Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cross Fit Training

" Once you start your journey, you should be clear on where you have to end because your journey is already a success, once you are clear where you are heading to."Written in 2010 by Vishal Mehta

Today I felt so bad I went to the local Walgreens Clinic. I have been drinking loads of cranberry juice, which btw will TOTALLY CLEANSE your system and thought its NOT going away.

So confirmed UTI and got a 3 day antibiotic pack and some pills for the pain which turn your urine pretty orange. I am glad they took care of me at Walgreens, and got me some medicine and sent me on my way back to the office. I am feeling so much better now.

I drink so much water I have rarely had a problem like this but let me tell you that it sure lets you know your alive *sigh.....

Basically the day went like this:
Too low cals
Not enough protein
No workout

The good news, tomorrow is a new day and its upper body workout day yippee! I always feel strong and sexy on that workout day. Not like legs, I mean mine are not that much worth bragging about.

I wonder how all this no sugar cranberry juice is going to effect my stats tomorrow, I can sure tell you I am sick of the taste of it. You know how when you HAVE to eat or drink something its just not as good to you?

Oh and since I did not workout, I thought I would share the Cross Fit daily workout link for you.

They are out of Kentucky and RAWK! Just poke around they have lots of great info on the site and I visit it often.

NO EXCUSE I MAKE IT HAPPEN (just not today)

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