Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Extreme Plastic Surgery

How far would you go to be beautiful? I watched Oprah on Monday, it was just EXTREME.

Today's Workout felt really great. I am going to continue with my yoga 2 times a week.

This time I decided to do the P90X Yoga X workout from the second half, and it was very tough. Its a lot more twisting but I did enjoy it as I fell on my butt!

Just 2 more weeks from today and I go back to the Doctor for my last follow up on my ear surgery and pray that the party in my head goes away. I still am putting in the drops and have some balance issues since the ear is packed and I can't hear.... but I am dealing so to speak. I don't like surgery at all and am hoping for a cure, so I pray.

I saw the MOST disturbing plastic surgery ever on Oprah!

It was about Asian, how they are getting taller with leg surgery. They cut the leg bone below the knee, then they put this brace on the inside of the leg (huge long thing they DRILL in the leg) and the bone grows where it has been cut to fill in.

This makes them 1-3" taller and each day they must "screw" this contraption to lengthen the brace so that the space between the break is bigger so the bone grows back longer. What about down the road, how will this effect them?

Has anyone seen or heard of this?

Here is my workout today 7/6
Workout - P90X Yoga - Second 1/2
Mood - Tight
Wt - 120
Time of workout - 40 minutes
Cals = 86

Downward Dog
Runners Pose
Crescent Pose
Twisting Crescent
Side Angle
Twisting Side Angle
Warrior 3
Half Moon
Reverse Swan
Mountain pose

Really how far would you go to be beautiful?

I am such a baby, I could not do any of this. (as you know ear surgery was horible enough and thats to hear and get the ringing out of my head) I feel beautiful no matter what, its how I feel about me that matters. God made me, I respect that and try my best to take care of my body for him. Everything you do today does effect down the road.


Ps- Do you sleep with a sleep mask?


  1. Have not seen that program but sure does sound extreme to me was well..why to people do things like that to be taller..makes no sense to me.

  2. Thanks Marcy!
    I just wonder how that will be/feel later in life as they age, I just can't imagine.