Friday, August 8, 2014

The Battlegrounds Mud Run adds New “Elite Wave”

The Battlegrounds mud run adds new “Elite Wave”
Oh if your tough enough lol........

Newly added is a tough 8 a.m. Elite Wave competition!
According to the  battlegrounds mud run website “The 5 Mile ELITE WAVE is meant to be the most physically challenging experience for our participants with similar abilities. This option is only available at the 8:00 a.m. race time, so be sure to register as we are limited to 250 runners, including both individuals and 4-person teams, who can maintain an 8 minute 30-second mile pace. The ELITE WAVE is meant to be a competitive event. For the purpose of awarding medals we must keep each team at a consistent number (four). We offer start-to-finish chip timing to insure accurate timing for each participant.”

Plus the charity is Backstoppers!

Find out more here:

Tabata Speed Drills Workout!

8 min cardio warm up

Round 1
Sissor walk/mummy kicks
In and outs
Side jumps
Down dog to up dog
Walk down plank to bicep/overhead press 5lb db
Bent over single kettlebell row 25lb
Cleans 30lb

Round 2
Pours 9lb db
Push up with alt shoulder touches
Squat w/a jump
Side reach crunch
Bent over bb row
Single leg balance on tripple mat
Plank jacks

Bonus Speed Drills:
Med ball squat swings 8lb
Mountain climbers
Med ball squat w/side leg kick

5 min yoga band stretch cool down

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Interval Workout 8/5/14

8 min warm up cardio

Round 1
Step up lunge w/6lb db
Kettle bell swing 20lb
Steam engines
Bent over db row 25lb
Wood chops 8lb med ball

Round 2
Curtsy lunge w/bicep curl 6lb db
Decline push up
Straight leg standing toe touches
Dead lifts 25lb db
Twist w/8lb med ball

Bonus Round:
Wall squat w/5lb db lateral hold to overhead hold
In and outs up down bench speed
Side plank w/5lb db
Roman twist w/8lb med ball

5 min yoga cool down stretch

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