Thursday, November 21, 2013

My New Favorite Spice!

Wow I had no idea they made this!
Lucky I was at the food store and spotted this on sale for about $2.50. I have added it to rice, eggs and chicken my rating = 10
It doesn't tell you the spices but its not too hot, just flavor and a lot of it.
On the workout was last nights training:
Client training:
8 min cardio warm up

TRX push ups - 10-15
Banded side leg lifts w/V-steps - 2 min
Kettlebell swings w/drop arm 25lb - 1 min

Bench dips
Lunge curl to press 12lb - 30
Chest press - 12lb
Skull crushers - 2db 12lb each
Chest flys - 10lb
Bent over rows 25lb kettlebell
Hammer curl to overhead press - 15lb-12lb
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Shazzy Fitness NEW Workout DVDs

“Funkafied” Christian dance DVDs
Recently released by Shazzy Fitness are two new revolutionary fun and funky dance fitness DVD’s. Choreographed to be uplifting and are set to original Christian music with a contagious hip hop beat these workouts complement the busy lifestyle of today’s Christian, yay!!!

Fitness choreographers Apollo Levine, Leslie Alison and Vera Musqrove will ignite your spirit while helping you shed pounds and burn the fat! Plus each DVD cover is 100% recycled, and are only $19.99 each or save with a limited offer and get both only $29.99 not including SH & taxes.
Get heart-pumping workouts and maximize the fat burn with these new workouts by Shazzy Fitness.
Find out more here:

What A Party!

Ha ha my girlfriends daughter turned Sweet 16!
We made a photo booth and had fun before the party.......
lol cowgirl!
We arrived to decorate yay!

And we got started just before the storm hit!
We had fun.......35 kids, a candy bar and nachos.

Gracie got her hair adorable!

Guarding the house with her favorite bone.
Green of course ;-)

The sky before the storms that morning were lovely........

And the moon last night.......
Wow what a fall in STL!

On to the workouts minus the cupcake and nachos I had.......
Zcut Power - workout 1

Weighted squats w/overhead press - 12lb db
Manmakers w/row - 12lb db
Side hops
Side lunge w/cross over reach 8lb db                           
ZCut Power workout #12

Lunge w/knee lift
Squat w/side leg lift
Chair cross over leg lifts
                            Dragon push ups                           
Still practicing my stuff for Teacher Training Yoga and trying to holiday shop!
Thanks for reading :-)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fun...Zumba Adds Step!

I love Step Class!
and I love Zumba too, so this is the perfect combo.
That music, is so upbeat and fun it makes the hour long class fly by :-)
Image: Beto Perez
I can't wait for this to come to St. Louis yay!!!

Find more here:

Monday, November 11, 2013

I Painted It Orange!

I finally painted the doors of the Barbie House Orange!
I saw this or similar color on a house I saw on a blog.
 Only this color is a better fit with my blue color don't ya think?
and I colored my hair........
Wearing my new chunky sweater that I love so much I got it in 2 colors.
Tan and Grey speckled.
$20 bucks on sale!

My homework till December for Teacher Training and I have to journal it everyday.
I have an accountable partner too.

Gracie in her ONLY yoga pose....
Crescent ;-)

Her with her favorite toy bone.

.....and so tired after a day at doggy day care!

Now some fall colors from around the park near the Yoga studio.......
I love all the wrought iron gates too.

This weeks workout:
Monday - Off day practice sequence 3 for 30 min after work
Tuesday - Friday Zcut Power
Thanks for reading........
Happy Veterans Day and thank you to those that serve our country.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Foggy Fall Morning

This mornings fog was amazing!
You can see the trees are changing and leaves are dropping really fast since the rain fell yesterday
The Barbie House front yard....

And the parking lot at the office.........
All the colors of fall :-)

At the office........I decided to change my screen saver

Just like what I saw........
cool huh?

Kinda looks like this........

and a random picture of my new green top
Love it.

Todays workout - Off
Last night client training:
Step up warm up w/3lb db
Plank on step w/decline push up and leg lifts add knee ins
Lunge w roundhouse kick
Tricep bench dips
Bridge w/pilates ball
Reverse crunch w/pilates ball
Clocks w/pilates ball
Alternating side planks on push up bars
Deep squat w/12db
Bicep curl to overhead press w/15-12-15lb
Thanks for reading..........

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My First Cherry Pie!

Fall is in the air.......and I got to go shopping!
With one of my best friends
Ain't she cute?
Too bad we don't get together often enough, she lives in the State next door to Missouri.......Illinois
and its her daughters Sweet 16 Birthday coming up!
We did lots of shopping after Sushi, yum!

I baked my first cherry pie.....

And cut....pretty huh?
Not really but it tasted good. (ok, its not burnt lol)
I used:
1 can cherry pie filling
1 can lite cherry pie filling
Graham cracker crust
Made a double batch top pie cover (flour, egg, shortening)
Brushed with melted butter and baked at 450 for 30 minutes due to the double crust.
I liked the double crust on top, made it much less cherry-ish.

My Sunday shopping atire, with the scarf......

and without.....
Which look is best?

Saturday I went out, I even penciled in my brows........

Make up and hair done up ;-)

The trees are changing, time for me to bundle up!

Yes, bundled up at the office........

This weeks workouts:
I started November 1st the Zcut Power workouts.........
Zuzuka Power Cut - Day 5 (today)
High step up w/10lb db
Renegade rows w/pushup 10lb db
Bench single leg squats 10lb db
DB kettlebell swing 10lb db
ZCut workout 4

Curtsy side lunge w/5lb db
Dive bombers
Pistol squats
Zcut workout 3
Step up lunge w/overhead press - 10lb
Sumo squat
Side plank burpee w/pushup
Zcut workout 2

Burpee w/side plank db 5lb
Lunge w/side twist 5lb db
Downdog pushup w/knee in
Zuzuka - ST Day 1 Workout 1

Plank w/row and shoulder press - 10lb - 5lb
Side hops
Squats w/db 10lb - 5lb

Cool down stretch
Thanks for reading!