Work Out With Me

Ready for Results? If you could fit working out and training into your current lifestyle would you? Do you dread your workout, don't know how to train, or get bored going to the gym?

We all live a very busy life, without EXTRA time for ourselves. Be assured that your health is the greatest wealth you possess, and you can achieve that faster then you think with a personal fitness trainer.

Did you know that for every $1 dollar spent on wellness, you save $5 on the health industry? Well it is true, and you can start saving money now on your future simply by starting your fitness program now.

With one on one internet training, your workouts are at YOUR convenience, which makes it easier to reach YOUR goals around YOUR time schedule.

Constant communication keeps you accountable with me getting you to your goals faster. No intimidation, just real lasting results. The education of working with me as your personal trainer, you will have all the tools you need to succeed on your own.

The program:

* 2 hour initial consultation on goals, habits, likes, dislikes & lifestyle
* Before & after photos
* Measurements every 6 weeks
* Weekly check-ins
* Modification of program
* Assistance with technique & form
* Availability via phone & email