Monday, April 29, 2013

Girls Night Sushi and Fashion!

We had so much fun on our girls night out!
This is after I got home with the orange hair chalk, too cool!

Kinda hard to see but it was cute with the orange jacket I wore (not in the photos)

Before we left.

I had decided to not bring my camera, so she took them on her phone.

First we had Sushi at a place I like near home, d-lish. She wasn't even hungry till I ordered then she ate just as much as me lol.
We went to an event at a local church, about what to wear for your body shape.

It was inspiring and they had desserts small plates very nice and lime water yum!!!

I am a Rectangle, and I talked to the designer and she told me what to wear to flatter my body then said I was already doing that ;-) Yay!

Got a few more accents for the home, this bowl and pearl globes.

And taking back the small art for this art = same price better impact.

I like it with the green kitchen.

I'm still thinking I want something on that table in the center and I think maybe a silver hammered tray would look good.

Gracie, snoozing......

She loves the new floor!!!

I had to laugh how she was snoring.

Tried a cooking class, Indian.

It was fun, and tasty too. Now I feel brave enough to go to an Indian restaurant and order, or at least a buffet.
House of India was suggested.

Today on the way to the office it was super duper its really sunny and nice out.
Can you believe the STL weather?

Thanks for reading!
........oh and full booking of clients this week = yay!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Tempting Tuna cakes!

Wow I found the best ever Tuna cake EASY to make recipe!

You can find it here:

In just a few minutes you can have a good for you meal that feels so comforting you will forget that its healthy, I did!!!

I have been pinning a bunch of recipes on pintrest for girls night, most are chocolate (yeah go figure) or a type of appetizer. I just love pintrest!!!

Client Yoga last night and even though its day 30 of my groin injury it is finally starting to feel so much better yay!!!

I am so proud of my client she even did Wild Thing for the first time!

I love that pose!

Friday Stats:
Weight - 127
BMI - 20.3

May will be my Rockstar month! Thanks for reading..........

Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Who doesn't love a massage? Well I do ;-)

I know its not Mothers Day yet, but maybe you know a Grandmother that would like to know why its good to get a massage.

Check out my take on Geriatric Massage........

I finally got my art work in and I looooove it. Not sure if it seems to small for the space or not?
They are not even with the TV but you can kinda tell how they look from the side.

Front view, each is 8x20
I like how it pulls the color from the dark wall........
Its from:

I found this cool ball of glass too just $10 bucks.

I decided to add a piece I got a long time ago at a flee market to my table.
I think it was an ashtray?

It has a copper feel on the rim, and the shape is interesting so that saves me $45 on the piece I was going to buy for it. Sweeeet I love a design re-mix, I had it in the bathroom.

This was a switch cover from a rental property, it now shines in the new white room.

I swear Gracie is part cat!!! She cleans her paws little by little each millimeter before bed.
Tee hee.

And she has the longest tongue too!

Thanks for reading..........

Monday, April 22, 2013

Whew The Table Came!

Gracie was exhausted from watching me
she got extra treats ;-)
Decided to paint my lamps white they were tan, they turned out ok. but they look better then they did so thats an improvement that cost zero.

Cleaned top to bottom! All the woodwork and curtains.......

Now it is ready for the dining room set. I even had to move a bunch of stuff to the garage. I don't want to part with it, but I don't have room either.
I was able to tuck away Gracie's pet taxi which she and I both love, now its like a little den for her. Yay!

Drum it is the table!

It makes me happy that the room is almost completed.

It only took about 30 minutes and I love it, really love it!

On the rug you can see how the second shelves are blue glass that match my lamp.

And its super duper sturdy.
Ordered at

You can even put your bare feet on it, doesn't move an inch.
Sweeeeeet style and practical.

Plus it reflects the light.

I even gave it thought as to put something on it???

I rated it a 10 on Walmarts website.
I actually have my bedroom set that is made from the same company. Wayfair and its got the same matching glass in the top drawer.

Wow, I found the matching vase to may collection. Instert jump up and down here and cheer big time! I didn't even know it came in this very small one.
Found it at the Target in Kirkwood.

I love how it looks on the table, and I got the cord covered too.
Wowza happy dance ;-)

This is where the art will go. Yes, it will cover that electric plug thank goodness.
Pinch me I love my room!

Thanks for reading........Happy Earth Day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Barbie House!

Gracie loves to try to get on the bed!
I have been steady at the remodel since my injury, and I am waiting on a few more pieces and the 580sq ft Barbie House will be done.
Just missing the coffee table, its on the way = yay!

The accent wall doesn't look so dark now.

I love the white, white, white!

The accessories really pull it all together. Contemporary but not so Modern it is cold. I love the warmth of the floor and walls.

This is the lamp without the lamp on, its just simple and I love the clean lines. I gave it a 5 star rating.

And the pillow is a nice touch, I had it in the bedroom and thought it looks better in here = another yay!

I found these great pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond. DNKY for $15 bucks each on sale, hey I saved $70 bucks. Sweeeeeeet.

Then I put on the summer bedspread, love it.

And with the warmth of the lamps it screams.....relax!!!

Today I got the white bed skirt, and will get the rest of the accents this weekend. By next week it should be time for a House Happy Hour party ;-)
Thanks for reading.
Injury day 22.