Monday, June 1, 2015

Small Space Patio Make Over!

T has been very busy making over The Barbie House!
I finally got the back yard done, with a patio and I love it so much! The space looks amazing now and I can have the girls over ;-)
This is my inspirational photo that I used:

And here is the start.........

Lots of digging and leveling. 

I also moved some border pavers to make a new section by my rose of Sharon bush to tie it all in. I will be adding a blue planter there with flowers also. 
I didn't want to cover where my poppies come up each year. 

Love it!

I am also going to add a fire pit, right on the edge on the right side from this photo. Moving that other planter in some towards the 2 entry pavers. 
They are 16" each. 

I also finished the side bed......and planted grass seed, this is the before. 

This is the after........

......and the front pond. I moved some out the little rocks and added just mulch and I like the cleaner look, it showcases the rocks better. 
And I added salvia next to the fence too. 

Thanks for reading.........
This is 8'x8' and cost +$232.00