Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Gym Today... Uggg

Today is my cardio day and I did not go to the gym. My back was bothering me so I decided not to risk it. I plan on a run at lunch weather permitting. I am still making myself accountable for my workouts and deciding the new workout planned for me will be tough. I will start the strength training program tomorrow. I look forward to a new lower body workout plan, I love the challenge. I plan to blog about that tomorrow once I do it.
Yesterday was just a bad day at work! It bothered me all night, and all I can say is some people just don't have a clue about what they say. (ok I may be guilty too but NOT on purpose, or use power)
Last night I got plenty of rest and am ready to make this week really count. I plan on new photos this weekend and measurements. I did cheat and check just my waist and it is down 1/2" I will do the rest of the stats Saturday morning.
Yesterday I got the rest of the flowers for the church for easter, mixed pansies. They look so cute! I also was able to get tulip bulbs for half price that will bloom next year. They wanted me to use something for the table center pieces that could then be planted around the church. One of the others members is going to get me the pots and then put forsythia sprigs out of the center of these and they should look wonderful. As far as the other project I am to get the silk plants delivered from Pastor Jeremy today or tomorrow for me to put in the new pots for the alter. They won't fit in the MINI. It is 6 ficus and 2 palm plants. I am going to clean them and freshen them and if my cash flow allows to put more in this, I may add some flowers around the base. It will look wonderful for Easter Service we expect a big crowd.
My sister comes in town this Saturday to mom's for the party. She lives in Oklahoma, it will be nice for her to stay a week. I will only get to see her the one day though, but it will be nice. The party and the church projects are all coming together, woo woo!
Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Eats In Illinois!

Springfield Illinois a 1800's mansion turned resturant. Best place to get some GREAT eats!

Ok I have to say that this place was one of the best kept secrets to have dinner that I have ever been at. I was there over the weekend, and would highly recommend it. We were lucky to get there early and had no idea how packed this place gets. Since we were there early with all the older *cough, cough crowd we got to enjoy a savings of about $20. As if that was not wonderful enough, the staff very nice and attentive and the salad dressing home made was so good I bought some to take home!

It is a honey mustard so hopefully its not as fattening as some others but the taste is incredible! So far I have had it on salad, ground beef and tonight chicken. Don't worry I am only using 1 tbs, but its so packed with flavor you only need a smidge. That's the country in me, smidge lol. I had salmon with raspberry glaze very good and also had the shrimp appetizer, with crab and yes... a dessert creme bruele cheesecake. Need I say more? I never even knew thay could make a cheesecake out of this, two of my favorite things in life!

My workouts this weekend were very good. Here is how I panned out with my stats and workouts. So if your thinking I was out and about and not sticking with the plan.....THINK AGAIN! (Ok not so good on the dessert) I am on a mission.....mission possible ROCKSTAR

Weekly Stats: 119.5
BF% 23.7 - down .2
BMI% 20.5 - down .3
1/2" off waist - full measures this weekend

3/27 Workout - Cardio Mood - Killer!
Wt 119.5 - can you believe it???
Cals = 400 - KICKED TO THE CURB!
Time in gym - 45
Stair climber
20 min level 20 resistance 4-7 15 Min's level 14 resistance 4 - 6 sprints boxing and over head climbs 5 Min's level 10 resistance 4

3/28 Workout - Legs, Core
Mood - Gonna get it!
Wt - 122.4
Cals = 30
Time in gym = 60

3x10 70lb squats last set 15
3x10 55lb laying glute press - last set 12
3x10 hyper extensions
3x15 reverse ab machine
25 v-sit crunches off the bench
30 minutes of pilates - woo woo

3/29 Workout - Cardio
Mood - Bring it on!
Wt - 123
Cals - 315
Time in gym - 40 Min's

Stair Climber
15 Min's level 15 resistance 4 - alternating 2 min boxing & arm overhead jogs 15 Min's level 20 resistance 7 - 1 sprint 5 Min warm up new machine with glute buster Plus house & car cleaning 30 Mins!

3/30 Off day!

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Run Like The Wind!

Wow I am sore! Tonight I am going for a run as my cardio, since I skipped my cardio session today at the gym.
I am still sore from the added 10lb weight and felt I would do better waiting a bit longer to push my legs so hard. You know when your so sore its hard to sit down without feeling ouch! Heck how mean is 10 extra pounds, FIERCE!
Tonight I will run like the wind, I will get my good music on (jock jams) and hit that pavement just like the Rockstar that I am. If our weather holds at 50's it will be just perfect. You know the type of day that when its just warm enough for no gloves but cool enough you don't really sweat up a storm. I am PUMPED!

Made it to bed early then got a late night call so my sleep was very restless. I started (like most females) going through my list in my head of all the things I need to do when I get up. I hate that!

Here's the kinda things running through my head at 1am......
1.Moms party decorations & cake ordered with a picture ugh.
2.Getting the picture collage of moms life together and copy pictures
3.The church Easter breakfast flowers - which I can't find anywhere!
4.Learning the cam cord for videos - good enough not to waste anyone's time
5.Getting the gym confirmed for the shoot - getting the 2 people that committed to do this there

Sheesh why do I need to even think about this stuff? I have most of it all organized and ready but you know I think its just me or a list thing that I just have to complete before I can rest again!

Does anyone else do this stuff?

Maybe I am just odd like that, but its just that I was super-duper tired from no sleep the night before. Then of course I had to play with the new cam corder instead of going to bed at 8pm like I should have.

Back to the dollar store again today, to get the rest of the table clothes and supplies. I hope they still have the purple (moms fav color) table clothes I saw yesterday. I am doing silver and purple color scheme, she will love it because I am also using silk orchids which is her favorite flower.
Ok, so anyways I have decided that I will do my cardio tonight after work and get that out of the way. I have been pretty good with all my numbers this week and feeling like a champ!

Off to get the Rockstar Body........
and maybe run more then 2 miles who knows what T. will do

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Z's and Your Workout Results

I am missing my Z's today! It was about 2am when I finally got to sleep. I don't do very well training without at least 7.5-8 hrs of sleep a night, last night it was 4. Sleep is a very important part of a good training session and I reccommend getting it in. Everyone has some sort of reason they don't, I just remind them if you want good results your body needs its rest. The stages of sleep are all important components to a good nights sleep.

I had a meet up meeting last night and was very excited about a lot of biz stuff that kept me awake. I had some good contacts and some big people talking to me last night so I am very happy about that. Ivan this man out of town and country has taveled all over and I hope to hear back from him to network with.

Just need to finish up the goal session this week and the rest of things are falling into place, feeling very blessed. Also I got my Kodak Zi6 mini cam and can't wait to start filming fitness training videos this weekend, I am pumped!

I am so much a Rockstar today..that I got up, downed my protein and headed to the gym for my lifts anyway. Not gonna lie, it was hard but I am NOT into excuses right now I am in it for RESULTS.
I also added 10lbs on my squats and I feel great. I wanted to crank out a few more on my last set but I am happy with my results. I even added extra on the reverse standing ab machine, and that thing is TOUGH!

Workout - Lower body lift & core
Mood - Slow start up late
Wt - 124
Cals = 40
Time in gym = 40

3x10 70lb squats - last set 12
3x10 120lb leg press - last set 12
3x10 40lb standing leg press3x10
55lb laying glute press - last set 12
3x10 hyper extensions
3x15 standing abs machine - Do I ROCK or what?!
3x25 crunches incline benchTriangle, and splits stretch

Off to get the Rockstar Body and the Rockstar Money........

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Squat Machine I love to HATE!

This is the lower body squat machine I love to hate!
I do 60lbs on this puppy and going to 70lb this week and it works!
Today was a cardio day and I love getting a great session in, it just starts the day off right. I kicked 350 calories to the curb. Tomorrow I go to my lower body workout and will be doing my squats first to get them out of the way. This machine is one I love to hate, love it because it works, hate it because its TOUGH!
This morning I saw one of my friends and she said, T why are these alternating arm planks so hard you told me to do? I said because they WORK! I find that anytime something works its tough, yes it kicks your behind right into shape. You have to love the results but no one said its easy to get there. Its NOT!
One of the things with those type of moves or the one that is Shape this month is a lateral pushup. You really use you shoulders in both of these moves, and if you are weak you will feel it.
How do you do a lateral pushup?
Do a pushup with arms inside mat length apart then extend the right arm out 6" and pushup again and then walk the other arm over to be same as the starting point and pushup. Then repeat by putting the left arm 6" and travel left to repeat the lateral movement.
How do you do an alternating arm planks? Start in straight arm plank, then lower right arm down to elbow position, then the left down to elbow position then lift opposite back up to straight arm plank and repeat. NICE!
Workout - Cardio day
Mood - Buh bye muffin top!
Wt - 124
Cals = 350
Time in gym = 40 Min's
15 Min's level 15 resistance 4 - 3 over head jogs sprints & 3 boxing sprints
10 Min's level 20 resistance 7
5 Min's level 12 resistance 4 - 1 one minute sprint
This blubber has got to go, bikini time is right around the corner and I am hitting it FIERCE!
Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Monday, March 23, 2009

Do You Use Godaddy?

Have you used Godaddy to build or host your site?
I used the website tonight feature.
I spent most of Saturday building a new website. Now for most people this would be a breeze and for my girlfriend Jill a piece of cake. Me, I am a dork and even though I am creative this is out of my league, but hey I did it, and its up and running. Woo woo check it out at:

I did this through http://www.godaddy.com/ and it was a template, so I am even more of a dork! They have some really cool social sites you can build and upload videos and they host it so if your looking for some cool stuff they have it all. Or let me know if you have used them. I was referred that this is one of the best sites to use rather then build myself so I did for $59. Please give me your comments, or suggestions. I added the product label information (cals and stuff) as well on the second tab and am going to add a video and maybe a picture later too so let me have your ideas.

This weekend was productive and I got in some great workouts, all my domestic duties done and got a great message at service on Sunday. I debated yesterday to work on the yard or go for a run. I decided to run, and did 2 miles at about 11 minute mile, it just felt good for the first run of the year. I gave up long distance running about 5 years ago because of my knees, but they did not seem to bother me now. I used to do 5 miles every day, for about 15 years.

You either love running I have decided or you don't. Most people will do it for a challenge, like a marathon or triathlon but for me I did it for clarity.

This is the site I suggest if you are to get into running:http://www.runnersworld.com/

You may know of others, but for a beginner I think this covers most of it.

If you are a runner, do you run with or without music?

I personally do all my running and workouts to music, without it I can't even get in the zone! Yesterday I played "Jock Jams" and hit a nice and steady pace.

Here are my workouts:
Workout - Cardio
Mood - Rockstar
Wt - 123
Cals = 400
Time in gym 45 Min's

40 Min's straight cardio stair climber
Level 12 resistance 4 15 Min's with boxing and raised arm jogs
Level 20 resistance 7 15 Min's with no sprints
Splits & leg stretch

Workout - Lower body lift & Core
Mood - Make it count
Wt - 122
Cals = 40
Time in gym = 40 Min's

5 min stair climber warm up

3x10 60lb squats - last set 20
3x10 120lb leg press - last set 20
3x10 55lb laying glute press - last set 15
3x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 hyper extensions
3x15 standing reverse curl ab machine - Ouch!
50 oblique legs bent
50 oblique crunches
50 crunches
50 pulsing crunches
25 bicycles
Downward facing dog Superman Triangle and splits stretch

2 mile 11 minute mile run - before dinner

Off day

Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Friday, March 20, 2009

Best Pizza To Break A Diet!

Famous Roma's Pizza in Betholto Illinois

This place is always packed and if you are ever in Beltholto Illinois you MUST try it. It is crowded every night, and the owner and his family are so nice. Its good to see a place that not a "chain" do so well. That was a comment made by a man waiting for a seat near me.

Heck they even mentioned this place on "The Bull" radio station. And its worth a break in your diet for, really shh don't tell other trainers I said that!

I was very good last night, and had mostly salad with very little dressing. By the time I would have got home it would have been almost 8pm so I think I did good eating considering. Yes I could have did better because I went over my macros but I am not going to let that set me back!

Here is my stats this week:

WT 121

BF% 23.9

BMI% 20.8

Yesterday I got in another 20 min walk at lunch, and 50 jumping jacks... I am on a roll. 3/20 Lower body workout Mood - Bring it ON!

Wt 121

Cals - 40

Time in gym 40 Min's

3x10 60lb squats - last set 20

3x10 55lb laying glute press - last set 15

3x10 40lb standing glute press - last set 12

3x10 120lb leg press - last set 20

3x10 hyper extensions - last set 15

3x10 reverse abs standing crunch machine - no extras

Core 50 side oblique 25 pulse alternating reg crunches 25 stop the ceilings 25 v sit crunches Splits & Triangle. Nice job T!

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stairway To Rockstar Body

This morning I spent my cardio day on the stair climber, just climbing my way to the goal of a Rockstar body. One step at a time. I have noticed some great changes since I have mixed up my resistance, I am really pushing myself and loving it.
Do you love the climbs tough or fast?
I feel the more incline, the more ab workout so I love to vary that out. Just be careful that you don't strain the back by leaning too forward. Always stay mindful of form to avoid injury.
Here is today's workout 3/19:

Steps climbed 4400
Average step pace 167
Miles 2.89

185 Minutes this week
650 Minutes this month

Workout - Straight cardio
Mood - Rockstar
Wt - 123
Cals = 325
Time in gym = 35

30 Min's straight cardio on stair climber with arm jogs.
15 min level 12 resistance 4
15 min level 20 resistance 4

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jillian Micheals Training

I do love JM and am a big fan! I have all her dvds except for the 2 new ones. Its true I love dvds from great trainers, and use them mostly in the winter when I don't want to shovel the car to get to the gym before work. T hates the cold!

If you are looking to get her latest dvd Jillian Michaels "No More Trouble Zones" here is a great link with a preview and review.

I think you may see its a great value to add to your collection. I love 30 day shred and recommend it for the value of a good strength training routine.

Here is my workout today:

Workout - Lower body & Abs
Mood - Rockstar
Wt - 123.2
Cals = 30
Time in gym = 35 min

5 min stair climber warm up

3x10 60lb squats
3x10 120lb leg press
3x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 55lb laying glute press
3x10 reverse abs on standing machine
3x10 hyper extensions

All last sets were to fatigue 15-20 on lifts, sheesh I felt that big time! I did drop down my leg press from 140lb to 120lb today it was too much knee pressure.
Splits stretch, and back stretch...done!

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish Rockstar Workout

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Trainer T. is 50% Irish and 50% German, need I say more about how determined I am?

Today's work out was a good one, and so far I have been spot on all my targets. I blew 315 calories right out door! Now its time for an Irish dance woo woo!

Workout - Cardio

Mood - Just try to get me distracted NOT!

Wt - 123.5 Cals burned = 315

Time in gym = 35 Min's

Stair climber as follows: 3 jog overheads first level set

5 Min's level 12 resistance 4

10 Min's level 15 resistance 4

15 Min's level 20 resistance 7

Rockstar Irish workout!

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Love Doctor Is IN

Today I just thought I would spend some time on my past to where I was to where I am now.

I love being a trainer because it makes a HUGE impact in someones life. Just like love, and the blog I wrote prior to this one... it's about love vs hate relationships.

Love is hard sometimes, and comes with hard lessons.

Of course I don't have a degree in love or to tell people about relationship advice, so consider this my disclaimer on the subject. Nuff said.

What I can say is I have been down many wrong paths in relationships. Heck I have been SINGLE FOR 46 YEARS! Need I say more?

I should admit also that I have dated many types of men and each one gave me knowledge about myself and what I wanted in life. I kinda think that is the same with your relationship with fitness. The treadmill breaks my heart!

You have to find what works, and what is good for you.

So having someone in your life that is supportive is extremely important, they can keep you on the right path to success. If I met someone and they did not workout almost everyday or be physically active I knew that I would drift apart. They would think I could help them, however if the mindset to take care of your own body is NOT in you, I am NOT here to put it in you. Desire for that must come from within. You must have the drive.

Once you find your perfect fit, who knows how long it will last?

No one really knows because you are only in control of YOU, yourself you can't control that other persons feeling can you? So you have to choose what works for both of you and compromise and hope the timing is right that everything aligns. The elliptical is my bff, I don't see that changing. One thing I do know is important to me in a man, a relationship or fitness is DRIVE. Without it, goals and a plan... how do you know what you are capable of? How can you change the world, yourself and help others without a plan?

Basically you can't. You will just roam aimlessly shooting arrows like cupid not knowing where to go. Those are the ones I usually ditched right away....run T, run they have NO purpose. You have to have purpose, just like fitness. That's why equipment comes with a manual program or random lol.

I know your thinking what is the goal of this blog T? Get on with it....OK here it is:
1. Be driven
2. Have a purpose
3. Set goals with rewards
4. Stick with relationships that support, and that support YOU

How does this fit with your workout plan?
1. Be driven - get up and do something to change your health everyday, baby steps add up
2. Have a purpose - don't you want to be around for your kids, spouse or loved ones?...just visit a retirement home and you will see what you can avoid!
3. Set goals with rewards - If you don't have something to shoot for, how can you see how you are doing? I mean the stars and the moon are BIG! Your aiming lost everywhere while days and minutes just tick by
4. Stick with relationships that support what your about and you - heck either hang on to my shirt tail or get out of my way! You get one life, so even if you have to face it alone find others like minded they will be there.

If you are in a bad relationship, try to save it if there is love. I am all about the love, however if you can't get the love doctor to help you... work on yourself and be the BEST YOU that you can be. That's how I changed from where I was to where I currently am. Now I realize no more wrong paths for me, I just stay the course with my goals and learn along the way what works for me, maybe you can do the same?

Life is too short, make it count even if love can be hard...YOUR worth it!

Here are my weekend workouts:
Off day - sheesh!

Cardio day
Cals = 350
Stair climber - 30 minutes
10 mins level 12 resistance 4
5 mins level 15 resistance 4
10 mins level 20 resistance 7

Cals = 50
Lower Body Lifts & Core
40 min gym time
Sets 4x10 OMG!
60lb squats
55lb laying glute press
40lb standing glute press
140lb leg press
hyper extensions
standing ab crunch machine

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

Friday, March 13, 2009

Love Hate Relationships

LOVE when I workout......HATE when I don't get results!

Here is something that was on my mind today as I got out of bed to hit the gym. Most of you know if I don't have class I get up at 6am and try to be there by 6.15. On class days I get up at 5.30am to get there at 5.50am. I am a morning person and those thoughts just hit me from the moment I get up and get going. I say my gratitude's and then I hit the floor running. Today I though, "love or hate in your relationship with your workout" can make all the difference in the results.

Let me explain, there are 2 components with 2 ways each of which way it can go. Stick with me on this, it will make sense really. You love it so you do it, or you love it so your bored Or you hate it because you do, or you hate it because its hard. A little HATE is a good thing. Well when it comes to fitness that is......

Here is what I mean, I LOVE to workout and have for over 25 years, but when you love something you can't always DIG DOWN DEEP ENOUGH to have the "fire of desire" to get results. When you HATE something too much, you won't or you will actually self sabotage or make an excuse NOT to do it. I feel this is with anything in life, thank goodness I am blessed to love change. But most people resist or get just enough hate in them to make a difference, but then go back to loving their old ways...and end up where they started.

Don't get me wrong you have to have some LOVE or you won't do it, but too much is also not good it can become taken for granted and get boring. I also feel this is a life lesson as well. That's what's so great about fitness, you have to have some love with a sprinkle of HATE to get to the ZONE.

As an example trainers, you hate to love them. Why???

Because they push you to become better, get you out of your comfort zone and do something you are not used to and it can be very, very hard. Feeling the hate! Depending on how good the trainer is, and how much you love to hate them. If you LOVE your trainer, sometimes that becomes a friendship and its not good either because they will usually have more idle time wasted on your dollar. In my opinion you don't want to be friends with your trainer. (This is for IN PERSON trainers only) Yes they need to understand you emotionally but other then that, NOTTA. I see this pitfall in MANY, MANY TRAINERS and in many gyms I have been in. Hey its like lets just take my friends money, who cares about the real results here. Basically being paid to be your shrink so to speak. And I am NOT bashing trainers in anyway, at least the good ones.

Stick with me, I promise this will make sense.

If you use the emotion HATE, like I HATE my muffy top waist I can push myself harder. If I say I love my workouts but do the same thing day after day, I won't really feel the love for my body because it stays the same. Even if your trainer tells you to do something you can flip that hate to a good way or bad. You can say, I hate doing this routine, and stick with the old or say I hate it but that hate will propel me to PROVE TO MY TRAINER AND MYSELF I CAN DO BETTER, I CAN IMPROVE AND SEE RESULTS.

Can you tell people at the gym that can conquer the hate and use it correctly?

Do you use it? You know have a bad day and hit a workout like you never have before? See what I mean? Frustration can fuel hate which works too.

Today's workout was SPOT ON (feeling the hate for flab)
3/13 Workout - Cardio
Wt - 122
Time in gym = 35
Min's Cals = 335

Weekly Stats update:
Wt 120
BF% 24.1
BMI% 20.6

30 Min's elliptical - I could not get stair climber today. Today I decided to do NO sprints on the elliptical, just switch my resistance to be sure my arm is protected. (see Karen I was good)

10 Min's level 12 resistance 4
10 Min's level 15 resistance 4
10 Min's level 20 resistance 7

Love hate relationships.......its a GOOD thing. MISSION POSSIBLE - TRAINER Ts ROCKSTAR BODY!

Off to get the Rockstar Body......

Thursday, March 12, 2009


" Some mountains are moved...one rock at a time."Written in 2009 by Shellie R. Warren


This week I have really been feeling good about my workouts and diet. Now my trainer Karen would disagree on the diet end. Yes, she is the dietitian. I can never eat clean enough in her eyes, but I am getting better. I had some french toast last night with smart balance peanut butter and that was NOT on the plan, however I stayed inside my macros so I am happy about that. She kinda ripped on me about that big time! Carbs for dinner, that's SO not good, I am supposed to finish all carbs by 4pm and dinner was at 6pm. YIKES!
I would not even have had that for dinner, however the pork I had out and planned to eat was not good.
It went to the raccoons, hey they have a better body fat % thanks to me!
I use Smart Balance Natural Peanut Butter and I like it, it even has the omega 3s and flax seed in it. However there is this new one I keep hearing about and may have to order on line. Its not available in St. Louis its called Barney Butter, here is the link.

My diet = my mountain, and I am moving it one rock at a time.
I know if I focus more on my diet, I will get the success I am wanting by July. Its going to be tough, but let me say this......it IS going to happen.
Hard workouts this week = success
Diet stays in macros this week = success

I am focused and even if I have a step back, I will still stay the course and reach the goal. I am consistent. Life is good. Last night I got the rewards all written up for the goals, now just have to assign what goes to each goal as progress to reach success.

I really believe this, do you?

I am on a SUCCESS mission!
Today's workout:
Workout - Lower body & Abs
Mood - Don't stop me NOW!
Wt - 123
Time in gym = 30 Min's
Cals burned = 50

5 Min stair climber warm up
4x10 60lb squats
4x10 140lb leg press
4x10 55lb laying glute press
4x10 40lb standing glute press
3x10 hyper extensions
3x10 standing ab machine - these KILL!

I did not get in my stretches or my splits stretch this week, I will go for that tomorrow on cardio day. Todays lunch will be spent at the bank, which is fine because it's for the wealth building fund.

Off to get the Rockstar Body & Rockstar Bank Account...........

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Addicted To The Elliptical!

Since I am still dealing with this injury for 4 more weeks... I am only doing the stair climber, which to me is a step above the treadmill in BORING. But I will make due, since I am addicted to the elliptical. Its my baby and I love to challenge myself with it, box on it and do my flashdance crazy cardio stuff.

If you going to do cardio I always say to make it count, if your not working it you won't get results. The more you suprise your body the more it will burn the fat, and thats the goal with high cardio.

Here is my workout today:
Workout - Cardio & Core
Mood - Kicking my own a$$
Wt - 123
Time in gym - 40 min
Cals burned = 325

30 Minutes straight cardio on stair climber.
4 sprints on level 12 resistance 4 and 4 sprints level 15 resistance 4
15 Min's each level
5 min warm up/cool down combo
5 min Core

50 oblique knees bent with opposite hand straight out to side - on these I keep one hand straight out to my side on the floor on finger tips, most people do this with a straight arm reaching for the leg. I feel like you cheat more that way, with the arm beside you, its all oblique work. Oh yeah!
50 oblique bent knee lifts laying on my side - I do this with hands behind my head similar to a regular crunch. This one feels good if you can keep a slow controled move or even a pulse up too.

I am switching my days this week and rotation of sets. I am doing 4x10 on sets instead of 3x10 and on cardio, I am switching days. Next week I will return to the other rotation. Keeping it mixed up.

This week:
M - off
T - Lower body ST 4x0
W - Cardio
Th - Lower body ST 4x10
F - Cardio
S - Lower body ST 4x10
Su - Cardio

Next week:
M - off
T - Cardio
W - Lower body ST 3x10
Th - Cardio
F - Lower body ST 3x10
S - Cardio
Su - Lower body ST 3x10

On all of last sets on the 3x10 sets, I will max out the last set of reps.

Off to get the Rockstar Body............

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walking Push Ups With Med Balls

I posted this picture of just my upper body so you can see what 8 weeks without upper body workouts looks like. You can tell my back is still pretty good, but very little def on my triceps.

Conan 4x world champion kickboxer

I am so excited today to be back at the gym on my routine. I want to thank all of you that helped me get this and KEEP this Rockstar Body for Vegas. It has been a real motivator knowing I had others counting on me to do good.
Could I have done better?

Yes, I should have brought my workout clothes, and I actually got to meet and collaborate with the Fitness Director of South Point Hotel, Nick Callas. He gave me 2 free passes with him, a $130 value. Unfortunately due to both of our schedules I was not able to do an actual workout with him. Conan the 4 time world Champion Kick boxer did. He told me all about the workout that he did and so did the trainer Nick. INTENSE! INTENSE! INTENSE!

His focus like mine is core training with balls, buso and bands. He enjoys functional training and NEVER uses hand weights at all. Just your own resistance. You should see his body, well all I can say is its amazing. When you use balance you incorporate many areas not just the point of contact.

One of the moves he did was a walking pushup on medicine balls. WOW, as each time you did a push up, you rolled up 1 arm and did another so the arms are angled. Then you walked the other up until they were even again. Thats BOTH HANDS on a medicine ball the whole time, GO Conan!

I can't wait to try this one when I am well, what a challenge, huh?

Are you up for it???

The good news is we are going to keep in contact and I will let you know what new things I find out from Nick, he is a trainer of Las Vegas athletes. I wish I would have got more sleep last night, but I worked on a accountability contract. I am taking things to the next level and commited NOT to get distracted by keeping the mindset FOCUSED on the goals. I am happy about it!

Today's workout:


Workout - Upper body & core

Mood - Lets GO baby!

Wt - 119.5 (see what I mean!)

Time in gym - 30 Rockstar minutes

Cals burned = 45

5 min warm up step climber

4x10 40lb standing glute press

4x10 55lb laying glute press

4x10 60lb squats - yes sticking w/60lb and did last set of 12!

4x10 120lb leg press and 1 set at 140lb

3x10 hyper extension

3x10 standing reverse curl ab machine - last set 12!

2 min stretch

Injury update: I found out that I pulled my rear delt muscle which is the back of the shoulder. I have been told by a chiropractor at the convention to give this 4 MORE FREAKING WEEKS of rest. If I don't I will risk not being able to lift heavy again....so you know I guess I am loving lower body workouts now, right????

Off to get the Rockstar Body...........

Monday, March 9, 2009

What's NOT To Love About Vegas?

I am back from the trip to Vegas for the Nutrazon Convention, it was amazing! The only draw back is some of my pictures did not come out.

First off so many fun and exciting things happened, I just have to give some of the details. We are growing like crazy and networking among each other was such a highlight. We all have the same mission and are all very helpful. Some are at different starting points but that's ok, we have our goals and we will stay focused and reach them.

I arrived on the red eye flight on Friday in Vegas at 9.30am, tired but so excited we were on our way to our hotel on a shuttle and of course you see all the limos and high dollar cars its just money every where. We got checked in and our room at the South Point Hotel (which is at the far end of the strip next to Mandalay Bay) it was beautiful with the view of the mountains from the 15th floor just breath taking.

Got unpacked and checked out the hotel, the spa and gamming and then met with others at the convention for breakfast. You know this place never sleeps so its odd to see people drinking beer at 9.30am in the morning. After that we had some time to gamble, I played the penny slots. I hit the big jackpot $44 woo woo.

Im not a big gambler but the hotel gave $25 credit so I was ahead and happy. I ended up playing on that same money the whole time, until I lost it on Saturday night. Not bad to break even in Vegas, a big win would have been nice but as long as you come home with no lost money from there you are a winner!

Spent Friday night gambling then off to the Cocktail party reception. That's where I got to wear my wonderful black dress, it was so comfortable. I love it and got so many compliments I really felt great. That's also where I fell for the fondue dipping, I had just fruit the strawberries and bananas and put just 2 tbs of chocolate on my plate for dipping. I would have just dived right in and maybe even had some marshmallows but I had all these voices from my trainer in my head cheering me on.

Saturday got up early and had our convention all day from 8.30am-6pm. It included a very nice lunch, with lots of desserts that I avoided. I had salad and chicken only just like I told my trainer Karen I would stick with, and I did. I packed my protein bars as well, and had one a day to be sure I hit my mark on my macros. Saturday after the convention we had about an hour to rest then it was out to dinner. We had a late dinner at Don Vitto Italian restaurant. I had the Sea bass it was fabulous and in case you are wondering, just water and NO dessert.

This was the last night here, so I decided to go back to the slots to try my luck again. Bye bye winnings, by 11pm I broke even and headed for the room. I had to be out of the hotel to the shuttle at 5.45am so off to bed I headed. I got up at 5am packed grabbed a coffee and my protein bar and headed to the shuttle to the airport for our 7.30 am flight back. Talk about missing some Z's I was zonked along with the entire plane headed back to STL.

By the time I got home and unpacked I was dog tired, and happy to be home. I decided to jump on the scale just to see...woo woo at 120.5 dressed so I was very happy with T.

What's NOT to love about Vegas, nothing its a fun place to visit but like they say I would not want to live there. Its back to the gym tomorrow, I can't wait to hit it hard! Off to get the Rockstar Body........

Thursday, March 5, 2009

How Crazy Is Your Workout?

Do you do crazy stuff during your workout?

I don't like to see people just wondering around in a daze, whats the point?

Today I got another person say how crazy I work out, it just doesn't get any better when someone can see how much I put in. I just tell them thank you and, if you don't make it count.....you don't get the results.

I personally am kinda known for being a bit crazy on the cardio machines, and all the others I use different then what they are intended for. That's the advantage of knowing more about fitness, you can modify a machine to work a body part no one ever thinks of. Love it, I love being creative and the ego boost is not bad either.

If your ever at your gym, and you want to work a body part ask a trainer they know many ways to do a move. Even if you need it modified they can guide you.

Stats today since I can't do them Friday:
WT -120.5
BF% 24.1
BMI% 20.7

Here is today's Rockstar workout:
Workout - Cardio & obliques
Mood - Un-stoppable!
Wt - 122.6
Cals - 375
Time at gym 45 Min's

40 minutes cardio ellipticalI did 10 minutes level 12 resistance 4

10 minutes level 15 resistance 4
15 minutes level 20 resistance 7
3 over head arm jogs sprints and 3, 30 second fast and furious sprints 3 cross punch sprints
I usually get about 5000-6000 steps but with the high incline I came in about 4800, not bad!

50 obliques bent leg with hands behind head
50 obliques bent leg with hand reaching for ankles
8 modified prone pikes, still not ready for these ... Pain, pain, pain!

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taking The Belt IN A Notch!

I am starting to get excited!

I have taken in ALL my belts a notch, so that means the mid section is coming off and things are starting to happen. Ever have this feeling? Its pretty darn good huh?
FINALLY I think now my body is responding to some of the changes we made. I am doing the happy dance! Thanks to my trainer Karen, her link is on my favs list. Most of it has been from less carbs and more cardio, my macros are set at
30% carbs
30% fat
40% protein
I am keeping my calorie range a bit lower right now it is at 1100 -1300. On the strength training days I am allowed the high end of the calories, on cardio days the low end. This is what is firing up my fat burning for the core.
Be sure if you try to change your macros that you see how you do every 3-4 weeks, if the body is not responding you may have to change them. I have changed mine 2 times before with NO results.

Still feeling frustrated that even doing a "modified" plank on the ball I can't do my workout due to this shoulder injury. Yes its 8 weeks for this rotater cup disaster and the recovery has been so slow. I decided not to do the elliptical on Thursday...(ugg I loath the stair climber) and give this the 4 days full rest to push me to complete recovery mode. I am missing my upper body training like mad!

I decided to switch this up this week and do 4 sets of 10 instead of 3 sets of 12. This will add 4 to each move and adds intensity. One thing I did not do today was to do my obliques, some one was using the fitness studio so I skipped out. The plan is to do those tomorrow with cardio.

When doing abs and core I find it more productive to do all of the muscles during one session. To hit all areas gives you a better defined midsection and who doesn't want that?

The technical names for the four pairs of muscles are the rectus abdominis (center), external oblique (side wrap), internal oblique (middle side), and the transversus abdominis (below the belly button).

Today's workout would be the transversus, lower area below the belly button and the rectus abdominis the middle section. Both areas got a good workout today and I can already see more definition coming in.

I am making the most of it though....Here is my workout today:


Workout - Lower body & abs

Mood - Bring it ON!

Wt - 124.4

Cals = 40

Time at gym = 45 Min's

5 Min warm up stepper

4x10 60lb squats 4x10

140lb leg press

4x10 40lb standing glute press

4x10 55lb laying glute press

3x10 hyper extensions

50 crunches off the bench

50 reverse crunches stomp the ceiling

3x12 reverse standing crunch machine

Off to get the Rockstar Body.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Do More Then You Think You Can

" Do a little more each day, than you possibly think you can." Lowell Thomas

Alright, alright I said I was going to squeeze in a ST session today and a HIT but that did not happen. Yeah I said I would do MORE. I got to the gym a bit late for that I would have needed about 45-50 minutes. I only got there with 40 minutes so I managed to get in my cardio session as planned. Gonna do the pikes tonight, after work.

I will do my normal lower body workout tomorrow and a walk at lunch if our weather does what it says it is going to in the 50's. I slept good and feel really focused so its a good day. Heck had a great dinner and I went to bed at 9.30pm and got up at 6am. Last night I tried on my "little black dress" for Vegas. It fits and zips right up but with little room for eats or drinks. This could be a good thing, it fits like a glove. That's like a leather glove, not one of those comfy knit gloves. I think you get the picture, this dress was made for me in 1987 so you can imagine how I was thrilled that I could even get it on and zipped. Its been years since I put this "Audrey Hepburn" dress on and its a wonderful classic dress, but the verdict is still out if this is the one I will wear.

I have to decide on how I can do more each day, to get great results by my goal date. How I can rid myself of this unwanted loose skin that's taking over areas of my body as I age. I should consider myself lucky because I don't have cellulite every where just on my lovely abs. This is where you can see my diet habits are too many sweets and not enough fruits and veggies. Yeah the worst place to have any fat at my age health wise is the mid section. I am making progress though, its just been hard not to beat myself up while I do because I am like that.

I am my own worst critic when it comes to achieving what I want. Ever do that?

Then think, I could have done more?

Here is how my workout today went, I added more resistance and did NOT do any sprints.
Workout - Cardio
Mood - Oh Yeah!
Wt - 125.0
Time at gym - 40 Minutes

30 minute cardio elliptical.
Level 12 resistance 4 10 Min's
Level 15 resistance 5 10 Min's
Level 20 resistance 7 10 Min's

I was going to do a ST with this but decided to do that tomorrow since I got there late and pikes tonight after work. Mean while I have to focus on doing more, more, more because July will be here in no time! YIKES!

Off to get the Rockstar Body.......

Monday, March 2, 2009

Failures Are The Pillars Of Success

(If you can’t pike up you can bend your knees and roll the ball in like this, like trainer Kelly T.)

" Failures are the pillars of success. Keep trying again and again; one day the time is bound to come to offer you the fruits of your labor. By the same way, no one should expect the results before time and more than luck. Keep in mind that hard labor is the gateway to success." D.K.

I need this today, I need more hard labor!

Today I should have got up at 6am on my off day, and do my leg workout that I did not get in yesterday because of travel. Did NOT happen. So my plan is to try to get in my lower body workout tomorrow and follow it by a 20 min HIT cardio. That is what I think will get the best results for the week. I won't be able to make up cardio because of the weather and errands that have to be done. I only have a 4 day workout week this week, and I need to pave the gateway to success!

One thing I have noticed is my derrière is looking mighty fine and lifted. This will look delicious in my swim suit and since I have done more leg workouts the last 6 weeks my calves are looking good too. I am thinking maybe this injury set back is a good thing? Next is to get back to my upper body and my prone pikes that I love so much and miss dearly. I may start with just pikes on the ball and bring the legs in rather then a full prone pike which puts more stress on the shoulders and wrists. Just like the picture above, its less advanced then the prone.

I'm off today to get my whey protein to help get that protein number to get up higher, so far I have done well with my other macros so I am not really complaining. Well not until my trainer sees the numbers, then I may have a melt down....yes meltdown! I went to do the food shopping and they had the new skinny cow truffle bar on sale so I got a box and that's one thing that is NOT on my diet. NO skinny cows what so ever! It was a 100 extra cals & sugar that I could have done without. After a stressful weekend of taxes it sure tasted GREAT...I will consider this a failure, a pillar on my way to success.


Off day 3/1 Heavy cleaning 30 minutes, which was really an hour my moms house is HUGE!


Workout - Cardio

Mood - at 6am, groggy but focused!

Wt - 124

Cals = 350

Time at gym 40 Min's

30 Minutes with 4 sprints and inclines of 12-20 resistance 4. No one is at the gym at 6am on a Saturday.....and I know why! But since I was leaving for out of town I had to get this in, like a good girl I did.

Off to get the Rockstar Body..........