Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy St. Pats!

Finally I got my blog to come up.......whew!
 I decided to celebrate the holiday in honor of my mom RIP and wear green! I hope you had a good one too, and that the luck'o the Irish stays with you all year long :-)

On the workout front:
Teaching Yoga 3 x a week
Teaching Boot camp 1 x a week
Walking/running on nice days

Last weeks Boot camp
Boot camp Drills:                                         (Wed 3/11/15)

•alternating knees to elbow
•parallel squats
•lizzard lunges
•alternating curtsy lunges

Bent over 1 arm row
Standing side bends w/db
Triceps extensions
Lunge twist w/db

Squat overhead press
Plank alt knee downs
Overhead db crunch
Wood chops

Waist rotation w/db
Lateral lifts
Single leg crunch w/db reach
Standing chest flys


Cool down stretch

Thanks for reading..........