Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The House SOLD!

Mom's house 2.9 acres and many fun and loving memories planting gardens and working the land. Her flowers were amazing and just like her lovely, sweet........BEAUTIFUL!

Today the house closed, it sold and along with it many of mom's favorite trees, flowers and her pond. I am posting this so I can have the memory if all the good times we had in here and the things that she loved so much. Many we got on shopping adventures. For 24 years she spent making this hunk of land an amazing garden and home.

I will miss you and love you mom EVERY DAY for the rest of my life. I am grateful to be called your daughter and will always cherish time we spent together.

Monday, November 28, 2011

My NEW 4 Minute Workout

Mom I will miss you forever!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and STUCK to a good eating plan. I think I burned so many calories that I hope the pie doesn't count lol. I did the treadmill 2 days and 30 minutes of swimming I felt like I stayed on track pretty good.

Its been a very hard week for me. The first Thanksgiving without my mother, and clearing out her house for the closing has been very emotional to say the least.

The last time I went to visit I decided to film a few videos, and I did. Then this past weekend I decided to do a hard core fitness video, but I could NOT find the strength.
After moving so much stuff I was so sore from top to bottom, and just drained with sadness. Ever get that way?

Its so not like me :-)

I love how my mother's house looked it was so lovely, and I got a chance to post 1 of the 2 videos that I filmed there. There will be no more from her house, sadly...but I will always have the memory of these videos.

Here is my new 4 Minute workout video, please rate me...........

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Forget STRESS try Breathing


Breathe the latest DVD from Fabio Andrico also staring Yamila Diaz will have you feeling harmony in no time. No stress of the holidays, you will feel amazing after doing this easy routine for your everyday life. Who doesn't have 20 minutes to feel great?

This DVD contains 3 separate selections that will allow you to learn at your own pace. I like that!

If your new to Yoga (I started in 2009) or just want to get the most out of this program, start with Gradual Training in Complete Breathing (which I am new to this type of training so I learned a lot by starting there) then choose either the Short 20 minute which is filmed in a nice home/studio or the Basic 40 minute session....ahhh background :-)

Clear direction and beautiful scenery will have you melting, yeah the 40 minute section is with a beach background that is amazing and she is on the water floating, so cool. I can tell you this DVD is one of the BEST ones I have. The reason, I love the 20 minute section and will be adding this to my once a week down time or off day.

Plus the girl looks like Penlope Cruise ... she's adorable!

I know I have a huge collection and originally was not a big fan of Yoga but I think it has increased my stamina, patience and core.

Continue reading on

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finally...3 New Videos UP!

My Channel

I finally got 3 videos posted on my Youtube channel, I hope you like them. I need to do some more workouts I have so many in my head, just with mom passing its been a really slow go so I appologize.

We have this crazy woodpecker bird that eats from our feeder, he is so funny! (should put this to music)

Then here is me losing 1 3/4" off my waist in 45 mins AND 1/2" off my neck

And lastly check out Ellipse Fitness and Ann's round house kicks! She really has a great form and I don't think I can even kick that high!

Feel free to rate them..........

Last night I went to Yoga at the studio just to do a new workout with Laura it was great! She does less moves but over and over again so you really get a good sweat. I did enjoy her style of teaching very much but I really was not that challenged in strength but in stretch for sure she really did a lot of hip openers.

Fire log, lean forward......great pose!

Fire log stretches the outer hips intensely, particularly the piriformis, which is often the main culprit of sciatic pain.

This weekend on Friday I host a Yoga Glow by candlelight 7-8pm and Saturday early Relax and Recharge at 8.45-9.45am. If any of you are near STL and can come your welcome to just hit me up for the details.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tasty Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

Image: Flicker 672

I love an easy recipe and this is one I am making for Thanksgiving. If you have one you love please let me know. Thanks Ellipse Fitness and Ann Morrow!

Thanks, recipe addicted ;-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NEW: Build and Burn Kettlebell Workout with Paul Katami


Build and Burn Kettlebell Workout with Paul Katami

Ok I love this if you have time for it, a full hour plus a core bonus. I did do both but I would only do one if I were to do this again, and alternate.

I got it at Collage Video and according to their website "Certified instructor description: The primary workout is an aero/tone interval program that combines a kettlebell with a high step (“bi-level training”). Either piece of equipment boosts intensity — blended together they create a super-tough, super-varied workout. Each of the seven segments is different."

I have never thought of doing kettlebell with a step, so I spent the $19.99 and ordered it. It is intense and worth the money.

Recommend this only for those that have used kettlebells before, not beginners even though it is explained very well, you may get discouraged by the advance multi moves.

If you get board easy this is the workout for you! Drills, Drills, Drills you know 30 to 60 seconds can really boost the calorie burn. This is nothing like a Bob Harper workout at all, this is much more creative and multi-movements that will really get you drenched!

Paul Katami has other dvds but here is my take on this workout, creative yes, boring NOT!

Build and Burn:

Need - lighter weight kettle bell (I used a 12lb) or dumbell and a high step

Clinic shows each move of the workout slow so you get it down before you begin, this is a great segment so be sure to watch it first.

Workout - Mix and Match Options
30 sec drills
Cardio skaters w/row add single leg lift
Swing squats
Swing drop arm
Step up suit case dead lift 3 satellite circle behind, circle backs
Squat off board w/high pull
Back lunge w/biceps curl gun slinger
Step down clean to rack
Step back lunges w/back pivot overhead press
Single arm burpee 1 hand on step, plank on step w/row twist
Windmill to plank w/hip lift

Cool down
Bent knee chair cross 1 leg over
Single leg hamstring stretch w/straight leg
Clasp arms overhead bend w/mini back bend twist to side
Clasp hand behind back then bend forward

Core bonus:
30 second moves each one adds on
Seated crunch on step w/legs in
Rack on right reach back obliques
Seated crunch w/legs in and overhead bell
Rack on left

2 min Squat jump, walk to plank add bell row x2
1 min each:
Decline pike opp leg to opp elbow
Single leg on step w/bridge w/crunch hold bell straight up overhead
Roll back reverse crunch w/press up
Crunch w/halo at top of crunch
30 sec Steering wheel crunch R & L
90 sec Crunch w/bench press R &L on center add Chop w/straight leg lift and straight arm
30 sec oblique twist
Rolly polly
Bent knee straight arm twist
Hold shins lift body - curl cat - lift

Warm up
Lunge w/twist
Step ups R & L add halo
Step off sides
Step up w/twist R & L alt

You can find it here where I got it if you want to order, or I am sure at Amazon

Pauls site is or just google him.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Jackie 30 Minute Extreme Time Savor Review

Don't have much time to get your sweat on? Then I say get this workout! I love it and I will be adding this in from time to time.

Some of my favorite moves were Front lunge w/tricep head banger and the split squat wood chop!

Here is my Saturday workout:

Jackie Xtreme Time Saver Workout, yeah just 30 minutes you will be sweating blasting calories, really!

I give it a = Rating 10

Warm up
Plie reach
Toe jump forward and back
Back lunge w/twist
Toe jump w/punch

Plie w/arm circle in and out and up
Runner pose w/rear delt raise
Curtsy side kick
Squat pull over head
Squat w/concentration curl
Front lunge w/tricep head banger
Chest fly w/front lunge
Reverse lunge /punch and kick
Wide squat pulley row
Glute bridge w/fly
Table top elbow to opp knee in
Split squat wood chops
Bicep curl outside w/knee tap then front curl
Kneeling leaning side raise (Gate)

Cool down
Twist runner lunge
Forward sitting bend
Butterfly bound angle
Cross leg bent elbow side stretch over head

You can get this on Collage Video for $9.99 or Amazon.
Here again is the link on the wraps if you missed it, last about 2-6 months

Friday, November 4, 2011

Picture This

My 2 sisters

Me and my friend Carla

Me getting a pedi with my sister :-)

Pier Marquette State park

Yoga photo for some future workshops.

Its been a busy week, I am so glad its Friday. My sisters and nephew are coming to visit on Saturday. My workouts have been run/walks at lunch and no clients this week, lets hope there is a lot more knockout November workouts next week!


JM Buns & Thighs

Jackie ST.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flab to FAB in just 45 minutes!

Image by Amy Loesch

I am not into "quick fixes" I teach lasting results with a lifestyle fitness and healthy clean eating but I got a call from a friend and I thought I would go and support her. I did.

I actually did this cost me $25 for one wrap on my waist and lost 1 3/4" off my abs. Really. I have never seen a product that is not just a water weight loss but this one is amazing. It really works on flab, in addition to of course clean eating and working out. It took 45 minutes, and I am going to do this one more time on my chin as we age you know what happens........sigh!

What I liked about this is it can give you "hope and incentive" especially for new moms. I was not sure I wanted to try this product but when Amy told me her Zumba instructor had tried everything to get her abs to "pop" then did a waist wrap and there they were she was shocked!

And it last about 2-3 months, because it is a detox. The cream that is put on is what makes this work so good. Not sure all about it, smell like carmex but I saw a change and could use this just before my next fitness shoot.

Here is more on it, and they offer other products too!