Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Doctors 1 Day

This is my ear doctor Dr. James Benecke, one of the best in St. Louis love him!

Yesterday I went to the doctor, or I should say 3 of them.

Since I had to go back for my post op ear appointment I decided to use that day off to take care of other annual appointments too.

Sadly I did not bring my camera.

First I went for my mammogram, at Midwest Breast Care I love this place. Everyone is so caring and they have these cool coffees you can make plus warm gowns. How great is that?

I learned a lot of things, besides being very good taken care of. I always ask questions so that I can view the pics on the screen and know that things are ok. They are NOT allowed to read them but I know they can tell when something is wrong.

I found out, that implants under the tissue/muscle are much easier to read/see whats going on. Also that even if your more muscular it is harder to read because it makes the tissue dense. Like a tree in the winter you see the birds but a tree in the summer is much harder to see them.

But there are women that are muscular that have fatty breast due to babies so they sag under the muscle and they are easy to read. My breast are small and very muscular and since I have had no babies they are firm and dense. This makes it harder to read, but not impossible.

No matter what she told me there has never been a case of finding something on a women with implants that has NOT shown up on a mammogram so that is good news for those women that have them. Yay!

Next up the eye doctor. My mom had glaucoma so I get tested every year, in this case I missed both appointments last year. He started doing another test where they take a picture of the eye. It was so cool, hence missing my camera for this blog. He showed me how the cone of the retina and the veins can show if someone has pressure and how that effects the site or detects glaucoma. This was NOT covered under insurance however I paid the $18 to have it done just to be safe.

At 48 the conclusion was I need reading glasses if I want them. One eye compensates for the other. Right eye near sided, Left far sited. So I have a script and I may get that filled. Good news, no glaucoma. Yay!

Then it was off to the ear doctor, where I got out my stitches and had my ear sucked out (sorry that's the only way I can say it) and tested the ear drum. All is good. He said that the healing is perfect, the surgery is a "Home run" and that I need to keep with drops 2 a night till Saturday.

I can get water in the ear, and that even though I still have head ringing that should go away in the next 3-4 weeks he has ASSURED ME this will happen. He said the healing and skin are growing properly and I can hear out of the ear now but it is still tender on the cartilage top area of the ear. (he fliped back the top of the cartilage to do the surgery then cut all the way around behind the ear)

Thank you all for your prayers!

We continue to pray that this healing process continues and I am totally cured in the next 3-4 weeks and can sleep without taking a pill. Cleared to do all workouts. Yay!

Now on to workouts.

This morning we had birthdays at the office so I had to fix my huge fruit tray, and did not workout yet. The plan yoga after work, or upper body at home not sure yet.

Yesterday RAWKED!

(except that I got a pecan blizzard at DQ after dinner since I had such a rough day. I know like a kid, but I still did it since I love pecan pie and those darn commercials have been killing me)

Tuesdays workout:
45 Min Morning walk 13 min mile

Workout Legs & Glutes = 5 min HIIT 10 Monster Stair
Mood - Fierce
Time of workout = 45 min
Cals burned = 279

Squat Standing 60lb 3x10
Laying glute 55lb 3x10
Standing glute 40lb 3x10
Seated Back ext 50lb 3x10
Leg Press 100lb 3x10
Hyper extentions 3x10
Captains chair ball 3x10 alt knee/straight leg
Standing single leg squat
Dead lifts 50lb 1x20

5 min elliptical 10 min Stair Climber 1 min intervals level 5-7 with cross leg, double step and wide step

10 min stretch cool down:
Runners lunge
Forward bend
Downward dog w/alt calve raises
Upward dog
Childs pose
Side childe pose
Hero pose
Single leg seated stretch

Todays workout = Zero (Yoga or Upper body after work)

I will blog my Monster Stair workout seperately, so anyone that wants to take on the challenge can.....

View my Chair Yoga workouts and rate if you want.



  1. Happy to hear you got the all clear from the DR, always a worry, but afterwards a relief.