Thursday, July 29, 2010

P90X Round 3 Lean Day 6 Shoulders and Arms

Oh to have Dreyas Bod, talk about motivation!

This morning I woke up refreshed after going to the chiropractor yesterday after work, I slept so much better.

Thanks Dr. Burns!

So far I am doing better today on this meal plan. I did have only a few extras yesterday, it is all about consuming a bit less calories but with high good fats.
I added a few extra carbs, I entered them in as brand cereal but it was Quaker Oats oat square cereal and I had about 10 squares for dessert.

This next week I will get some jello, and curb my dessert cravings.

I also froze some bananas to make some ice cream too. Any ideas or recipes you have on using frozen naners let me know. I have never used them like this and not sure how to make them. They were already soft bananas. (and they are NOT on my meal plan so I can only have about a 1/2 c)

Today's workout was P90X Round 3 Lean Day 6 and I really RAWKED it!

I plan to keep at the 10lb dumbbells for now, in a few weeks I will up that to 15lbs. Just to be safe with my injury, BUT I am feeling strong and S-E-X-Y already! ........Take that 30 year reunion!

Workout - P90X Shoulders and Arms
Mood - Brrrrring it!
Wt = 119
Workout time = 25 minutes
Cals burned = 160

Warm up:
50 Jacks
Run lunges
High knees / wide /narrow
Butt kicks

Alternating shoulder press 10lb db 2x12
In and out bicep curl 10lb db 2x16
Two are tricep kick back 10lb db 2x12
Deep swimmer press 10lb db 2x12
Alt one arm concentration curls 10lb db 2x12
Chair dips - 25

Ps here is the HoopBody workout story from yesterdays blog and more


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