Monday, August 2, 2010

Awesome August Weekend Workouts

Awesome August is going to be working on my glutes!

Over the weekend, I cranked out some fierce workouts hoping to get glutes like this HAWT! (btw these are not my glutes) I have to keep building mine with the added weights, and my single leg squats but it will happen because I am on a mission.

I also got my hair done for this weekends 30 year high school reunion and I hate it. (I know hate is a strong word) I tried to fix it myself and its a disaster, so I am going to go back after work this week and get it corrected.

I wanted some "face framing highlights" in a light blond and then carmel and brown for the rest of my hair.

What I got was a lovely yellow-orange color. *sigh. I called my sister in Oklahoma who is a hairdresser and she walked me through a "toning" process. Bad T. I called after it was on my head, ALL over my head. She said, jump in the shower and rinse that out....then call me back. I did and it looks much more toned down like dark carmel/gold streaks but ANY gold on me looks B-A-D!

Sunday I tried to help my girl freind out with her relationship, but it looks like its going down like the titanic. *sigh I am such a romantic person, I just love, love, and all people in love as we just don't see enough of it.

I had a good workout weekend. I did a run on Saturday which was the first one in a long time, the fresh air was wonderful but HOT. I ran 2.5 miles in a 10.57 minute mile. I used to run all the time, now not so much because its kinda addicting especially if your stressed. But I tend to get too skinny and not in a good way, first thing to go is my glutes....last my belly. Go figure.

Sunday I did legs at the gym, and today I am so super duper sore! (In a good way) Today is my rest and recovery day thank goodness, but I did 15 minutes of yoga pilates stretch. I did pretty good with diet, but did have some sugar. 1 ice cream, and a slice of cheesecake with cherries, I don't know what it is about summer I just love ice cream.

I stocked up on cantalope and watermelon and got some strawberries and peaches, this week crunch week needs to be super C-L-E-A-N. (Clingy black backless dress need I say more?)

Sundays workout:
Workout Legs & Cardio

Mood - Sore
Wt - 119
Time of workout = 45 min
Cals burned = 150 (Elliptical & Stair Master Climber)

Squats 70lb 3x12
Standing glute press 40lb 3x12
Laying glute press 55lb 3x12
Calf raises (3 way) 10lb db 3x10
Dead Lifts 50lb z bar 3x12
Standing leg squats 1x10
Abs captains chair 3x10
Crunch machine 1x20

10 minute manual stair climber = 100 cals 43 flights
5 minute elliptical warm up = 50 cals

Saturdays workout:
Workout - Cardio

Mood - Ruuuumble
Wt - 119
Workout - Running 2.5 miles (at 10.57 per mile)
Time of workout = 23 minutes
Cals burned = 182

Warm up - Cool down:
Runners lunge stretch
Hamstring stretch
Forward bend stretch


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