Friday, August 27, 2010

Shhh The Secret To a Great Body

Right now you are thinking.....just give me the answer Teresa, I want to know. Well here it is....


That is the secret.....why because when you procrastinate it all but ruins your chance to succeed. It is the NUMBER 1 REASON PEOPLE FAIL AT ANYTHING!

VO max, RHR, HR, BMI, BF%, people measuring every oz of food intake, mindset programs, and monitoring every you think they are succeeding? Getting major results?


Why? Because they are NOT procrastinating about any aspect of the goal at hand. I see the drive, the tenacity and effort going into what they are doing by being accountable, being a "doer".

This is the exact opposite of "Mr. Procrastinator"....

Action reaps results even if it is in the smallest of steps. When you want to know the first way to get a great body it is to take action and move forward to the results you want. See, when you say things like I will get to that later or put a priority before hand, or not have a plan, you will fail. Sorry but that is the facts. You will not get a great body because that takes daily efforts, dedication and doing the actions that will reach the goal.

Don't be scared to put in the hard work, don't be scared you won't get instant results, don't be scared you won't achieve your goals....just take everyday and do SOMETHING towards the vision you have for yourself.

Sure you can say there are basics to achieve a great body, no short cuts with surgery or injections you just have to not procrastinate and do something everyday to propel you there.
So do something everyday and some days do more, focus on specialized programs for the areas you want to change, and go for that great body!

What can you do everyday to work on your body results? Don't let Mr. Procrastinator steal your body.... That's The Secret!