Friday, February 27, 2009

Determination To Sell Yourself YOU

Determination to sell!
Did you know everyone has the skill of selling?

Some are better then others, but even at a small age we learn to sell.If your saying.. "what I am not a sales person, or I hate sales people!"Your fooling yourself...and trust me if you have children, they're are already a very good sales person if they get their way a lot. Yes, they find the tools to get the "yes answer". Here is a sales approach from a child when you say "No you can't have that toy" What comes next? cry scream, I love you mommy.. whatever tactics works on you is the one they will use. Result driven.

Same thing when you see a movie or buy anything you really love, you go and sell it to others. Well you don't get the commission but yet you do go and tell someone get this or see that right?How do you know if your good as sales? You get people to do or buy the recommended thing. Simple huh?Everyone should have sales skills, they are like a needed life skill and you can increase them daily. How? By showing value to this person, not to yourself. Will it make their life better in some way? If so and if emotionally it is something that moves them you are sure to make the sale.

I know your thinking Trainer T. where is this all going?

Well sales is results driven, and fitness is sales if you want results.Huh, yeah its sales to yourself everyday. You have to sell yourself on the results you are going to get by putting in the work to get there. Just like a sales person may have to do many things to "close" a sale and get a result you will too.

YOU need to sell yourself on why you want to be fit, then be driven to get results.You need a why (do it) and then the plan of how to close the sale. (I will get up early and go, or I will pencil in a workout at lunch, or I will get a dedicated workout buddy to keep me going).Do your homework and find out why you want to be fit. If its a goal date for a reason then you will achieve that goal and hopefully sell yourself to keep the healthy lifestyle of fitness. Getting started is the hardest but also the most practice your skills of selling on yourself, show the value and close the sale.

2/27Workout - Lower body & abs
Mood - Reved!
Wt 122
BF% 23.9
BMI% 20.9
Gym Time - 45 mins
Cals = 40
5 min stepper warm up

Last sets 15 reps ... oh yeah KILLER!
3x10 60lb leg squats
3x10 140 leg press
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 hyper extensions
3x15 standing reverse ab machine
50 pilate pulses
Splits stretch

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Turn Me ON!

" The best motivation is self-motivation. The guy says, "I wish someone would come by and turn me on." What if they don't show up? You've got to have a better plan for your life." Jim Rohn

What a dreary day today, good thing I turned my own motivation on! I was feeling TOM but decided oh TOM TOM was not going to hinder my planned workout.

Always have a plan!

How can you know where you are going with out one? My goodness its great to have goals but without direction and a plan you got nothing, notta, zilch! So many de-railments can set in. Oh life just keeps on ticking and as they say time waits for no one so TURN ON and get going. You only have you to blame if you don't or even if you fail, so what its all on YOU.

My advise has always been give yourself the edge. I know your saying "Trainer T. how do I give myself the edge"??? I have kids, I have school, I have responsibilities and I am tired. Well here is the secret so listen close. MAKE YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. Yes and by doing that you will have the edge over yourself. Hum, how do you do that exactly?

1. Have a plan of what your going to do for the day BEFORE the day starts. Yes, make your plan the night before or even a few days before if you can. Block it down to time frames, work by calendar...YOUR important so pencil yourself in.

2. Stick with like minded people that lift you up, check up on you and keep you on course. This could be a friend, SP, a workout buddy or spouse.

3. Feed your brain with good food, read and study things that are in line with your accountability's. Like the fitness books, motivational cds or the bible.

4. Just like savings, pay yourself first! Make yourself the priority then everything else. How can you be a better person if you are not focused on yourself? Put stock in YOU.

5. Make 1 change a day or week. Its not easy but it makes you have to stay aware and accountable.

6. Post notes every where of what you want, and how great you are, be your own best cheerleader. You will see that your mind will change and you will gain motivation from practice. So give yourself and edge, what works for you to stay TURNED ON and accomplish those goals and dreams.

Here is my workout:
2/26 Workout - Cardio
Mood - TOM need I say more???
Wt - 125.6
Cals = 310
Gym Time = 40 mins

Straight cardio today on the elliptical. 30 mins only 3 sprints at 30 seconds each. I did level 12 5 mins, level 15, 15 mins, level 20 10 mins all at resistance 4. Turn Me ON and watch me go!

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Split And Mixed Set Workouts

I miss my upper body workouts!
You know how they say you don't know how bad you miss something until its gone?
Well that's me on upper body weight lifting.
I can't wait until this shoulder injury is completely healed.
I love the feel of push ups, planks, prone pikes and bench presses.
These make me feel like a strong woman and I miss that feeling. For now I will still concentrate on lower body, cardio and core until I am fully recovered.
As a trainer I rotate my body parts in order to be sure all areas are worked and lately I can't do that so its been difficult mentally. Some people do split days, others do rotations or full body. I personally find it easy for me to choose full body on the weekends since I have more time and I take Mondays off. I do upper/lower splits for the rest of the week.
What that means is you do a split you may just do all back and chest, next workout biceps and tris then your next workout legs, glutes,calves, next workout lats, shoulders and core/abs. I do an upper body split or lower body split because it works well for me. Sometimes people like to compound the moves or even stack them. I like a stack approach or a drop down just to mix things up. I would not want the body to get used to any one thing and not work as hard as it is able. You either add weights each set or take them away, NICE!
You can also do sets to fatigue which I like for back and shoulders which is just a higher set of reps with say 4 sets or crank them out till you can not do any more without sacrificing form. Set mix up works great to change things up, like going from a 3x10 to a 4x8 if you have never done that its a nice way to build lean mass and I recommend trying it. For great competitive workouts check out one of my favorite links, Body its listed below on my favs list.
Workout - Lower body lifts & Abs
Mood - Make it count! TOM coming
Wt - 123.0
Cals = 35
Last sets = 12 reps

3x10 60lb squats
3x10 140lb leg press
3x10 55lb laying glute
3x10 40lb standing glute
3x10 hyper extension
2x15 standing ab machine
50 obliques - bent knee on side
50 crunches basic
25 flat body pulses

Feeling great and cant wait to do my upper body again. I did not do my splits stretch I got to the gym a bit late because of TOM. I added 2 reps to each of my last sets, tough love there!

Off to get the Rockstar Body....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Was It Fear?

" Change has considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better." King Whitney Jr.

Every day I am striving to do better with my goals. I have decided I won't be perfect but that I can do better, I can always strive for more. The changes I have made so far this week is my physical appearance of my hair and by adding 10lbs on to my squats and leg presses. I know these little things can add up to keep me excited about changes. I also bought some walnuts also for a change along with my almonds and have been enjoying my chocolate non fat cottage cheese pudding. Now I am not going to lie, I could do much better still and will.

I love spring time because its a time of change, another season to start off fresh and know that sunny, warm days are right around the corner. Yes, shorts and little tops with cute sweaters and strappy sandals. Just thinking of this change motivates me to be ready, ready for more skin exposure!

Self motivation and control are very hard to master but if you have the confidence in yourself and the desire to change you can do it. I will continue to keep challenging myself so I can take myself to another level. I was going to have to host our meeting alone tonight. I was not up to the challenge, I had to tell my partner I could not do this meeting without him. Its going to be twice as many people and at a new location we have never been at.

Was it fear?

Maybe it was fear holding me back, or maybe I felt what if I don't do as well as when we are doing them together? Will I be a failure and not help us grow because of a missed opportunity? That is why I picked this quote today, I needed to remind myself this. I do have the confidence but I also have fears like everyone else doing something new or out of your comfort zone.

I guess I feel like so much is riding on this that I don't want to "mess it up". Maybe I need more practice and then I will be ready to step up and take the full reins. Maybe I just need the support you know of someone there for you.

Have you even been where you want to step up but fear is there? Its ok, we can all overcome that if we take it one step at a time.

If your afraid of a new project, workout or situation just break it down in steps or get with someone already that knows it and watch and learn. Thats one thing I love about trainers is that we can show you then you can face the fear of doing it on your own.

I will stay hopeful, next time I will be ready for the challenge that exist to make me better.

Workout : Cardio
Mood: so-so
Wt: 125.0
Gym time = 40 mins
Cals = 350

30 Minutes straight cardio. I did 3 sprints on level 15 and 3 sprints on level 20 - that was tough so I just did 30 seconds!

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend About Town

This weekend was great for my workouts and for being about town. I went to a wellness healthy planet convention, it was very fun and interesting. Lots of all natural and organic things going on that are so much better for everyone. If you have never been its a good start to open your eyes on ways to be "Earth friendly" and understand how we can take better care of ourselves naturally. This is why I love the product I use Nutrazon. Its a great way to take care of your body all natural and vegetarian friendly since its all plant based. They had so many products from the earth there it was amazing.

Had an inspiring message at church Sunday, about love and love languages. I find it interesting because it really helps with communication, I mean if you know what matters to someone you are more apt to make them happy right?
Like if you are someone and your language is acts of service and you run around and do all kinds of things for someone and their language is quality time they won't really see what you are doing. They will just feel like, I just want time with you not the time you are spending doing these nice things for me.

Really made sense to me on how to handle my relationships, not just at home but work and church as well. Its what matters to the other person that shows love.

Off day

Workout - Legs, glutes & abs
Mood - Happy
Wt 125
Cals = 40

5 min stair climber warm up
3x10 60lb squats - up 10lbs
3x10 140 leg press - up 10lbs
3x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 55lb laying glute
3x10 hyper extensions
2x50 bicycle crunches off the bench
3x12 standing abs machine
25 reverse curls stomp ceiling
50 obliques
spits stretch

Workout - Cardio
Mood - Rockstar
Wt - 125.0
Cals - 350

Straight cardio elliptical 3 levels 12,15,50 and resistance 4 & 5 with interval jogs

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

Friday, February 20, 2009

Less is MORE!

Less is MORE!

I think I got in some great workouts the last few weeks, I am feeling tight and making progress. Or so I thought...... I was excited last week to have a drop of 1% body fat and after a pretty good diet week I realize Valentines day did me in. (or Starbucks) I lost 1/2 pound which is good its keeping me steady at lean mass, so for that I am doing the happy dance. The rest of the stats not so much!

2/20 Wt 121.0
Bf% 24.5
bmi 20.8

I just knew I would be down another 1% by the definition I am seeing in abs but not the case. I have kept close to my ranges for the last 2 weeks and will not let this set me back. I have come to get down this yucky diet of plain oatmeal and lower carbs and if I can do this I know I will reach goal by July. Here was the pit fall, not enough chicken for my protein. When I have 1 chicken breast a day I reach my protein goal, if not I usually am too low. Since I am out of whey protein this is totally setting me back, so that is on the list to get next visit to GNC.

Today I had decided to add 10lb on to my leg lifts, squats and leg presses and on the last set crank out 15 reps instead of 10...and I DID! I can't really tell if my glutes are getting bigger or not because I REFUSE to take new pictures or measurements till the end of the month. This gives me one more week to get there, and stay away from any non fat Starbucks drinks and bad food choices. At the last meeting at the Bread Co. I had black coffee, so going forward that's going to be the plan.

2/20 Workout today:
Workout - Lower body & Abs
Mood - Fired Up!
Cals = 55

7 min stepper warm up
3x10 60lb squats - last set 15
3x10 140lb leg press - last set 15
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 40lb standing glute
3x15 standing ab machine
3x10 hyperextension
50 crunches off bench
50 reverse crunches

Something really bothered me today with watching others at the gym lift heavy. I see such sloppy form, and want to state that less is more. Why is less more? When it comes to lifting heavy your much better having less reps or weight and doing the movement complete to full range then cheat yourself trying to crank out more, with sloppy form.


Here as an example, you are doing a cable back row. I see this so much, you will see someone actually almost "leaning" too far back to crank out the last few. What does that engage? NOT the back. It starts compromising the move, so that biceps are being used if they lift up just enough they will engage the chest by dropping the shoulders and will not be using the back.

Why don't people stop when this happens? or drop down?

Usually its a few things:
They think they will get bigger faster with heavy
They may think the form is good
They may have an ego
They may not have been taught properly
They may be between weight plates

So let me remind everyone of a great resource. A live trainer or u-tube trainer. If you actually look up a move, pick a very fit person or trainer and watch and then use a mirror and practice. Once you know how you should do it, and get that correct form you will be able to do it correctly with better results. If you are engaging the correct muscles you will see the results exactly as they should be, and you will be amazed. So yes, less is more in this situation.

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Only Thing In Your Way Is YOU!

Today I decided to hit on a subject that I know much about in my own life, and maybe others can relate. This statement was said by a speaker that it basically means "Don't let yourself stand in YOUR own way". Your mind can keep you from reaching your goals by the way you think and if you feed it proper food to make it grow, and change, it does makes it easier.

If I think about it I have stood in the way of myself and my goals, but now I am changing all that. Have you ever done that? What happened with me was that maybe I felt afraid, or out of my comfort zone and even though I wanted to make that change, I talked myself out of it. Not that I am not sure of myself I am, and very confident but when you try to go somewhere you have never been it can be hard and even scary at times. Maybe it just wasn't time yet, but the desire is there now.

In order to do networking and grow my business of Nutrazon I have to continually do things like talk to strangers, find better ways to train and present myself to find people that want to truly change their financial situation and their life. People say they want to but really many do not. They will talk like they want to, but the actions prove otherwise.

Its like that with fitness, health and wellness. I mean who would not want to change your performance of your body? Many people will find a way to talk themselves out of it or find an excuse. Even when I give them a live demonstration, they will say yes and then never do anything. Crazy.

Are you like that?

So if you are given an opportunity to change, will you? do you have what it takes to talk back to yourself and say "I really want this" or not?

I don't think it is anything other then a mindset, and habits that make it hard for someone to change and stand up to yourself. Like say you want to loose weight and get fit, and I write you a program. I will follow up every day and see how those changes are going, motivate you and keep you thinking in the right way. If you want it bad enough, you will do it. If you don't you will find a way to stand in your own way.

It could be:
I am too tired
Its too hard
I got home late
I had some function
The kids
I had.........I can't.......I ......basically won't stand up to myself, make myself a priority and change myself or my life. Its your safety mechanism to cheat yourself out of becoming a better YOU.

Its ok, we all do it or have done it one way or another. Like the saying goes, if you want something bad enough you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse. Will it be easy to work my business and change, NO but that's ok. There are millions of people that will stay in the 97% that just go on living the standard status quo. I am NOT going to be one of them. I won't let ME stand in my way anymore!

How about you? Are you willing to? You know you CAN DO IT... really you can. Just take steps everyday to change your mindset.......I am!

Workout - Cardio
Mood - Tierd
Wt 240.0
Time - 30 mins
Cals = 300

30 minutes elliptical. 10 minutes level 12 resistance 4 - 3 30 second sprints and 1 1 min sprint 10 minutes level 15 resistance 4 - 3 1 minute overhead jogs 10 minutes level 20 resistance 4 - 2 30 second sprints.

Off to get the Rockstar $$$ and Body...........

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today I got one of the best compliments. Someone at work said to me "you are the happiest person I know". It just doesn't get any better then that! I really believe if you align yourself in "your world' where you should be, you can be really happy. When I say align, I mean surround yourself with things and people you like and enjoy. Then watch good things happen, watch God work.

I also feel if you take care of yourself and have faith and belief in yourself you can become who you want to be. Learn and grow from all your life's challenges and turn them into a positive and see how you can attract better things to yourself. You really can, if you really want it.

Workout - Lower body, abs

Mood - Excited
Wt 124.0
Time = 40 mins
Cals = 50

5 min stair climber warm up
3x10 60lb squats
3x10 55lb lay glute press
3x10 40 standing glute
3x10 120-140 leg press
3x10 hyper extensions
3x10 standing ab machine
3x10 10-20lb chest press

I tried a few chest press just to see how I feel and some cable back rows at 25lbs. I am going to wait 1 more week before I start lifting. I could feel the strain so best to be more recovered then have a set back.

Mean while I will add more core on, mostly floor work not planks and my push ups will have to wait as well another week.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Straight To The Point

Today's workout was straight to the point.

Ever have a workout day that is just so good, you know it, do it, and move on to starting the day out right? That was my day. After a much needed long nights rest I got up to do my cardio workout.

Workout - Cardio
Time in gym - 40 minutes
Wt. 124.6
Cals burned = 310

5 minutes elliptical warm up followed by
10 minutes on level 12 resistance 4
10 minutes level 15 resistance 4
10 minutes level 20 resistance 4
5 minute cool down

I did 2 sprints on level 12 and 2 sprints level 15 of 1 minute each

I usually do a much more variety when I am doing an HIT cardio then straight cardio like this for a challenge. However if you decide to do a straight cardio I still recommend changing it up, even if you just run manual as I do. I like to keep the control of my workout and heart rate, others like the machine to do it for them.

Am I control freak?

Maybe, OK, YES when it comes to training. Because if not, it factors in many ways to be less effective. And I don't know about other peoples workouts, I only know I like to take full advantage of my time and be as efficient as possible. I am not someone that walks around aimlessly, time is too precious.

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fireproof - A Must See Movie

I had a great Valentines weekend, got to have a steak dinner and see a very touching movie called Fireproof.

If you have never seen it, and are in a relationship you should see it REALLY! I cried like crazy it was so moving, and how they change the marriage they have into one that is amazing, is so touching. No dull moments in this movie. I am very glad I got to see it at my church, it is a true eye opener for the mind and spirit.

I think we all have moments when we think we are doing good things but can do so much better. I would see this movie again and if you have seen it let me know your thoughts on it. T gives it a 10!

It takes a fireman's life and gives him a 40 day challenge from his father on how to change his relationship. During this time he goes through some very tough growing pains personally and in his relationship. She the woman that plays his wife also has some major personal growth, and insight on what is really important to her.

One thing I did notice about this movie is how I was affected by similar things in my life, or experiences I have had in the past. I really don't think there is anyone that has not had at some point in life, one of these type of situations that they could see and grow from experiencing this movie.

I even reflected back on my parents relationship in this movie, that is how powerful it is. I can see now some of the things they may have been going through as I was growing up, and I now have more empathy on the situation because of this movie.

So if you want to "Fireproof your relationship" see this movie, I think you will really like it. I did.

Weekend Workouts 2/14-2/15

Today I am still a bit under the weather with the sniffles so I am very happy that it is my off day from the gym. I take 1 day per week to be off from the gym and I use "guilty Monday' for that. I call it that, like most of us gym rats because all the people that ate and drank excessively over the weekend are there.

This week I am going to add back in some upper body workouts now that my shoulder injury is much better, I am EXCITED! And stay focused on diet, since I went over board on Valentines day with a steak and chocolates. Can you believe my fat grams were at 88, that's almost double my allotted amount YIKES!

I had some great workouts though, and I feel like the new diet is working. Here's how my weekend workout breakdown went:

2/16 Off day - thank goodness still have a cold!

2/15 Workout - Cardio
Mood - Sluggish catching a cold
Wt 124.5
Time at gym - 40 mins

30 minutes straight elliptical cardio switch levels 12-20 on resistance 4
5 minute warm up & 5 cool down

2/14 Workout - Lower body
Mood - Happy camper
Wt 124.0
Time at gym - 40 mins

5 min warm up and cool down on stair climber
3x10 60lb squats
3x10 120lb leg press
3x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 hyper extensions
3x10 40lb back extensions

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

Friday, February 13, 2009

Habits vs Goals

Habits vs Goals:
I wanted to get back with my blog on habits, and how they can effect a goal. Betcha all thought I forgot huh????

Below is the list of some of mine and how I can see that they push me away from my goals. The things that will make the difference of being more successful with myself.

Here are some of my habits;
Working out at least 5 x a week - this helps me reach the fitness goal set

Portion size - gets the body fat burning by not having extra fuel that's wasted and stored

Staying focused getting tasks done - once the workouts are done, that I have set my mind on, I see GREAT results

Eating right on the weekends - if I could achieve this, these 2 days will make a BIG difference in my body fat

Getting in my waters - this will keep the toxins out of my body and keep me energized and hydrated naturally

Weakness of sweets - sugar is not good for my body it loves to store this as cellulite, which is never a good thing

Cusing when I am frustrated - this shows lack of self control

Not thanking people that compliment me - this mindset is an unworthy mindset that is self defeating

Talking instead of listening - you never gain any new knowledge if you are busy doing all the talking.

So there you have it, things I can see where I need to improve, how they effect my takes willpower and time to change a habit but it CAN be done.

How are your habits controlling your goals?

Write them down, think about them, and see if you find some answers that may have been holding you back.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cardio Workout Day

Alright I know I am not back all the way, but I can tell I am feeling strong about going back to upper body lifting this week. Anytime your doing cardio on a machine and want great results, be sure to keep changing things up. When you do this, you confuse the body and it has to work harder. This produces much more results then just a steady pace, plus its just down right out FUN!

What good is a workout with a challenge?

So kick up your heals and make it fun and push yourself to be better. You will be suprised how fast you will see changes, all in the RIGHT direction!

Workout - Cardio
Mood - Hyper
Cals burned = 410
Wt = 124.3
Total gym time = 45 minutes

On this eliptical workout I did 40 minutes with 6700 steps and 4.1 miles, keeping a 10 minute mile pace.

Incline 12 10 Mins resistance 4 = 4 1 mins sprints
4 = over the head ladder climbs
2 = calves sets Incline
Incline 15 15 Mins resistance 4 = 1 2 min sprint
Incline 20 10 Mins resistance 4 = 2 2 min leg only sprint
Incline 10 5 Mins (3 warm up, 2 cool down) resistance 1 5 Min

Stretch time 5 minutes:
Splits stretch, cat stretch, runners stretch and arm/shoulder stretch

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Workout Legs, Glutes & Abs

Workout - Legs, Glutes and Abs
Mood - Excited
Cals burned = 43 (5 min warm up stair climber)
Total Time = 40 Minutes
Wt = 123.4

50 obliques bent knee sides (25 each w/bent knee and I do these with both hands behind head)
50 reverse curls (cross over 1 leg 25 each side)
25 stomp the ceilings w/legs crossed
25 stomp the ceilings straight leg
3x10 ab machine (standing ab machine)

3x12 50lb squats (I upped this from 10 to 12)
3x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 55lb laying glute press

My legs were a bit sore, but I pushed through. After cardio day yesterday I also walked at lunch, and then again last night for about 45 minutes after dinner. I am almost 100% back, I could tell when I used the standing ab machine it did not hurt my shoulder.

One thing I noticed when you are doing a good solid workout you need to be sure you hit all areas of the muscle when ever possible. Thats why I try to mix up my abs or core workouts. I did finish this workout with a nice stretch of about 5 minutes.
Cross over leg and superman and runner stretches. I am still trying to do the splits, and worked on that as well.
I usually get in about 1hr to 45 minute workouts, which is plenty to achieve a great workout.

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Habits, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This week the weather has been really nice and I just enjoy the newness of springtime. You know all the birds are up and chirping early and the sun is shining it makes me much more motivated that's for sure. There has been a few stumbling blocks that I am trying to overcome from the weekend diet. I think so far I have been very focused and am not going to let these things creep back in my life for now.

I have to really maintain a strict handle on this with this injury that I have been plagued with. The plan is to go back to lifting upper body next week and I hope my results will be very good. You know how it is when you have time off it seems to take forever to get back in the groove. When you lift heavy that really can be a set back you loose strength very quick and takes longer to regain. Or for me anyway.

Staying in the habit of things is the one thing that can make or break you. Some habits are bad, others are good but either way you look at it you MUST program yourself if you want it to be a permanent change. What are some habits you need to change?

If you make a list of your goals you can usually see the good, bad and the ugly habits that need to change. They are the reason your not reaching the goal.

Just after being an a break for 7 days it was a struggle to get back in my groove, but I did and now I am back in that habit of early bed, early rise. I saw the habit becoming ugly and put a stop to it. Sometimes on the weekend, I have to watch my habits and they really seem to want to sabotage me and its down right ugly. Like for me its to remember to eat, and to eat every 2-3 hours. See I am not sitting in front of a clock and time gets away so I have to be mindful especially if I am cleaning the house.

Here are some of my habits:
Working out at least 5 x a week - good
Portion size - good
Staying focused getting tasks done - good

Eating right on the weekends - bad
Getting in my waters - bad
Weakness of sweets - bad

Cusing when I am frustrated - ugly
Not thanking people that compliment me - ugly
Talking instead of listening - ugly (really ugly!)

So there you have it, things I can see where I need to improve. How they effect my goals....that's saved for another blog. But you get the picture and I hope you don't have as many "Ugly" habits as me and remember it takes willpower and time to change a habit.

Here is my workout today, we were up early like the birds and ready to go... woo woo!

Workout: Cardio
Mood: Coming back strong
Cals burned = 310
30 min elliptical - 4 sprints
2x10 25lb back extension
2x10 hyper extension
50 bicycle crunches off a bench

It's a good day, I am feeling much stronger. I had to stop with the left arm on the handles for a bit on the elliptical, but my recovery IS coming FINALLY! Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Monday, February 9, 2009

Slow Healing Process

It has been a slow healing proccess but I feel like I am FINALLY getting past this shoulder injury. We think it was a rotator cup, but it also included my wrist so I was just a mess. Now going on the 4th week I am feeling much better and plan to start upper body lifting next week.

Here is my weekend workouts:
2/7 Legs/glutes
3x10 50lb squats
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 40lb standing glute press
20 min eliptical HIT with 1 mins sprints every 4 mins

2/8 Cardio 15 min treadmill
20 min eliptical
3x10 hyper extensions - I did these between the treadmill and the eliptical.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leg Workout With HIT

Workout: Legs
Mood: Ready to impress
Cals burned: 200

3x10 50lb squats
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 40lb standing glute

20 min HIT eliptical - 4 30 second sprints 2 1 min sprints incline 12- 10 min incline 20 - 10 min

Today I am back and feeling like I am ready to go, even though I did not use the handles I feel like my injury is healing.

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

Friday, February 6, 2009

Running Day

Yesterday I got in a good walk run inclines. It felt really good, but chilly enough that I had tears and a runny nose. But I got it done, and added 50 soldier marches and running lunges.

Today our weather should also be even nicer, so I am planning on the same thing today. I want to thank everyone for the support they gave me to shake the funk off.......YOUR the BEST!

Somedays you just want to quit, but NOT Me! One thing I am going to quit is aggravating my shoulder yikes! Its finally feeling better, thank my trainer.

Here are my stats this week:
WT 121
BF 23.7
BMI 20.8

I really did not expect a change, so this is just what I thought it would be. NO work = NO new results.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.........

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ladders = Effective Workout in Less Time

"Persistence and perseverance in hard times may not guarantee that we will achieve what we set out to do. But what we ourselves can become inside ourselves, in spirit and soul, in the process will be more than worth the effort." ~ Joan Chittister

Today I felt the need to take time and think positive. You know that a mindset can change so many things in your life. I have been really working steady and persistently on my goals, and know even though it is challenging I AM going to stay the course.

Last night I did the stats for a client from our Church. He is going on a mission in about 2 years and needs to loose 80lbs with a body fat of 24.5% very, very high. I have chosen to put him on Ladders. These are what the police department uses to keep the team in shape. You don't even need any equipment other then your own body.
You can add as many ladders as you like, but for this man Jeff I added only 4. I consider him a beginner and will later add more to it. He is doing 30 minutes on the treadmill every other day opposite of the ladders.

How do you do ladders?

You pick the basic moves you don't even need weights for these. Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, pushups (modified for Jeff), and crunches.
I choose the macros of 30-20-10 for Jeff.
So his first set is 30 jumping jacks, mountain climbers, pushups & crunches.
Then right away for his 2nd set, he goes back and does 20 jumping jacks, mountain climbers, pushups & crunches. Followed by the third set of 10.

What this does, is it brings the body to fatigue and really pushes out the maximum reps. And if you want more challenges you just add more to the ladders.

So if you are looking for an effective workout in less time, this is the one I recommend.

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Lessons

Why is it all or nothing in life?

Seems like you can be going along and then God steps in with a lesson and you get a wake up call. I am still wondering what he is teaching my mom. She just got passed losing her brother, then an incredible ice storm that left her without water, electric or heat for 3 days and then her dog of 17yrs passed away. Poor mom she's just exhausted, but like a farmers daughter she is still up and facing the day even though she can barely put one foot in front of the other. Now that's determination!

You know going back to some reading and audios that I have been doing, I think of this one statement:
If all you did was think of what you wanted, and then got it how boring life would be!

No lessons to be learned, or spiritual growth. Its true, and I try to remind myself that when I have hit adversity.

Do you?

I guess sometimes I get selfish, and spoiled and I just want things now or my way. I don't want to learn the lesson, but its true it makes you a deeper person and is a process we must go through. I even have to zip my lip on some things thinking I am helping when really it just needs the process to see the light of the outcome. Life, its beautiful!

Tomorrow its back to the gym...
Off to get the Rockstar Body

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Traffic, traffic, traffic!

Today was incredible just to get to work!

I will admit I was not too crazy about the 10 degrees out to go to the gym so I decided to skip, like a bad girl. Go ahead and rip on me for being a baby not to go out in the cold. Then I see the news, and its horrible with accidents everywhere!

It took me over an hour to get here, putting me 30 minutes late to the office. I will only be able to take a 1/2 of my lunch today to make up my time. It normally takes about 25 minutes in traffic.

Then sitting in traffic I decided to call D to tell him how bad it was, and he said this is NOT the "whine line"! Then proceeded to tell me to thank GOD it was not ME in the accident and consider myself lucky and blessed.

So I do.

There is always something or someone worse off in the world, and maybe just maybe, we should remember that.

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Monday, February 2, 2009

Should vs MUST

Lately I have been very inspired by Anthony Robbins and his recording in this months Success magazine. I have always really enjoyed all of his books and audios and if you have never heard him, I do recommend him highly.

This month he talks about MUSTS. Not should, like I should workout, I should spend time with family or I should do this or that. He feels like a should is like a maybe or a something you plan to do. But a MUST is something you will do. Big difference! Why? Because it matters to you. Like if you want to change something, and you say I must workout today you will. I think that is so true, I have found with myself I will say that I should do something and I never follow through. Must does make it a priority.

Do you have some musts? If you reflect about it, I am sure you can see like I did that there were things I let "slip" because I did not have an affirmations like a must does to a statement. Really that's what its like, don't you think? When you are really commited to change something, or made a change you will see that there was a MUST there. I know I did.

Mood: Ready to GO!
Workout: Cardio

I did 30 minutes on eliptical with 30 second sprints during 10 minutes only. Incline 15 resistance 4 - 15 min Incline 20 - resistance 4 - 10 min Incline 10 - resistance 4 - 5 (2 warm up, 3 cool down)

Mood: Pumped!
Workout: Lower body

3x10 50lb squats
3x10 50lb laying glute press
3x10 40lb standing glute press
15 hyper extensions
20 min HIT with 30 second sprints on Glider - uggg I felt that I lost some strength, and endurance but still got in a great workout The plan is upper body tomorrow, see what I can do without injury.

Off to get the Rockstar Body......