Thursday, March 31, 2011

P90X Back and Bicep P90X MC2

Me doing pull ups and I need to do more of them.

Its official I signed up for Zumba Toning in June. This will give the ability to train Zumba in a more fitness style using 3lb hand weights during the workout. This is more my style, less dance more fitness I am PUMPED. (I have Zumba Basics)

T. is making serious changes in her life.

Today I decided to get back to my weights and rawk a good workout. I managed to get in about 24 mins of the actual lifting, with my new meal plan sometimes it takes a bit longer in the potty and it eats my workout time.

Starting in April I will be back to my 5.30am wake up call and hitting it in high gear, hoping to teach and train in low mid-drift tops.

I won't start teaching my class for another 3-4 weeks which is fine, I still have some modifying for the area of the studio I am using. I loaded my pictures last night, but with a client at 6.30pm I did not have time to blog about them, maybe this weekend. I also changed whey proteins and I am staying at 123-125lb which feels good on me.

Maybe signing up for the 5K Bulldog Dash, (remember 2 yrs ago I came in 3rd for class?) just to give me another goal and my new guitar should be here today or tomorrow. Tadaa!

Today's smoothie:
1/2 c fresh spinach
2 scoops cookies and cream whey
1/2 banana
1/2 c peach no sugar added juice (splenda only)

Workout - P90X Back and Biceps
Time of workout = 30 min
Cals burned = 90

P90X Back and Biceps 10 min warm up

1 set each:

Close grip pull up asst 12
Bent over rows 12 15lb db
21's Bicep curls 10lbs
Cross body curls 10 15lb db
Switch grip pull up 15
Elbow out lawn mowers 12 15lb db
Standing bicep curl 12 15lb db


PS New P90X MC2

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Super Stability Ball Workout

Sorry I have been busy sprucing up the house for spring. Cleaning and giving things to charity and making the place look fresh.

This is a year to be productive, this year I turn 49. YES 49.

So the pressure is on getting my biz and home in order while saving for a big 50th with my girlfriens, that will be here before I know it. You may have noticed a new icon on my side bar, BeachBody. If you click it you can find out more about me, and get stuff there too.

I became a coach so even though I have been with BeachBody since 2009,
this year I commit to help others with programs like P90X and Insanity plus the new ones getting ready to be released. So you will see more changes to my Blog and such, I am super happy.

Plus, I got a guitar!!! Its on its way to my house, and I am pumped to play again.
(more later on that at my pictures just have not had time to load up.)

Workout - Train client/ upper body ball & step
Time of workout = 60 min
Cals burned = 243

Upper body on the ball:
20 - 10lb db combo laying overhead lift & skull crushers
20 - 10lb db flys
20 - 10lb chest press one holds one works
30 - Laying over ball leg/arm lifts opposite
30 - Laying superman hyper extension
20 - 15lb sitting hammer curls w/1 leg extended
20 - 15lb cross body curls
30 - Laying oblique cross over w/5lb db
20 - Decline crunches on the bench Ball hip rotations

Step w/3lb db
Upper cuts
Pendelum Cross overs
Basic step
8 Donkey kicks R & L
8 Side lifts
8 Knee ups
8 Knee up w/kick alternating
8 Single leg monster squats R & L one leg on step
V-step w/lateral raises
V-step w/overhead press
16 Knee up w/pull downs R & L

Cool down:
2 steps Forward back steps

Bent over hamstring
Shoulder/tri combo
Forward bend Lunge R & Left
Back rounder w/3 breaths up


ps here is my article on spring beans

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Split Workout Tips

Yesterday was our last day of warm weather, now its back to gloom and cold. I am such a person ruled by the sun, just like my mom. (even though my zodiac says the moon... still). I do love the moon since it sometimes can be so big, low and full but I need sun!

If you really want BIG results in your workout, do splits. Do a workout in the morning and a workout at night. The best way for me is to do my strength training in the morning and cardio at lunch/or after work.

The reason is I am a morning person (again like mom) and I need my focus for my weights as cardio is a breeze for me. I always feel the energy once I get started. But if you want a tip on cardio use sugar free full size Altoids.

Then put them in your jawline and breathe in the mint, it makes you come alive. I have done this for years as a runner and it works. Something about peppermint and the brain.

ST or Cardio when your at your best, do the one you least like or easiest last
Use Altoids
If you have time for a walk during the day 20 minutes really helps
Steps available use them and do them twice, who cares what people think. (I always tell people I forgot something, and really I have my workout lol)

Green Monster:
1 cup 1% milk
1/2 c spinach fresh
1/2 banana
10 blueberries
1 tsp olive oil

Here is how yesterday ended:

Workout - Split cardio/body wt & Zumba
Time of workout = 40 + 60 = 1hr 40 min
Cals burned = 417

Lunch workout:
Decline pushups
Tricep dips
Step ups

After work workout:
Zumba w/client


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Staycation and Workouts

I am back from my Staycation, and I had a great time at home. I did pretty good on my meals, really I did and now I am back at the office.

Rode and elephant at the circus, very fun
Went out to lunch
Got a massage
Got a new hair color, black
Enjoyed sleeping in

My splurges were:
I had a day at the Circus with a Hot dog, a lunch at DQ for a splurge and one Starbucks other then that I was good. REALLY.

Decided to switch my off day to Sunday and workout all week this week, since I had a client on Monday night anyway for TRX.

Green Monsters were every day and the weather was nice so lots of out door walking but no running. The rest of the week I will focus on ST, its just the way this week worked out.

Today's Workout:
Workout - Split cardio/body wt & Zumba
Time of workout = 40 + 60 = 1hr 40 min
Cals burned =

Lunch workout:
Decline pushups
Tricep dips
Step ups

After work workout:

Tuesdays workout:
Workout - Cardio Zumba
Time of workout = 1hr 10 min + 45 min walk
Cals burned = 482

Morning workout:
10 min elliptical
1 hour Zumba

45 min walk

Mondays workout:
Workout = Pilates Core + Cardio + TRX
Time of workout = 1 hr 10 + 45 + 20 = 2hr 15 min
Cals burned = 404

Morning workout:
10 min Elliptical
1 hour Pilates

Afternoon workout:
45 min walk

Evening workout:
Plia squats w/med ball on toes
Jump rope

Off day


Friday, March 18, 2011

Workout Week 1

Image: US Army

Ok this week has gone great with our nice weather, minus Mondays freakish snow.

Tonight I have a client so it will be a ST session with lots of great full body training. It will include TRX, DB, and Body weight training, and I would post it but I will wait till afterwards (sometimes she reads my blogs)
60 Full minutes of 1 FIERCE WORKOUT!

This weekend is the meeting on if I will be working at the Yoga Studio 1 day/or night a week. Then I want to buy a new mattress, its so needed and I think it will save on my chiropractor visits.

I love getting great sleep, did you know that without 7-8 hours sleep it makes you age faster? True!

Green Monster today: (I really enjoyed this with the added peaches)
1 cup fresh spinach
6 strawberries
6 peach slices
1/4 1% milk
2 scoops vanilla whey
1 tsp olive oil

Today's workout:
Workout - Zumba
Time of workout = 20 min
Cals burned = 100

Here is how yesterdays workout ended up at:
Workout - JM level 1
Time of workout = 20 min
Cals burned = 133 + 166 + 265 = 564

150 Jacks
Butt kicks
Jump rope - with ball ropes

Repeat 2 sets:
Side lunge w/lateral lifts 5lb db
Lunge w/bicep curl 10lb
Sumo squats w/10lb hammer curls
Laying chest flys 10lb db
Bent knee oblique crunch
Bicycle crunches
Bent knee cross leg oblique crunch
Forward sitting bend
Side reach sitting stretch

Lunch workout:
Workout - Walking inclines

Time of workout = 40 mins
Cals burned = 166

Evening workout:
Workout - Core Yoga (200 CORE PUSHUPS)
Time of workout = 1 hour
Cals burned = 265

This workout contains core moves:
Planks = lots of them! It is a real sweat fest!

Dolpin pushups = plank on elbows hands folded, lift butt up to down dog then back to start
Modified pushups = plank on elbows hands straight lift butt up to down dog back down to start
Advanced = down dog to plank, to chaturanga hold, to updog to plank
Goddess hold = sumo squat (I add squeezing a pilates ball at the same time with my hands)
Triangle to lunge
Lunge to crescent
Forward bend
Happy baby and my favorite windshild wipers


Thursday, March 17, 2011

JM 30 Day Shred Level 1

Zumba last night zapped another 300 cals to the curb, it was a great session!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I have my corn beef, carrots and potato meal ready to go from my local food store Dierbergs. Its so nice to have it all ready to go and you just heat it up in this nice divided plate. All I do is remove the "pat" of butter they place on the carrots and potatoes and eat it right up.

Today's Green Monster
1/2 banana
2 scoops vanilla whey
1 cup water
1 cup fresh spinach
1 tsp olive oil

I like this more then when I make it with strawberries. Even though bananas have more carbs I don't care for the little strawberry pits. When you make it with milk the strawberries are better.
I am adding the olive oil for a good fat, in case you wonder why and you can't even taste it.

Workout - JM level 1
Time of workout = 20 min
Cals burned = 133

150 Jacks
Butt kicks
Jump rope - with ball ropes

Repeat 2 sets:
Side lunge w/lateral lifts 5lb db
Lunge w/bicep curl 10lb
Sumo squats w/10lb hammer curls
Laying chest flys 10lb db
Bent knee oblique crunch
Bicycle crunches
Bent knee cross leg oblique crunch
Forward sitting bend
Side reach sitting stretch


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SandBell The New Fitness Gadget


I just love this product, check it out its like a med ball gone to the next level.

I so want one of these! This would be put on my goal list, and as soon as I get closer to my goal it will be my reward. I have a 4lb and 6lb med ball so I am thinking about and 8lb and 10lb or a 10lb and 15lb. Hum........

Todays Berry Monster:
1 cup raw spinach
1 cup strawberries
2 scoops whey vanilla
1 cup 1%
1 tsp olive oil

Workout - JM 30 Day Shred Level 2
Time of workout = 20 mins
Cals burned = 133

Jog in place 3 mins
100 Jacks
Jump rope
35 pushups modified
20 Bent knee flys - 5lb
20 Squat w/Back rows - 10lb
20 Lunge w/Bicep curl - 10lb
20 Sumo w/Hammer Curls - 10lb
25 reg crunches
25 reverse crunches


Monday, March 14, 2011

Workouts & Billy Banks New PT 24/7

I love this green long scary hall, its kinda like the movie "The Shinning" It doesn't relate to today's blog but I wanted to use it anyway. Well I am picking out green colors to change my kitchen from orange and yellow to green, so I guess you can say it fits.

Couldn't sleep on Saturday night so I came across this info commercial about Billy Banks new PT 24/7 workout. Boxing gloves on resistance bands = BRILLIANT!

I HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH CLIENTS LIKE THIS FOR YEARS, why did I not think of this really T!

Really this looks like a great workout plan and I would like to try it. When I do this boxing with clients it really gets a great burn. I use a regular band and place it behind the back, add 3lb db and have them shadow box.

This should be worth the money but don't consider this an official review since I have not actually tried it. Still wondering why he did not make this a glove with open fingers? Plus how does it attach to the foot without walking/stepping on it?

Considering we went from 67 on Saturday to snow today this weather in STL is something that is always amazing me even after 48 years of it.

I wish I could have some insight today of wisdom
but after losing an hour sleep then getting up early since we had snow + being MONDAY I think my brain just can't find it. Ok, your thoughts = your actions.

So I leave with the workouts from the weekend and I did pretty good all last week on my meal plan but did have some food out on Saturday. So Sunday I really cut back to make up for that.

Goal: M T W Th F St S
Calories: 1,410 - 1,760 = 1,867 1,435 2,033 1,502 1,706 1,700 1,187
Fat: 37 - 65 = 78 43 65 52 71 61 21
Carbohydrates: 187 - 270 = 137 132 188 109 162 205 106
Protein: 60 - 145 = 153 143 181 150 111 86 141
Fiber: 15 - 30 = 15 10 34 9 1 6 8 10

Monday: Off day

Saturday workout:
Workout - Yoga & Walk in the park
Time of workout = 2 hours
Cals burned = 514

Lots of inclines on the paved trail, I finished 1 full bottle of water on the journey.

Sunday workout:
Workout - Deep cleaning Day
Time of workout - 1 hour
Cals burned = 224

Bathroom done by hand
Vacuumed entire house
Cleaned oven by hand


Friday, March 11, 2011

Weight Training Workout

This is week 2 on my new meal plan and so far I am seeing great results. This plan has more good fats, thats right I added fats. Olive oil, to each meal and its working great for getting rid of the extra that is covering my abs.

This weeks stats:

  • Wt - 123
  • BF% - 25.1
    BMI - 21.1

Last stats (2 weeks ago prior to new meal plan)

  • Wt - 123.5
  • BF% - 25.4
  • BMI - 21.3
Todays smoothie:
1 cup peach
1 cup spinach
2 scoops vanilla whey
1 tsp olive oil

Last night core yoga = 200 pushups.

Workout - ST
Time of workout = 20 mins
Cals burned = 45

Warm up:
50 Jacks
1 min arm circles
Walking glute press
Shadow boxing

1x30 each move light weights high reps - NOT to fatique.....I am leaning out here:

Back rows 10lb
Lawn mowers 10lb
Bicep to shouler press combo 10lb
Hammer curls 10lb
Chest press 10lb
Seated back flys 10lb
Static holds bicep curls 5lb
Side obliques standing 5lb
Lateral T lifts front and sides 5lb


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Zumba Workout Results

Just waiting on the STL sun to shine and get my motivation really kicking!

Yesterday ended pretty good, and I am proud of the good sweat that I got on. Dinner was healthy Flounder with some Olive oil and squash, side of asparagus.

I created sauce that was wonderful. 2 tbs browned butter, add 2 tbs soy sauce, 2 tbs red wine vineger and serve over all...YUM.

Workout - Zumba w/Beto
Time of workout = 20 min
Cals burned = 50

Workout - Zumba w/Client
Time of workout = 1 hour
Cals burned = 120


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vote For My Friend

Please put my dear friend Rachel_Mac on the cover by voting for her as many times as you like:

She just competed in the Arnold. Thank you she is such an inspiration and deserves to be there on the cover.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How To Get Your Dream Body

" The best motivation is self-motivation. The guy says, "I wish someone would come by and turn me on." What if they don't show up? You've got to have a better plan for your life."
Jim Rohn

Always have a plan! How can you know where you are going with out one? My goodness its great to have goals but without direction and a plan you got nothing, notta, zilch!

So many de-railments can set in. Oh life just keeps on ticking and as they say time waits for no one so TURN ON and get going. You only have you to blame if you don't or even if you fail, so what its all on YOU.

My advise has always been give yourself the edge.

I know your saying "Trainer T. how do I give myself the edge"??? I have kids, I have school, I have responsibilities and I am tired. Well here is the secret so listen close. MAKE YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. Yes and by doing that you will have the edge over yourself.
Hum, how do you do that exactly?

1. Have a plan of what your going to do for the day BEFORE the day starts. Yes, make your plan the night before or even a few days before if you can. Block it down to time frames, work by calendar...YOUR important so pencil yourself in.

2. Stick with like minded people that lift you up, check up on you and keep you on course. This could be a friend, a workout buddy or spouse.

3. Feed your brain with good food, read and study things that are in line with your accountability's. Like the fitness books, motivational cds or the bible.

4. Just like savings, pay yourself first! Make yourself the priority then everything else. How can you be a better person if you are not focused on yourself? Put stock in YOU.

5. Make 1 change a day or week. Its not easy but it makes you have to stay aware and accountable.

6. Post notes every where of what you want, and how great you are, be your own best cheerleader. You will see that your mind will change and you will gain motivation from practice.

So give yourself and edge, what works for you to stay TURNED ON and accomplish those goals and dreams. Its NEVER too late to become a better you, and get your dream body.

Todays workout:
30 Day Shred level 2 w/10lb db

Green monster:
1/2 banana
2 scoops vanilla whey
1 c spinach fresh
1 tsp olive oil


Monday, March 7, 2011

Doormat By Chalene Johnson

I had a good weekend trying to fix the leaking roof from the hail damage that took place. I was a huge "hail hole" *sigh.

Went to the butterfly house to see the Blue Monarchs that are there for the month and they were amazing. Plus it was 79 degrees in there and only 37 outside so I felt like I was at the beach.

Workouts = Zero
Eating out = 5 Guys Burgers plus Chinese food but the rest of the week my meals were spot on.

I wanted to re-post this blog because I have been reading some things on how changing yourself can change your life. And learning patience when something is not working, I need to change ME. Communicating is key but working on yourself really makes your life so much better.

Stop being a doormat By Chalene Johnson (get the rest of it here at her blog

“Do” because it gives you joy, not because you want to make sure the world loves you. It is self-destructive behavior to think that you must become a doormat in order to make everyone happy. You can’t control the happiness, nor are you responsible for controlling the happiness of the people around you.

Many people pleasers excuse their behavior by saying, "but I don't want to let anyone down." What they're really saying is, "But I want everyone to like me." By failing to respect yourself, your own time, your own boundaries and what's important to you, others actually lose respect for you.

Don’t fall prey to misguided guilt. In recent years I offered to teach several classes as a volunteer for a small start-up gym to help get things kicked off. By this stage my fitness career had taken off and I had sold my share of videos to the world. I didn’t need to teach financially and I certainly knew that my “volunteering” at this club was of a tremendous benefit to the owner. At one point I remember having to tell her at the last minute that I wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be able to teach a well-publicized class she had scheduled the next day. My girlfriend asked if I was “concerned” that the owner might be angry with me. Of course not! That’s the kind of thinking that turns people into doormats. When you’re doing what’s right. When you’re doing your best, you can’t worry if someone else thinks you should be doing more.

Did I feel bad that I wasn’t going to be able to make it? Of course! But I certainly had done more than my share to help the club.

It is very unlikely your friends, family or partners will ever know what it is you want unless you have the courage to specifically ask for it and ask for it in a way that is not accusatory. Remember, you taught this person to do the opposite! Learning to teach people how to treat us takes practice, patience and the confidence to know that you are worthy.

Be both honest and kind and prepared to have to repeat your request consistently over time. Once you have asked for the change, you must be consistent. Don’t go back to your old ways a month later. If nothing changes and you’re still being treated poorly, reevaluate the benefits, or lack thereof in this.

When small strides are made, even if it’s not even close to what you’d consider perfect, be sure to praise the other person. Tell him or her how much that meant to you. Before long you'll see things change. Relax. Don't rush this and remember to keep your heart open. A closed heart never sees the small gestures of progress.


Friday, March 4, 2011

51 Fat Burners Do You Know Them?

Last night Yoga was great, and I feel over my cold.

Here is how yesterday ended up.

Workout - Cardio & Yoga
Inclines 30 minutes at lunch
Yoga - 1 hour after work
Time of workout = 1 hr 30 min
Cals burned = 355

I wanted to repost this 51 Fat Burners from a blog


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do You Eat Baby Food For Meals on the Go?

Sunrise From Imperial MO 3/3/2011 credit: KMOV.COM

Today I feel better and stronger then I have since Monday. I can finally hear so I know my head is clearing up. I still have a lingering annoying cough but I can certainly deal.

I was reading a blog the other day (wish I could remember the blog) and she uses the pouch baby food for meals on the go.

Has anyone ever done this?

She had one that looked like a veggie mix, and said they are very easy to pack when you don't have time to cut up a bunch of veggies. I don't know anything about baby food and didn't even know they came in pouches now.

I got my MINI Cooper back from the shop yesterday all fixed up, but it took my whole lunch hour so I only walked for 10 minutes. Today's plan is a walk or a tan, just waiting to see how the weather is.

Feeling like I need to sweat out the rest of this "ick".

I am on day 4 of my new meal plan and so far have done well with only 2 cookies and a sugar free pudding on Tuesday when I was not feeling like eating at all.

Right now with this meal plan I feel so full, I don't even want a snack plus my spinach in the morning really helps me stay full too. I just love those Green Monsters and for those of you that tried them, tasty huh?

This week workouts = Zip.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Motivational Quotes

New Month......New Goals

" Every great success is an accumulation of thousands of ordinary efforts that no one else sees or appreciates."
Brian Tracy

" You have the courage and power to live your dreams."
Les Brown

" It's the little things you do that can make a big difference. What are you attempting to accomplish? What little thing can you do today that will make you more effective? You are probably only one step away from greatness."
Bob Proctor

" You CAN succeed at whatever you do, as long as you simply take the right ACTIONS."
E.R. Haas

" Success does not come to those who wait - and it doesn't wait for anyone to come to it."
Tony Alessandra

" Life is too small for big grudges."
Written in 2010 by NK Grover --- Canada

" The Greatest treasure we have is the smile; no one knows what is hidden in it."
Written in 2011 by Radley R. --- New York

" The beauties of life are in the little things we fail to appreciate."
Peace Cyril

" Every act of kindness is a seed that will produce a harvest in your life in return."
Author Unknown