Tuesday, June 25, 2013

92 Degrees In The Shade

Today it is very hot in STL!

Here is last nights client training - 1hr session:

Step up w/3lb db


Resistance band row to fly

Resistance band Bicep curl to lateral

Resistance band Overhead triceps curl

10 Jump burpees w/jump twist


8lb med ball wood chops to lateral squat to side twist

8lb crunch to straight leg crunch to overhead reverse

10 Plank bird dog reach  

10 Jump burpees w/jump twist


15lb db chest press

15lb hammer curl to shoulder press

25lb bent over row
ZCut Week 2 Day 1  - Workout #6
This was a tough one for me, I struggled with the side burpees. I did great on the rest of the moves but after getting a shot yesterday at the doctors those those push ups were killers!
Tonight, Yoga client training.
Thanks for reading........




Friday, June 21, 2013

ZCut Cardio Week 1 Day 4 - Workout #3

The largest full moon of 2013, a so-called "supermoon," will light up the night sky Sunday!

Happy First day of Summer :-) I will have my camera out on Sunday.
My guitar hook came and this stuff too.....

I got it hung up = yay!

I love how it looks in the room, now hopefully I can kick that "outta sight outta mind" to the curb.
I was keeping it under my bed, and forgetting to practice.

Here it is, ready to practice 4 times a week for 10 minutes each night.
Thats. The. Goal.

Last night I made lean ground chuck topped with mushrooms saute'd in olive oil and corn on the cob.
Just de-lish!
To cook: Just take corn in the shuck and put in microwave for 3 minutes then turn the cob, and cook 3 more minutes on high. Let sit a minute or 2 and then peel and each!
Best. Corn. Ever.

Yesterday and today's outfits.......just for fun :-)

Gracie, saying bye to me this morning peeking out as I left for the office

ZCut Cardio Week 1 Day 4 - Workout  #3
Side plyo w/burpee
Mule Kicks
Crab crunches
3 Way V-ups straight leg, open leg, bent knee
Killed it, happy Friday and thanks for reading.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

ZCut Off Day

Zcut off day!
Heading to the office.......
Went for a Hydro-massage at lunch
Last nights client training:
Client training: 30 moves each
Switch jump lunge
10 push ups

Sumo w/squat hop
Chair w/leg lift
Glute kicks
10 push ups

Judo bridge
Mt climbers
10 push ups

Plank walk down to wide leg jump
Fire hydrants to donkey kick
Side plank to up down plank
10 modified push up w/arm lifts

Front kick, back kick
Squat 3 way kick
High knees
Tonight - Yoga client
Thanks for reading :-)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ZCut Power Cardio Week 1 Day 2

So sweaty after Day 2 Workout 2 of ZCut
I have my hair in a DOUBLE ponytail!
On my way to the office today :-)
I have not hung my poster yet, but I am loving the layout of these that came with the workouts.
I won't be doing a full review until I have completed all the workouts on the first disk.
Then I will continue with all 3 Power Cardio
and all 3 Power Strength

Today's workout:
Week 1 Day 2 Workout # 2
I could not keep up with all the high knees to planks but I did about about 30 of the 60 *instert pant-pant
Did great with the jump squats and ski lunges. The prision stand ups are a complete killer I had to use my hands to get up. How Zuzka Light does that with her hands behind her head is just AMAZING!!!
Tonight - Client training

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zuzka ZCut Workouts!

Look what came yesterday!
ZCut workout DVD's.......
I was so pumped because they were not supposed to come in for another 1-2weeks!
I ordered both sets to do an article on.
6 DVD workouts

3 are the ZCut Power Cardio with a 1 month tracking calender

3 are ZCut power Strength Series with a 1 month tracking calender as well.

You take a start photo and track each workout.
With over a million people supporting her myself included she puts the sweat and results in a workout so of course you gotta love her for that!

Week 1 Day 1 Cardio workout #1
Before my workout.......

After with sweaty hair!

Last nights sunset

Pink sky.........sunset :-)

On the way to the office today

Thanks for reading!

New Spinach & Roasted Garlic chicken burgers

Purdue New Spinach & Roasted Garlic chicken burgers are amazingly delish!!! These chicken burgers contain 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than USDA data for broiled ground beef patties, and come in two flavors. Spinach & Roasted Garlic and Classic lightly seasoned; both are ready to heat and serve in just minutes.
I topped it with some horseradish sauce, it was fabulously yummo!

Find out more here:

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Workouts and Meals

We had more rain this weekend, but I still managed to get in a 2 mile run.
I also hung my fan in my studio......sweet!
Some of my meals:
Turkey taco salad with sweet peppers and 1oz chips which you could leave out.
I like crunch, and low fat sour cream with mine.

Dessert that is easy peaches!

I add cinnamon it is so good that way, but they have to be ripe and juicy.

Sushi, without cream cheese. That really racks up the calories.......so if your counting them get rolls that don't have it or a sauce.

My lunch today:
Breakfast - oats and low fat cottage cheese
Lunch - chicken patty with horseradish sauce and apple/cucumber salad with a dash of olive oil and ground pepper
Snack - Luna bar

My summer pedi color.
Bright orange!

Cute bunnies that were actually "Boxing" but I couldn't get that snapped.

Some retro sunglasses I found in an 80's car I am getting ready to sell.
I feel like Meg Ryan :-)

On my way to the office, no worries I wore a white sweater too.......

Saturdays workout - Client training
Ladders - 20  Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Push ups, Crunches
Weights Rows, Triceps overhead and Kickbacks, Lateral lifts
Sundays workout - 2 mile evening run
Mondays workout - ZCut Yoga warm up and cool down
Client training circuit
Thanks for reading!

DYI: Make A Oscillating Standing Fan A Hanging Oscillating Fan

I like saving money so I decided NOT to buy an expensive hanging oscillating fan.
DYI: Make A Oscillating Standing Fan A Hanging Fan
I already had this $16 fan in my fitness studio and decided why not hang it?
They want $54 for a hanging oscillating fan, and it has to be mounted in wood......I have concrete.
Thus and idea struck me!
Why not mount mine?
Pre-drill the base (after I marked where the screws should go) use extra long screws to go through the base and the wood to be totally secured.

Then mount into floor beams

More floor space and it works perfect!
I pre-shortened the stand as low as it could go before I hung it.

I just love it and it worked great for my morning workout.

There you have it
DYI: Make A Oscillating Standing Fan A Hanging Fan with a disclaimer note: I am not responsible for any harm that comes from someone trying or attempting to do this, this is at your own risk only.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Pilates for Runners ROCKS!

I just got this DVD to review......it rocks!!!

I like that you can do the full 60 minutes or you can just choose a chapter to work on.
When I run I really feel like I need extra stretch, this takes care of that.
Plus it helps with proper form, and I am all about correct FORM!
Me at the office today

Last nights workout:
Yoga exteme flow - I poured it out on my client 1hr
Today's workout:
  Morning - Sweat UNLIMITED 15 minutes Sweat Strength
Lunch workout - 1.5 miles
Here is my take on Pilates for Runners:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gracie The Rescue Dog!

Sometimes we just need a belly rub!
Right after play time! With Gracie's favorite toy.

Yes, I am a princess!
You can tell her eyes are much better now I have been using the Angel Eyes for the past 3 months.
And now I am giving it to her every other day.
Seems to be working and saving me a bit of cashola too :-)

This is the bedroom, where I want to hang my guitar......

To the left or the right of the artwork, moving the artwork over.
Not sure yet on which hook ........ its kinda hard to decide.

Today at the office I decided to wear something flower-y.
And my linen Gap pants, yay!

With sunglasses on top too!

Today's workout:
Sweat UNLIMITED - Week 2 Day 2 Kickboxing 45 mins
Tonight client Yoga - 1 hr 15 mins
Thanks for reading :-)