Friday, August 4, 2017

BioLogic Revelation: The 10 Minute No-Sweat Anti-Aging Workout

Who doesn't have 10 minutes to workout?

BioLogic Revelation: The 10 Minute No-Sweat Anti-Aging Workout

According to the press release:
Franklin, TN- May 20, 2017 – With more than two hundred peer-reviewed research studies and
thirty years of success stories to support or prove Wayne Caparas’ conclusions, his new book
the BioLogic 10 Minute No-Sweat Anti-Aging Workout published by WestBow Press
(358 pages, ISBN 9781512775648) is available for purchase at ( and ) in both hard cover
($39.95) andsoft cover ($24.95.) 

BioLogic Revelation is a fitness/workout breakthrough that draws from an abundance of
independent research performed by many of the world's leading biologists and physiologists.
Together, these discoveries have revealed a powerful link between specific muscle fiber activity
over very short-durations and the ability to improve metabolic health, fight disease, and slow the
aging process. The 10 Minute No-Sweat Anti-Aging Workout is a fitness activity every person
should adopt—or at very least adapt into their current regimen.

The revelation leverages scientific research that exposes the destructive and possible deadly
results of long-term distance running and other forms of high-volume exercise. One could hardly
assemble a more highly-accomplished brain trust of experts than those in this book.
Their studies have collectively demonstrated that the strength building, metabolism
correcting, fat burning,heart strengthening, hormone balancing, diabetes destroying,
immune system boosting,cancer-fighting, joint healing, body shaping benefits of
BioLogic Workouts are rivaled only bytheir simplicity and ease—no matter age or
current shape.

Author Wayne Caparas began testing the revelation back in the nineties while he was at the
peak of his life as a fitness innovator and research journalist. Two decades later the scientific
 community has fully explained (down to the cellular level) the methods and protocols Wayne
 and his like-minded colleagues began preaching to deaf ears far too long ago.             

According to Wayne Caparas, “We finally have irrefutable scientific evidence that there is an
amazingly easy, level path to achieve all of the highest goals of exercise. And unlike all the
body-abusing, age-accelerating, time-wasting, and life-threatening approaches most enthusiasts
are pitching, BioLogic Workouts truly heal and strengthen your body in very little time with
no sweatrequired. We now know that fitness is not a function of the quantity of your work, but
the qualityof the stimuli you apply to specific muscle fibers in very small doses.
This is the BioLogic Method.”

About the Author
Just before the turn of the century, Wayne Caparas emerged as a true fitness trailblazer, as his
award-winning chain of health clubs gained acclaim among the most innovative organizations 
in fitness. Also a publisher in the genre of women’s fitness, he co-developed Vie Magazine 
and was instrumental in the creation of Oxygen Magazine. He lectured for the American Council 
on Exercise and IHRSA, and broke new ground as a contributing editor and research journalist 
for Oxygen and other publications, all while pioneering televised obstacle course events that 
gained high praise from ESPN. Following a series of serious joint injuries, Caparas was struck 
with a debilitating thyroid disorder. He soon liquidated his interests in the fitness industry 
and began deep research and experimentation into the healing theories that sparked
“BioLogic Revelation.” Now well into his 50s, Caparas is stronger and healthier than ever. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year, New Poses!

It took a while to master this one, now I am starting to perfect it :-)

I have been able to do this pose on both sides, and now am working on head and handstands now that my ear is better. 

I have set my lofty goals for 2017:
Less Chocolate
Better lunches, sorry Smoothie King
More fun
Yoga Workshops
and of course, spending less. 

Last year, I cut back on shoes and only bought 3 pair all year :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New DVD from Ballerina & Fitness Pro Rachel Speck


Where Ballet Meets Fitness

New DVD from Ballerina & Fitness Pro Rachel Speck

Fitness Pro Rachel Speck


New DVD from Ballerina & Fitness Pro Rachel Speck

According to the press release:

Professional Ballerina turned fitness professional, Rachel Speck, has combined her two loves and created “Tendu Toning” a revolutionary, fusion workout that brings together the toning of ballet with the strength of body building.  Rachel Speck, owner of Speck Fitness, created “Tendu Toning” as a way for her, and other dancers, to stay strong, and in tiptop ballet shape, and to help anyone achieve a ballet dancer’s body without spending years training. 
The “Tendu Toning” DVD (60 minutes, $25.00, is a total body workout that fuses traditional ballet techniques and positions and combines them with weights, resistance, and increased repetitions to maximize results in a short amount of time. Tendu, means to stretch or extend the leg, and in Speck’s program, when Tendu meets with toning a heart pumping, calorie burning workout is borne.

Arabesque grande-battements and second position plie’ glides are just some of the fun ballet fitness moves viewers will perform with “Tendu Toning.”  A simple ballet step called an attitude, when combined with weights and repetitions, is one form of how the “Tendu Toning” method works to gain long, lean muscles while releasing the ‘inner ballerina.’  Rachel guides viewers through a total body workout with help from Daniella, who does the advanced portion, while Ally demonstrates modifications for beginners.
The DVD is divided into sections, or various series, that include a warm-up of all muscles and body parts as Rachel stresses the importance of proper breathing while raising the heart rate. A barre or chair are required for the workout, along with a small ball and resistance band. Ankle weights and small hand weights are optional.
First up, after the warm up is the Squat series that works the legs, glutes and hips. Then, the Attitude series works the glutes, hamstrings and back. The 2nd Position series requires a small glide disc. A paper plate or power towel can be substituted depending on surface. The 2nd Position section incorporates squats, leg stretches and arms. The Band Kick Back series uses the resistance band to work the legs and back, while the Lunge series continues with the glide, and incorporates hand and ankle weights on the barre. The program continues with floor work for Arms and Abs, and ends with stretches and cool down.
More about Rachel:
Rachel does private training sessions, teaches group Tendu Toning classes, ballet classes for kids, as well as private ballet lessons. Rachel currently resides in Miami Beach, FL. For more information on Rachel Speck, The Tendu Toning DVD, along with Speck Fitness clothing, glide, balls and resistance bands go to her website