Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New DVD from Ballerina & Fitness Pro Rachel Speck


Where Ballet Meets Fitness

New DVD from Ballerina & Fitness Pro Rachel Speck

Fitness Pro Rachel Speck


New DVD from Ballerina & Fitness Pro Rachel Speck

According to the press release:

Professional Ballerina turned fitness professional, Rachel Speck, has combined her two loves and created “Tendu Toning” a revolutionary, fusion workout that brings together the toning of ballet with the strength of body building.  Rachel Speck, owner of Speck Fitness, created “Tendu Toning” as a way for her, and other dancers, to stay strong, and in tiptop ballet shape, and to help anyone achieve a ballet dancer’s body without spending years training. 
The “Tendu Toning” DVD (60 minutes, $25.00, www.speckfitness.com) is a total body workout that fuses traditional ballet techniques and positions and combines them with weights, resistance, and increased repetitions to maximize results in a short amount of time. Tendu, means to stretch or extend the leg, and in Speck’s program, when Tendu meets with toning a heart pumping, calorie burning workout is borne.

Arabesque grande-battements and second position plie’ glides are just some of the fun ballet fitness moves viewers will perform with “Tendu Toning.”  A simple ballet step called an attitude, when combined with weights and repetitions, is one form of how the “Tendu Toning” method works to gain long, lean muscles while releasing the ‘inner ballerina.’  Rachel guides viewers through a total body workout with help from Daniella, who does the advanced portion, while Ally demonstrates modifications for beginners.
The DVD is divided into sections, or various series, that include a warm-up of all muscles and body parts as Rachel stresses the importance of proper breathing while raising the heart rate. A barre or chair are required for the workout, along with a small ball and resistance band. Ankle weights and small hand weights are optional.
First up, after the warm up is the Squat series that works the legs, glutes and hips. Then, the Attitude series works the glutes, hamstrings and back. The 2nd Position series requires a small glide disc. A paper plate or power towel can be substituted depending on surface. The 2nd Position section incorporates squats, leg stretches and arms. The Band Kick Back series uses the resistance band to work the legs and back, while the Lunge series continues with the glide, and incorporates hand and ankle weights on the barre. The program continues with floor work for Arms and Abs, and ends with stretches and cool down.
More about Rachel:
Rachel does private training sessions, teaches group Tendu Toning classes, ballet classes for kids, as well as private ballet lessons. Rachel currently resides in Miami Beach, FL. For more information on Rachel Speck, The Tendu Toning DVD, along with Speck Fitness clothing, glide, balls and resistance bands go to her website www.speckfitness.com

Monday, May 23, 2016

New Workout DVD - In Light of Change by Julie Rammal

Chateaux de la Vie Airchartering To Take Fitness To Higher Altitudes With Holistic Trainer Julie Rammal’s DVD Aboard For New Evolutionary Flying

In Light of Change…

 New workout DVD!
According to the press release........
Put your trays up and breathe as Chateaux de la Vie charters now offers Julie Rammal’s Evolutionary Way to Fitness for the first time in flight.  Yes, there’s now an evolutionary way to fly, thanks to having holistic Trainer Rammal’s DVD, “In Light of Change” aboard as you and she both jet into the U.S. market.  It’s an inspiring, transformational product created by the celebrity personal trainer and leading holistic fitness practitioner, Julie Rammal, (www.jsport.co) who poses the revolutionary question: “Are you connected or disconnected to yourself?” 


“The collaboration and having Julie’s inflight training is perfect for our clientele as they can now enjoy their trip literally to the core!,” said Peter B. Lindgren Jr., President & Chairman, Chateaux de la Vie Airchartering, Inc.   “Having her DVD available to our clients for their private jet trips and occasionally having her aboard is a perfect fit,” added Lindgren.


Julie Rammal will be jetting to South Florida to meet with her new affiliate and partner on this holistic venture and will be attending a fashion show party which JSport and Chateaux de la Vie Airchartering, Inc. are sponsoring along with companies such as Lamborghini Broward.  “Photographer Jake Mazzone will capture the training session on our jet with Rammal, showing how busy minds and technology-absorbed bodies can peacefully and exuberantly reconnect during Chateaux de la Vie flights.


Holistic fitness developed by Rammal enables reconnecting the inner you with your outer form, creating an empowering unity of mind and body. Her unique brand of holistic fitness combines the best of modern and ancient fitness training techniques, alternative medicine and complimentary movement to create a new, more robust and attractive outer form that better defines who you really are inside.


Rammal’s DVD “In Light of Change” offers Lung Tonic, an exercise to counter bronchitis, colds, coughs, influenza; Core-Immunity reaching  where immunity is stored, releasing nourishment and protection; Posture Re-Alignment for back problems; Power Butt for losing weight in  thighs and hips, possibly from childhood anger stuck there, and Cellulite Release illiminating stored cellulite, from possibly anger and self-punishment.


Julie Rammal’s holistic training improves mood and well being, removes toxic layers, renews oneself in and out while flying.  To reconnect holistically to yourself, get a copy of the DVD, schedule an interview or attend the event, call (831) 656-0553.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Guest Post: The Best Fitness Food For Women

Today is a guest post..........yay

The Best Fitness Food For Women

Blasting away stubborn fat, building lean muscle, and toning up is nowhere near as easy as
those late night infomercials would have you believe it to be.
Those snake oil salesmen are going to try and peddle you the latest and greatest weight
loss/muscle building gizmo, gadget, or formula of ingestible glop all while promising the moon and the
stars as far as results go (for just 9 easy payments of $19.95, no less), understanding the whole time
that the only thing they are really selling is disappointment.
Thankfully though, you really can speed up your weight loss or muscle building results –
creating the beach ready body of your dreams – in no time at all, just by choosing the best fitness
foods for women.
Here are four of the top super foods you’ll want to start weaving into your daily diet ASAP!
1. Avocados get the fat burning fires going
Loaded with all kinds of healthy fats (and tasty, too), you’re going to really love everything that
avocados bring to the table.
Researchers at the University of Buffalo have long proven the health boosting properties of this
superfood. Filled with monounsatured fats that lower cholesterol, proteins that speed up muscle
repair, and all the building blocks you need to jack up your metabolism, this is a super fitness food
you need more of in a hurry!
2. Carrots aren’t just great for eyesight
When prepared the right way (gently roasted or pan glazed in a little bit of butter) carrots are
going to almost trick you into thinking you’re eating a dessert – when in reality you’re chowing down
on a real deal super food!
Packed with complex carbs that cannot easily convert into fat but instead produce a reasonable
and consistent supply of energy when you need it most, the potassium that carrots have in them will
also even out your blood pressure and slow down your muscle contractions.
3. Chicken breasts, thighs, and drumsticks
Probably the tastiest of all the cheap lean protein sources, you can prepare chicken in only about
a million and one different ways – and every cut is packed with the protein your body needs after a
workout to get you back to better than brand new quickly.
Tasty, versatile, and filled to the brim with protein (and incredibly inexpensive), there’s a reason
why so many world class bodybuilders, elite athletes, and top fitness models the world over eat
chicken on a daily basis.
4. Chocolate Milk?!
Milk definitely does a body good, but there’s nothing quite like being able to calm down a
craving for sweets with a glass of chilled chocolate milk. If you’re willing to put in a bit of extra  
time you should look to melt down real deal dark chocolate to be added, but in a pinch that
bottled syrup will do.
Limit your intake to avoid overloading on simple carbs and you’ll still be able to get quite a bit of
extra rapidly digestible protein while kicking your cravings for junk food to the curb. It doesn’t get any
better than that!
About the Guest Blogger:
My name is Vera and I love everything about modern cooking and kitchen tips! Me and my sister recently started a blog, (http://kitchenexpert.org) mostly about cooking while using modern kitchen gadgets, I think they are really helpful these days. We also have some videos there and products reviews - actual review of products we tried.

Monday, May 2, 2016

House Updates!

So I repainted my bathroom......this is what it did look like:
And now, Ivory and tan...........

And the back yard has come a long way, I have it all together now!
Super happy :-)
and with lights on.......
Remember it started like this.........

Now if only I could do the kitchen like this!

Inspiration huh?

Thanks for reading........