Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dynamic Workout!

Another dynamic workout, just love strength and it is:

Client training - 1hr
8 min warm up dynamic:
(1 min each x2)
Jacks, butt kicks, modified burppee, knee ins
Single leg 8lb med ball single squat w/lateral lift
Deep squat - round 2 180 degree jump
Standing leg circles
TRX pull up
Seated row - 15lb 12lb db
Walking push up 20
High plyo jumps - 20
Stability ball knee in planks - 20 (3 prone pikes)
Bridge on roller w/single leg lifts
Cosmic abs
5 min cool down stretch

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yoga! (Part 2)

As if I can't get enough Yoga, I have class all this weekend.
......who knew it was Superbowl weekend?
Anyway, here is my homework for Yoga training.
A bunch of mini Trainer T.s both in black & white

and colored......
kinda funny huh?
I decided to print it both ways, whatcha think?

Its been so blah with the weather here I bought myself some flowers

I love the color!

So here are a few mastered poses, they may look easy but to me NOT!
Finally mastered side crow :-)


Tree plank........

Side plank.....


Twist :-)

No handed lunge....

West stretch....

I am a work in progress with just 2 more weekends left till testing.
Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading.....

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yoga Time!

These are a few shots from my yoga teacher training.
I am working on my sequence to turn in as homework.
I really love crow pose :-)
Going down to Eight angle pose
Eight angle pose
Plank hover
I just love this photo of Gracie.......
so cute ;-)

Just a shot from my desk at the office, snow, snow, snow!!!

I have been shopping for my nephew, he will be 17 on Valentines Day!
I hope he likes the haul I got.
He is 6'5" now and still loves skinny jeans, but trying to get a size 14 shoe is really hard to find.

Me at the office...........

This weeks workouts have been slacking due to the extreme cold.
Wednesday workout:

8 min step warm up w/db

Banded shuffle
Banded squat
Banded leg lifts

Kettlebell swings - 25lb/20lb - 1 min
Kettlebell twists - 25lb /20lb - 1 min
Kettlebell get ups - 12lb - 10 x2

Bench climbs - 1 min
Tricep dips - 30
Decline push ups add foot drop - 20

Bench press - 15lb db
Lateral lifts - 10lb db
V-ups - 20
Double crunch - 20

5 min cool down stretch

Thanks for reading..........

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pregnancy yoga to avoid weight gain

We Heart Yoga: Prenatal Flow

Recently released by Yoga expert and celebrity trainer, Jessica James a Prenatal Flow yoga workout that will get moms-to-be in pregnancy shape with the new DVD “We Heart Yoga: Prenatal Flow”.

What We Heart Yoga Prenatal Flow includes:

3 complete Yoga sequences to keep your body in shape and prepare you for labor and deliver

No-nonsense, easy to follow instructions

Modifications for every level

One 20 minute workout – a quick warm up and stretch to get your body ready

One 40 minute workout – a power set to challenge your body in strength and stability

One 60 minute workout – a full body workout with deep relaxing stretches and guided meditation
Find out more here:

Thursday, January 9, 2014

NutriBullet Is Trash!

Goodbye NutriBullet!
I have thown you away and will not be using you any more...........
I was lucky enough to have someone from NutriBullet ask me to post my "negative" review on their site, and again sadly I have another negative review.

I agree that it works with cyclonic action, and blends stuff up amazing.
I love the look, its very nice and heavy.
I like that you can have containers to store your prepped fruit with lids in that are included.
What I don't like that I didn't mention before???

It gets this gunk in it!
Every time I started using this one month 4 or 5 it would kick itself off or run over.
Yup, I used the fill line it wasn't too full.

Look how creamy and delish!

But as you can tell it got this "rusty looking" gunk on it over and over again.
When it did over flow, I rinsed it carefully and whipped it out really good.
Let it sit upside down to dry.
But still this..........

I am not sure why?

Plus I only use spinach, banana, milk, whey and peanut butter.
Sure its kinda hard to tell when using spinach because its not a liquid, how can you tell its in the "Fill line area"?

I never mashed stuff down either and have had many smoothie makers, but never this.

So I threw it away, and I am giving this product a rating of 4.
1. It does work fast
2. It does the job for any fruit and veggie easy
3. It looks amazing and is heavy
4. Has great lids for containers

So if you plan on using this once a day, or a few times a week this could be the product for you. But if your a trainer and you use it alot, you might want to think again about such a large investment of money. Also I do NOT have a dishwasher so all parts were washed and dried by hand.
This is just my rating, would I buy this again?
Recommend it?
Only if you are a "light" user
You still have to dig out seeds, and cut up items so it really does not save time like it appears to on the info-commercial. I went back to using my Hamilton single smoothie maker and after 4 years it still works great, plus...... I know EXACTLY how many oz I am drinking, not so with the NutriBullet!
If you didn't see my original post on NutriBullet you can find it here:

The Barbie House Gets New Appliances!

Small Spaces are hard to fit but I managed to bring the Barbie House into the 2014 year with a new range and fridge!
Aren't they pretty?
The old range was 20" and the new one is a whopping 24"!
However the old fridge was 28" is now 24"
Same 48" inches of space yet it looks so much bigger, yay. Plus I will be getting a matching microwave that will sit on top of the new fridge.
More counter space woot-woot!!!

These are a few shots from the 10.5" blizzard that hit St. Louis Sunday Jan 5th, welcoming the year 2014 in style.
Thanks Frosty ;-)

This is Gracie, enjoying the snow which was much deeper than her.

She was so fast I could barely get the photo snapped, and you can tell its up to her belly and still snowing.

Happy New Year, thanks for reading.
Ps - in case you don't know the Barbie house is loving called that because it is 580sq ft.

The Christmas Blog!

I had a very fun Christmas with my family.
Here are a few photos, along with my best friend, and my sisters new kitty!


Dinner......... excuses now to cook!

The tree :-)

Gifts and cards feeling very blessed!

The icey trip..........

Finally with my sister yay!

New Kitty!

Time I woke up Christmas morning!

The fake fire sets the mood for present opening.........

Fun presents!


Yup, waffles for Christmas morning...

By this guy my brother in law the chef!

My new Seashell necklace love it!

Gracie, zonked!

Sunrise leaving........

Home new Years cheers!

Happy New Year 2014!

Thanks for reading, hope your 2014 is the BEST ever!