Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New PB2 Power Peanut Butter YUM!

Happy Tuesday! I just tried this new product and love it!

It's so easy to use in smoothies it doesn't even stick on the sides of the mixer. I think this will be my new go to pb. It has only 45 cals for 2 tbs!

Today' sunrise........

So pretty...........

My outfit for the day......leaving for work, coffee in hand.

I have one visit left for Hot yoga and 9 for wall but I won't make them all because it will expire.

Monday's workout:
Lunch run
1-2 mile/ walk inclines 2 miles

Train client after work:
Step ups with front raises

Pushups one arm
Wall squats w/calve lifts

Core/pilates with bands and ball
Plyo jumps
Chest press

Train hard train on!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lot's O' Pic Day Trip

What a wonderful weekend for a road trip. Enjoy the pictures.......it was an amazing day the weather was perfect!

an new baby horse
Someone hang gliding
1700's French fort

Taking the ferry ride across the river

St. Genevieve a French town full of history it was built in the 1700's

What a fabulous all day road trip
My outfit for the day........ I did change shoes, as we ended up walking 5 miles total.

I don't know about you, but taking just a full day to explore the land is amazing to me.

Plus I got in plenty of workouts too......


Saturday - Wall Yoga cals burned = 185

Walk 2 miles cals burned = 100

Sunday - Hot Yoga cals burned = 225

Walking sight seeing 5 miles cals burned = 125

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easy Smoothies

Yesterday's outfit. I went on a bit of a shopping haul at Ann Taylor and love her! I wore the outfit on the right to the office then took off the sweater and added the belt for a look to go out to dinner in.

I love strawberries! This means summer is on the way........woo woo and it is the lowest carb fruit so you can really enjoy these with some nuts as a snack, or have them by themselves they are one of my favorites. For smoothies, I just add almond milk, fresh spinach and cinnamon......and blend then drink!

It is the best, so refreshing you got to love it.

This mornings smoothie, prep time 3 minutes:

Pineapple (the fruit that helps with bloating)

1 cup fresh spinach - the super food and fiber

1.5 scoops vanilla whey = protein

1/2 c almonds milk (or skim or non fat your choice)

1 tsp of cinnamon - I add this every day as it has so many good things for you

Mix and drink!

Great for after workout or as a snack. I like the almond milk since it is thicker and has only 40 calories plus is higher in calcium.

Easy dinner last night:

Last nights dinner was wonderful, I really enjoyed it however I also added a 1/2 c of natural applesauce. The sweet combo with the fish was D-lish.

Total time = 20 minutes

Broil Salmon fish w/olive oil then sprinkle with course black pepper

Steam asparagus in 1-2 tbs of water in microwave


Today's workout is Teaching Yoga

100 pushups

100 crunches

1 mile

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Shopping Haul

First day of spring woo woo......bring on spring high fashion season legs!

I went on a little shopping spree over the weekend at Ann Taylor and Loft. I just love Ann Taylor, and of course her Loft line is more sportswear but so adorable.

Her fit is cut like I am built so that works for me without alterations, saving me money. I am a perfect 6 there and I could wear the 4 but since I sit all day I like the fit to be less snug. (and the little bit of extra length on the skirts since I walk through a warehouse full of guys)

All in all the haul was amazing! (insert need to take haul picture this weekend)
2 jacket sweaters
2 skirts
2 bright mid sleeve summer sweaters (may take to Maui)
1 amazing necklace
5 tops (1 long sleeve, 1 mid sleeve w/sparkle, 1 sleeveless, 2 short sleeve
1 wide belt
1 pair of boot shoes (were $275.00 got at final sale $50)

all for just $500.00!

Plus I got a few more things, 2 tanks Old Navy and 1 bright orange sleeveless cowl at Stein Mart and a colorful body bag.

Happy Spring!!!

Yesterdays outfit:
Top to bottom including shoes - Ann Taylor

Ha rushing out the door, hello Monday

Today's outfit:
Top to bottom Ann Taylor Shoes - Payless

I love the necklace so much, and I got it at 40% off. I got another bright sweater in melon I can't wait to wear.

Week 2 of Insanity

The plyo in this workout is killing me! This is drill after drill...........non stop, sweat dripping. Results = nothing yet.

Client training:
Workout - Client training Butts and Guts
Time of workout - 30 min - 60 min
Cals burned = 90

1 set x 20 each

Single leg bridge
Bridge w/ball roll out
One leg bridge one works flexed on ball
Over head crunch straight arm on ball w/10lb db
Chest fly on ball w/15lb db
Overhead tricep on ball
Pushups on foam roller
Prone pike on stability ball - 10 knee ins
Plank hold 30 sec on stability ball
2 way lift bicep to shoulder press w/10lb db + 15lb
Chest press on ball w/10lb db + 15lb
Plank 1 min

More pictures later on the haul.....

Whats your favorite thing to shop for???

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Insanity Day 1

Yes, I belong to 2 gyms and a Yoga studio but I did Insanity Cardio this morning and it was tough. I forgot how tough this workout is but am determined to get in top shape for the beach this year as I turn 50!
Revisiting Shaun T. again could be a wise move, last time I did this program I lasted 1 round. Of course I wanted to do 2.

I felt so ENERGIZED!!

What I like - The warm up kills you

Climbing ladders

Plyo jumps

What I hate -

High knees

Anyway I was thinking I wanted to come up with a great workout plan since ear surgery, so I decided to stick with something that had basic moves for 60 days. Then I may start P90X2 just depends on how my clients go.

But a good friend of mine really gave me a good kick in the butt and that is just what I needed to be MOTIVATED!

Today: park running workout

Tonight: client training with heavy weights

Maui...........the count down is ON!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The BIG 7 Workout

Here's an example of one of my favorite workouts:

The "Big 7" I call it. This workout blasts fat like you wouldn't believe because each move is a multi-joint exercise. Lots of muscles are working at once which means you are burning more fat than just performing isolation movements. This routine is a great way to mix up a traditional split routine.

Use your common sense. I can't tell you the weight you should use. You'll have to figure out the weight that challenges you through the 15 reps.

For best results, perform this routine 3 times a week on non-consecutive days. I recommend performing your cardio on opposite days or immediately following this routine.

Execution: Perform 15 reps of each exercise without rest; then rest 1 minute and repeat. Try completing 3 rounds.

1. Pushups (floor, weighted, stability ball, or med ball)
2. Jump Squats
3. Standing Military Press or Overhead DB Press
4. Stationary DB Lunges
5. Pullups (use bar or assisted machine; perform 15 reps or as many as possible)
6. Romanian Deadlifts
7. Front Plank (hold up to 1 min)

Keep those New Years resolutions going strong!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Foodie Picture Blog

This past weekend was pretty good in the food choices. I tried a few new things....
Thursday night quick and easy salad

Purdue Chicken nuggets, cut in pieces with pine nuts, avocado and 2 tbs of dressing with a dab of low fat cheese on top
Friday night baked salmon topped with salsa

With asparagus and bread for a nice combo.
Saturday night easy salad 1/2 avocado, pine nuts and salad dressing and dash of low fat cheese, I just can't have a salad without a dash of cheese.

Paired with cheese ravioli and sautéed veggies plus mushrooms

Look how yummy!

Then I found these new products to try, I love Key Lime and this is a recovery protein drink. I had this after my lunch workout today = KEEPER!

I will get this again, I love the taste!

Then I tried this Brownie which is supposed to be all natural = NOT plus....its 2 servings OUCH on the cals and carbs!
I had the Peanut butter for breakfast today and it was AMAZING! But warning it has HFCS and other bad things........sigh

What I like better is Oh Yeah bars and drinks, still not clean but better and taste like a candy bar really

And as for the rest
Pick snack raisins for a good treat and natural.

Not Pizza which I had on Sunday it was just like a hamburger, really!

Then I made these amazing bars

and they are so good

I packaged a few to take to work and for clients

140 carbs
8 grams of protein

Link to bars

Today's workout at the park, try this for a great fast circuit!
Workout - Park circuit
Time - 45 min
Cals burned = 260

Inclines 4 hills 15 minutes
Single leg squats 20
Walking lunges 30
Bench dips 30 x2
Single leg incline pushups 30
Jump squats 30
Jacks 50
Step ups 30
In and out crunches 25
Scissors 25
Plank jacks 25
Plyo jumps 10
Shuffles 30 sec x 2
Sprints 30sec x 2