Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Workouts P90X Day 3 Yoga X

Tia, just so you know I did not slack on my workouts you pumped me up!

I did not get in enough cals yesterday since I had so much coffee it took my appetite away. I had a great workout weekend and lots of socializing.

Now I am back on my old meal plan and am happy to be changing things up. I decided I will stay on P90X for another round since I lost strength from surgery. My legs are killing me, yesterday on the stair master I thought I would die, and it was just 10 minutes.......YIKES!

Here are my weekend workouts, and its back to P90X sorry Shaun T.

Today's workout:
Off day

Workout - Yoga X and Core
Mood - Sluggish
Time of workout = 25 mins
Cals = 44

Forward bend
Downward dog
Upward dog
Runners lunge
Warrior I
Warrior II

25 Regular crunches
50 Obliques
25 Reverse crunches bent leg
Reverse Warrior

Sunday workout:
Workout - Upper Body & Cardio

Mood - Strong
Time of workout = 60 min
Cals burned = 150

Back flys 30lb 3x12
Chest press 30lbs 3x12
Asst Pullups 55lb 3x10

Back rows 55lb 3x12
Lat pull downs w/alt bicep 45lb 3x12

Yoga stretch cool down
Downward dog
Upward dog
Forward bend
Seated stretches
Shoulder tri stretch

5 minute elliptical = 50 cals
10 minute stair master = 100

Saturday workout:
Workout Legs & Glutes = 30 min cardio
Mood - Fierce
Time of workout = 45 min
Cals burned = 240

Squat Standing 60lb 3x10
Laying glute 55lb 3x10
Standing glute 40lb 3x10
Seated Back ext 50lb 3x10
Leg Press 100lb 3x10
Hyper extentions 3x10
Captains chair ball 3x10 alt knee/straight leg
Standing single leg squat
Dead lifts 50lb 1x20

5 min elliptical 10 min Stair Climber 1 min intervals level 5-7 with cross leg, double step and wide step

10 min stretch cool down:
Runners lunge
Forward bend
Downward dog w/alt calve raises
Upward dog
Childs pose
Side childe pose
Hero pose
Single leg seated stretch



  1. Nice blog layout. lot more interesting than the old one :)

    Nice to see a photo of you again.

  2. Thanks Marcy, now if only I could get you to do some pics for me......ahh that would make it fabulous sweetie ;-)