Content and Image courtesy Eric DeRosa at
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Battlegrounds Mud Run

Wow this looks like so much fun!
I really have never done this run, but its near a winery......maybe I can do both. The run first huh then the wine?

They even have showers sweet.........find out more here:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekly Workouts and Spring Landscape!

I have a huge spring landscape project that should blast some calories!
I'm posting my weekly workouts to remain accountable

Monday - off

Tuesday - 120 cals burned
Zcut #12

Squat alternating w/over head db
Chair jumps
Reptile pushups
Lunge w/db

5 min Cool down stretch

Wednesday - 90 cals burned

ZCut bonus

Single leg squat
Chair hops
In-out push up

Thursday workout: 90 cals burned
ZCut power 1

Plank w/row to jump up
100 side hops
Side lunge w/side to side punch
Deep squats

2 min stretch 
Here is the BIG dawg project..........

as you can see it will be huge. I have to order the timbers and the truck to haul off the old.
For me its all about digging and lifting!

I will cut the 6x6x8 timbers into 4' sections. This will give it a modern look and although more time consuming with such a large area it will look much nicer.
I'm still researching on how to drill holes and put in rebarb but anything will look better then it does now from all the snow we got it just couldn't take any more.
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Happy Spring..........bring on the outdoor projects!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Joey Turns 17!

Wow, my nephew turned 17!
On Valentines day and I went to visit him on Saturday.
Threw him a party and had a cake and all, which set off the fire alarm....note to self don't do cake in the hotel room with matches!
He loves skateboarding..........

All the gifts.

The cake and curly candles..........
Setting of the fire alarm.....making a wish!
The party group :-)
With my sister, and Joey's friend Leo.
Gracie too.......

Cool shades...........ha ha

Valentines toy, big yo-yo.
Me and sis at the pool......

Playing scrabble it was fun!
Someone showing off..........
To be 17 again!

At the hot tub with popcorn does it get any better?

Time to swim..........
And swim........3 hours of it!

Hanging back at the room to shower.

Gracie........chilling on her first hotel stay :-)

The Drury is always a great place to stay!

I give it a 10!

Clean rooms and free happy hour and hot breakfast!
Love it.

Then, off to get a hair cut and have lunch the next morning before heading out of town.
He looked so handsome but didn't want a photo ;-)
Great shot of the back of his head.
Then it was off to lunch and head out.
This place was great, I rate it a 10+
Good food and prices for the size portion. The fish were perfect and the pork and chicken so tender falling off the bone. 



Face book page:
All in all, he had a blast and I only had to take back 2 things.
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Love is in the air......
I got a card from Gracie, my rescue dog :-)
She dropped it off and ran.........

So of course I had to love her for it.......

Happy Valentines Day, thanks for reading!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sexy Valentines Treats!

If you are looking for a SEXY  Valentine treat that is so easy to make,
check this out!
All you do is cut the top of the strawberry, spread with chocolate spread. (I tried the new Hersheys) then sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Add more SEXY by a drizzle on the plate of chocolate syrup

I rate this easy to use, and has a reputable name.
I have even been there and saw how they make the chocolate at the factory it is fun and amazing. So if your looking for a vacation with the kids, try it.

It really is a great place to go, heck I even have the spa on my wish list.
Who wouldn't want a bubble bath of all chocolate????
Here is the link to the Spa there........

Best Book: Would A Maharajah Sleep Here?

I am only a 1/4 way through this book and I love it!
Best book ever for travel stories.
It is not a guide, it is just the true travel experience of a lifetime!
It is written newest trip to oldest trip, and as you can imagine things always get better after you do them a few times.
It retails for about $23 and is well worth it.
You feel like you are really there!
It started as emails to family and turned out to be a book, so it an amazing perspective with no holds barred.

On another note, more snow this morning......
Yeah, I think Susie Snowflake has worn out her welcome!

Made it to the office just fine, roads were actually cleared.
Well not my driveway but that comes later, work first.

Today's workout:
x3 rounds of 15 each
Jump squats with overhead press
Downdog push ups
Plus I added 20 crunches!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Get Extremely Ripped & Chiseled!

                            Get extremely ripped and chiseled  with one of the BEST Jari Love!

My latest workout :-)
Get Extremely Ripped & Chiseled is a full body workout that can be broke into 3 separate workouts to fit your time needs. Each workout contains a warm up and cool down section so there is no interruption in your workout.
What I like about it, its just down right out FUN! I rate this = 10
Find out more here.......

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Monday, February 3, 2014

I Won Super Bowl Bingo!

Ha ha I won!!!
I found this on Kelly Ripa Live it was a Bingo game called
Commercial Bingo.
It was fun, since I had Yoga Teacher Training all weekend, this was the highlight.
Plus who doesn't love the commercials?
Half time was great with Bruno, I really enjoyed it.
After the next Sea Hawks touchdown I called it a night and headed for the shower.
Poor Payton Manning :-(
Back at the office today,
another week ahead.

This weeks plan:
Study the test is February 21-23rd
Client training Wednesday and Friday
Plan my February workout plan of action.
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