Friday, December 19, 2014

I Can't Wait For Christmas!

Tree is up and presents wrapped!
I love giving gifts........

and I will be singing from this old family album,
is that cool or what?

Got a few cards in my frosty :-)

and we had a snow too........

On the way to work!

It really feels like the Christmas season, thank you God for all the blessings this past year and for keeping your hand over my family and friends, and all who call on you.
Merry Christmas!
Blessings to all :-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Suprise Gift!

Someone so sweet sent me this fabulous scarf!
I just love the color, nice huh?

Today I decided to snap a few at the office.....
in front of the tree.

It looks so festive!

and back at my desk........

So most of my gifts are done, wrapped and ready to roll.
I have spent the last 2 weekends visiting areas that are festive.
St. Charles
I just wanted to wish everyone a fabulous holiday!
How is your shopping?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Time!

The office finally looks like Christmas!
I just love the lights, it really perks up the place and looks amazing!
Of course the hardest part of Christmas if you call it "hard" is just getting my nephews gifts,
oh to be a teenager again :-)
My workouts have been all about Yoga:
 1 hour hot Yoga
1 hour Yoga for Everyone
This weekend:
 1 hour Hot Yoga
1 hour Relax and Breathe
 1 hour Yoga for Everyone
Poses we have been working on:
Warrior 3 against the wall
Crow with blocks
Tree push ups
Time to shop..........thanks for reading :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kiss......Macy Day Parade 2014!

Wow, Kiss was on the Macy Day Parade!
It was great!

I got some nice photos.......

.....and the ending with fireworks, just like a Rock Concert!

Go Gene!

Then I decided to decorate......

Here is the tree, and Gracie of course :-)

and the porch.....

and new blue tree lights, love it!

It was almost 50 degrees, so I decided to have a toast on the porch when I got done.
Yay me!

Saturday I went to Belleville for Small Business shopping and got a great 3 row bracelet.....Green of course :-)
I had 3 full classes at Yoga that weekend, happy that eveyone came out to burn off the eats from the holiday.
Saturday - Yoga 2 hrs
Sunday - Yoga 1 hr
Thanks for reading.....I hope you had a great time!

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Perfect Christmas gift “Mud Mania”

Wondering what to get the fitness buffs, health enthusiasts and action addicts on your list?

How about letting them get their mud on this spring? Meanwhile you save money by buying early.

The Battlegrounds, St. Louis’ largest permanent mud run obstacle course, will hold its sixth bi-annual race beginning at 8 a.m. Sat., May 2nd 2015. The Battlegrounds is located at 950 State Highway 00 in Wright City, Mo. next to Cedar Lake Cellars winery and event venue.

Register and find out more here:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Guest Post: Is A Vegetarian Diet Plan For You?

Guest post today by Ron McDiarmid!


Is A Vegetarian Diet Plan For You?

If you want to lose your weight and change your diet for the better, a vegetarian weight loss plan may be something to consider. Many have found that adopting a vegetarian lifestyle has brought them tremendous health benefits, one of which is weight loss. It’s also true that many fit and healthy-looking celebrities who are fit credit the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

There are many great health benefits to eliminating meat from your diet, but it’s important to be aware that if you do this, you will have to make sure you get enough protein from other foods such as soy and nuts. You can also get the protein-packed healthy fats you need form eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, and other dairy products. Eliminating meat, especially red meat, can drastically lower your cholesterol. And where it comes to being able to get all the nutrients you need and still lose weight, a vegetarian weight loss plan is preferable to going completely vegan.

The Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

The vegetarian weight loss plan is pretty simple. Fill up on fruits and vegetables first. This is because vegetables can be very filling. They are also very versatile, able to be eaten raw or cooked, and seasoned in many different ways to make them delicious. Dark and leafy green vegetables like spinach and broccoli as well as carrots, beans, peppers and the like can offer your body excellent benefits. You can create a vegetable stir-fry using soy sauce and serve it over a small bed of healthier brown or basmati rice for an excellent light vegetarian lunch or dinner.

The most important thing to remember while on a vegetarian weight loss plan is to eat foods that are healthy but filling. Any foods you eat must be high both in fiber and in protein. These foods include vegetables like kale, which actually contains more minerals, vitamins, fiber and protein than a lean cut of steak. Eating plenty of fiber and protein means that you’ll rarely feel hungry or be tempted to snack on those foods which contain empty calories. But just because a food is considered to be vegetarian, does not always mean that it’s healthy. And so it’s important to keep your eyes open.

Foods To Avoid While On This Plan

If you’re trying to stick to a vegetarian diet plan, doctors recommend against eating too much bread, cereal, pasta, and carbs in general. The aforementioned foods tend to be high in calories but offer very  low nutritional value. And while it’s true that dairy is good for you, it’s important to try and not drink full-fat milk or eat full-fat cheese. High calcium and vitamin D without the fat can be found in skim or one percent milk. And your body’s protein needs can be well met with cheeses that are lower in fat.

It’s never been easier to discover how to make your own vegetarian diet plan work for you. There are thousands of tasty and delicious vegetarian recipes available. Many vegetarians say that they don’t miss meat. However, it’s important that you don’t expect to see results immediately from this type of weight loss plan. It will take time, especially if you are trying the vegetarian route for the first time. But after a couple of weeks, you should start to slim down and feel healthier as well as more energetic.

This post is contributed by Ron McDiarmid, who is the founder of My Healthy Living Coach. Having had health challenges along the way Ron was keen to share the research and learning he gathered. Through MHLC this continued into a current presentation of healthy lifestyle choices and how to implement them. Check out his website at

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hair Issue........Bangs or No Bangs?

Wow we had the prettiest full moon!
It was kinda cool..........

Now I am trying to work with bangs..
Yeah, or Nah?

I am not sure its kinda a transition thing.

On another note, I bought the lovely roses that are yellow to orange...
Sweet huh?
So far almost a week to open and you know I looooove orange!

All yoga.
Nuff said.
Teaching, and doing.
Loving it.

Thanks for reading...........should I keep the bangs????

The Perfect Snack!

New Keebler® Town House® Pretzel Thins Oven Baked Crackers....
(top photo credit:
Wow I don't like pretzels normally but these
You can see how buttery yummy they are!
And you can dip them, or cover them in anything you love.

Uhmm at just 70 cals per serving this is one you are going to want to use for your holiday parties.....

Find out more here and the tasty Recipe by Keebler:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blue Quail Designs!

It finally came!
Me new neclace that I ordered from Blue Quail Designs.......
How pretty!

Her packaging was so cute :-)
Like a little oragami.....

For this piece if art, I will wear it proudly.
You can find her work here:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Regarding Yoga!

Sometimes you just gotta laugh........

This has to be the funniest comment I have ever got on Yoga from a friend of mine, maybe you feel the same?

"Regarding yoga: it kind of scares me. I'm a big germaphobe, so the whole dirty mat thing kind of skeeves me out. That combined with women two inches from my butt and looking at places I've never seen on my own body does not seem appealing. Sorry, but that's the honest truth :0). I'm sure that you're amazing at what you do, but I think I'll stick to my boring workouts instead."

That's one way of putting it.....I just started teaching at a new studio for the weekends, and I was trying to drum up some new clients.

That was just the best!

Thanks for reading.......

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bow Tie Pasta!

I was feeling a crave for pasta, but nothing heavy.
Hello bow tie pasta!
Yes, I did have wine with it....
But look how tasty :-)

I saute'd the spinach, then cooked the pasta and added olive oil and a dash of parm cheese, it was delish.
You could add a protein to this like chicken or fish.

Over the weekend, I went to visit my sister and help her with her house.

I put the room together then I decided to add a table runner....

It really added more warmth to the room, plus it can be used as a coaster and the colors were very much fall like and went well with the drapes.......

In the kitchen, I added a cake plate with a fake pumpkin, just to bring in some fall flare...
cute huh?

This is my nephews cat, Lulu

.....and my nephews school photos I got.
I love the fact he is wearing a skate shoe company shirt with this back ground. I think he looks like a model, well at 6'5" he could be!

In other news.......
I got a new Yoga teaching job, I will be teaching 3 classes on the weekends.
Yay me :-)
Thanks for reading..........

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

End Stinky Workout Pants!

Workout shirts can hold a lifelong BO smell in the pits after a couple of tough workouts. Yoga and workout pants end up smelling like a dirty dishrag after a few months.
Pants too...........check this out!
Not any more!!!
Just turn garment inside out, spray and wash as per garment instruction, done!
This is the inventor......
Patty Post, fitness instructor and mom of 3

Sick of odors she created
 Get the Funk Out spray.
'bout time!!!!

Find out more here........

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tis The Fall Season!

I'm starting to dig out my fall wardrobe!
Yup loving the colors.
However I was missing Maui, so I made some dinner like they do there.......rice, with eggs and tomatoes, minus the gravy.

Plus I have been on a flower binge....
pretty huh?

Gracie helps me
awwwww........loves her bone!

Dinner last night, turkey burgers minus the bun.
I had mango mustard and relish. Yeah you don't need the carbs, this is super high in protein over 24 per patty.

Look how tasty!

Set up one of my favorite decorations....

The hayride and Mr. Pumpkinhead.
So adorable.

and at the office in another fall color!

Good news, I did take on a Yoga position at a local studio.
Oh I am blessed to start this Saturday.
Back to workout information next time, thanks for reading.