Friday, September 30, 2011

Jillian Michael Killer Butt and Thighs Review


This workout is worth every penny. It is not only working your buns and thighs but your core and arms too.

I give this workout a 10

She also adds some Yoga type moves and uses weights for the advanced so you never get bored. Plus she brings in some "old school" moves and some 30 Day Shred moves.
My advice, order it!

Level 1

Warm up:
(Repeat 2x)

Jump rope
Plank w/alt deep lunge outside plank arm
Military march (straight leg)
Pivoting crescent lunge w/switch leg hop

(Repeat sets 2x)

Lunge squat combo (same leg works)
Static sumo squat w/toe lift then hop it
Chair pose w/leg lift
Dead lift
Glute kicks

Judo bridge
Mt climbers
Swimmers alternate arms
Plank to wide leg chair jump
Glute kicks

Fire Hydrants
Donkey kicks - bent leg or straight leg
Side plank w/straight leg raise - inner leg for abductor (bent knee optional on elbow)
Elbow plank side straight leg pulse 90 degree at front waist
Plank hamstring curl

Front kick back kick single leg balance
Deep lunge to warrior 3
Squat 3 way kick
High knees
Pendulum curtsy

Cool down:

Standing hamstring stretch (push pelvis forward)
Forward bend wide standing stretch - reach right, center, left (20 sec hold for each)
Cross over straight arm stretch

Level 2

Warm up:
(Repeat 2x)

Lunge to standing split leg lift
Squat grapevine crossover
Flying pigeon (single leg crossed over sit back)
Windmill skaters (wider skaters)

(Repeat each set 2x)

Speed squats
Surrenders (back leg down to kneel to ground then stand back up w/db overhead)
Sumo squats w/db in prayer
Single leg skater
Squat hops

Burpee to superman
Reverse squat in Goddess
Double unders jump rope
Statue of Liberty single leg squat w/db held overhead
Single straight leg thrust bridge

Jumping scissor lunge (same leg)
Single leg burpee
Chair step up w/backward lunge w/leg lift (advanced at db at chest)
Chair straight single leg lift bridge
Knee pop ups step back leg back on knee then jump up

Single leg standing extension
Side lunge hop
Dancing crab - opposite hand opposite ankle/toe
Plyo lateral hops (P90X)
Star Jumps (From Chair position jump up jumping jacks) (P90X)

Cool down:

Standing quad stretch
Side reach stretch
Forward bend R-C-L
Laying bent knee hamstring glute stretch

Level 3

Warm up:
(Repeat 2x)

Swing kicks in and out
Alternating elbows to knees side oblique crunch
Diagonal touch towns - windmills
High knees
Lying scorpions - Airplane arms, roll opposite leg back (kind like kettlebell roll ups)

(Repeat each set 2x)

Downward dog right knee to left arm pit opposite knee under body roll
Table top knees off ground, frog hops or Downward dog hops
Crab kicks fast alternating legs (add plyo for advanced)
Mountain climbers single leg
Superman w/db

Hydro hops
Single leg extensions balance on one leg
Forward bend w/straight leg lift to behind you
Chair single leg dips w/db at chest for advanced
Cannon ball jumps (like Rockstar jumps w/o guitar)

Single leg dead lift R then L
Squat jacks w/bent elbows hands behind head (again P90X)
Squat w/side rounder kick R then L
Jump lunges alternate w/db at chest for advanced

Camel toe touch (genie) touch opposite foot for advanced
Oblique crunch straight leg standing side leg lift
Table top fire hydrant w/side kick

Cool down:

Forward bend R wide leg C then L
Low lunge stretching hamstring R then L
Bound Angle
Laying bent knee hamstring/glute stretch
Corpse pose

See more here or order where I did:

or at

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Super Yummy Shake Recipes

Its almost pumpkin protein pancake season *insert jump up and down here!

Here are the latest Shakeology mix shakes that you can make.


Plus you can make them with just whey protein if you want to.

However there are so many more benefits to Shakeology......check it out here if you like to know more and click the picture on the right side bar.

Squats - 60

Happy Fall :-)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creating Memory Boxes

Here are the memory box pictures I made. I will take some of the inside when I get a chance and everything is organized.....Some things are tied in ribbons so far.
I created these from things I got from Michael's and I think they look great. The large one is for cards and memory things, the small one for pictures.

My New short do

Box 1


I still have to add some words on the front so I left space for that, I hope Diane can help me :-)

So many times I get people that love doing planks and pushups but have pain in the wrists. I did a video on this and if you have some discomfort you may want to check it out it is what I teach in class, and use myself.

Last night I finished the "Shrink the Fat Zones" Pilates workout by Denise Austin I give it a 9.

1. Love she uses a towel for resistance
2. Some flow moves are fun and challenging
3. She always talks about correct form
4. The core was very good, lots of variety (I love core)
5. You will feel the burn in the legs, but not so much in the glutes (so I took a point off for that)

Workout - Shrink your fat zones Pilates/ Denise Austin
Time of workout - 15 min (core only) + 40 = 55 min
Cals burned = 34 + 90 = 124

Last night was client workout and I did finish Pilates!!!

Finished the other 2 sections of Pilates took 40 minutes and I liked the flow very much.

Upper Body - rate 10
Lower Body - rate 9

Client workout:
TRX Single leg squats
TRX Pull ups
TRX T- stand

Dead lifts
Lunge with twist w/db
Cable cross overs

Laying tricep lifts w/db
Bent over rows
Squat w/lateral lifts

Bonus - Bicep curls

Squat challenge = 60

I am going to do a Yoga Movement Workshop on October 22nd and I can't wait. I will be creating some body weight training and using balls and bands.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lots O' Pictures Girls Night

Finally the pictures...............

The host Diane and her table setting

Diane and I

Jan guest number 2

Karen guest number 3

She looks like Diane :-)

Not like me :-)


The whole girls night is rounded up

Dinner begins

The meal chicken fettichini w/pecans

Dessert crepes

Funny girl ;-)

Till next time.............

Monday, September 19, 2011

Girls Cooking Night In

Girls night in was a blast!!!
(I have not had time to load the pictures to my blog but hopefully tonight.)

If you have never done this you should its a great way to get to know your friends better and slow life down.

The night was a HUGE success and we plan to do this again rotating homes. Should be fun, of course mindful of the holiday season.

I arrived at 3.30pm the guest arrived at 4pm and I left at 10.45pm the girls were still there. We did nothing but cook together and prep, slice and dice and chat and get to know each other better.

Looooved it!

Just a slow long lingering meal that was perfect and timed just right.
Cocktails at 4-5 while prepping. Apps were served at 5.15 and then the entree was at 5.45. the meal lasted about an hour, talking and eating.

At 7pm we began the crepes, prepping and cooking took until about 7.30pm just in time to eat them feeling a lot less full, having an hour and a half after dinner. It actually went really fast as each person was doing something to help.

We created them, masterpieces and finished eating them by 8.30pm and then began cleaning up the kitchen. After that we settled in on the couch by about 9.45pm, with me leaving an hour later.

So your may are the numbers and BOY are they HIGH! (so plan ahead on your day so you can have these treats I may have this a little under since I had a bit of the cream sauce)

Cocktail hour:
Water, bottled, 3 serving 0 0 0 0
Daiquiri, 4 fl oz 225 8 0 0

Cals 225
Carbs 8
Fat 0
Protein 0


Stuffed Mushrooms, 1 serving 280 15 19 0

Roasting Chicken, light meat, 0.5 cup, chopped or diced 107 0 3 19
Whole Wheat Spaghetti, cooked (pasta), 1 cup 174 37 1 7

Crepes, Basic, Unfilled, 1 serving 112 11 6 4
Banana, fresh, 0.5 small (6" to 6-7/8" long) 46 12 0 0
Raspberries, 6 raspberries 6 1 0 0
Strawberries, fresh, 3 large (1-3/8" dia) 16 4 0 0
Almonds, 3 almond 21 1 2 1
Cream Cheese Icing, Duncan Hines Whipped, 1.7 tbsp 91 12 4 0

Water, bottled, 3 serving 0 0 0 0

Cals 852 + 225 (drinks) = 1077
Carbs 93
Fat 35
Protein 32

Saturday workout:
Workout - Walking
Time of workout - 45 min
Cals burned = 167

Mall walking

Sunday workout:
Workout - Hauling boxes cleaning my studio
Time of workout - 45 min
Cals burned = 167

Got a lot accomplished. I had piles everywhere from being out of town. Then appliances my mom had gave me and tools that had to be sorted and put away all took time.
Cleaned the entire fitness studio, and hauled all the weights around, vacuumed and toted up and down the steps all the things to go in the garage or out of the studio.

I feel fabulous for getting my life back in order!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ever Feel Overwhelmed?

Ok, I have not been home much and when I am I have been training so I have had no time to do what I want or should do........I feel overwhelmed!

Ever get that way????

Help! Yes, the piles are taking over! Yep its on my dresser, the kitchen counter top and the desk, creeping on to the floor. That's when you know you have it baaaaaad!

Organize! I am so organized it helps me be productive but not this past few weeks/month so I am a LOSER!

1. Paper work needs done, sorted and filed/shredded
2. No guitar practice at all for 3 weeks, its gathering dust boo hoo
3. House has not been cleaned at all, and the basement flooding did not help matters (Mr. Clean I need you!)
4. Morning workouts are NON existent
5. My contact list is out of control
6. Have not entered expenses for the first quarter let alone up to date! (HELLO its September!)
7. The paper work responsibility from my moms estate is driving me NUTSO! I mail the stuff they send it back with more stuff ........blah blah (I even had it certified)

I'm so glad its Girls Night on Saturday!!!
We are going to be cooking together, it should be a blast at my girlfriends place its small but quaint.

The menu:

Stuffed mushroom caps

Pecan chicken fettichini
Italian bread (of some sort of crusty something)

Dessert: (I am making)
The buffet items to fill them is going to be:

Slivered almonds
Dark chocolate syrup
Butter cream sauce (mostly for the banana crepes)
Powdered sugar
Whipped cream

Drink menu:
Chocolate raspberry Martinis (or Daquiris)
Red Wine
White Wine

Last night workout, was Kettlebell fast and fun!

Workout - Kettlebell upper body w/client
Time of workout - 45 min
Cals = 75

2 sets
Kettlebell swings center - 20lb 1 min swings
Kettlebell under leg pass - 15lb 2x25
Kettlebell side steps - 20lb 2x25

Band lat pull downs
Band rows
Band tricep overhead press

Back extentions over ball w/5lb db
Wall squats w/ball 5lb db holding/ 5lb db lateral lifts
Concentration curls 15lb db

Double time crunch on ball

Chin ups asst.

Squat challenge = 0

Weekend goal =
Make Memory box
Clean house
Attack paper work

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Upper Body Workout

Last night I had a great workout with my client. She said she "THOUGHT she was working out" while I was on vacation, then said I guess NOT. Since she was huffing and puffing that made my night!

See = Hire a trainer means better workouts and better results.

I still have to work on my memory box, its going to be a slow go. I might get to this weekend, we have girls night on Saturday woo woo.

Tonight Zumba!

Workout - Walk at lunch / Client upper body
Time of workout - 1 hr
Cals burned = 240

Intervals 2x30
Halo w/db
Sumo squats w/hammer curls
Med ball toss

Step ups - 1 min

Wood chops
Ball obliques straight arm
TRX scissors

Step ups - 1 min

Wall pushups w/claps
Bench mountain climbers
Donkey kicks w/db

Step ups - 1 min

Seal walks (bonus round 20)

Squat Challenge = 60

Here is Jamie Eason's 6 minute workout I put this on my favorites since I love combo moves:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lots O' Pictures Blog Selling Moms House

Here are all the pictures from the house, and my sister, the pets and my aunt and uncle. We all worked very hard to do this design re-mix.

Hauled boxes, climbed ladders in the rafters of the garage, brought in mulch and took down lots of things off the walls and I have the bruises to prove it :-)

Yep, I went a little crazy :-) Knowing the work ahead of me (this is a hat from Napali)

The house, sits on 3 acres with a pond and 3 car oversized garage. (forgot to take the outside of the garage)
The front

Walkway - the land goes all the way to the street you see on the left side.

Cute frog (my aunt took him home)

The pond, has 14 fish in it

Her flowers (she has many) Up early each day at sunrise

lovely roses

Front room entrance

Desk office area with sissy Cindy


Sitting room opened to kitchen

Master bath

Tile floors

Hall with the pets

My sis in bedroom 1

Sissy sleeping

Avoiding me

Bedroom 2

With kitty

Plus storage pantry

Moms master bedroom pretty purple

The bathroom 3/4 bath

The nightmare garage, my aunt helped so much

I will try to put this before and after






My uncle Farrel taking apart the huge satalite dish for scrap

Glad to have that gone!

Tired puppies

Me and Cindy

Hitting the road home

Cherekee pass pit stop

Back on the road

See why I went to the chirpractor yesterday, and need a vacation from my vacation???