Wednesday, May 30, 2012

INDY Memorial Day weekend

Spent Memorial Day weekend at the INDY 500, but not at the race....just in town to see all the people. It was a 4 hour drive but of course I stopped both ways to sight see Lots of land and food! Check out the pie....I did NOT have and the restroom had a handicap stall with its own vanity! Kudos to them! The hotel was an historic union train station    Random downtown pictures....... And the race was aired that night at 7pm, the winner Ashley Judds DH Ashley giving the 1 2 3 x win to her husband The gym.....I like these pictures because of the reflection of my back I. need. a. tan Brickyard raceway On the way home I stopped to see this covered bridge A small town it was in One of Abe Lincolns homes Funny sign I did great on my meals, and got in lots of walking and took a carriage ride! It was a fun weekend and I am glad I went this weekend, otherwise it may have been kinda boring.

Some of the sightseeing: Indy 500 Raceway Bricktown Raceway Downtown Indy River Walk Old Capitol Lady Victory The mall Lincolns Farm home Thank goodness its a short week!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed time with family.

Blessings, T.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Mile Run

Our weather has been AMAZING!
I just love it, and today I should get in some inclines or maybe a run.

Last night I did a 3 mile run, it was perfect just the right temp with a nice breeze and today I am sore. Goes to show that I really gave it my all, no slacking. Gotta love a slight incline huh?

This was the workout then followed by the 3 mile run: 
Workout - Walk + Client training
Time of workout - 1hr + 30 min run
Cals burned = 322

Burpee w/hop and step up
DB bench press - add one works one holds
Plank on bench w/leg lift and knee in

Sandbag cleans w/bent over row
Leg swing w/back lunge
Leg swings Squat w/circle band and leg lift
Bench in and out Shuffles w/circle band

Core 3 way reach
Reverse crunch w/crossed legs
Reverse crunch straight leg

Monday, May 21, 2012

Face Products!

I got some new face products!!! I have been using some other face wash and decided to try this one because it was on $ale!

The Spa products are samples and so far other then it kinda burning, I have not seen any changes since I began using them on Thursday.

Now the Garnier wash wash smells sooooo good and really lathers up nice, I like that. Plus it was on sale for just $5 and that was $2 bucks off so I felt it was worth a try. At my age late 40's *giggles the focus should be on moisturizing and cleansing. OK this covers both. Done. Great. Easy.

Lately I have been loving that black berries are CHEAP right now. I love them, and have fond memories of blackberry cobbler my mother used to make.....don't get me started she was great at every.thing.she.made.

Taught Yoga on Saturday and it was a good workout I did lots of strength moves, and push ups which everyone hates but ME. Then I went to a baby shower and YES I did have cake. Not just any cake but strawberry shortcake cake, with a cream cheese icing. It looked like a regular cake, so there was no fresh fruit but it was still very good. I took a small piece.

I had every thought of running last night but for some reason just when I got ready to go, it looked like it was going to open up and pour! So needless to say I did not see the lunar eclipse. *sigh......I think it was just too cloudy in my area.

This weeks goals:
Run 2 times
Lift 4 times
Yoga 1time

I want to reach the 100 mile mark on my DailyMile......ha so close.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Boxing Workout

I will be teaching the early Yoga class this weekend, I just love that time slot!
This week has been so nice I have slept with a fan in the window, and not wanting to go to work. Maybe the zoo or the park.......or just hang outside, but being inside this time of year is so hard for me. I love nature, hiking and camping is a blast!

I have not been slacking with my clients check out this workout I created that my client ROCKED last night:

Workout - Walk + Client Training Boxing

Time of workout - 75 min

Cals burned = 384

Step ups in out 2 min

Push ups on roller

Med ball boat twists

Boxing round 1:

Jabs R then L

Jabs w/knee ins

Jabs w/twists

Jabs straight on

Step ups in out 2 min

Push ups on mini yoga ball

Med ball overhead crunches

Boxing round 2:

Jabs R L

Jabs up down

Jabs w/twists

Bench dips

Double tap mountain climbers

Double jump bench jacks

Can you believe just one more week and pools open!!??

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 - Round Fury Fitness new APP!

Image: TeamKattouf, Inc.,

5- Round Fury Fitness......A brand new fitness app has hit the market!

Rick Kattouf is the CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf, Inc., the author of Forever Fit, host of RX Nutrition, MMA conditioning coach, sports nutrition specialist, ITCA Triathlon coach, motivational speaker and coach to individuals worldwide. 

Nuff said! Check out his body..............

This week has been great for training but I am still waiting on my next meal plan. Till then it is train, run, lift and do it all over again.

Here is the bootcamp workout I created for last night:

Workout - Walk + Client training bootcamp

Time of workout - 1 hr 40 min
Cals burned = 544

2 sets each:


Walk down pushups


Scissor jacks

Plank jacks

Decline pushups

Star jacks

Bench mountain climbers

In and out crunches

Bench dips

1/2 sun salutations

Table top on mini ball w/leg lifts
No slacking here!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Power 4 Pink Workout

I just finished doing this workout and wow I love it! If you want to read more about it, you can find my full input here

This weekend was so fabulous our weather was good enough to bottle up and keep all year long! I managed to add some new moves to my Yoga class on Saturday and they loved it. I have slowly been adding more flow moves because of 2 reasons.

1. Fun
2. Burns more calories

Its not anything invented by me, it is just moves that I put in a certain order that I really think flow while still holding long enough to really feel the "BURN" yay!

I also got to go to lunch with a fabulous friend, and she picked up the tab = double jump up and down with joy!

Sure hope everyone had a great Mothers Day weekend, now its back to fun at the office. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Guest Post: The Secrets of Healthy Weight Gain

Surprise......I have a guest blog for you today!

The Secrets of Healthy Weight Gain

Most people want to lose weight for one reason or another, but some people have a desire to gain weight. Their reasons for wanting to put on the pounds range from a variety of health issues to purely cosmetic reasons. More specifically, reasons for gaining weight may include:

1. Improved appearance
2. Weight loss due to health issues
3. Loss of weight due to increased activity, especially sports
4. A desire to build muscle, or “bulk up.”
(“Healthy Ways To Gain Weight,” Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, Web MD)

Being underweight is acceptable or even advisable if an individual is otherwise healthy and leading a healthful lifestyle. The definition of underweight means a person is below ideal body weight. Ideal body weight is classified according to an individual’s body mass index, or BMI. BMI is figured by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the height in meters, squared. The quotient should be somewhere between 18.5 and 24.9. (“BMI,” Web MD, 03/06/2010)

However, anyone who desires to gain weight should be conscious of ingesting the right kinds of calories. It is important to consume foods that are high in calories but also rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is important to restrict the amount of fat in addition to restricting sugar. This is because if the increase in weight is to be maintained, the extra foods must be consumed on a long term basis. Foods that are high in refined flour, sugars, and saturated fats may cause health problems in the future, such as diabetes and heart disease.

The key is to eat foods such as vegetables and high protein foods, then supplement them with higher calorie items like yogurt, fruits and nuts. Melons are both sweet and healthy, which makes them a good choice for fruits. It is also a good idea to increase the amount of protein consumed. Protein can be found in vegetables, such as spinach, or in meat and dairy products. Salmon and chicken are good choices to increase protein AND omega fatty acids. Protein may also be added to the diet by drinking protein shakes. Protein powder in the form of whey protein can be added to milk and fruit for a healthy snack. Individuals who wish to build muscle while increasing weight gain should drink these shakes after exercise and before going to bed. (“Healthy Ways To Gain Weight,” Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, FD, Ld, Web MD).

In order to gain weight, six smaller meals per day are recommended. Three of the six meals should be larger meals and should contain starch, vegetables, protein and fat. Eating starches with protein and fat prevents spikes in blood sugar, which can lead to type II diabetes. For those wishing to gain weight, a healthy goal is to gain one half to one pound per week. It is also important to increase the calories consumed if physical activity is increased, which typically occurs during the summer months.

Sometimes, the need to gain weight is a result of illness or surgery, which can cause a loss of appetite or even nausea. Food must be reintroduced gradually, starting with clear liquids. Fruit juices are packed with vitamin C and natural sugars. Once liquids are tolerated, bland foods are introduced. Mom’s chicken soup really does help the digestive track to start working again. Scrambled eggs are bland and a good source of protein. At first, milk should be avoided since it is more difficult to digest.

Weight gain is an attainable, worthwhile goal for many individuals. It is a goal that requires the same discipline as losing weight and involves permanent lifestyle changes. These changes must include the same basic healthy foods all individuals require. This diet not only improves a person’s appearance but can enhance his/her overall health status as well!
Becky Thatcher
Guest Post U
The University of Great Content

Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Workouts!

I just love yellow I tried to get this pic where you could see it, its BRIGHT!

This is the fence area that I want to have replaced with stone next spring, it is a HUGE project!

This week has been busy as always so I decided to post the workouts that I create and do so you can see what it looks like:


Workout – Walk 2 miles

Time of workout – 30 min

Cals burned = 124


Workout - Walk & Client training

Time of workout - 1hr 20 min

Cals burned = 165

Client training circuit

Step ups w/2lb db - 2 min

Stability ball hammer curls

Stability ball overhead press

Step ups w/2lb db - 2 min

Sandbag cleans

Bench dips

Oblique twist on stability ball

Overhand crunch on stability ball

Superman scissors

Sandbag bent over rows

Shoulder press

Sandbag cleans

Step squat w/db

Low step plyo jumps


Workout - Taught Yoga w/ball & Client training

Time of workout - 1hr 30min

Cals burned = 463

Taught yoga 1 hour w/one on one
Client training - Circuit

Decline crunches w/8lb med ball

Decline obliques w/8lb med ball

20lb sandbag cleans

Climb weight bench - double leg 1 min

Stability ball 15lb db bicep curls

Stability ball 15lb db bent over rows

Stability ball 15lb db tricep kickbacks

Climb weight bench - single leg - 2min

Plank on stability ball + 10 pushups

Bench dips - 30

Db shoulder press - 10lb

Shuffles w/circle resistance band - 2 min

Superman’s w/scissors - 30 x 2

Single leg on step squat to leg lifts 15 + 15

Sandbag cleans – 10


Workout - Lunch walk & Client training circuit

Time of workout - 70 min

Cals = 346

Client Training Circuit
2 rounds 1 min:

Stability ball twists

Single leg squats w/stability ball

Decline crunches w/med ball

Sandbag cleans

Concentration curls - one works one stays

Overhead triceps - one works one stays

Shoulder press - one works one stays

Superman w/scissors

Superman w/scissors and hand claps

Pilates 100


Workout - Taught Yoga

Time of workout - 1hr

Cals burned = 265

Client canceled

Woo woo..........Jewelry party tonight I just can't wait to have all the girls over! Saturday teaching Yoga and Sunday going to the cemetary.

Wishing everyone a Happy Mothers Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hot Body New DVD Workout

Took this picture last night before class began at the studio I teach at. I only had a few minutes so I just took these as fast as possible.

It took me a few days to check out this 4 DVD workout but its on sale for $29.99

Last night when I taught, and got to do a few more fun poses. I asked what the class would like and one said Fish pose! I was just looking at that pose that morning thinking, I want to do this one tonight.

Usually when I know I am going to teach, I try to find a few things to incorporate that I feel other instructors may not be doing just to mix it up. Strength training poses are what I am known for, and I keep that to a level I feel is just challenging enough for the class.

What were the FUN moves:

1/2 Sun salutation
Downdog push ups on toes
Stacked foot dolphin push ups
Cobra rolls
Warrior series flow
Fish pose 

No matter what workout you are doing you always want to be sure to challenge yourself to push the body to change. Thankfully I was greeted after class with......"loved it, really loved it!!!" makes it all worth doing..........

Do you have a favorite Yoga pose?

Last pose of me playing :-) 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Goji Splash!

Remeber the blog on my nutrition for this new plan? This is the one thing I forgot when I did the blog/pictures on my supplements. It is not my favorite taste but barable. Goji Splash!

My dinner Saturday night shrimp and rice NUM!

My portion

It was easy just cook the shrimp add rice and your done, I love a tasty meal that is also low fat.

Ha our weather has finally changed for the better

When its been this!

I watched part of the bike race in Italy wow that last crash was crazy, I have no idea how those guys do it! They were just 3 miles to the finish......someone hit the wheel of the guy ahead of him and he went flying!

I turned if OFF, couldn't see that replay again.

Saturday was a ball, I had my massage then chiro appointment felt so good. Then it was home for lunch and after that I met my girlfriend for a pedi. I wanted to pick blue but I chose hot pink.

I teach tonight, then client training so my toes will be very happy!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Plank on pilates ball

I got to sub last night and teach Yoga + Core it was great. I just love doing core and coming up with fun ways to challenge it.

When I got home I had to train my client and figured who better then her to try some new core moves I have never seen done with a pilates small ball. It was so fun, and she really felt it so I knew I was going to incorporate it in class.

Here it is as a 1 minute move:

1. Get into plank with small pilates ball under your feet

2. Hold for 30 sec

3. Then bend knees in slightly to almost touch mat and then back up for 30 sec

Can you do it?

A small ball is so much harder then the large. After training my client from 5.15-6.15pm I changed and headed for the studio.

My meal plan has been going fine, a few adjustments but staying the course. I am doing the Extreme 90 with my nutrition plan.

Weekend plans.....Saturday Massage and chiro, then my friend is buying me a pedi for taking her shopping I am so happy! I just love dressing her she is such a small size its like dressing a Barbie doll, fun, fun, fun!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here we go....the May plan

I had laryngitis over the weekend.......and Monday, finally today I have a voice woo woo YAY!

Yesterday I started to gear up for the new plan.......60 full days.

Here are some of the goodies (plus Goji juice)


The good ones

Bye bye $180!

The breakfast and post workout snack

I don't bake well........shhhhhh

Almond Joy Oatmeal is what its called, bagged and ready for the office

Dinner last night and lunch today - rice going into the oven

Paprika chicken


Love my white plates :-)


Morning Ball

Evening w/client

Back, arms and abs

Yesterday was "back and bicep" but I did not do as much as I wanted (a few demos), just feeling really drained from being sick.

What's your May plan?