Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can 3 Days Make a Difference

In 3 more days, another year will have passed

Here is my story on Rachel's Frozen Mango Recipe, thanks Rachel!

Today's workout was upper body strength training. I have been doing a hybrid of workouts and its been fun and creative. What I call Plan B until I go back to the doctor, yes I keep talking about this because I want it over.

I added in Ben Greenfields Push-Pull workout here is his link for more info

He is actually a trainer and a triathlon expert so I don't get into everything he has going on but I do like to learn from him.

Here is my workout:
Workout Upper Body ( from Ben Greenfields Push Pull)
Mood - Grrrrreat
Time of workout - 35 min
Cals burned = ?

7 min Warm up:
J Jacks 100
Arm circles & Windmills
Pot stirs
Neck rolls

Dead lifts 20lb 3x10
Bicep curl to shoulder press 6lb 3x12
Kettle bell 12lb 3x12
Pull ups 3x12
Bent over back rows 10lb 3x12
Chest press 10lb 3x12
Twist crunch w/6lb med ball 30

I am feeling pretty good, and have clean up since the holiday here are my numbers including today's meals since I know what I am having I already put in it.

Week of 7/2 to 7/8
Calories: (1,410 -1,760) 1,978 1,468 1,713 1,187 1,493 1,417 1,397
Fat: (37 -65) 69 63 80 30 41 40 40
Carbohydrates: (187 -270) 242 122 150 130 159 148 151
Protein: (60 -145) 104 110 100 93 128 124 117
Fiber, total dietary: (15 -30) 20 9 10 4 25 19 21

Some how last night I had a melt down! I just crushed myself because of the stress of getting to my birthday and being behind on my goals. I just had a huge rough patch.

I want so much and feel like I keep focused and driven, but am not getting there fast enough. I even did Darren Hardings 10 year plan and found areas that I was lacking but still did better then I expected.

Here are some things that have been playing with my head about goals and being more successful. I am just venting here....

1.Teach Zumba and Specialize in TRX training, so those certifications are what I am working on. Certification for Zumba is September and hoping for TRX in October. I started BOTH of these 6 years ago.

2. To buy another property to turn into a studio vs renting. Still working on this as you know the Barbie house is too small if you have seen my youtube videos you can tell. (trainertfitness if you want to look me up)

3. Public Speaking on Impressions, Self belief, Motivation and Coaching

4. Get a new mattress and dresser to complete my bedroom. (This is some what a need for my back, but the dresser it can wait)

5. Learn investing. I am still struggling here I just can not get into it. I have great support and websites but I would be more interested in business ventures.

6. Contemplating 1 last competition at age 50. Its been almost 20 years and I don't know that I have it in me again. I still love every aspect but if I can't wrap my head around the nutrition that goes with it, I honestly have to hang it up.

7. The economy has shifted and I need to be ready for that come back, and I don't feel that I have everything in place that I should have. I have many things started but I am not sure that I have got as far as I should or could be.

8. Increase my net worth. I have done some work in this area that is reaping results but I can do better, I know I can. (expenses like surgery and certifications take way from this right now, until I re-coupe that from training clients for now its DEBT)

Today is a new day, a clear day and I will work on re-aligning my goals. I just need to get deep within myself and know it is what I want to go after and then pray for the answers.

So in 3 more days it will be another year that has passed, will that really make a difference? I doubt it, but since each day adds up I need to focus on the next 365!


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  1. Ben Greenfield is a highly respected triathlon coach, I have read many of his books, articles, and listen to alot of his podcast. The man knows his stuff, so much to learn from, even if your not doing triathlons.