Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Pelvic exercise DVD “inControl”

Image: www.Collagevideo.com
Recently released is the revised edition DVD Pelvic exercise for women simply titled “inControl” with Pilates expert Karen Armstrong. Designed to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles using core Pilates principles and therapeutic exercise routines for better pelvic health and enjoyment.

Karen Armstrong gives clear verbal and visual instructions, with inserted graphics to help better understand how to perform each movement.  

Divided into two groups you can work one or both as time allows for you personally.

Group One – 15 minutes

Group Two – 8 minutes

Introduction and helpful information – 7 minutes

Includes moves such as:

Pelvic tilts

Hands against knees


Toe dips

Ball (or towel) press

Group Two has three sections, lying, seated and standing. Also included is an Exercise prescription which can be followed to get the best benefits from this DVD. Available for price point of $19.95 less SH & tax at www.CollageVideo.com website.
According to Karen “This video can help you improve areas of incontinence, sexual response and recovery from childbirth.”  

Pelvic exercises for women can help any women regardless of age or fitness level; improve pelvic health for proper function, awareness and enjoyment. Whether you are pregnant, thinking about having a child or suffer from weak or damaged pelvic floor muscles inControl Pelvic exercises for women can help.

Contact Karen Armstrong for interviews and appearances at (831) 656-0553





Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Workouts!

I got the tree up this weekend, and I have a new color scheme! My old ones were faded, they were blue and silver. This year I decided to go with red, cream, gold and brown. I just love how it turned out!
I got new pillows and a new tree skirt too.
Here is my Grinch my sister got me last year, he is still one of my favorite pieces.

Here is the front, you can tell that colors go great with the art work. Which next year, I will be putting up a great big wreath my sister is giving me.

This wreath is on the back door, and I made it in 1985.
I left the bright red bow, because I have a Santa on the back porch that matches it. I will be adding a few things to pull that together since its the entry where I park.  

We had a lovely sunrise again pink. This year in STL we have had some fabulous sunrises and sunsets that anyone that paints or loves taking pictures would be in heaven over.
I am!

Just 2 weeks left on Insanity, here are my holiday weekend workouts......
Thursday workout - Insanity 60 min
Fridays workout - PiYo 60 mins and Insanity 58 minutes
Saturdays workout - Yoga 60 mins and taught Intro Yoga 60 mins (Day off Insanity)
Sundays workout - 75 mins Hot Yoga and Insanity 38 minutes
Today going to the dentist, wish me luck!

Spot On Energy Patches WORK!

I got some samples sent to me, and I was very impressed! The new Spot On Energy patches are amazing, and they are calorie and chemical free. You can just toss them in your wallet or gym bag, purse or glove box and anytime you need a boost its there for you.

Just peel and stick them on and your set. No carbs, no nasty chemicals, just all natural easy to use energy and focus.
I placed mine on my arm just before doing Hot Yoga, and it stayed "stuck" on even during my sweaty drippy session!

And you can tell that even making a muscle or movement they stay in place! You get 2 in a pack for way less then you would pay for 1 energy drink or shot. $3.49 and you don't have a crash or nasty jitters. I can't teach with jitters, so this was perfect. Last 15 min to 5 hours you choose how much energy you need, not a drop of calories!

You can find out more about my new favorite product right here

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Insanity Day 43

Traffic Wednesday to the studio was nuts!
I hate being stressed before I get there. It is to the right of the hair salon, which is all lit up. We leave the lights off until we get there. You can see the Yellow pizza sign clear as day too. Anyway it was fine I was just on time.

I went to the Central West end this weekend, the weather was about 55 degrees and very nice for walking around. I did stop by the cup cake shop and tried the Boston cream pie, but I forgot my camera.

My hair today.............with scarf

Just trying to get new ways to fix it.

After sweating like crazy doing Insanity!
Its going to be short week for us here I am so happy we are closed on Thursday! I think I am going to run if it stays that nice!
Insanity Day 43
Everything is sore
My shoulders are spent from the push ups
I feel weak since you don't get a break its very repetitive.
Everyone is about 30 years old doing this video, and seem like they have done this program about 10 times.....for me I am sticking in there, 3rd time is a charm. Go T. GO!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Art of Fitness

Recently released by a surgeon, with a great body!

This hard cover book has detailed pictures and instructions, and workout routines.

Find out more here:

As for my art of Insanity I am on day 36 and still pushing past the pain of Shaun T.

The plyo is so hard this is why it gets results in such a short amount of time, and the funny part is watching him sweat too ;-)
Must admit, I am missing my weights.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Kellogg's New Popcorn Chips!

Oh la la......I am in love with these new chips!


I love popcorn in every flavor but the downside is I always have messy hands when trying to work and eat my treat. Not with the popcorn chips, and they don't taste like cardboard like rice cakes.

If you have tried these in 1 of the 2 fabulous flavors let me know your rating, I give them a 10!

Insanity day 35.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Yup, I Have Red Hair!

I changed my hair color over the weekend since I got an extra hour.......to RED!
I think it makes my eyes look much greener do you?
Then my new www.leggingsqueen.com skirted leggings came!!!
I was super pumped, I got them under $30 with shipping. Check out the cute, adorable packaging. Of course if you see my scarf above then you know I love this print.

I put them on, and they fit perfect. Then I decided to wash them before I wear them just in case my sensitive skin doesn't break out. They washed up perfect, then I hung them to dry and pulled on the legs and skirt a bit just to get any wrinkles out.
They look and fit perfect just like when they arrived!

Since I had inventory and a free hotel stay I enjoyed my Saturday night, with 3 free drinks. I know your thinking, happy hour calories? I tried to be very mindful and although I came in a bit high, my macros were not bad.
Thanks Sarah and the Drury Hotel!

So now I am wondering, can I still wear pink lip gloss with Red hair?

Day 30 Insanity, on a roll!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Insanity Day 26

Today's workout was 55 minutes, and day 26 of Insanity. This is the farthest I have got on this program. Twice I made it to day 15 and quit because of my back and knees.

This time I have been wearing my knee braces every day. It is still a killer workout, and I am doing the best I can but am DETERMINED to finish this time around.
Close the books on Insanity in 2012. Finally. Close it down Shaun T. Tired of your "Dig Deeper" with your 6-pack crazy insane 34 year old body! Feel the love.

Now that I am over 50, I got these.......

At least they are purple ha ha. Me a "Silver" so NOT digging that!!!

Today at the office, after my workout and some dry shampoo....and my cute new Lululemon running neck warmer :-)

This was today's sunrise on the way to work............

This is the next FREE workout DVD on my fan page.....if you want it just tell me why, you pay nothing. You can find my Face Book fan page on the side bar.

Making it count, pushing forward!