Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Julie Rammal Releases NEW DVD "IN LIGHT OF CHANGE"

Two week fitness program…Workouts to look & feel younger, slimmer & firmer…


According to the press release: Los Angeles, CA – February 15, 2016 – Celebrity fitness trainer, Julie Rammal divides her time between California and the Middle East personally training her clients. Julie is an International Holistic Practitioner and Trainer whose teachings connect the mind, body and spirit. In her new Holistic fitness DVD, IN LIGHT OF CHANGE (52 minutes, www.jsport.co  $24.95) 

Julie brings her worldwide training techniques and exercise methods to show viewers how to look and feel younger, and get slimmer and firmer in just two weeks. Filmed on serene coastal and nature locations around the world, 

Julie demonstrates a variety of fitness moves inspired by aerobics, stretching, Yoga and Pilates. She combines her primal movements and holistic philosophy to tune and tone the body and mind. Julie inspires and motivates as she shows viewers how to connect closely with their body and mind. Holistic fitness trains the inner self to create the new outer self. It combines modern and ancient training fitness and alternative complimentary medicine techniques.

The DVD IN LIGHT OF CHANGE is divided into eight chapters. After Julie gives an introduction where she describes her philosophy and her journey the workout begins. 

  • The first section, Tibetan Rituals concentrates on self- awareness, breathing techniques and anti-aging movements and meditation. 
  • Following the ancient rituals, there are three Cardio chapters: Cardio Stretch, Cardio Box, and Cardio Legs. 
  • Then, Julie adds in Total Abs, Upper Body, and Lower Body workouts. The DVD concludes with a Cool Down. 

Training holistically or naturally means listening to body, mind and spirit and working with it rather than against it. It is the new amazing way to train that gives great results instantly. Pain can disappear in seconds, organs and muscles can be detoxed, and emotions are released. As a result one will feel lighter, happier, and cleaner. 

The exercises in the DVD may look simple, but they challenge one to improve concentration, balance, strength, endurance, speed, breathing, and coordination. Chakras are cleansed so one can look younger and naturally boost immunity levels. Emotional blocks are removed to create a lighter, re-aligned self in touch with a higher source of power and the universe. When this connection is achieved, one will be stronger in life, as they find their own mew being thus completing the mental, physical and spiritual connection. 

More About Julie or to purchase IN LIGHT OF CHANGE

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


So lately I have been on a real Yoga High......
Yup, I maxed out my Tuesday night class, GO T.!
Just like that, it only holds 20 and I had 21 in class it totally rocked!
Go Gumby :-)

More good news, the gear I wear has been Hot Yoga approved!

So class Thursday will be about core, not these moves but some like it.......

Remember when I mastered this pose, me so happy :-)

Now I am working on this one, this is Connie a mentor. 
Photo: Conniewerneryoga.com 

It has been so much about Yoga I got a new mat.....

Thanks for reading..........Namaste! 

Monday, February 1, 2016



Your gonna love these workouts!

1. BeyondBarre: Grace (60 minutes plus bonus segment)

2. BeyondBarre: Fit (53 minutes plus bonus segment)

According to the press release: Just in time for the New Year, BeyondBarre founder Colleen Ketchum has released two new DVDs: BeyondBarre: Grace (60 minutes plus a bonus segment, $14.99) a ballet focused, graceful workout with ballet-inspired movement and stretching, and BeyondBarre: Fit (53 minutes plus a bonus segment, $14.99) a strength, fitness-based class that uses props such as a small ball, resistance bands and weights throughout the workout. Both DVDs include a bonus GlideBoard segment. (www.beyondbarre.com)

The BeyondBarre exercise program is unlike any other. Created for all fitness levels, it focuses on proper form and body alignment to avoid strain and injury. Each body-sculpting, fat-burning, endurance-building workout incorporates barre exercises designed to increase flexibility and develop strong, lean muscles. Weights and other accessories are used to shape the arms and legs, strengthen the body-core, and narrow the all-important waistline.

For those who want an extra cardio workout, the BeyondBarre program offers the optional GlideBoard. The GlideBoard has a slippery plastic surface that allows the user to slide back and forth from one end of the board to the other using movements much like those of an ice skater. No need for skates, though, because the sliding is done on soft ballet slippers. Plus, it’s amazingly fun to use.

BeyondBarre also has an extensive in studio teacher-training program for those interested in becoming a certified instructor. In addition, BeyondBarre has a very popular home-study program that comes with 200-page manual featuring detailed photos of each exercises, plus an accompanying video that demonstrates every exercise and the applicable modifications and variations. The home-study program also includes 14 day-access to the BeyondBarre Connections website. Connections offers on-line support along with extensive teaching tips, video choreography, marketing materials, and more. BeyondBarre has more than 1000 trained instructors in studios nationwide.

About Colleen Ketchum:
Colleen Ketchum grew up as a competitive gymnast. She took up ballet when her coach suggested it would help her gymnastic skills. It was in those ballet classes that she learned the amazing fitness benefits to be gained at a ballet barre. Colleen graduated college with a degree in biology and worked as a research scientist. After marrying and having three children, she was drawn back to her fitness roots. She became a Pilates instructor and opened her own studio, Pilates in Motion. That led to the creation of BeyondBarre, a program that blended the best elements of barre and Pilates. In addition to her fitness career, Colleen is a successful stuntwoman appearing in several movies and such television shows as Law & Order and Orange is the New Black. www.beyondbarre.com @beyondbarre

Please note: Colleen Ketchum is available for interviews and appearances. Please call (831) 656-0553 to schedule.  

I am super PUMPED about these workouts.......thanks for reading :-)