Monday, March 31, 2014

The Cupcake Party Success!!!

Here are the party cupcakes, de-lish!
Everyone had a great time!

Amy who makes the cupcakes from Mamies Designs
(look her up on Facebook)

Mood music :-)

Mood lighting :-)

The entrance

This was the best party ever!

Todays workout:
Focus T-25 Day 1
3 Miles at lunch
Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Cupcakes and Cocktails!

Oh I love spring colors don't you?
I really like brown with brights......

And can you tell my Crest white strips have worked?
I see that my smile looks brighter, yay!!!

Moving on to lunch, this was sweet potato with pecans and cinnamon.

My other snack, avocado and baked crackers, double yum!
I also had some chicken strips grilled but I ate those first for my protein.
I liked my lunch today :-)

This weekend is my Cupcakes and Cocktails party!
This is the set up, well I will have cupcakes on the covered stove and more wine too but you get the idea.

And the coffee bar, with Baileys of course :-)

Today good news my T-25 was delivered!
My 30 day challenge is almost over
Yay, things are starting to get EXCITING!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Garmin Does It Again!


Are you looking for a fitness band that moves at the pace of your life? Look no more, vívofit™ fitness band has it all.

According to the website here are some of the benefits:

 •Learns your activity level and assigns a personalized daily goal

 •Displays steps, calories, distance; monitors sleep

 •Pairs with heart rate monitor¹ for fitness activities

 •1+ year battery life; water-resistant²

 •Save, plan and share progress at Garmin Connect™

Read more here:

Friday - ran 2 miles

Thanks for reading :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shaun T-25!

I ordered my April workout program.......
Hello again Shaun T.
We have a love/hate relationship ;-)
Can't wait!
In other news my facials are coming along. I have been getting them at FaceLuxe at MassageLuxe and I love the results.

I got myself some roses just to be pretty!

I love the coral color.

Day 18 of my other challenge completed:
105 crunches
70 second plank
50 squats
No lunch walk today, shopping :-)
Thanks for reading..........chow!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Before And After Kitchen Makeover!

Yay, the Barbie House Kitchen is complete!
Here is the before and after.....
I finally got the microwave!
and it frees up my counter space since the new fridge is shorter then the old one.
Spring cooking is in the air :-)

Here is my 200 hr Yogahour graduating class of 2014!
I'm in the top row second over from the right.
Yay me, official RYT 200 hour :-) 

Next up I like this landscape idea........

Can I turn this into that???
Huge. Spring. Project.

Today near 70 degrees out,
Come on spring...........
Day 10 of challenge
10 minute walk at the park
Thanks for reading :-)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Shoe Blitz!

I just love Spring shoes........but we still have snow in STL!
Anyway I went on a shopping Blitz at Payless Shoes, simply because they have a great marketing team.
Yup, they sent me a one day coupon for 25% off everything, including clearance and sale items.
I walked out with 5 pair :-)

These house shoes, just $10 bucks!
I have NOT stopped wearing them :-)

Wedges, make the world a better place......
and so does a "pop" of color.
$4 and $7 bucks, you just can't go wrong.

Yes, work shoes too.....
This booty shoe too adorable!
I almost missed it but the salesgirl said, check these out we just got them in and they are $10 off.
Plus I got another $2.50 off all smiles.........basic pump always a standard.

How adorable huh?

Because I have this, a rewards card.
If you don't have one its so worth it.
5 shoes = $65 total!

Now if I can just get the weather to cooperate!

75 crunches
40 sec plank
150 squats
Thanks for reading :-)