Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Help Children On Kickstart!

What child doesn't want to learn about diversity?
It is so important that all kids feel good about themselves!

Maria Dismondy has 5 fabulous books, and she is helping children everywhere.
Find out more here:
Or support her kickstart page here:
Thanks so much!

Get A Happy Home In 3 Steps!

I love feng shui and this is a super duper easy way to a happier home! 

Here is a recipe to make your own feng shui, non-toxic, all purpose cleaner:
You need white vinegar, water and your orange essential oil. In feng shui, oranges and orange peels represent vibrant life, affirming happy energy. On a practical level orange oil disinfects, enhances your mood, and it just smells so good and clean. To make the non-toxic all-purpose cleaner, take one part vinegar to three parts water and add 18 drops of orange essential oil in an empty spray bottle. Then shake it up! This all-purpose solution is great for wiping down counters, windows, glass, bathroom surfaces, floors, etc. As a feng shui plus, the orange scent carries with it vibrant life energy to clear space, and in turn rejuvenates you and your home!

Want it too.............Find out more here:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Workout 7/18/14 Speed Drills

Speed drills
8 min cardio warm up with hops

30 second drills x 2 rounds
Speed run
Decline push ups
Speed run
Up down planks

30 second drill single round
Bridge w/single leg
Decline plank knee ins
Ankle touch oblique crunch
Frog hops

30 second drill Bonus round:
Superman lifts w/3lb db
Single leg wall squat w/leg lifts
Kettlebell pass under leg 20lb
Squat jumps

Yoga cool down stretch 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Workout 7/16/14

I think this new short hair is helping me nail my workouts! :-)

Todays workout:
7 min cardio warm up w/jumps

Round 1
Bent over db tricep kick back - 8lb
Kettlebell swing w/1 arm - 20lb
Bench squat w/leg lift
Bent over row - 25lb db
Med ball twist

Round 2
Bicep curl to overhead press - 13lb db
Plank w/kettlebell row 20lb
Straight leg dead lift 30lb bb
Wide leg burpee
Med ball halo

Bonus round
Plyo jumps
Wall squats
Cleans 30lb bb
Hand stands
Jump lunges alternating
Standing straight leg to touches

5 min Cool down stretch      

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Birthday Blog!

This past weekend I celebrated my Birthday!
My girlfreind Diane came over
We had wine on the porch and she got me a cute sweater (I forgot to snap a shot)
Cute wine names, Sequin and Butterfly Kiss!

Then I got my hair cut.....
And its just like the picture yay!!!!

Got a new secret weapon, spray wax!

Ready for dinner we went to Bartalinos it was delish!

The Birthday girl :-)

Date night ..........

And of course the gifts.......
So blessed!

a lovely card from my sissy too!

Poor Gracie was wore out from her bone.

She sleeps so funny!
Twisted Gracie ;-)

I planted the seeds to the daisy flowers from my moms house, maybe next year they will pop up. Its in the circle.

Still have this pile to deal with,
Construction never ends :-(

Deciding on a new color for the doors now that the fence is more orange. I am thinking the center color, bronze.

More hair pics from Sunday going about town.

With a STL cake!
We found 2 in the park yay :-)

I love this blue one with my out fit tee hee.

Awww you can't blow it out silly!

.......and look what is coming to the park!!!
Super happy!

Already broke ground, its going to be fabulous and I can't wai.

Got some new puple flower fillers, since the others didn't really survive my vaca.......
But the twisted plants did.

I got a new pillow, my own gift to me.

Cute huh, just 10 bucks!

Me and my sissy got this bowl at a flea market while on vacation and I just love it.

Here it is placed, cute!!!

Back to my workouts and enjoying the cool summer weather.......thanks for reading.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Workouts 7/7/14 - 7/8/14

I have 2 frogs in my pond!

This weeks workouts:
5 Min cardio warmup
Round 1
Bicep curls 10lb
Wall sits w/5lb db laterals
Squats w/30lb bb overhead hold
Kettlebell swing

Round 2
Pours 10lb
Wall sit single leg cross w/5lb side laterals
Step up lunge w/kicks
Lizzard lunge
Kettlebell under leg

Round 3 bonus round
Wood chops 8lb med ball
Banded squat w/leg lift
Plyo jumps
Dolphin pushups
Halos 8lb med ball

Donkey Kicks
Hand stands

Yoga stretch cool down

Lunch time - Walk 2 miles

8 min boxing warm up
Mountain climbers
BB bicep curls

Round 2
High knees
BB shoulder press

Round 3
Push up to double crunch
Single leg w/knee lift balance
BB dead lift 30lb

Yoga banded cool down      

4th Of July Vaca!

I just got back from vacation and found one of my favorite bloggers (Cookies and Cups) posted this on Milk Shake recipes, OMG!

 It is on my to make list ;-)

Back to the vaca.......this is my sisters make up bag the blue one on the left. Yeah thats what I thought, its almost the size of her travel bag!!!


Here she is sleeping beauty....
and Gracie was there too of course, no vacation is complete without her.

We played Scrabble and I won, of course tee hee.

SNACK BAG nuff said.

and my sisters home in the country.

Came home and last night had a hail storm, it was scary!!!

They started small and got bigger.......

This is the size of a quarter, it lasted about 30 minutes.
The rain storm was over in about an hour, and it got about 20 degrees cooler too.

My workouts were 2 days on the treadmill
About 10 minutes of swimming, I am not counting the rest of the moving and all....but I am sure it was a bunch of calories burned!
Thanks for reading :-)