Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Pond has a Frog!

The Barbie House flowers and pond look great still!!!

You have to look close but the frog is next to the pump.

And he likes it............
I love the garden, it has really paid off.

Plus I got an extra pet :-)
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Cars and Baby Bird Rescue!

The car had a recall......I got this loaner!
So golden :-)
Brings back memories of my Disco days tee hee

I found 2 baby birds in the basement, they fell from the roof behind the insulation!
I spent an hour getting to them, but I did.

I used gloves and a flashlight like Nancy Drew to solve the mystery of where they were.
And alot of praying!!!
Mask too..........hey its insulation :-(

Gottem, there were 2 babies.......
Chirping like crazy......wheres mom????

I got them back up in the nest which I moved over so they would not fall again.

I saw mom fly back by, all is good and I got my JUKE back too!
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Upper Body Workout

Upper Body Workout - 1hr
8 minute warm up

Round 1
Lateral lifts front/side 7lb db
Banded circle chest pulls
Decline push ups
Bent over rows w/25lb db
Pour curls 9lb db

Round 2
Pull up pants to side lateral lifts 7lb db
Banded circle back pull
Decline push up w/knee ins
Up right row w/25lb bb
Bicep curl to overhead press 9lb db

Bonus Round
Speed run
Tricep kick back 8lb
Lizzard planks
Kettle bell swing 20lb
Speed run
5 min cool down stretch

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lower Body Workout 6/24/14

Lower Body Workout

8 minute warm up

Round 1:
Step up lunge w/8lb db
Sumo squat w/7lb db
Cleans w/30lb bb
Wall squats
Curtsy lunge w/7lb db

Round 2:
Step back lunge w/8lb db
Deep squat w/7lb db pull up pants up top
Over steps w/plyo jumps
Donkey kicks
Hand stands

Bonus round:
Partner plank clap to T stand alternating
Lizzard jumps
Step squats w/toe lifts

6 min Cool down yoga stretches

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Strength Intervals Workout

After today's workout at the office............

8 min warm up boxing

Round 1
Partner 8lb med ball overhead underhead passover
Partner jumpless rope
Turkish get up 9lb db
Chest press 9lb db

Round 2
Partner 8lb med ball overhand and underhand toss
Med ball toes on plank hold
Bicycle crunches
Chair hold w/pilates ball squeeze hands lateral
Plank rows 8lb db

Bonus Round 3
Med ball 8lb twist - 2 min
Banded lateral cross over shoulder - 2 min

Cool down stretch 

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Intervals with HITT

Friday 6/20/14
8 min warm up
Round 1
Med ball swings 8lb
Kettlebell upright row to swings 20lb
Step up w/5lb db lateral lifts
Banded squat w/leg lift
Med ball push up

Round 2
Med ball chops 8lb
Kettlebell bent over row
BB lunge w/step 20lb
Curl overhead press to tricep kickback 8-12lb
Med ball twists

30 sec switch HITT cardio blast:
Plank jack
Mountain climber
Plank jack
Mountain climber

Plyo jumps - 30

Plank jacks
Mountain climber
Plank jack
Mountain climber

Step tricep dip - 30

Plank jack
Mountain climber
Plank jack
Mountain climber

Cool down with yoga straps

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Workout!

Todays Workout:

8 min warm up:
Single rounds (2 min each)

 Hop side to side mat run backs
Cross leg roll ups
Push up touch shoulders
Curtsy lunge w/db overhead
Donky kicks
2 laterals w/db
Dolphin pushups...
Sumo w/leg lifts
Overhead lunch switches w/db
Triceps kick backs 

 5 min cool down
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Client Training 6/12-6/13

Client training 6/12:

8 cardio warm up


Round 1:

Squat press up - 8lb

Modified push up

Lunge holds

Kettlebell swings - 25lb

Plyo low jumps

5 half sun salutations


Round 2:

Plank jacks

Chest press - 10lb

Step up w/lateral lifts 5lb

V side hops

Skull crushers pyramid - 10 - 12 - 15

Bent over rows - 25lb

Dead lifts - 25lb db


Core and Yoga cool down


Client training 6/13:

8 min cardio warm up


Round 1:

Wall squats w/3lb db

Squat w/bicep curl to overhead press - 9lb

Wood chops 8lb

Kettle bell swing drop an arm - 20lb

Step up w/front and lateral 3lb db

Walking lunges - 20lb bb


Round 2:

Sumo wall squat w/toe lift

Plank T-rows - 9lb db

Med ball crunch arms straight 8lb

Lunge kettlebell pass unders 20lb

Plyo jumps

Dead lifts 20lb bb


Bonus cardio blast x 2 rounds @ 1 min each

Jacks to mountain climbers

Sprints to plank knee to elbows


Cool down stretch w/band
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tasty Greek Yogurt Covered Craisins®!

My new fav treat!!!!
It’s time for some healthy summer snacks. Sure you can have fruit and other items but the joy of summer is mixing things up. That’s where Greek Yogurt Covered Craisins® comes in.
A nice burst of sweet with a fun chewy Craisin center, if you kids won’t eat cranberry they will now.

Find out more here:

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Spaghetti in a hot dog bun opens as a musical in NY!

These are adorable books!
Teaches kids so many good values and character too.....
Now its going to be on Broadway!

Find out more here

For The Love of Landscaping!

The Barbie House Lanscape Project
I alternated the flowers with the Rush plants, they get about 2' by 2' so it should look very modern even filled in. (the blue flowers are Delphinium, at the end is  a Crape Myrtle in watermelon red)

I love it!

So pretty!

I like the wood with the bricks/stones.
I may add more grey paint to the stones not sure yet.

And the extra parking space next to garage is now open again......thats huge!!!

I know it looks orange but I like it next to the blue.
It is supposed to be natural cedar.

and here is all the rubish that has to be hauled off........

Still need to trim trees but I don't think I will do any more till fall.
T. is tired of shoveling and hauling.
Now its back to posting workouts and fun stuff ;-)
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