Monday, April 27, 2015

New ART!

I got this great art piece, its BARK!
and I added some lilies.......

Been working on the flower beds too.........

Teaching 6 Yoga classes this week
Going to 2 Yoga Workshops

Yesterdays workout - 3 hours of lawn mowing whew!

Friday, April 17, 2015

New Patio Furniture at The Barbie House!

New Patio Furniture!
I love it, so comfy and more current. My old chairs were from so long ago they had rust. 
Then I got the 4 piece set so now I have 6 chairs in case of company.
See how the wicker runs along the side of the glass?
Love it!

I can't put it outside till all the damage of the garage and wall are done but I can't wait to sit out and put up the matching umbrella and enjoy summer :-)

Oh, here is the garage damage, poor Barbie House!

Yoga 3 x a week
Walking 5 times a week

Thanks for reading :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I love the Evelyn Hope Collection!
  • I

She has great totes, pillows, pins/necklaces. Some are perfect for fitness, Mother’s Day, Birthdays or almost any occasion. Kirsten started this business since her hubby is on his 3rd tour in Afghanastan.

I love the totes!
Functional, waterproof and machine washable, our totes are sweet reminders for everyday life on the go. A saying for everything :-)


According to the Press Release: Monterey, CA - Evelyn Hope Collection is a brand that celebrates the sweet little things in life, offering limited edition, unique decor and gifts that seamlessly transition into any aspect of living. Every custom design created by owner/founder Kirsten Tarman, is made with the intention to spread charm to the world.

Evelyn Hope Collection pillows bring inspiration into the home with two special messages; one on the front and one on the back so they can be mixed and matched depending upon the mood of the day. More than just throw pillows, they feature easily removable and washable covers in neutral colors and fabrics such as linen, tweed, and cotton. With a constantly growing collection of indoor and outdoor styles, Evelyn Hope Collection pillows will complement the theme and tastes of any home, special occasion, party or business.

Swarovski jeweled pins and necklace-pins adorn the collection. They are a decorative way to take an intention to-go, accessorize an outfit or purse & are interchangeable as pins or necklaces. The pins are specially designed with a straight back and smooth closure so they secure easily as they add a dash of magic to pillows, bags, scarves, jacket lapels, sweaters, hats, wreaths, boot straps, bouquets, table settings, and more. 

Lightweight, spacious & inspirational totes are sweet reminders for everyday life on the go. As with the pillows, each tote has two different designs/sayings on the front and back.  The totes are fun, functional, washable, fully lined and waterproof. Items can be thrown in, zipped up, and taken anywhere.

Each piece in the Evelyn Hope Collection carries a special meaning intended to bring joy to daily life. Everything conveys the power of the company’s positive messages to celebrate cherished moments and milestones. Prices range from $15 to $50. Kirsten Tarman is available for interviews and appearances.

108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces - Feng Shui

We all want a calming home, one free from stress and this new book could be just the right fit for new ideas on how to accomplish that!


108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces
Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes

New York, NY - FENG SHUI can change your life -- but learning how to use feng shui can be overwhelming to some. In her new book, “108 WAYS TO CREATE HOLISTIC SPACES: FENG SHUI AND GREEN DESIGN FOR HEALING AND ORGANIC HOMES” (168 pages, $22.95, ISBN-13-978-1502995643) architect, interior designer, and feng shui practitioner Anjie Cho clears the clutter and shows how to apply feng shui and green design principles to support and enhance one’s life. From the bedroom to the home office, with furniture placement and the use of color, Anjie describes simple, straightforward tips that will transform a home and workplace and improve the flow of energy throughout life.
Written for today’s world and lifestyle,”108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces: Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes shows:

·         How to position oneself in command of life
·         To clear and refresh space
·         Correct use of the feng shui bagua map
·         What colors to choose for maximum impact
·         How to incorporate the five elements
·         How to make every room in the home & workplace serve its highest purpose
·         To create eco-friendly spaces
·         To dedicate spaces to match intentions
·         To bring calm, inspiration, love and abundance to life and the world

About the Author Anjie Cho:
Anjie Cho is a registered architect and feng shui interior designer. Since 1999, she has been creating beautiful and nourishing environments. A graduate in Architecture from the College of Environmental Design at the University of California at Berkeley, Anjie is a sought-after expert in the fields of feng shui and green design. Anjie is also the founder of HOLISTIC SPACES, a blog and online store that integrates beauty, spirituality, and green design. Anjie is a LEED Accredited Professional and certified feng shui consultant from the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program. She lives in the Lower East Side of New York City with her husband and her Chihuahua, Javier.

Are You Ready To Submit To SALT?

Are You Ready To Submit To SALT? 
You don't eat it, its a new workout format!

After many years of research dancer and fitness expert Sheyla Cintron has developed a revolutionary new workout format called SALT, which stands for Sculpting, Aerobic, Lengthening Technique.

​The SALT program features the “SALT” Stick, created especially for SALT. Sheyla has combined her background in Pilates, strength training, martial arts and dance to create a truly unique format that will get you sweating and in shape in no time!

Check out her sample video

Sheyla Cintron has developed a revolutionary format/program (SALT) which stands for Sculpting Aerobic Lengthening Technique, featuring her own “SALT bar”. Sheyla has combined her background in Pilates, strength training, martial arts and dance to create a truly unique format that is plateau proof!​ ​ She is certified PMA, TRX, NASM & ACE.
SALT is super cardio, kick butt, “feel like you are dying” hybrid blends that Sheyla’s unique format with sculpting and strength training. This former Broadway International ballet star wants you to get your money’s worth. You will sweat, you will pant and you will get amazing results…guaranteed! 
Musical Theatre & Ballet credits, including Bolshoi & Broadway. 

About Sheyla:
Sheyla Cintron was classically trained in ballet. After graduating high school in Puerto Rico, she went to the Hartford Conservatory and got an associates degree in Dance pedagogy and performance while she danced with the Hartford and CT Ballet. While in CT she also danced with the Bolshoi Ballet for a summer! After graduation she moved to NYC were she got a full scholarship to dance at Steps on Broadway and later taught Beginner and Intermediate jazz in their youth program. She also toured with the dance troupe. She taught ballet in Puerto Rico and also master classes to youth throughout the island.
She became certified in Pilates after getting mugged in the subway and needing physical therapy for her hip injuries. Pilates helped her to a quick recovery so she could continue to dance.  Pilates was also the only thing that helped correct her severe scoliosis. She continued to teach Pilates in between shows and jobs.

She moved to CA to try acting. Hating the Hollywood lifestyle she decided to focus on fitness, her true passion.
At 8 years old she recorded her first work out video and choreographed it to music…very low budget (no budget) home video, but a pretty good one. She even cut and mixed her own music to the work out. Enter now:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Sign up for AcaciaTV and get unlimited streaming fitness videos combined with a support system of trainers and experts who will help you hit your fitness goals! Unlimited cardio, yoga, strength and dance for only $6.99 a month! 

Image: AcaciaTV. 

ACACIATV MAKES WORKING OUT EASY & ACCESSBILE TO ALL…(Trainer T. Fitness Blog reader use discount code TTFACACIATV 20% off any plan for 1 year.)

According to the press release: Silver Spring, MD, March 15, 2015 – Quickly becoming a go-to destination and community for health-conscious consumers looking for convenient and effective ways to keep their exercise regimens fun and fresh, AcaciaTV, RLJ Entertainment’s proprietary digital fitness channel features diverse, user-friendly routines and community support where viewers can interact and connect with top trainers. There is also a members’ only, private Facebook community where trainers and subscribers post questions and offer support. (US.Acacia.TV)

The new fresh workouts from the diverse group of AcaciaTV trainers are filmed especially for this digital platform and offer specialized workouts for all fitness levels in a variety of disciplines so subscribers can pick and choose and mix and match to fit their needs. AcaciaTV workouts include yoga, strength training, dance, barre, Pilates, abs and core, pregnancy, low impact, therapeutic, cardio, tai chi and kettlebell, among many others. The channel is for all fitness levels, offering workouts from beginners through advanced.

The AcaciaTV trainers & motivators include:

  • Kristin McGee; (Yoga/Pilates) is a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City. Kristin contributes to magazine, has created several fitness videos, and has trained celebrities such as Tina Fey, Savannah Guthrie, Steve Martin, and Bethenny Frankel.

  • Deazie Gibson (Strength Training/ CrossFit) is an international group fitness instructor and personal trainer, fitness model & flight attendant based in New York City & Chicago. Deazie is well known for applying her D3 Lifestyle (Drive, Discipline and Determination) in every aspect of her life. She is known for her effervescent personality and her athletic & creative approach to fitness.

  • Gerren Liles (Interval/ Suspension/ Strength Training) is a popular Equinox instructor and ReebokONE ambassador. Based in NYC, he is one of the Top 20 Bootcamp/Strength instructors on Gerren has helped to launch several of Equinox’s signature programs, including ViPR and Shockwave.

  • Amanda Young (Cardio Bootcamp/ Dance/ HIIT) has been a group fitness instructor and social worker for over 15 years, known for integrating her unique background to create a vision of success for her students, both inside and outside the studio. She holds several fitness (ACE) and training certifications, teaches at Equinox, and consults for fitness companies such as Reebok, Shape Up NYC and Lululemon.

  • Liz LeFrois (Stretch/ Pre-postnatal/ Kickboxing) is a certified tier 3 Equinox trainer. She has a BFA in dance that concentrates on exercise physiology. She is graduating from Brooklyn College this December 2015 with a masters in Kinesiology. Liz brings energy and excitement to her fitness classes and she is a form fanatic who believes that the more efficient and self-aware one is of their body, the more they benefit from exercise.

  • Alison Heilig (Fitness and Motivational Coach/ Blogger) is a fitness instructor and RRCA-certified running coach. She draws from experiences and lessons learned on her own journey from an unhealthy and inactive young adult to a now 70-pound lighter marathon runner and fitness enthusiast. Through its new Facebook community, Alison inspires Acacia TV members to establish goals, identify barriers to progress, develop and maintain focus, seek ways to enrich their lives and have fun getting in shape.

  • Kate Hanley (Author and Mind Body Coach/ Blogger) Kate Hanley helps busy women do the things that matter and stop stressing about the things that don’t. She does this as a coach, speaker, blogger and author (of The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide and the upcoming A Year of Daily Calm) and journalist. She is also a certified yoga teacher primarily for people who don't do yoga.

AcaciaTV is a subscription-based streaming service accessible at US.Acacia.TV, on Samsung Smart TVs, through Safari browsers on iPhones and iPads, and through its Roku channel. Members have complete access to more than 100 workouts in a diverse range of disciplines which they can stream anywhere and anytime. Each workout is approximately 20 minutes.

You can easily try out the service with its 10-day free trial. After the trial, AcaciaTV offers three different subscription options: monthly access ($6.99), 90-Day Burn ($14.99) or yearly subscription ($49.99). There are no commercials or popup ads on Acacia TV.

Join in socially:


Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend New Art!

I decided to add a new piece of art as my Easter gift!
Here is close up, its bark!
How cool is this? I was only $119 at Gordmans, plus I had a coupon bam :-)
It weighs a ton! My nice neighbor came over to hang it. 

Then I saw this inspiration photo and added some lilies. 

I love it!
So then it was off to work on the flower beds.........
2 Miles Sunday
3 hours yard work
2.5 miles Monday.

Feeling springy.........thanks for reading :-)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Boot Camp Drills

I thought I would post a few more of the drills I created for Wednesday class.........

Last nights workout at ZFit Studio in Fenton
Boot camp Drills: (Wed 3/25/15)

•alternating knees to elbow
•lizard lunges
•alternating curtsy lunges

X2 (Round 1 – 20 Round 2 – 10)
Updowns long edge w/db held overhead
Bavarian split lunge w/db at sides (at front of steps)
Squat thrust
Laying chest press to skull crusher (at long edge)
Plyo jumps
Tic-tocks w/sliding arm raises (not side bend)
DB swings alt R and L
Low squat jump back to plank
Table top hand to foot
Burpees (no push up)
Push up w/hand to shoulder
Wall sits add side crunch
Bicycle crunches

Last nights round house workout:
Boot camp Drills: (Wed 3/11/15)

•alternating knees to elbow
•parallel squats...
•lizzard lunges
•alternating curtsy lunges

Bent over 1 arm row
Standing side bends w/db
Triceps extensions
Lunge twist w/db
Squat overhead press
Plank alt knee downs
Overhead db crunch
Wood chops
Waist rotation w/db
Lateral lifts
Single leg crunch w/db reach
Standing chest flys

Last nights Boot Camp ROCKED at ZFit Studio Fenton
Boot camp Drills: (Wed 3/4/15)

Toe touches...
Toe touches
Lizard lunges

Step forward lunge w/curl
Step bench chest press to flys
Step decline plank w/row to triceps kick back
Goddess w/lateral 2 way lift
Plyo jumps
Push up w/shoulder touches
Roman twist
Bridge w/leg up then out to side
Mountain climbers
Side plank
Leg lifts

Last nights Drills at ZFit Studio, they ROCKED it!
Bootcamp Drills: (2/25/15)

Run in place...
Run in place
Lizzard lunges

Step squat w/side kick
Step walking push up
Step toe lunges at front of step w/DB overhead
Plyo jumps
Donkey Kicks
Plank tricep kick back
DB swings
Curtsy lunge w/bicep curl
DB side to side
DB Squat thrusts
Wall squats w/2 way lateral lifts
Plank Jacks
Mountain climbers
Hop overs

The Wall!

Finally getting the wall back to level........took a tracker!
And got the bunnies in the window for Easter :-)


I stayed in till the job was done, whew!

Classes are growing and everything is starting to "Spring up" yay!