Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bob Harper Kettlebell Cardio Shred Review

I am giving this workout a 9 so far. Since I have not made it through the entire workout yet, I will know more and will post my thoughts when completed.

Worth the money = yes.

I think if you have any shoulder issues, I would not go over the 20lb bell. As a matter of fact that is what Bob was using, not the 25lb.

Last night I did my teeth whitener and my teeth are feeling it today...wow sensitive. But whiter yeah!

I also caved and had some Lays chips and 3 small chocolates. I am not sure if I was bored or just having a sweet salty thing going on. *SIGH

Today I weighed in at 124 and I did part 2 of the Kettlebell workout with my 12lb Kettlebell.

I looooved it. He explains things very well, but the over head moves are very hard at 25lb so I used my lighter bell on that and the heavy 25lb bell on the swings.

To order this workout or his Kettlebells:

Bob Harper Inside Out Kettlebell Cardio Shred
Mood - thrilled
Time of workout = 25
Wt = 124
Cals burned = 100

Warm up:
Arm stretches over head
Forward bend
Runners stretch
Straight leg stretch
Sumo squat w/shoulder touches to knees
Open leg forward bend

Work out:
Squat touch kettlebell
Dead lift
Squat w/upright row
Swings R then L
Swings R bring leg in step out
Swings L bring leg in step out
Single arm R x 4
Single arm L x 4
Switch arms x 2 swings
Switch arm singles
Double arm swings 4
Bell on ground between arms pushups - 15
Row lunge x 15 R and L
Swings 15
Bell on ground between arms pushups - 15
Lunge Rows 2 x 15 R & L

Bob Harper (Part 2)
Time = 25 min
Cals burned = 100

Workout cont.:
15 swings
10 Pop snatch swings (R)
10 Squat single straight arm lift (R)
10 single arm windmill (triangle) (R)
15 burpees
15 high knees double time

10 Squat to windmill (triangle) (L)
15 burpees
15 swings
10 Pop snatch to windmill (triangle) (L)
15 swings
20 high knee singles
10 alt lunges
15 alt lunges w/kettlebell pass thru under leg (R)
Pop and snatch w/shoulder press (R)
Pop and snatch w/shoulder press (L)
15 swings - 25lb
15 alt lunges w/kettlebell pass thru under leg (L)
10 crab bridges
10 crab bridges w/single leg lift (R) + (L)
Modified turkish get up


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  1. Can you post some links with similar or the same routines on YouTube. It would be nice to understand the motions being done.