Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kathy Smith Introduces Bodimetrics Performance Monitor


BodiMetrics Performance Monitor at a glance:
·       Captures vital health metrics in the palm of the hand in 20 seconds.
·       Keeps daily track of a family’s health and vitality.
·       Families (4 profiles) can use the same device with individually saved data (100 records).
·       Provides audible and visual usage instruction.
·       Communicates with mobile iOS or Android apps using Bluetooth to share information.
·       Replaces 5 devices with one: ECG, Heart Rate, Systolic Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygenation, and Temperature.
·       Has pedometer and medication reminder functions.
·       “Relax Me” Trainer uses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) captured by Performance Monitor to help manage relaxation levels through active monitoring and breathing exercises, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.
·       Helps to determine optimal training regimens.
·       Easy to use and small enough to fit into a pocket

According to the press release:

Los Angeles, CA – December 1, 2015 - Life hacks exist for just about everything – but have you ever thought about life hacks for your body? Look no further than the new lightweight (3 ounces) and portable handheld BodiMetrics Performance Monitor (www.bodimetrics.com) that combines multiple functions into one device, and it helps you body hack your way to optimal health.

“Body hacking allows you to understand the impact that your daily life has on your body so that you can make small adjustments to your eating, exercise, and sleep patterns to optimize your health. Using the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor as a body hack can be the difference between feeling low and blue and having a rock star day,” says fitness icon Kathy Smith.

By using the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor, you’re taking your well-being into your own hands and owning it. Why wonder about the impact of your workout or daily activities when you can get accurate answers within minutes, at your convenience?

The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor gives you the ability to check health metrics in just 20 seconds in the palm of your hand. While there are many individual health apps and technology that allows you to access this information, the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor is a revolutionary, one of a kind handheld device that gives you the ability to access many vital health metrics in one place. Just one of its functions, called the Body Check function, can capture your ECG, systolic blood pressure, RPP, blood oxygenation levels, and your heart rate – in just 20 seconds. “The reaction when I show this function to people is always the same” says Kathy. “It is simply – ‘WOW!” WOW.mp4

The Body Check function is just the beginning of what this device can do. With it, you can measure your RPP, or Rate Pressure Product, as you work out so that you can understand how hard your heart is working and whether or not it’s getting enough oxygen – just one of many body hacks that can help you understand what’s going on inside your body so that you can adjust your daily habits and optimize your health.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Just For Fun!

I have had a cold all week, so my only workouts have been Yoga.

Tuesday - 1 hour
Thursday - 1 hour
Saturday - 2 hours

Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 9, 2015


Fall and winter are an easy time to slack on the workouts, when in reality we should be stepping up our game.......gearing up for the holidays. 

Working out:
Reduces stress
Helps keep you on a routine
Lets you have a few more calories
Increases stamina

No matter what, getting in a 30 minute walk each day will help you keep a healthy habit. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Big Bird Yoga and Memories!

It was a fun Halloween week!
I won 2nd place as Big Bird!
Here are a few yoga poses I thought was so fun to do.......
Big Bird Yoga :-)

Lately I have been missing my mom, so I have been wearing her necklace. 
I love it so. 

Need some Motivation?

OR this.........

Today's workout:
3.0 Mile run - Time 32 minutes

Thanks for reading........

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Dark Hair and Big Bird Halloween!

So I decided to go back darker for fall.....
I wanted more dark low lights but this will do for now.

I'm working on my Halloween costume........
This is it!

I'm on the search for pink head bands for the stripes and some sort of shoe, I don't have pink sadly. 
But I am not giving up, I could just wear my nude ones and I want to make a sign that says.......

Back to business..........

Client workout:
Time = 60 min cals burned 260

Step up warm up with 2lb db

Push ups to tricep push up
TRX pull ups
TRX plank to mountain climber to scissors - 1min
Kettle bell row to over under legs - 20lb
Kettle bell swings to drops - 20lb
Curtsy lunge w/10lb db pour curls
Walking lunges w/10lb db 
Sandbag cleans - 1min
Wall sits w/3lb db
Bench mountain climbers
Bench flys double moves 10lb db
Bench tricep dips add single leg 

Thanks for reading.........

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekend At Crystal Cove Resort

Wow, it was a great weekend......Fall is in the air!
I got to spend the weekend at Crystal Cove Resort, its a bit south of Bull Shores lake called Lake Norfork Arkansas.
Look at this cute tree!

The view from the cabin of the lake, right near the water.

Just lovely........

The inside had everything you could need.
Ha my Raspberry MK bag too.....lol

Quilts and comfy bed!

Second room........

Front porch had a table and a bed, how cool is that for a summer night out with lake view minus BUGS :-) count me in!

I climbed a few hills, paddled a floating boat around and had fun.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Fountain!

I am thrilled with this new fountain!
Hoping the birds will drink from it, and I have it on an on off switch. I need to get a longer one but for now its working great. 
This space is 15x12
So I moved my firepit closer to the patio blocks
I want to build that up but for now, I have it on the blocks I had on hand. 

I like having water and fire in the space, and would like the fountain under the Rose of Sharon but it drops flowers so that would be a problem. 
The space is like a little retreat......and I am pleased. I can't wait till next spring to get some sod, it will look so much better :-)

Ok, this is the pose I have been working on, baby bird. 
its much tougher then it looks for sure. 

(Photo: Darren Rhodes creator of YogaHour and owner of Yoga Oasis )

I finished The 21 Day Fix and will be on to my next workout. 
Rating = 8

Thanks for reading..........

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Home Studio Makeover 2015!

The studio got a new color floor!
Blue and very calming in a way. 
I also got new windows, so nice!

I had to move some things around, and I like it better this way. 

Entering, it looks more purple then blue......

More room and easier to grab what I need. 

The best way I found to do my studio is:
Hang what you can to save space
Pick colors that will feel clean and open
Find containers or cabinets that will fill your needs in more then one way
Get a bench that is on rollers so you can move if needed and that has incline
Get a good rack for weights, safety is  HUGE
Buy mats that don't collect sweat, bacteria 

Keep your stuff clean by wiping it with Clorox or anti-bacteria wipes and spray your mats with Lysol so you don't have any germs. I keep hand sanitizer and make all my clients use it after a session. 

If you make a home studio, just remember space is money so take your time on getting what you want and try to get the best you can afford. I thought I would be doing more pilates but no my clients just were not into that, I sold my bench. And for that piece being gone, it made space to add a cardio machine the elliptical. 

Thanks for reading!

New Book: Frank Maldonado releases "THE CHIMERA MURDERS"

Just in time for fall story telling......
Author Frank Maldonado releases his second book, "THE CHIMERA MURDERS
Its a race against time as two friends fight to stop an unseen evil that penetrates into the very depths of terror!

This book combines hope, love, passion, and deceit with lots of revenge! 
Its 400 pages of turns and twist that will keep you intrigued and reading for hours.  

He also has another book "The Interview" released as his first book.

Selling paper back for $15.95 and Kindle at $6.00 you can find this thriller at www.amazon.com

Frank lives in San Diego, you can schedule an interview or get more information by calling 
(831) 656-0553

Monday, September 14, 2015

New Product: The PostureFit System

 The PostureFit System, can be used at gyms, chiropractic, or for home use. Dr. Liz Welch, is a chiropractor in Chicago who developed the PostureFit Bar and workout.

The PostureFit System combines fat-burning interval training, muscle strengthening techniques, flexibility conditioning and core training with proper form and posture.

Check out the video! 

Starting at $89.99 and up........
Shop here 

We believe you have One Life, One Body and One Choice®.
817 North Howe Street Suite 7
Southport, NC 28461
Tel: (888) 736-7774 Fax: (888) 736-7270



According to the press release....."Blown away by the strategies behind her many parenting workshops, Paul and Samira invited Barbara to join forces to launch Progressive Parenting Publishing and produce these two DVDs. The company’s philosophy is simple: combining Samira and Barbara’s experience to bring parents authentic and authoritative educational videos that encourage parents to focus on their child’s motivations and needs, rather than just on behaviors."

DVD “Growing From The Roots: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Parenting” is a question and answer video between Barbara and parents that address common behaviors. The roots of healthy child development are nurtured when children’s needs are met and they are allowed to experience life for themselves with proper guidance, instead of control. This is the foundation of the non-judgmental, emotionally connected style of parenting that Barbara Olinger presents in her DVD. Divided into chapters that include: 1) Whining, Anger & Sadness; 2) Self Esteem & Non Judgmental Language; 3) Politeness: Sorry & Thank You; 4) When Parents Lose It; 5) Sharing; 6) Transitions & Power Struggles; 7) Specific Developmental themes of 2 Years Old & 4 Years Old; and 8) Setting Limits.

DVD “Welcoming Your Second Child” When expecting your second baby, you might feel like an old pro when it comes to diapers, feeding, and snapping up onesies, but the idea of life with two children can present an entirely new set of worries. Its common to wonder things like, Will I love both children the same? Will I be able to manage two kids? Oh no! Am I ready for this? At the same time, your first child is likely experiencing a sense of uneasiness, even if theyre too little to verbalize it. They might be wondering: Am I still going to be loved? Am I still Mommys or Daddys priority? Am I still special? In this program, Barbara Olinger addresses these issues by leading a progressive parenting workshop that guides parents through the transition of welcoming second-born children. Barbara helps parents to define and understand their childrens perspectives. She helps explain the older childs underlying needs and how those needs are communicated through behavior. She presents a menu of specific methods for how to connect with and respond to your firstborn during this significant change in his or her life. This video is a must-see for anyone expecting their second child or parenting two children during their first years at home.  

More about Progressive Parenting

Barbara Olinger and Samira are available for interviews and appearances. Call (831) 656-0553 to schedule. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Weather Sets In!

I love fall, and fire pits!
This weekend is the Clayton Art Fair, should be great weather too. 

I have steady been at the 21 day fix and other then the Taco truck day yesterday have been pretty spot on with my meals. 

Today the plan is a run at lunch it is so cool here, and since I am training a client after work I decided this would be the cardio fix day with a bonus. 

Labor day was wonderful, the studio got a make-over in blue. I will do a blog on that so you can see how calming it is and how clean it looks!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Eat at "The Barn" in Crestwood MO

I went to the cutest little place to eat EVER!
The Barn located in Crestwood MO 
Open for Breakfast and Lunch, we had lunch and it did NOT disappoint. 
Service was so quick and friendly, she actually sat down next to use and had a brief convo with us and about the place. 
Me and my friend had a wonderful time.......

The view pulling in......

Look at this lovely view, so relaxing!

The garden.......

The small library on the property....

If you love history, check out the detail of the door knocker. 

The table was set quaint and clean. 

Menu, simple one side breakfast, one side lunch. 

Our view...pond and fountain in the back ground this was so adorable! 

Best. Ever. Bloody Mary. 
Nuff said..........

I ate my chicken salad sandwich served on fresh wheat (3 bread choices by the way) right up so I forgot to snap a photo. It was served with home made coleslaw that had apples in it. Everything is house made, and they have a nice selection of amazing desserts! 
I'm saving that for next trip. 

If you are in the Crestwood, Sappington, South County or West County area....this is perfect for a girls lunch or even a first date. 

Rating = 10+

Best kept secret.....is OUT of the bag tell all your friends!

Web link: http://www.crestwoodbarn.com/

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Today' Workout!

20 min upper body
Warm up:
Bent over toe touches

x2 at 1 min each move
Bent over rows 15lb db
Side to side db jabs 5lb db
Push ups
Planks modified
Curl to overhead press 15lb db

Clocks w/15lb db 

Thanks for reading............. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Great Workout Weather!

Its been just great in STL for workouts outdoors!
I got in 2.0 miles at lunch, it was so nice I didn't want to come baaaaaaaaack!

21 day Fix am workout:

Warm up:
Bent over toe touches

x2 at 1 min each round: 
Jogs with 5lb db press overhead
Lunge switch - I step switched 5lb db
Get ups with NO db (knee killer)

2x at 1 min each round:
Ski lunge 5lb db
Cross over 5lb db lift  

Time 20 mins

Thanks for reading..........

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Guest Post: Health Benefits of Proper Fitness Exercising

Guest Post today............what a treat!
By Arya Mullen

Health Benefits Of Proper Fitness Exercising

Interested in feeling better, gaining more energy and perhaps a longer lifespan? All you have to do is start a strict schedule of physical activity. The benefits of regular physical activity are hard to ignore – from preventing cardiovascular affections to boosting the self confidence.

Improving Your Mood

Physical activities stimulate a wide plethora of nervous centers of your brain. As a direct consequence, you feel happier and more relaxed. At the same time, you will inevitably look better if you stick to your regular exercises. When you look better, you feel better. Give up on that belly and gain some muscles instead. Inevitably, your self confidence will skyrocket. As if all these were not enough, exercises are highly recommended to those who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Combating Chronic Affections

Exercising on a regular basis is likely to prevent or at least control arterial hypertension – a chronic affection that plenty of people suffer from. Worried about the high levels of cholesterol? Work on your body every once in a while and you will easily grow the levels of good cholesterol while lowering the levels of bad cholesterol. Plus, sports will prevent diabetes type two, osteoporosis and particular types of cancer. What can be more motivational than that?

Maintaining Your Weight under Control

When you exercise, you burn calories for energy. The more intense your workouts are, the more calories your body will burn. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of time, not to mention the overall effort. For instance, you can just go on the stairs instead of taking an elevator. Have a short walk during your lunch break, rather than exaggerating with a heavy meal. Watching a movie? Come up with some squats meanwhile. Starting to put on some weight? Get a treadmill and exercise at home.

Strengthening Your Heart and Lungs

With physical activity, you work on your tissues. You stimulate the body to deliver more oxygen to your tissues, but also to feed them with more nutrients. The conclusion is fairly simple – you work on the entire cardiovascular system.

Enjoying a Restful Sleep

A good sleep will help you focus, increase your productivity and boost your mood. Regular exercises will certainly help you sleep better and enjoy a restful sleep. If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep related problems, try to exercise in the afternoon. These issues will become history within days only.

Enhancing Your Sexual Life

Regular exercises will provide more energy and look better. These two elements have a positive impact over your sexual life. At the same time, the solid cardiovascular benefits will also increase the level of satisfaction in terms of sex. Men who exercise on a regular basis are less likely to face any erectile dysfunctions, while women will enjoy more intense sensations.

Having Fun

Finally, remember that physical activity does not have to be a challenge. Sign up for some dancing or mountaineering classes. Just think about something you like and go for it. Get a few friends and organize a football game. No matter what you do, stay active and you will not regret it.

Monday, August 17, 2015

My Bolder Band Came!

I just got my first Bolder Band...
Love it!
I am wearing the back to the front so you can see the label and how well it is made.
This one is Blue, and it is free just pay shipping!

Plus I got a sample of whitening toothpase, Yay!
A card with cute ways on how to wear it......

They really hook you up :-)

Now to test this out this week, so far I have been upside down in a handstand and no problem it stayed right in place. 
Just remember to push it below your hair line, not to let any hair line show. 

I rate this product + 10

Here are 6 fun ways to wear it in this short video

Thanks for reading :-)