Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Peppers and Chicken

I love chicken! It is so easy to make it in a bunch of different ways, heavy or light it is always just right to me.
Take a chicken cooking bag, and place fresh red and orange peppers in the bag with the chicken and bake at 3.50 degrees for about an hour depending on how much your chicken weighs.
Done, juicy and delish!
Today at the office, casual Friday = yay!

My favorite afternoon snack:

Last nights workout:
1 hour Power Yoga flow
Today's weigh in:
Wt - 126
BMI 21
Water - 54
Thanks for reading :-)

Sweat UNLIMITED new workout DVD

I am so happy to tell you this workout ROCKS!
I know so many people give me the excuse, I am too busy to workout! Bah with this workout you can choose from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, yay!
Plus check this out, comes with at "Mix and Match" workout menu!

Find out more here about this amazing fun workout:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Angels Eyes For Gracie The Rescue Dog

Angels Eyes for dogs that are "teary" does work!
I got it off Amazon and I mix it with 1/2 of this chicken dog food.
1. Because the beef Angels Eyes is cheaper and got better reviews
2. Gracie loves chicken so I use chicken dog food.
Her regular food is dry food, so this is like a treat for her.
We are on week 4-5 and she looks better, way less dark streaks and her eyes seem to not be all leaky.

Her giving me a smooch, thanks mom for the treat!

At the office today with my new short cut hair-do!

I give this product = 10

DIY: Refinish A Wood Desk For $12 Bucks

Just look how great this desk looks now that I gave it some TLC!
It started out like this, and yeah that paint can holding it up on the left is the color of the kitchen...thanks for noticing ;-)
1970's blah.......

Then I decided to get creative and paint the drawers (with the help of my girlfriend)

Paint $7

Paint $4

Drum roll............
as you can see it looks fabulous all together!
Total project = $12

New modern look, and it goes better with the room aye?
OK, the chair still sucks but hey it works.

Yesterday at the office, when I got home before Yoga.
I have been posting some fashion shots so I remember how I put outfits together.

Of course.....Ms. Gracie, in her house ;-)

Last nights workout = 1.5hrs Yoga Flow with meditation
Today's lunch workout = walk -run
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home Fitness Studio Makeover!

Teresa Barbie, doing Yoga!
3 Day Memorial Day weekend means home projects! So since I did the upstairs with a makeover in 2013 why not my lower level studio?
The old flooring color and the new hanging stability ball rack!

New flooring color "Navaho Blush" love it!

Transition which means lunch massage today!
I am beat!

Heading down to the Trainer T. Fitness Studio

The shiny wet paint :-)


Someone wants to come help ;-)

I won't shed really.........

And the finished makeover 2013:

Pilates area

Boxing and kickboxing

Weight in area

Yoga, crossfit and interval training area

Yoga wall, and TRX

Yoga wall

Weight training area

Entry and Exit area

Lunch with my girlfriend :-)

Thanks for reading..........Yay short week!