Thursday, April 30, 2009

Park Workout

  • Park Workout

Here is my workout at the park yesterday, the weather was cool and overcast so it was very pleasant. I even took a few pictures of flowers and saw a duck in the pond. I just love workout in nature don't you? So much oxygen its very refreshing. My legs are feeling like rubber today which is a good thing, lets hope for good stats tomorrow.

Workout - Lower body & core
Mood - Beautiful
Wt - 119
Time in park - 45 mins

15 Min incline walk
3x10 Step ups 18"
1x20 Step ups 24"
3x15 Walking incline lunges
1x20 Walking incline curtsy lunges
3x10 Lateral lunges
50 Jumping jacks
3x10 Plyo jumps
3x15 Step down 18" lunges
1x20 Step down 12" lunges

100 obliques bent knee
50 regular crunches
50 reverse crunches bent knee
50 straight leg stomp the ceiling
Triangle & runner stretches

Today is cardio day, run in the park. Going for 30-45 minutes, that's the plan.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Step Ups Work It Baby!

Step Ups Work it baby!
Today's workout is legs, and I will be doing 18" step ups as part of my workout. You can't get a better move then step ups for the glutes and legs, you can feel the burn! Mine will be off landscape cement blocks.
Sometimes I vary these, by doing the same leg per set, or alternating per leg per set. I do them slow a set then fast a set, on this move you can never get bored since you can really mix this up. Try it, you will feel them trust T.
Last night I was like sleeping beauty, and went to bed at 8.30pm and slept till 7am. I got up at 6am and put on my heating pad since my back was bothering me. I did a 3 mile incline run, and must have put a strain on it. Next time I will stretch out much better then I did yesterday. I was a bit short on time but I don't recommend ever doing that, it truly makes a huge difference. I feel great today.
Workout - Cardio
Mood - Refreshed
Wt - 118
Time in park - 30 Min's
3 mile incline run
25 Jumping jacks
4/29 - at the park at lunchtime today:
Workout - Legs & core
Mood - Rockstar
Wt - 118
Time in park - 45mins
Pilates 100
3x10 Walking lunge inclines
3x10 Lateral lunge
3x10 (per leg) Step ups 18'
3x10 (per leg) Decline step down lunges
25 Jumping jacks
25 Plyo jumps
Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fix Quix

This is the new product that I am using in salads and love it!
Not only is this chicken great tasting, gluten free with just 60 cals, 11g of protein, it also comes in a great ready pack I find very convenient. The flavor in this is what I like, and now after trying it on sale I went back to my tyson chicken and what a difference! Not loving it as much. I have not tried the turkey which it also comes in, but if its half as good as this its going to be delicious.
I even like the name, and its price point is $4.49 but I caught them on sale 2 for $4.00 when they fist came out. They are still worth the price, and I can't stress enough how tender and tasty they are. My other chicken seemed bland after this. You may find it cheaper I shop at Dierbergs, but a Shop n Save, Shnucks or Aldis may have a better price.
You may want to try it, if your into packaged goods that you can even eat right out of the bowl, that has a nice flavor that I really like. I can't wait for lunch now!
This week will be my last workout week before I go back to my P90X training. I am going to really give that a great shot of 90 days. I will continue to train light with my arm until it is fully recovered but its feeling much better every day. Can you believe there are only 3 days left in the month? I have been on a sugar rush lately and need to curb that! Last I had angel food cake and a 90 cal fudge bar, seriously T. do you think your going to get that body like that?
Pull up the big girl panties, stop whining...NO more evil sugary treats starting next month!
Today's workout cardio in the park, inclines 45 minutes.
Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

Monday, April 27, 2009

Energized With Strength Training

Something about strength training that makes me feel so energized......
I just love it!
This link below is a great article on strength training vs cardio. I just love this article because I get so many people that just want to "blast the fat" with cardio training. Who wants to be a skinny fat girl? I mean all cardio will just make you look the same, only smaller. When you add strength training, which includes using your own body weight you get massive results. They feel its not WORTH the time investment, nothing could be farther then the truth. You can actually change the shape of your body with weight training.
Don't get me wrong, I love a sweaty cardio session but it has its place. Don't use it just for guilt, because you ate incorrectly the night before. The body just does not work like that, and you have to understand that its more then a math equation of cals in vs cals out.....ITS A SCIENCE.
So get energized with a good strength training program.
Here's my workouts:
4/25 Workout - Cardio & Pilates
Mood - Kicking it up a notch!!!
Wt - 118 Cals - 350
Time in gym - 1hr 15 mins
30 min cardio stair climber 10 boxing sprints for 1 minute each, 10 overhead sprints
3x10 hyper extensions
3x10 25lb back rows
45 min Pilates
Workout - Legs and Biceps (I forgot my sheet so I just did what I could)
Mood - Killer!
Wt - 119 Cals - 150
Time in gym - 45 mins
7 Min glute master machine - KILLER
10 min stair climber after workout incline 20 resistance 20 - OMG!
3x10 140lb leg press - toes out
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 10lb bicep curls
4/27 Off day
Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Friday, April 24, 2009

Glorious Glutes

I am working my way to glorious glutes, one workout at a time!

Here are my stats this week compared to last:
WT 117 - 1.8
BF% 23.3 - .07
BMI% 20.1 - .02

4/17 - last weeks stats compared to the previous weeks
WT 118.5 - 1.5
BF% 24.0 + .03
BMI% 20.3 - .03

Here are my workouts for the lower body that I have been doing all month. Today I will be on #2 workout at lunch, with cardio. Sunday is #3. Then it goes back to rotate, and my legs and glute are looking FABULOUS so try these they WORK!
I do 3x10 on all but calves I do 4x20 and have been using 10lb DB.

DB Lateral Lunges
DB S leg dead liftsDB s leg split squats
Single leg hip pop w/weights on opposite leg

DB step up w/knee high box bench
Walking lunges - I will do these steep inclined, non weighted today at lunch
DB roman dead lifts
Glute ham raises

1 Leg leg press toes out
1 Leg hamstring curls
1 Leg DB calf raises
Rear lunges
Low cable pulley but kickbacks

Yesterday I did 30 minutes of cardio inclined and abs at the park for my workout:
50 regular crunches
50 obliques - 25 each side (and I discovered a NEW move I am going to put in my next video)
25 stop the ceiling with crossed legs

Off to get the Rockstar body......... all numbers are going down!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Circuit Outdoor Running

Today's cardio session will be a run in the park. I will do intervals and inclines, making this a challenging workout. I love parks and am a big fan of them. Running, hiking or camping, either way when I am near the outdoors I just feel refreshed and energized. I am hoping the weather holds, its sunny and windy just the way I like it.
I have just not been in the mood for the stuffy gym in the mornings. Can I call this spring fever? Lets hope, because I have been working out, just not in my typical way.
Last night I was in carb fat heaven! The only good news was that it was a strength training day. I went my credit union meeting dinner, and the buffet was very good. Its at a banquet hall near my house called Andres.
I can't remember the last time I had pasta or rice, so it was a treat. We had the meeting agenda given to us then dinner was served followed by mouse racing. Now this was not for real money, it was for chips that were later turned in for tickets for attendance prizes. I had never seen this before and I have to admit it was very fun and cute. Well if you like varmints. They put them in a gated long glass enclosed trails all on top of each other in a row numbered track 1-6. They had to run down to the end then back to the start to be a winner. I actually won 2 times, then I had to leave so I gave the tickets to the people at the table.
The food was salad, white pasta, green beans, baked chicken and roast beef. All was very tasty, and I tried a bit of everything. I also had a small piece of cheesecake for dessert and a coffee. It was your typical wedding food, and they do a nice job of serving. So my numbers are off a bit for last night in cals and fat grams.
I should be able to do 3-5 miles for my cardio today and I may even squeeze in some ab work. I just love to do my run outside in the fresh air, it just makes me feel so alive when I am near nature. I even do some sprints, with sets of jumping jacks lots of ways to make this more a circuit then just a straight run.
I will be doing a 3 mile run next month for Charity which is no struggle for me if its on flat land. I try to add inclines but I will watch that near the race so I don't end up with any injuries.
Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are Your Workouts Ruled By Weather?

This lateral lunge is tough for me, I have a love hate relationship with this one! Today I am feeling much better after my doctor appointment yesterday and decided to do my workout at home, or at least the first part of it.
This is not me and actually could not find the trainers name so thanks for the image from:
An amazing thing has been happening to me. I have been blogging about Anthony Robbins and listening to his cd 'The Edge' (at the cd I am on right now he talks about your nature) and good things are coming to me. Your nature is your true self. What your really about, your beliefs, morals, goals, spirit and character. An example of someone like me that part of my nature is fitness and wellness, so I need someone in my life like that as well. When I don't have that it causes conflict. You don't have to be perfect in your likeness because that is boring, but you do need to have the core things in line. Or like they say, you will just revert back to your "old self" which is actually your true self. That's one of the problems in relationships, people try to fake who they are or stay on good behavior but then what always happens is your true self will be revealed and what I discovered is it seems to be right at 90 days.
My mood is craving for spring, summer like weather and sunshine so I am looking forward to the next few days since that always gets me pumped up for a GREAT workout. I have no idea why the sun makes such a huge difference with me but it does.
Are your workouts ruled by the weather?
If you are a runner I would image so, I mean that treadmill can get to be very boring. For me its my worst piece of fitness equipment. I would much rather do anything but that, followed by a bike. Only because the bike and my glutes are not happy together let me just say it that way.
Here are my workouts:
Pilate's 100 20 min NEW exercise TV workout meta-burner
10lb Lateral lunges - like the picture above these are so good but tough!
10lb Single leg dead lifts
10lb Split leg squats
10lb Calf raises
I did these with DB in each hand and will get the rest of my workout cardio at lunch. I can't go up to my 25lbs yet so I am sticking with 10lbs. So far my diet has been good and I am feeling like a champ.
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How FAST is YOUR Muscle Recovery?

Dave Ellis: Muscles can cope with workouts and recover faster if the antioxidant levels in the body are higher. A muscle with better antioxidant status can deal with free radical insults and acid-base insults that happen when we train (something that aging muscle is less efficient at coping with, recently identified with muscle wasting).

(Ok, I admit I am coming up on 47! ) Do you take antioxidants supplements, or eat or drink foods high in them?

What Exactly Are Antioxidants?
One cup of green tea provides 10 to 40mg of polyphenols and has antioxidant effects greater than a serving of broccoli, an antioxidant-rich food. The high antioxidant activity of green tea makes it beneficial for protecting the body from damage due to free radicals. Research shows that the EGCG in green tea may help the arterial wall by reducing lipids; green tea can protect against experimentally induced DNA damage, and much more. A 2006 study* showed that elderly Japanese people who drank more than 2 cups of green tea a day had a 50% lower chance of cognitive impairment than those who drank less green tea, or who consumed other tested beverages. The high amount of catechins in green tea are believed to be responsible.
*The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 83, pp. 355-361.

Sounds good, but how much of that was truly comprehensible? The media is full of news about radicals...EGCG...catechins. But what do these terms mean? Much of the “antioxidant” chatter flies over most people’s heads.

Here’s an overview of how it all works for a popular antioxidant foods, green tea and white tea:
There are many antioxidants with different degrees of strength. Green tea and white tea contain a particularly strong antioxidant, the catechin EGCG. Catechins are flavonoids, a subgroup of polyphenols, which are substances found in plants. Green and white teas have different catechins from black tea and oolong tea, due to lesser processing (green and white teas are not oxidized; oxidation inactivates the catechins).

Whats my point?

Lets say your NOT a tea lover, then you must turn to food or a supplement to get yours.

My recommendation to all this is NUTRAZON. (all natural organic nutrition from the amazon) This natural plant product has the antioxidants you need daily plus way more, and I can tell you its true. My recovery time on weight lifting has been phenomenal! Like I said, I am feeling the fact that I am 46 and I want all the natural assistance I can get for peak performance with my workouts don't you? It works instantanous too OMG!

Thanks Dave for writing this, and if you want more information on this amazing product just click below.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Do You YouTube?

Do you Youtube?

Do you have an account? If you do let me know I can join you, or you can view mine by pasting this in your browser.

You can see how I talk and what I really look like. Which is odd in the virtual world, I have met people or talked with them on the phone and were surprised by the "real life" version lol. I guess its like reading a book vs a movie...hum. Please let me know your imput. I like the way I can send someone there to youtube to see a fitness move that I want them to do, and they can get a GREAT idea of how it should be done. So like Google I love Youtube. I finally am getting the hang of my new Kodak Zi6 and I got some more videos posted. I had a productive weekend in the filming department and am very happy with the results. Each time I think I am getting better with this tech stuff. I still need to learn the software but I am sticking with my goals.

MY MISSION is to have many wellness videos, not just workout ones. I will be shooting some of those that are just a fitness video when the weather breaks, I want to shoot outside more bootcamp style. Of course 10 minutes is the max length you can have, so they have to be very effective. No prob! I am not doing this just for my business Nutrazon and how it can help you, but also for education of the body, wellness and fitness. Form, Spine & Back care are usually not followed in a workout regiment, and with the body all areas are effected by this. I am hoping to share information and videos that can help people in these usally over sighted areas. Being pro-active with your health and wellness.

Most of you know that I try to work in back care on a regular basis. Along with some flexibility training I believe these things will help you as you age to the 100 year lifestyle.

You know the saying, if you don't use it, you loose it. There is no time like the present to try to fend off losing or getting pain from tightness in areas that help the body function so much. Think of it as lubrication for the body, just like a car has. It keeps everything running smooth, purring like a kitten so to speak.

Here are my workouts:
4/18 Workout - Cardio & Pilates
Mood - Up and adam
Wt - 118.5
Time in gym - 1hr 10 mins
Cals = 424
Cardio Stair climber intervals of 12-20
10 mins level 12 resistance 4 boxing 6x
15 mins level 15 resistance 4 over head jogs 4x
5 min level 20 resistance 10

Pilates - 45 minutes

4/19 & 4/20 Off days

Off to get the Rockstar Body.........thanks for watching!

Friday, April 17, 2009

P90X Ab Ripper Are YOU Tough Enough?

P90X Ab ripper Rocks!

This next month I am going to take my body to the next level. Its true I have put my P90X on the back burner but my injury is getting better and I am going to get back with it. If you want to see some GREAT results I posted my good friend Jens page so you can see her results first hand and you will know why I want to get back with this. I did this program for 2 weeks then got injured. While not doing this, I was doing a prone pike which is good but tough!

I did the Ab ripper yesterday and for 20 minutes of your life you will be pushed to the max with core and abs. I am not joking this is intense. If you have tried this let me know, if not you may want to check it out. The results are amazing!

Here is the workout today:
3x10 120lb Leg press - toe out
3x10 40lb hamstring curls
3x10 20lb 1 leg DB calf raises
3x10 rear lunges off a step box
3x10 20lb low cable pully butt kickbacks

WT 118.5 - this is down .05
BF% 24.0 - up .03
BMI% 20.3 - down .03

Now I think my stats are off because I did this AFTER I drank my whey protein. I don't think I was very organized this morning thank goodness its Friday!
My lunch workout will be walking incline lunges and sprint runs inclined.

Jens link again is:

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Get Disgusted = Change

Tax day has come and gone, and unless you have filed for an extension you have the IRS off your back for now. Why is it that we get taxed so much then have to pay? I believe its due to greed from our lovely government. I mean the last straw for me was when they started taxing your interest on your savings. Come on that's DOUBLE taxation! You paid the taxes on it when you made it, then you get to pay on any little bit your made off of it. How do these things get by? Then they wonder why no one saves money any more, seriously.
Let me let you in on a secret. If you do not own a business or a home based business your are not getting as many tax benefits as you could. You will not be allowed any tax write offs unless you hold a mortgage or have kids. And dogs & pets don't count darn it!
This is why I have a couple home businesses: Nutrazon
Trainer T. Fitness
Of course you would only want to do something that you believe in and like to do, or else it will be more of a chore. If your interested in something like this, consult your tax advisor. Its well worth the tax advantage for me. I hope all of your got many tax write offs, money back, and are stress free now that tax day is behind us.
ff to bigger and better things like the steps of making a change. This week I have mixed up my workout, opting to skip the gym in the morning do my workout at home and then at lunch time finish it out. Our weather has been so nice and I am very motivated by clean oxygen and nature. I think I am even going to do my next video in the park.
When you decide to make a change usually a few things happen. And this is in general form for any area of you life. Because basically if what you focus on is where your energy goes, one thing other things will suffer so you have to constantly keep a state of change.
1. You get disgusted at yourself and that fuels a change. You know a point where you are not comfortable and say this has to STOP!
2. You then set a vision or goal of what would change that
3. You work towards that goal and after you get comfortable again you will stay there (many people get in this zone, I know I have)
4. You will stay there, until some thing causes and effects you to get your standard higher or you find a new group of peers to fuel you to the next level. To get your "fire" burning again
5. You then look at other areas and make sure they are not suffering, and some of them will, so you will work on those areas as well
6. You will find a comfortable balance until something causes change again So remember change is good, it keeps us reaching for better things or higher standards. Go for it!
Here is my workouts:
4/15 Workout - Cardio
Mood - Energized
Wt - 121
Time of workout - 40 mins
3 mile run at the park 50 crunches
4/16 Workout - Cardio & Core
Mood - Happy
Wt - 121 Time of workout - 10 min + 40 min at lunch
P90X Ab Ripper - 10 mins 40 min walk at the park followed by stretch and core at lunch Legs - after work
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anthony Robbins Breathing For Determination & Focus

Determination and breathing keep you focused on the same path.

How is that so? Its been proved that doing breathing exercises stimulates the brain. More oxygen is delivered and it can trigger some profound effects. Last night and this morning I was listening to Tony Robbins (Anthony) on his hour of power, and thrive in 30 minutes cd. One of the breathing techniques was 4 breaths in and 4 breaths out. I have done yoga before with focused breathing but nothing like this.

In yoga the breath is very smooth, gentle, full and deep and this is more like you see in a movie when someone is practicing delivering a baby. Its been shown that 4 is the magic number on this, and it is a quick breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. I did this practice on the way to work, and you are to do it for 5-20 minutes. I am not sure I could do this for the full 20 minutes without doing something like walking but I got in 10 and felt very different. Try it...... really even for just 5 minutes you will feel more clear and in a better mood.

He recommends also doing gratitude's during this time, which I did. He used the example of "I love my wife", "I love my wife". Seems like a 4 word statement works well with the 4 breaths. I did the statement of "I love my life" and I felt alive after doing this practice. Usually with Yoga I feel more relaxed, in tune to myself and calm. With this I felt alive, determined and vibrant also if I may say...... jolly! I wonder if Santa uses this, it sure would keep him warm at the North pole lol. It made me feel as if I could do anything, and determined to have a good day and be productive and go for it!

Have you ever done yoga?

If you have try this and see how different you feel. If you have not, maybe see if this pulls you into a "determined state of mind" as it did for me. I am looking forward to the rest of his ideas on how to create a better, stronger state of mind. Like he said, with determination you can accomplish anything, vision and purpose are great but without the will to do it, you will never make it to the goal.

Off to get the Rockstar breath at a time

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lists... How Do YOU Manage Them?

Lists, and more lists.
Have you ever noticed we can go through life as females doing our multi-tasking and working from a list? I do! I guess I feel better seeing myself cross things off. But sometimes it can be overwhelming!
Here is an insight on lists don't "aim" all the time, but manage yourself and your list. You can have a good intention and make a list however if you don't aim and follow through, it will just be carried on to the next list. I hate when that happens. The point is to "manage" things better. We as women are all over the place, I mean even if we are doing something we are multi-tasking or thinking of the next thing to do. We really should try to manage ourselves so that we can stay in the moment. Men are more focused like this, which is good but then they never remember what we tell them so that's bad right? Do you have any ideas that you use? So if we manage our lists better we will have less lists, or thats the goal.
Here are some tips that I like:
1.Manage yourself at peak times - if your a morning person (I am) be most productive then, make the plans for the day and week during your peak time
2.When you tackle your list - pick the toughest thing first, the rest will be downhill
3. If your going to do errands - try to plan them at the least busy times to save YOUR time (Friday nights at the food store, 2pm post office)
4. Group like things together - paying bills, emails, and returning calls block those times out and only focus on them
5. If you have a complaint with a company - don't waste time on hold, press 0 or go straight for new customer option, they help them first. Then ask for a manager this saves so much time and be NICE!
6. Try to put doctor/ medical and dental appointments on the same day I have found placing "like items' all together gets them done faster. I guess it could just be me, but also when I put errand items together planned out by route I end up with extra time in my day. The other thing I like is preparing ahead.
If you can always do things for what you need to get done in small steps. It doesn't take as much time that way and you don't feel so over whelmed. Like with my receipts, I organize and add them one time, then the next time I enter and file. Breaking down tasks helps me feel more productive.
I plan my workouts for the week - Sundays
I plan my meals for the week - Sundays & Daily right when I get home from work
I make my lunch for the next day
I plan my business tasks for the week - Saturdays I plan my bills bi monthly - 15th & 30th (wealth building on these days too)
I plan my outfits the night before - Right when I get home from work I plan my laundry and food shopping for the week - Sundays
This way there is less on my lists if I plan most of my basic needs. Plus I don't have to run around in the morning when I would rather just be focused on my workout. Lists are great as long as we see progress right?
Workout today - Pilates 100
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Monday, April 13, 2009

Speaking YOUR Truth

This months Success cd is very good, this speaker talks about speaking "YOUR truth".

I love the fact that someone is guiding others on how to do that. I have always spoke my truth and have been blessed it has been very beneficial for me.

T - Tell it like it is
R - Request what you want
U - Understand the other persons point of view
T - Then ask why or for help
H - How to come to compromise

Decide what you want, explain what is expected, ask why, compromise. Sounds simple huh?

If we look at this on an individual basis I can tell you how it breaks down. I am not using her exact stuff I can only go by some of the points she made. I really need to write stuff down so I can remember better. They say the written word holds in memory better, I believe it!
Speaking "the truth" might go something like this.....For one example, say you want to change your opinion on how a friend feels about working out with you, when she's been skipping out on you. You could speak your truth by telling her, you would like her support to help you reach your goals. You have noticed the last 2 times you called her she had a reason not to workout and you understand shes busy. Let her know this concerns you because it is also for her benefit too, and how it surprises you that she does not want to keep this commitment, when she said she really wants to loose weight. Ask her what you can do to keep her on track so that you both can get the most of the buddy system workouts, because you expected her to be there for your support too.

Words like:
Don't have a lot of emotion in them, so they are good words to use. You won't cause someone to be so defensive if you give them the facts. Be careful like I have said before in blogs, about "absolute" words like always and never they are not very helpful at all.
Try to step out of your comfort zone next time you want to say something, maybe give this a go and see if you get the result you wanted.
And don't forget to speak your truth to yourself too......

Here is my workout:
4/11 Workout - Cardio
Mood - Ready to crank it up!
Wt - 123.6
Time in gym - 1hr 10 mins

30 min stair climber I did sprints of 30 seconds 5 times Boxing sprints and overhead jogs 4 times each Level 4 incline 15 20 min Level 10 incline 20 10 mins
40 mins pilates class and then a 45 min walk after dinner.

4/12 & 4/13 Off day

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ever Do A Single Leg Dead Lift?

These are some good form pictures of a single leg dead lift. I did much better with these today then the first time I did them. Like prone pikes you have to get your balance. That's what makes these type of moves so effective. You use more muscles trying to keep the control thus using more then one muscle group. Got to love these right? If you have never tried them, give it a whirl. You will see how your balance improves each and every time. I am doing these with 10lb DB and I would not go too heavy until you get the moves down. Some people do this with a bar bell thats much more advanced.
I can sure feel the difference in my legs and glutes and you will too. These WORK! And remember if you are just begining you don't have to use a weight at all, just work on the balance. There is a Yoga pose called balancing stick and that is how this move "in motion" would be like.
Here is my workout today, I did this workout at home just because I was to lazy to drive to the gym. Honestly T. what gives? Get up and go!
4/10 Workout - Lower Body
Mood - Cloudy lol...
Workout Time - 15 Minutes
Stats this week:
WT - 120 +.05
BF% 23.7
BMI% 20.6 + .01
2x20 Calve Raises Single Leg 10lb DB
2x20 Lateral Lunges 10lb DB
2x20 Hip Pop Ups Single Leg 10lb DB
2x15 Dead Lift Single Leg 10lb DB
Next week I will add the 5lb more and the extra sets. Today I will go for more cardio at lunch weather permitting. Yesterday at lunch I got in 3 sets of 20 14" step ups 100 oblique 50 crunches 15 minutes inclines 15 minute run Warrior pose & runners stretch.
Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do You Have Easter Traditions?

" We always think about the obstacles that cloud our view of the finish line and that discourage us. We must remember for every obstacle we tackle, it will bring us closer to our finish line. Will you tackle it or simply give up?" Written in 2009 by Jasper Tong --- Australia

As the holiday approaches there are so many temptations we must tackle. I felt this quote fit today. I am NOT giving up, and hope you feel the same.

Just like today at our office the vendors brought in tons of chocolate eggs, pinwheels, and jelly beans. As I was in the back kitchen making my lovely PLAIN oatmeal with apples (like a good Rockstar) I heard the comment "this place is making me fat". I said yes, it can and I believe me I hear that a lot! I am so blessed that right now I am so focused that stuff does not even appeal to me. Now as all of you know that read my blog, I love chocolate! But the thing is, once you start its very hard to stop. So I won't even go there.

This week many people will be enjoying time with family and church. You may even be lucky and have off Good Friday, I will be working. We have a breakfast at the church on Sunday and then service, it should be nice. I donated the flowers, the lovely pansies it should be really nice we expect many people for service.

Do you have Easter plans?
Easter traditions?

If you have little ones I am sure an egg hunt is in order. Now that my nephew is 11 he is not really into that so I sent a card with money. He loves money! I used to love the egg hunts, my mom used to put change in them and have 1 lucky egg. We always wanted the lucky egg it was the best. Seemed every summer then we would smell a rotten egg that got missed. Those are the fun traditions I remember. My great aunt also used to have a flat in the city and would make a cake, white with coconut shaped like a lamb. Each one of the kids got a little basket with candy goodies. We would go upstairs to the empty flat and play the piano and hid and seek.

No matter what you do for the holiday, for us its a time to spend with God. We will worship and be grateful that he is in control. All good things are happening in our life, and I feel very blessed. Happy Easter everyone! Have a safe and blessed holiday and travels, and I hope the Easter bunny brings you a basket of blessings.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grab Your Future With BOTH Hands

" Remember, grab you're future with both hands and mold it into what you want it to be. It's the determined, who create the life they want, while the idle sit by and watch it fade away into nothingness. The future belongs to the exceptional individuals, who can see the light of the future, at the end of the tunnel." Copyright © 2009 James Watson
I got some sad news about a co-worker that passed due to cancer last night. I felt this quote puts things in perspective. This man, Scott was a very good man and will be missed by many. He leaves behind 3 children and a wife, and many, many, friends along the way. May he rest in Gods hands. This morning as I was doing my core workout, I took time the time to do some good breathing and stretches. Just enjoying life and letting the feeling of freedom fill my body. It's good to do that, let your mind and body connect. As I continue to focus on my goals and my life directing it in the path I want it to go, I take time to reflect and see where I may need make changes.
Where have I grown?
What are the lessons?
How can I learn from that, listen to the universe and my intuition?
What have I done for fun?
Have I been creative?
Am I building my relationships?
Do I take enough time to be grateful & worship?
How do I treat my family?
Am I listening more then I talk?
Success to me is a well rounded life, one that is healthy, wellness, balanced and filled with things that bring me joy and happiness. It is something that I strive for everyday.
Do you?
Lets grab our future with both hands and make it what we want, you only get one shot. Be exceptional and see the light!
4/8 Todays workout - Abs/Core
Mood - Get'er done
Wt - 121.5
Workout time - 10 mins
25 slow roll down crunches
25 pilates pulses
20 obliques
Back stretches (laying with knees in & rolly polly) Deep Breathing
I plan to do a incline walk at lunch with some step ups. Finish with some Warrior & Triangle poses. Today was also a lower body day, but I am switching up my routine this week. I just felt I needed more of a pilates workout since I was feeling tight.
Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Walking Lunges

You can't get a better move then walking lunges to fatigue! Tough and effective, so go for it!

I posted this picture so you can see how effective the form must be with the knee. You never want to get that knee over the toe, this shows this very nice. T. gives it a 10!

Here is my workouts this week, and yesterday I posted my body changes and pictures so far, with lots of work still to do before my goal date of July. Yikes I will be 47!

Off Day
Wt 123
Mood - Focused
Workout time - 15 mins
DB step ups 10lb 2x30
Walking lunges to failure 10lb 2x25
Deadlift Roman DB 10lb 2x10
Glute ham raise 10lb 2x20
This is my 2nd day workout for this program, so I did these at home and down one set. These are just 4 moves but very tough, so much that I only did 2 sets this first time.
I think I am finally getting this set down, so next week I will do this at the gym. My arm feels fine with the 10lbs DB so next week I will do a bit heavier. I am thinking 15lbs we will see.
My new pics are posted, and I can see progress. All pics are relaxed and I will post the full changes split next go round. As far as chest, since I have been unable to work that area I have gained but that should come off fast. I enjoy chest, so I will be excited to get back to that training.
Diet was bad over the weekend, since it was moms 75th birthday party I had cake and carbs galore. But that's it on celebrations so I am good I am thinking till July. That's the plan....
Off to get the Rockstar Body......

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Numbers Are In

4/6/09 - relaxed poses

WT 121.0
BF% 23.5
BMI 20.8

Here is how my changes have progressed:

Chest 34"
Arms 11
Waist 29 1/2
Hips 35"
Legs - L 20" R 201/2"
Wt 120.5

Chest 35 3/4
Arms 10"
Waist 29"
Hips 33 1/8"
Legs - L 19 3/4" R 20"
Wt 121.0

You can see that my lower body workouts are reaping GREAT results. I am on my way to some amazing summer changes. I had a few diet set backs and with my moms 75th birthday party I had not done well on calories over the weekend but I am so focused now my trainer will be very proud of me.

I was shocked to have a 2" loss off my hips, and a gain on my chest. Not doing any upper body work during the last 6 weeks with this shoulder injury has set me back a bit. I have no mercy on my upper body so when the time is right and I am healed I will blast that in shape quick.

So these are the numbers, now I see the work that has to be done.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Lower Body Workout DONE!

Last night I got all the rest of the church plants finished and they look wonderful. I even put the new moss and the silk Easter lillies in the bottom with silk ivy an they look so good I should have taken before and after pictures lol. It was a challange to get the 2 plants in one pot but I got them in there. I plan to deliver them after work today and place them at the alter. I am very excited to see what pastor Jeremy and Stephanie think. I think the dust kept me up and I had trouble sleeping, I kinda have remissive asthma so I kept coughing every 1/2 hour. Today I feel fine, just a slight headache. I was just tired too because it took longer then I thought. My head hit the pillow at 10pm, but I feel pretty darn good today. Heck its going to be in the 60s so I hope to get some fresh air walk at lunch.
Instead of going to the gym, I decided to do to my workout at home since it was the first one. It went very well, I feel like a Rockstar! I forgot to do my weigh in today, but since I missed all this weeks workouts, I am not expecting much in the way of amazing numbers. Also I had some tater tots and missed my last protein shake, I had a coffee instead last night so I am sure that won't be of help. So far, my numbers have been good all week and I am very happy about that. Here is my workout today and I only used 10lb dumb bells just to see how my shoulder would feel. I have been putting off using them, instead using the machines just to be safe that I don't turn or move wrong and risk a longer injury.
Workout - Lower body Day 1
Mood - Ready!
Lateral Lunges 10lb 3x12
Single Leg Dead lifts 10lb 3x12
Single Leg Squats 10lb 3x12
Hip Pop ups w/weight on non-working leg 10lb 3x15
Calf raises 10lb 3x20
My shoulder feels good so I will up this next time to 15lbs and see how I feel. I could tell my back was a bit stiff but lets hope it works its way out. That may be from climbing the ladder to do the plants again last night.
Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Video vs Workout

I really want to consider this week a do-over for my workouts!

Tuesday started with a back problem, and by Wednesday it was completely out of balance. So then comes Thursday, NONE.
Last night I went to the chiropractor and it went well, he even did my wrist so I feel like my shoulder got some relief. He said I really need a massage I am very tight, well you don't have to twist my arm to get me to get a massage that's for sure. I will get that scheduled next week, there is even a school here that is near my work that only charges $25 because they are practicing for their licence.

After the doctors, I got ready for my fitness video shoot and left for bible study. Sure they all know I am a trainer so its very casual there and it was our first meeting so it was fine to be in all trainer gear. We are doing a study on "My Story" its really a great discovery study with a scrapbook to journal all about your family, life and how God has guided you or been in your life. I am very excited. We only watched the video on what we will be doing for the next 8 weeks, and then everyone was sharing why they wanted to take this journey.
For me it is for clarity and fellowship. I love to journal anyway so this will be a great keepsake down the road, its a very pretty book.

Then it was a rush to get to Granite City to this gym with 2 other trainers. I made it there on time and we got things set up and finished the video about 10pm. Sure hope it loads up good and I can use it. I was already tired but still had about 30 minute drive home. Sheesh needless to say by the time my head hit the pillow it was 11.45!

I set the alarm for 6am, and decide I was too tired and went right back to bed for another hour. I don't train well without being rested. Today was going to be my cardio day and although my business is very important so is my sleep and my fitness goals. I have not been to the gym all week, however my diet has been spot on! Karen will be happy about that and so am I.
Actually I did some poses at that gym and things are really starting to pop so I hope that my photos this weekend show that. I have been hitting it very hard and steady, consistancy always wins.

Tonight I have to work on cleaning the rest of the church plants, so they can be ready for Sundays service. I have much to do, so I am hoping to still get to bed early or atleast by 10pm. I have most of them prepped so I should be able to do each one in 30 minutes with the exception of the 2 that I am combining in a pot with plaster of paris.

Anyone ever use that stuff?

If you have any tips let me know because I will be using it tonight to hold 2 silk ficus trees into a pot. It was much cheaper then using styrofoam so I hope it sets up fast and easy.....YIKES!
Tomorrow will be the new ST training, lets hope all goes as planned this time, since last night Video won!

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Down For The Count... But NOT Out!

It's official, I have pulled out my back and must go to the chiropractor!

I got up at 5am put myself on the heating pad thinking I would be able to lift this morning at 6am. I was still in pain so I am not going to risk it with a new lift program. Since it rained yesterday, I am behind on cardio too so the plan is cardio tomorrow morning, and this lower body lift on Friday.

Last night I worked on the plants from the church and all I can think is that climbing the ladder up and down aggravated it and I got spasms about 3am. I was up every hour last night so disappointing.

Good news is I have been pretty good with diet, but I have not weighed in since Sunday. With new pictures this weekend, this is not making T. happy or pumped. I will still do the shots and have all my poses picked out, lets hope my other measures are as good as my waist is.
Here is my day one workout that I have planned for Friday. My workout is in days and I have 3 days per week (this is day 1)

DB Lateral Lunges 3x10-12
DB Single Leg Dead lift 4x8-12
DB Leg split squats 4x8-12 per leg
Single leg hip pop ups (like a 1 leg bridge and I will do these with a plate weight on non working knee) 3x16-18
Calf Raises 4x20-30
I will be doing 15-25lbs on these.

Down for the count......but NOT out of the game!

Off to get the Rockstar Body......