Friday, October 30, 2009

Jackie Chan Tea

Jackie Chan is now in the Tea business, and I tried this. Seems everyone has some product now. I thought it was very strong, so I would use only half the packet if I were to use it in a 20 oz water.

It has 8x the antioxidants and I don't know that much about green tea but I think that is very good.
Here is his link if you want more information.

I wanted to make this blog about momentum going into my 3rd week of Round 2, so bear with me this is kinda long but worth the read. It's actually on business, but could be related to anything/fitness so I made some comments.

By Marty Zwilling

Too many people confuse motion with momentum. We all know someone who repeatedly tells us how “busy” they are, when it’s hard to see what they get done. Momentum is moving things forward (mass x velocity). Founders or employees in constant motion, but with no momentum, will kill any startup. (or a fitness/diet plan)

It is true that motion in any direction is often better than no motion at all. But motion without momentum is even less productive than no motion at all. For a more thorough discussion of this phenomenon, see a recent book entitled “Fake Work: Why People Are Working Harder than Ever but Accomplishing Less”, by Brent Petersen and Gaylan Neilson.

So how do you fight this, and get real momentum going in your startup? Here are some key recommendations:

Measure results, not work. (all the numbers, not JUST the SCALE) Build your business (fitness) plan and day-to-day operations around real results that are quantifiable and measurable. For example, a result is not forty hours of work, but a prototype complete, partner contract signed, or first customer sale. (hours of working out, actual results from doing them effective)

Focus and prioritize. There will always be more things to do than anyone has hours in a day. Focus means act instead of react, act on the important things. Don’t allow yourself to be interrupted by “urgent” issues of the moment, which may not be important. (thats why I work out in the morning)

Live the 80/20 rule. Pick the 20% of your important tasks that will deliver 80% of the results. Judiciously apply the 20% of your energy where it will achieve 80% of the momentum you desire. Maintain that balance of work, family, sleep, and unwind. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Same thing with your support group, stick with the 20% that are going to be on your side)

Communicate effectively. People can’t do the job you want unless you communicate effectively. So they scurry around trying to look busy, or work on random things that they hope might generate momentum. Tell people what results you expect, tell them how they measure up so far, and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. (if you work with a trainer, tell them your issues so you can get them resolved...or if your doing it on your own put the truth into your food/workout journal...communicate with it)

Recognize the finish line. Don’t burn yourself and everyone out, by continuing a forced march after you pass the finish line, or even a major milestone. Gather your thoughts and savor the small successes along the way. (Life is a gift take time to enjoy what you have done and then plan for your next goal. So often we just beat ourself up for not doing something every day)

Here is my workout today and stats this week:

P90X Round 2 Classic Week 2 Day 6

Workout - P90X Kenpo
Mood - Rain again!
Wt - 114
Time of workout = I did 20 minutes
Cals burned = ?

Friday Stats:
Wt 114
BF% 22.6
BMI 19.6

25 of each move unless specified 1 set per leg.

Jab twists
Jab upper cuts
Jab, cross hooks, uppercut

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Step drag punch, punch
Jab, cross, switch
Hook, uppercut, switch
Knee kicks - 20 slow - 10 doubles fast
Ball kicks - 30 single doubles
Side kicks - 30

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Back kicks - 25
3 direction kicks - 24
Sword hammer - 15
Claw punch - 25

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

30 Each:
Blocks front
Blocks corner
Inward Blocks
Downward Blocks

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Star Blocks 16
High block low punch 2x25
Knee back kick 2x30
Back knuckle ball kick/back kick 2x10
Hook upper cut low side kick 2x10
Elbow series 30
Vertical punches 100
Walking combo 30

Getting the Rockstar Body..........

Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Glycemic Index Can Do For You

What is the Glycemic Index? How can it help with weight loss?

Not all carbohydrate foods are created equal, in fact they behave quite differently in our bodies. The glycemic index or GI describes this difference by ranking carbohydrates according to their effect on our blood glucose levels. Choosing low GI carbs - the ones that produce only small fluctuations in our blood glucose and insulin levels - is the secret to long-term health reducing your risk of heart disease and diabetes and is the key to sustainable weight loss.

For more information on this check out this link:

Today we are having a chili cook-off at our office and there are 8 contenders. I did not make chili for this event, since I don't have a "secret" to mine and I just made a huge pot on Monday. There was one pot that was made with chicken and white beans more like a soup. I tasted it and its wonderful, I am going to get the recipe after the event. Chicken and beans, what's not to like?

Do you have a "secret recipe" chili that you make?

To go with my chili I take peanut butter and mix a bit of syrup with it and put it on crackers. It's so good with chili, we have been doing that since I was a child. I suppose you could use honey if you don't want to be so bad.

Here is my workout today and today's pre workout snack
Green Monster:
1/2 c spinach
1/2 banana
1/2 tbs peanut butter
1/2 c skim
1/4 non fat yogurt

P90X Round 2 Classic Week 2 Day 5

Workout - Legs and back
Mood - Slow start
Wt - 115
Time of workout = 35 min
Cals burned = ?

I did pullups with heavy resistance bands today

Chair lunges 15
Calve raise squats w/10lb db 25
Reverse grip chin up 20
Skaters 25
Wall squats - 1min 30 sec
Wide pull ups 30
Step back lunges w/10lb db 30
Alt side lunge w/5lb db 24
Close grip overhand pullup 15
Single leg wall squats - 1 min
Dead lift squats 40
Switch grip pull ups 15

Ab ripper tonight after work.

Getting the Rockstar Body.........

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is It Safe To Do Cardio Everyday?

Don't you just love how you feel after a good sweating cardio session?

I do!

Just knowing I am sweating like a dog, makes me feel high, and I like that I am removing toxins from my body. I can also say that I feel powerful, accomplished and even clear headed after a knock-out cardio session.

Not that strength training does not make me feel good, it does! But in a different way, more like strength, super power, focus, clarity and as if I can conquer anything that comes my way. I found this article and wanted to share since I thought it was well written, and I get so many questions on this subject.

Is It Safe To Do Cardio Every Day?

By Martica Heaner, Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed., for MSN Health & Fitness

Good question. You’re probably not alone in wondering what the difference is between working your glutes and thighs while riding a bike or hiking a hill, and working them while doing a series of squats and lunges with a barbell. On the face of it, it may not make sense based on official exercise guidelines such as those from the American College of Sports Medicine or the USDA Dietary Guidelines. Both recommend that moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity (such as walking) be performed on “most days of the week,” while resistance training is recommended to be performed less frequently (once or twice a week for beginners, two or three days per week for experienced weight lifters, and up to four days per week for the highly-trained—but only if a split routine is used—resulting in the same muscle groups only getting exercised twice a week.)

The key difference here is the intensity of the muscle contractions used in cardio versus resistance exercise, and as a result, how hard the muscles are worked and the type of muscle fibers that are stimulated.

Cardiovascular activities, aka aerobic exercises, tend to move the whole body so that many muscle groups are worked and the activity is sustained for an extended period of time. The forces acting on the body tend to be light. As a result of these conditions, muscles generally are not overly challenged. Also, slow-twitch fibers are the predominant type of muscle fibers activated. Fat is the primary type of fuel used by this type of muscle fiber. Because of the low-to-moderate intensity of the exercise, and the fuel and muscle fiber types that are activated, you can walk, run or bike for hours (assuming you’re fit enough to do so).

On the other hand, resistance exercise, or weight lifting, tends to target a select group of muscles intensely. So, the muscle fibers (fast-twitch variety) are required to produce a high level of force. If resistance training is done properly (that is, if the weight used is heavy enough to make the muscle fatigue at the end of a set of repetitions), then a greater degree of glycogen depletion will occur in those target muscles. Glycogen is a stored carbohydrate used for fuel by muscle fibers. Because of the intensity of the exercise, the fuel used, and muscle fiber types that are activated, you can only perform resistance exercises for a few minutes. The muscles poop out because they are worked extra-hard, and the fast-twitch fibers aren’t meant to endure for long periods of time.

When muscles are challenged intensely (or “overloaded”) in this way, there is microscopic breakdown in the muscle fibers. During the subsequent 48 hours, the body mends these tissues and makes them more resilient. That’s how you get stronger. The weight-lifting exercise is the stimulus; the recovery is the strengthening period.

If you don’t give your body proper recovery time between bouts of weight lifting, the rebuilding processes may be hampered. (Other factors that influence recovery are getting enough sleep, drinking water and eating healthful foods.)

So, what if your cardio workout is super intense?

Running distances of 10 miles, or hiking up very steep hills, could, theoretically, challenge the muscles to work much harder than they would during the normal cardio workout. A fit person may be able to handle this overload without becoming overly fatigued. But, an untrained person would have intensely challenged their muscles. In some instances, the activity may be extremely intense—such as when running a marathon or running a race at full speed or biking up hills. These types of intense workouts would definitely trigger more fast-twitch muscle fibers to work and result in greater glycogen depletion, similar to a resistance workout. And because of that, a tough cardio workout is probably self-limiting: You can’t run a marathon every day, plus perform super-intense cardio sessions. This would leave most people so sore that they’d naturally want to skip their workout the following day.

But, as I described earlier, the typical cardio workout is a different mix of machinery at play compared to weights workouts, and so muscle groups don’t typically get overworked. Therefore, it’s OK to do cardio every day. And, for a variety of reasons, including increasing one’s weekly calorie burn, it’s recommended that you do. It’s a good idea to cross-train, that is, vary the activities you do to minimize over-use of any particular muscles or joints.

Here is my workout.... My pre-workout Green Monster today:
1/2 banana
1/2 c skim
1/2 c nonfat vanilla yogurt
1 tsp peanut butter

P90X Round 2 Classic Week 2 Day 4

Workout - P90X Yoga
Mood - Relaxed and sleepy
Wt - 114.5
Time of workout - 35 minutes
Cals = 74

Moutain pose
Reverse Swan
Downward Dog
Runners Pose
Cresent Pose
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's The Deal With Fitness Socks?

What's the deal with socks?
Are some better then others for workouts?

Are they competing with shoes?

If you have a great pair of shoes, do you need a great pair of socks?

Truthfully I never thought about it until I got me these fabulous Lime Green (of course) padded fitness socks! Wow are they comfy and have padding on the ball and heel only, are low cut like my old navy socks and are warm. (guilty of re-wearing these)

Welcome Thorlo socks to T's World!

I have been buying thin ankle socks like this at Old Navy because I don't like a thick sock, but these are thick in all the right places and NOT at my ankle. I really feel more energy with these socks, is that crazy?

Do you have socks that are special to your sport?

Like I said I never thought about how it would effect my performance but now I know differently. I always just wanted the cute outfits, and the good shoes and BAM good to go workout.

So do you buy any ole sock?

Do you buy a name brand to match your outfit?

Here is the $6.50 socks that I buy

Is it worth spending $12.99?

Heck you can bet I will be re-wearing these puppies, I can't afford not to!
Any thoughts on what the deal is with socks?

I taught circuit last night and had 9 in class, and just couldn't help myself I had to jump in on the workouts. Fun, fun, fun we kicked the fat to the curb!

Here is my workout today:

P90X Round 2 Classic Week 2 Day 3

Workout = P90X Shoulders & Arms
Mood - Peachy
Wt - 114
Time of workout = 40 min
Cals burned = ?

Move - Wt - Reps
Shoulder press - 10lb - 10 - 10
Alt bic - 10lb - 15-15
Two arm kickbacks - 10lb - 10- 7lb - 10

Deep swimmers - 10lb - 10-12
Concentration curls - 10lb - 10 - 15
Chair dips (bent knee) 40 (straight leg) 15

Getting The Rockstar Body.......

Monday, October 26, 2009

P90X Round 2 Week 2 Day 2

10 Fitness habits you never knew were bad
by Stefan Pinto:

We do things out of desire and unfortunately moreso necessity. And these days, more than ever, necessity is another word for time and money. Don’t jeopardize your health and physical performance by engaging in these bad, and surprisingly common, fitness habits.

1. Not eating breakfast - consider that by the time you wake, at least six hours has passed since your last meal -- and you’re also probably dehydrated. Top that off with a cup of coffee and now you’ve just spiked your energy levels. With no foundation to carry you until lunch, you end up gorging anything when you do have lunch. Your body is starving for nutrition and nutrition gives you the energy you need to workout (effectively). The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, cleverly identifies breakfast as having the capacity to "literally break your fast after sleeping all night." If you’re not a breakfast person, become one. Start small. Prepare oatmeal on the weekends, refrigerate and use in a protein shake during the week. Add some healthy, low-fat yogurt and you now have a nutrient dense morning meal that will carry you until lunch. Muffins, Danish or croissants contain zero nutritional value. Tip: keep a jar of peanut butter at work and eat with an apple or mix some in with yogurt.

2. Skipping the gym because you’re tired - try this instead: when you’re too tired to go to the gym, go to the gym. Avoid any deterrents at all costs. A significant (and common) one is not having your gym clothes. Carry a gym bag with you at all times, this way, you avoid the lure of going home (this is critical). Once at the gym, start small. Warm up by listening to your most motivational music. Gradually increase the tempo while you increase the intensity of your workout. Your endorphins will begin to flow, giving you that much needed “runner’s high.” Who’s tired now?

3. Not stretching before working out -- A ten-minute, pre-workout stretch will improve your muscles' range of motion and reduce the possibility of muscle tear. The importance of stretching has been proven to prevent injuries associated with tight, rigid, unused muscles. If your job involves sitting at a desk for eight hours, then your muscles are unused. As a matter of fact, stretching before and after working out should be a mandatory part of your routine. Both Pilates and yoga involve varying and significant forms of stretching exercises.

4. Lifting too light -- starting off light is fine, only as long as you increase your repetitions. But if your intention is to build muscle, don’t short-change yourself. If unsure about form (or how to use the machine), by all means, go light to get it right. Then pack on the weight for the next set. Always, always be vigilant of your form and never lift heavier than you can possibly manage. If you show up, then do your best; push yourself.

5. Lifting too heavy -- avoid lifting too heavy a weight, poorly with the hope of gaining size quickly. Think quality not quantity. Proper form guarantees best results, and the reduced likelihood of injury. Proper weight lifting form will isolate the targeted muscle, helping to achieve the results you intend. If you can’t perform at least six repetitions, then the weight is too heavy.

6. Holding on while on the treadmill -- let go. Really. Let go. Free yourself from your fears, whatever they may be. We live in a lawsuit society and the railings on treadmills are precautionary. Runners seldom run while holding on, skiers only use their poles to propel (or walk) and cyclists use the handle bars for stability and steering. It’s time to take off the training wheels.

7. Not working opposing muscles - ever wonder why your back hurts when you do abs exercises? Or, maybe you can do biceps curls, no problem, but triceps extensions, not so much. Opposing muscles are the muscles that we don’t use as often and every muscle has an opposing one. Starting off tip: chest and triceps one day, back and biceps the next day. Do the same for your legs.

8. Not drinking water during workouts -- your muscles need constant hydration during intense physical exercise to maintain mobility and flexibility. Without proper hydration during exercise, your muscles will contract and could cause cramps. Proper hydration also promotes blood circulation, which regulates the rate at which your heart must pump blood -- critical during exercise. And, perspiration is primarily water.

9. Not showering after working out - sweat also includes toxins that the body excretes through our pores. The more you sweat, the more toxins are excreted and these toxins could cause breakouts. As your heart rate will be elevated immediately after working out, this is the time to stretch before hitting the shower (or sauna).

10. Eating just anything after working out - why ruin all the time and energy you just expended with a crappy, non-nutritious meal? If you don’t know what to eat after working out, plan your meal before working out. If voracious hunger overwhelms you, pack a protein powder in your gym bag, especially if you’re dining out afterwards. This simple, good (smart) habit will get you through the drink order and prevent you from gouging the bread basket. Tip: a guilt-free appetizer would be a salad, containing leafy greens, like spinach or lentil or other bean-based soup.

For more info: Stefan Pinto writes a motivational fitness and weight loss blog at PintoFactory

I really like this and could NOT have said it better.... I hope you enjoyed the share!

Here is my workout today:
P90X Round 2 Week 2 Day 2

Workout - Plyometrics
Mood - Gettin' it done
Wt - 115
Time of workout = 45 minutes
Cals burned?

30 seconds to 1 min each move.

Walking lunges
Jump squats
Air Heismans
Swing kicks
Turn squats
2 tire heismans
Circle runs
Squat reach jump
Squat switch pick ups
Jump knee tucks
Mary Katherns
Leap frog squats
Twist combo
Skis - right, center, left, center
All around jumps
Rocks star hops
Gap Jumps
Squat Jumps
Military Marches

Sundays Workout:
Round 2 Week 2 Day 1 P90X

Workout - Chest & Back
Mood - Ok
Wt - 114
Time of workout = 40

Pushups 2x20
Military pushups 2x15
Wide fly pushup 20
Decline pushups 8
Heavy pants 2x25 - 10lb
Diamond pushups 15 & 10 on knees
Lawn mowers 25 - 10lb
Divebombers - 0
Back flys 20 -10lb
Bands 2x25

Saturdays Workout:
Round 2 Week 1 Day 7

Workout - P90X Stretch
Mood - Relaxed
Wt - 114
Time = 40 Mins
Cals burned = ?

Static Stretches:
Back up the car
Head rolls
Chest, back and shoulder stretch combo
Wrist, forearm
Back wrist
Dreya forearm stretch
Arm circles
Shoulder tris

Ballistic stretchs
Shake outs
Hug yourself high-low

Static Stretches:
Back/front stroke
Side stretch
Seated spinal stretch
Cat stretch
Glute stretch - I did this hand behind hamstring not knee
Wide feet forward bend - I did this arms closed

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

Friday, October 23, 2009

P90X Round 2 Classic Week 1 Day 6

This weekend I am taking a drive to enjoy God's trees, they are so beautiful right now in STL I can't wait.

We are going up the river road near Grafton Illinois, where the bluffs are and Fast Eddies Bon-Air a very famous bar and grill.

Coop1224 told me she is doing Green Monsters now...woo woo! I have been doing them quite a while and here is my blog on them.

Or you can click the link on my page here for the direct GREEN MONSTER link.

I thought I would post which ones I drink before and or after some of my workouts. Spinach is so good for you that you may want to try them too, but warning they are addictive!

Today my Green Monster was:
1 c spinach
1 c cold coffee
1/2 banana
1/2 soy

Stats today (I forgot and had my smoothie bf my workout so its going to be off)

Wt - 114.5
Bf% 22.8
Bmi% 19.6

I'm still happy and on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN!

Here is my workout today:
Round 2 Classic Week 1 Day 6

Workout - P90X Kenpo
Mood - Good Morning
Wt - 114.5
Time of workout = 45 minutes
Cals burned = ?

25 of each move unless specified 1 set per leg.

Jab twists
Jab upper cuts
Jab, cross hooks, uppercut

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Step drag punch, punch
Jab, cross, switch
Hook, uppercut, switch
Knee kicks - 20 slow - 10 doubles fast
Ball kicks - 30 single doubles
Side kicks - 30

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Back kicks - 25
3 direction kicks - 24
Sword hammer - 15
Claw punch - 25

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

30 Each:
Blocks front
Blocks corner
Inward Blocks
Downward Blocks

Jogs, jump rope, jumping jacks (25), jump X jacks (10)

Star Blocks 16
High block low punch 2x25
Knee back kick 2x30
Back knuckle ball kick/back kick 2x10
Hook upper cut low side kick 2x10
Elbow series 30
Vertical punches 100
Walking combos 30

Getting the Rockstar Body.........

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Has Your Exercise Expired?

Your fitness routine can expire! Your body can and will get used to doing the same ol, same ol thing. The body is very, very make it work.

Has your exercise expired?

If you have been doing the same thing for more then a month, it has.

What will help you with this is changing it every 4 weeks. You don't have to "can" the whole thing, you can continue some of the moves but change it up for body confusion.

How you might ask after saying but I love doing lunges.....well try them from a bench or on a busu, OH so good!

Try these mix ups:
1. Movement, change a bicep curl to a concentration curl
2. Amount of reps, switching from 3 sets of 12 to 4 sets x 8
3. Amount of weight or intensity, switch to a resistance band or free weights
4. Balance, try doing that same decline push up on a busu or lift a leg
5. Split the workout in 1/2 and do part in the morning and part in the evening
6. Switch your cardio machine, or combo it with 30 minutes on the bike followed by 20 minutes treadmill

Don't let your exercise expire, just like anything else that expires its no good. Keep your body guessing and GET RESULTS.

Here is my workout today:

P90X Round 2 Classic Week 1 Day 5

Workout - Legs and back
Mood - Slug, my legs still hurt
Wt - 115
Time of workout = 45 min
Cals burned = ?

I did pullups with a bar from the ground up, it worked better then the bands for me this time around.

Chair lunges 15
Calve raise squats w/5lb db 25
Reverse grip chin up 20
Skaters 25
Wall squats - 1min 30 sec
Wide pull ups 20
Step back lunges w/5lb db 30
Alt side lunge w/5lb db 24
Close grip overhand pullup 15
Single leg wall squats - 1 min
Dead lift squats 40
Switch grip pull ups 15

Getting The Rockstar Body.........

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

P90X Round 2 Classic Week 1 Day 4

Digging sand, the new boot camp workout!
Nah just kidding.......

I had so many things I wanted to blog about today but I got a huge project and don't have time so I will make this quick.

Did you see the biggest looser? I watched it and was very surprised at the challenge to dig sand.

Have you ever dug sand?

Talk about hard work, it can be heavier then dirt when its wet! So soft when its dry and feels so good on the toes. I have only dug as deep as to bury a friend in the sand, but even that was not easy. Of course that was with my hands only.

Who will win? Who do you vote for?

They faced lots of temptations with very LITTLE family support, I was shocked. What were they thinking with that buffet, or Dina's DH ordering all those things she used to eat? Bad, so bad. I just hope she stays determined and strong, she has grown so much.

Here is my workout today:

P90X Round 2 Classic Week 1 Day 4

Workout - P90X Yoga
Mood - Relaxed still sore
Wt - 114
Time of workout - 35 minutes
Cals = 74

Mountain pose
Reverse Swan
Downward Dog
Runners Pose
Crescent Pose
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Reverse Warrior

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

P90X Classic Round 2 Day 3

P90X Classic Day 3

Here is my workout today:
Workout = P90X Shoulders & Arms
Mood - Sore
Wt - 114.5
Time of workout = 40 min
Cals burned = ?

Movement - Wt - Reps
Shoulder press - 10lb - 10 - 10
Alt bic - 10lb - 15-12
Two arm kickbacks - 10lb - 10 -10

Deep swimmers - 10lb - 8-10
Concentration curls - 10lb - 8 - 10
Chair dips (bent knee) 30 - 35

Last nights class, I taught 30-20-10 with 3lb db (water bottles).
I had 12 in class thats 2 more then last weeks, Oh yeah! And got good reviews, next week I am teaching circuit. I just really enjoy the challenge of group circut it gets everyone PUMPED UP! Time of class = 40 minutes total, I went over 10 mins but no one seemed to mind if we continued. I am guessing about 120 cal burn to the curb!

If you have NEVER done compounds I highly reccomend them. You burn 2 times the cals and work multi muscle groups for a short super effective workout that GETS RESULTS!
Even if you use a lighter weight, just keep it controled and FOCUS on the movement and you will see a major change in your body. Don't ever just go through the motions, its a waste of time and you will not get to your goals that way.

We did ST compounds:
Lateral lunge w/bicep curl to shoulder press
Plie squat w/db holds
Calf raise w/hammer curls
Wall sits w/front raises

Back row w/lunge
Tri w/lunge
Fly w/chest press

Crunches - bent knee - 25
Bridges - 25
Bent knee pendulum (beginners)- 25
Swimmers (25 second count)- 25
Laying back extensions - 25

Getting The Rockstar Body.......

Monday, October 19, 2009

P90X Round 2 Classic Begins!

I'm a P90X Lean Graduate! Its true, I'm a going there again....Round 2 P90X Classic version this time.

I started Round 2 on Saturday 10/17/09 and I took my before pictures on Friday and will post those at the end, along with start and ending measurments.

I really dread going to the gym in the winter, and I was originally going to do this round November 1st. Of course now that I started early due to our weather its going to be in the 60-70's here, naturally.

Well first off, my weight is not good the loss is not fat. Its been a very stubborn challenge so we are changing my macros and diet lets see how big T can get.

My goal is:
Wt - 115
Bf - 19-20%

My stats are:
Wt - 113.5 - 114
Bf - 21-22%

I will be posting my workouts weekly so if anyone is doing this program lets rally!

Getting the Rockstar Body.........

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fitness Gadgets, Do You Have Any?

This is a gravity treadmill, how crazy does this seem? The CI2009 fitness convention is this weekend, and believe me I will see all the latest and greatest fitness trends and gadgets.

Have you ever been sucked into an info commercial, and bought?

I have always been a fan of gadgets that work, if they improve something I'm ALL IN! Not just in fitness but whatever helps our busy lives be more productive or get things done a better way.

Are you a fan of fitness gadgets? Do you have any? Do you have any that work?

I am a HUGE fan! And I have found some to work and others not so much. Is it the fact that you have to use it correct or often to get the result? Or just that it doesn't work, or doesn't work for you?

In all my years there has only been 1 item that I returned and it was a cardio bike that you pull the handles towards you, it was a DUD! I think it was called cardio glider? Sometimes those info commercials make everything look GREAT don't they?

For a while there I think my UPS man was thinking, this girl is a shopping queen and I'm starting to hate her! He had to drag those boxes 1/4 mile up my driveway....think of the workout I was giving him lol.

Some gadgets T. is a fan of and know they WORK:
Jack La Lane Juicer - info commercial (just beware I started making muffins everyday!)
Mini trampoline - info commercial
Body wedge (old foam version) - info commercial
Kettle bell
Balls - Weighted, Bosu, Plastic

Are there any gadgets you would like to have?

T's gadget wish list:
Body bug
Polar HR
Pull up bar
Yoga block

If you have a gadget that works, and you love it please let me know. Oh, my stats are the same again today 113.5 hummm.....

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Many Sizes Are In Your Closet?

How many sizes are in your closet?

I'm just wondering if you keep your "skinny" clothes and your "fat" clothes or all sizes in between?

Sure the retail store love us women because we are always having to have many sizes and since the designers won't stick with one size chart it gets even more complicated doesn't it?

Also, we have some things we only wear on occasions and then the season changes. Gets crazy huh? Consultants say that if you have not worn something in 2 years it needs to go. Unless its a special event item, like gowns (ok I have only 1 and its "stretchy velvet" so skinny or fat it fits)

I try to go through my closet 2 times a year and rid myself of anything that I can part with for charity. I can honestly say I am getting better at shopping smart and my loads are much smaller, which is a good thing for the wealth building fund $.

Now I just add a piece or 2 or an accessory to update the look and not a new outfit, boy times have changed since I hit 40!

Anyway is it just me or does everyone keep more then 1 size in your closet? I do!

I have 3 sizes 2's, 4's and 6's in pants and 6 & 8 in Jackets.

My "fat" clothes are 6's and I have had them taken in, they are my work clothes. Yes another thing retailers love, we have 2 wardrobes work and fun. Ok, so I don't like anything too clingy at the office because I have to walk through a warehouse full of men. That only look forward to "skirt" season!

One thing that annoys me is that I'm only able to shop at a few places because of how I am built that I know will fit me. The Limited, Express and Ann Taylor Loft.

Its not even that my shoes are the same size how crazy is that? I have 3 of them as well 6, 61/2 and 7's! Shoes, really!

I'm just wondering, how many sizes are in your closet?

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do You Have A #1 Comfort Food?

Do you have a number 1 comfort food?

Does it change for the seasons?

As the weather changes I find myself looking towards home made cooking for comfort. I don't really feel like going out much when its cold or nasty out, and tend to "nest" in the winter. See why I got a new comfortor and nightstands?

I will even be in my PJs by 8.30pm and in bed by I part T-Bear?
Am I hibernating?

Sheesh it gets dark by 6pm and my body is like, its night-night time. Im such a morning person.

I start craving hot things like cocoa, soups, chili and stew. HELLO crock pot! I have missed you, and now I will dust you off and get lots of batch cooking done. This saves lots of cash-olo $$$ cooking like this because you can freeze part and then bring it out later. I spent $50 at the food store and have enough meals for 2 weeks, which would normally be for 1 week.

What did I make to save money?

Pot roast

= 6 meals

For meat I bought the chopped up roasting meat on sale for $6 and the lean beef for $5. I had to add potatos, onions and carrots, chili beans (on sale) and tomatos to the list but I added it up and each potcrock full was a total of just $11 each.

= $3.65 per meal packed with good nutrition. You really can save money by doing casserole and crock pot cooking so if your on a budget (who isn't looking to save green backs?) try it. You can go to or just check our sparkrecipes and find some really good healthy meals to make.

Lets face it, I love my chicken and tuna but variety is the spice of the palate right?

Do I have an all time #1 comfort food?


No matter what kind of "funk" I am in, this works for me and the darker the better I love 72-85%. Bitter or sweet, either way. Dark or white, either way. I look to choc-choc for my comfort. Ok, Lays regular chips is a close second. I had to really think about that, then I thought wow I could put chocolate on a plate and dip my Lays..... Bad T. Bad!

I taught last nights Kickboxing class and had 9 with 1 guy, GO Jeff! Next week I'm teaching circuit which I really enjoy. Got my new video up, so if anyone wants to check it out or RATE me here it is.

My Gravity Crunch Video:

What's your #1 Comfort food?

Getting the Rockstar Body.......

Monday, October 12, 2009

Computer Nightmares!

I have nothing to say today except have you ever had a day where you know its not you....its your computer?

Like this........

1. type some very long message or blog and BAM it disappears?

Been there! Now I do a copy and paste "just incase" the computer Gods are messing with me. Ok its my plan B.

2. think things are good and BAM virus?

I had one of those trojans, its a nighmare who wants one anyway, who thinks up these names? I mean trojan condoms are good, virus named trojans BAD, VERY BAD!

3. you go to turn on your computer and its all scrambled or won't come up!

Please......teach me IT! I need it bad.....grrrr

4. your trying to design a website and everything goes bizzerk and should NEVER take as long as it does to do one simple thing?

I am starting to think I hate Godaddy when really its a good thing, its my wi-fi switching itself from broad band to national access. National Access GO AWAY and why, just why??? Is that my providers fault should I be after Verizon?

5. try your hardest to get wordpress to "be freindly" to you when its the complete OPPOSITE of blogger?

I know this is not really related that its just a learning curve but still!

6. every have so many sites, links and passwords your just confused?

I mean even my computer can't keep track of them all! I have a spread sheet but still, its just a nightmare. You can't have the same for all of them because what about hackers?

Yep, they are the people waaaay smarter then me with too much time on thier hands. Sure don't want them getting the info and turning my computer world into a worse nightmare then I already have!

Im over it and if you have any ideas on how to stay better organized or hints please pass them along. I mean I think of myself as "pretty smart" and all, but these nightmares just keep me frustrated as all get out.

Could it just be T?

Is my computer after me or what?

Teaching 6.30 kickboxing class tonight and T. is going to rock down the house!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When Did You Say Your Sick Of Being FAT?

Here is what we looked like in our black shirts and blue jeans for the family portrait.

I only hope our shirts don't look this "thin" or sheer with our bra showing in the actual photos, they did not when we saw them. We ended up getting the package that came with the disk so mom can make extra prints for holiday cards.

I ordered the full body shot, the one of me and my 2 sisters laying/sitting on the floor. Cindy the oldest (on the left) and Sherry the middle sister (on the right), I'm the baby. They look like my dad did, blonde and blue eyed I look like mom dark hair and green eyes.We got lots of pictures of mom and us and my nephew Joey the ONLY grandchild. Needless to say he got a bianicals toy for doing this, and avoided a haircut so YUP he looks like a girl in the picture. Awww to be 11 again.

As you can see, I colored my hair dark and its still NOT as dark as my true hair color. I used the new 10 minute hair color by Loreal, in natural dark brown, it was $10 vs the salon price of $88. I was going to Sally's but then I could not get my sis on the phone and said, heck with it. This will last a few months, the girl at Walgreen's said it fades faster then normal so I am very happy with that. It will get me through holidays and that's really all that matters to me right now and save me cash-oloa too!

I can't believe my weigh in today was 114.5 that's just CRAZY!

When did you say, I'm sick of being FAT?You know that turning point, where the clothes are tight, or a change in your life occurs? Usually for most it is when a relationship ends, but not always. Sometimes a spouse will start and the other will join in, or even better the whole family.

When did the turning point happen to you?

Or maybe you were like me, always fit and into fitness. At the age of 9 I won my first fitness record at school. Yes I held that record for 15 years on the Flex Arm Hang bar. (This as a bar that you just hang in a lifted position as the finish of a pull up). Its holding your own weight for as long as possible.

I just had this innate sense to challenge myself in fitness from a young age, winning fitness awards every year until high school. Not to bore you, but that was when I was declined to be a Golden Girl Dancer as a freshmen because even though I could kick my leg over my head, I could not do a full split.

That did not discourage me, I just went on to body building. My switch to that was because I was slender with no shape, ok that's a nice way of saying I was a skinny mini and hated that. I wanted to be like Kathy Smith, strong, curvy and with glutes. The moment I saw her I knew that was my goal, and maybe my switch.

So was there a time, since I know this story may not be even close to yours that you changed your mindset? Influenced by someone or something?

Hey, who knew I came from a family that smoked and never worked out. The only plus was, my mom was very much into eating clean and balanced. Thanks mom! Now I continue to challenge myself on different levels, learn new things and am going to continue training well into my centennial years. I hope you will too!

Getting the Rockstar Body......

Friday, October 2, 2009

Do You Re-Wear Your Workout Clothes?

I know it sounds gross, but do you re-wear your workout clothes?

I'm guilty of this!

I buy really great workout outfits that have the dry wicking and anti-moisture features but I still wear them twice before I wash them. (Here is the link to the brand I buy and love)

Normally I will wear my outfit for a strength training session, then the next time for cardio, then the wash.

Sniff test?

I have a hanging area that I put my clothes in after I workout and honestly I give them the "sniff test" and they pass so why not?

I don't just wear the same outfit I have 3, so I am skipping a day or so before I wear it again but I do NOT wash it before the second wearing.


Well lets say I am "going green" and saving water. Or saving wear and tare on the fabric, as well as... I'm just too lazy to run a short cycle or HEAVEN FORBID wash it buy hand.
Do you do wash yours each wear? Does it depend on what type of workout you do?

Honestly I am also guilty of re-wearing other items too YUP! I will usually wear my jeans two times before I wash them and some, not all, but my dry clean sweaters too. I don't think I am "cheap or frugal" but maybe I am? Since everyone is going "green" can I consider this my way of helping the earth out?Or just saving green backs on laundry soap, water, time and drycleaning bills?

Cameron Diaz said that she has a "green plan" when it comes to the bathroom:
"If its brown flush it down....If its yellow let it mellow"
We have been doing this for about 4 months, and I do see about a $5 savings on my water bill each bill. Of course its at "discretion" because when you get in as much water as I do, I go every hour! Is that gross? I mean she does it, and she has lots and lots of money...any thoughts on this too?

Anyway I am on vacation Monday, my sister is at moms and arrived safe last night. I can't wait to see her, and mom it will be so fun so I will be back sparking on Tuesday....I miss you already!

Here is my workout today I skipped the gym:
Workout - ST (At home) 30 Day Shred level 3
Mood - GREAT
Wt - 115.5
Time of workout = 20 minutes
Cals burned = ?
Weekly Stats: Wt = 115.5 BF% 22.6 BMI 19.8

5lb db on all moves, and although I did not really work up a sweat I still enjoyed the variety.

Getting the Rockstar Body........

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ever Have A Family Portrait Made?

Car Repairs......gotta love them right?
Well I LOVE my MINI!

Why is it always double what you think it will be?

Yesterday I had to get the car fixed to the tune of $800 and now that its repaired I feel safer going into winter. Good news is Bimmers R Us came and picked it up from my office did the repairs, cleaned it, and then dropped it back off in time for me to go home for the day SWEET!

It was the front brakes & rotors and some thing that holds the transmission/engine thingy that was taken care of. I still need to have the hatch hydrolic repaired which is $137 for a new one, and a new wheel rim the one on the passenger side is bent. Funny I don't remember hitting anything but I said NOPE that can wait. Almost 1/2 the charge is labor, as usual.

Honestly I would rather have black wheel rims all the way around. With BMW and MINI the brakes get black stuff on them and the chrome looks so BAD! It never looks clean, so I will put that on the wish list for later along with 2 small dings that need removed. I may be able to get some used ones.....I'm thinking Craigslist!

I love my car and I don't mind that fact that is had to have these repairs because I really have not put much into it and now its at 117,000 miles. I just MOTOR on!

Got home last night and BAM my email said my nightstands are in TRANSIT to my Walmart for pickup! I can't wait to get them, and I even found a bed frame I like for $150. I am going to put that on my wish list, right now I am focused on vacation and holiday.

My sister is on her way from Oklahoma right now, to moms. She will be here a week and I am taking off Monday so I have a 3 day weekend with her. She wants us to get a family portrait, so I need ideas on what color top to wear?

Family Photos, do you do them? In a studio or home photos?

Any Ideas on what to wear?

I'm kinda thinking white, or maybe something solid and classic?

We have not had one done in years and years, and actually we have never got the whole family. Such a shame I would have loved to have one with my dad who has since passed. Luckily I begged my parents to have one before he passed, so we do have a great set of them with him and mom.

No one ever likes having a picture made in my family. Well then the moments go by and you wish you had one. If I could do it over again I would be sure to have some made every 3-5 yrs atleast, even if its NOT in a studio. Can you believe we have NO pictures of our whole family TOGETHER?

Its true, even as children because someone was always taking the picture you know? I guess thats true for many back then, but due to digital now and camera phones you can always get a photo now. Back then you had to have them developed or use the instant ones which were not so good.

Oh well we are going to get them done, and I will scan and post it.

Here is my workout today:
Workout = Cardio 3 step Step Class
Mood = happy
Wt - forgot.....
Time of workout = 60 mins
Cals burned = 319

60 minute 3 step Step class and it took me a minute to get in the groove. GREAT workout

2 sets of crunches of each:

Basic= 25
Push throughs = 25
Bicycles = 25

Getting the Rockstar Body........